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June 23, 2010



Today there was another "accident" and the cap has come off the well. Now the oil is gushing out as before.


This cartoon is a few weeks old now, yet still current. Sad.


Yes, I'm flabbergasted, sparky...all this under the Obama watch, it's simply unbelievable, isn't it. And Afghan...what will he do about that; I told him many many moons ago that it was an UNwin'able situation and he didn't listen. His popularity ratings are tanking...but I note today (after firing the General) that he was having high-level meetings with Rahm (and some others) so new directives will likely soon follow.
Oh My, Oh My...I don't think we're in Chicago any more Toto.
And now Gen Petraeus...remember him, the one likened to Gen Betrayus by the LP's.
The Pensacola, FL beaches...did you happen to see the pics on the evening news...horrible, simply horrible.
What has this POTUS gotten this beautiful country of ours into.
I hear there's a plan formulated (by Rahm) to ask all teachers with time on their hands this summer to go down to the Gulf and help with the clean up. Good luck and thanks for your service to this Country.


Well, I see you're off your meds again, duffman.


Yes, that was quite a spew..LOL. And in 3 different font styles too!


You think he rocks in front of fixed news with a spittoon on his arthritic knee?


Pont of Fact - Obama did not fire McChrystal. The General tendered his resignation just after the meeting began and the President accepted it without hesitation. (In other words - Gen McChrystal said -You can't fire me - I quit) - why ? because he lost confidence and respect in the commander in chief..

Gen. Petraeus may be a quality replacement, but I am still dubious about us being over there, under this President who seems ambivalent about it. Looks like Dori will have to take a back seat to Rush today. Hopefully, the skimmers are now starting to make a small dent in removal of the spewing oil from the broken well 5000 feet below.


The cap is off the well...it is now spewing oil full blast.


Thank you Mr President, may we have another.


Will just one of you please explain to this ignorant moron, me, why the oil spill is President Obama's fault?

Prick the pretension

Right on duffman. I know that somewhere back there is fucking obama and his tree hugger cronies let her spew to scare congress into passing one of those save the whales laws. I think it got out of hand, now he's looking like shit because he can't stop it. BP was punked, now they've been shook down. I hope it is never stopped, we might lose a few frogs and crawdads but Obama won't survive it.


If you don't understand, and love, the necessity of a civilian controlled military then you simultaneously hate America and love Kim Jong Eel.


I hope it is stopped- duh.. for the devastation that is only getting worse for those who rely on the Gulf for their for their financial survival. The Enviro-nazi lobby is out of control, but - don't want to sound like too much like Rodney King, but why can't we all work together to clean up the surface and keep kicking BP's ass until they plug the damn hole !!

After that, its time to commence drilling at a shallower depth and the regulators need to do their damn job and if its good, get the hell out of the way and that goes for this corrupt and dickhead administration.


I can't find the artist's name on that 'toon, Bla'M. Attribution? (Was it Duh-f?)


Lower left Fremont. Are you blind?


It is Benson, formerly of tacoma news tribune, now arizona republic Fremont


The spill cap is working again Sparky (no thanks to Obama,lol).


KS says:

"After that, its time to commence drilling at a shallower depth and the regulators need to do their damn job"

Sounds good - that is until Obama & Dems try to force oil lobbysists out of the lawmaking process and then the Republicans will start squealing like pigs that Obama is acting like a Nazi socialist again.


EDIT: make that "regulatory process" (not lawmaking)


Can we PLEASE get out of Afghan, Mr President...winning the 'war' there is hopeless and WHY do more have to die in this hopeless cause. There's no reason for it. Tough decisions need to be made in this regard...NOW!!! (and, more than just relieving a General)

Jason Andersen

Let me just say that I think that General David H. Petraues is full of SHIT when he says that he has no future political ambitions (Mr. Master's in Public Administration and PhD from Princeton in International Relations...that's before he did what we all thought couldn't be done: the surge in Iraq actually creating the possibility of peaceful exit with honor)....

...But the shit that he's full of is the kind that I like because if he ever ran as a Republican I'd still probably vote for him; however, this latest move coupled with his sympathetic statements about gay service members makes me think that he might be a future Democratic candidate. He's really an American hero. Think of the money that he could earn ad infinitum on the lecture, pundit, and book circuit??? We are talking MILLIONS (at least $5-10M/year), and he's taken on probably the toughest job in the world. It makes Obama look strong, too, and McChrystal more so a fool who was in over his head. But he's not an A REAL HERO for making this President look good, nor for making the last one look less bad, but because his efforts thus far have greatly decreased the deaths and injuries suffered by our fighting men and women on the front lines. The far left doesn't get that we cannot leave either Iraq or Afganistan abruptly, but let us give thanks that President Obama and General Petraeus do.

Goddamn, I actually have gotta be in a meeting all morning so I cannot hear Rush spin this in real time, but it should be good.


Can we PLEASE cease and desist from destroying our Gulf coast, Mr President...you are the most powerful person on this planet, you have the full backing of a Democratic Congress; why can't you really take charge of this and mobilize to at least supplement BP's effort as if/when they go bankrupt you'll be left with sole responsibility anyway...and in the interim more wildlife will be destroyed and (more importantly) more and more livelihoods will have been eliminated. We've already had one 'known' suicide over this and Americans in that area are hurting. Focus on what's REALLY important, Mr President - I beg of you.


Jason, please don't use God's name in vain. (Otherwise, I enjoy your posts)

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