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May 26, 2010



Hmmmm...looks like a Luke Burbank type, could there be something in the works to possible develop that?

Irene Song

don't know who you are duffman but you seem to hsve a lame opinion on every fucking topic. and they all counterdict the ones you have over that the far-right site, sound politics. are you just stupid or playing some game? if it's the latter, you're not very good at it.


But, I know who you are...good nite Irene. [something about style of not capitalizing starts of sentences] LMAO


Ever see a picture of Burbank with Rush Limbaugh? Go to this guy's web site and you'll see him and Rush together.


Ahh the blog DICK. Lew Archer discovers a poster who uses an assumed name! Sort of like Duffman, you fucking moron?


Duffman is so subservient on SP. He is our Walter Mitty

Dan in Auburn

Watching some of you comment is like watching folks talk at an Apalachin family reunion...


Yes, Dan - A sudden influx of inbreds (starting with Irene) is making blog comments like a boil on the buttocks of cyber media...


an old radio vet with googobs of experience is summarily replaced by a callow "conservative" smartass who hasn't even graduated college yet at he time of his hiring......Mormon bastards in kiroam/fm back offices chuckle and cackle over the fate of the remaining hosts, deciding to let them wonder who is going to survive for another excruciating week or so,....... one of them stands up, the head honcho, and shouts, " you don'r touch Dori. Dori's the man here. You wanna reach out and touch Dori, you have to go through me. any takers? an embarrassed silence falls over the rest of the execs in the room. Suddenly , breaking the tension, the head honcho yells, "he may be the '"wee little man", as they call him on Blatherwatch, but he's the man!" The room erupts with raucous horselaughs.


I'll erupt with horselaughs when he is canned and dori's wife will give him an embolism from all the spending she has wrought

Old KIROkid

Sweet Jesus, this is what replaces a 26-year veteran newsman?


Like microsoft blew up the suits at IBM, I'd like to see some local upstart blow up the suits at these stodgy old white mormons.

I wish Dave Ross could get some bandwidth or whatever it takes and go local. He's got the connections to keep it interesting and the money to make it a hobby. I'd listen.

Maybe he'd find some cheap talent to keep a few hours of good radio a day on the air.

Out-of-town corporations are toxic to this country in everything.


Why doesn't Bellevue College who gives us Amy Goodman everyday give Dave an hourly program. Just enough to keep his hand in. I bet Dave would love that. He loves radio. I'm sure of it. Maybe, like Amy, he'd synidicate. No. He's not that energetic.

Rat Bastard

What was Gregg Hersholt like when he first stared?
Have to start a 26 year career someplace.
No idea what this new guy will be like, but can we really start hammering him before he starts?
And... Does anyone really believe that Dori has some otherworldly power at KIRO?
He's just a host that either produces ratings or not.
I like his show, many here don't...
The good thing for Dori is that we all seem to be listening to him.
(Accidentally or on purpose)


Joanie mentions Microsoft.... Apple just overtook Microsoft as the largest technology company in the world....it's market cap just crept cap past that of the Evil M by a few million...way to go Steve Jobs


sorry it has crept ahead by three billion in value , not million. 222 billion FOR AAPL versus 219 billion for MSFT. a stunning turn aound for Apple whichonly a decade ago had been left for dead by the side of the technology highway. The only US company with a higher net worth is EXXON Mobil


looks like Steve Ballmer will be throwing some more chairs around his office tonight......


I don't think anyone considers this guy a replacement for Hersholt. Not even out of school? Last time I checked credibility counted for something. He amounts to a payed intern, a seat warmer, a doorstop, at best.


Rush wasn't the saviour of radio. Larry King was. And he's on the front page of the online NY Times. He's now third behind Hannity and Maddow. That's life.

At least Maddow earned it with integrity.


The NY Times does not count any more - those ratings are nonsensical. They have spewed away their credibility. Larry King has seen his better days - now he belongs along side Mr. Hersholt.


And coiler gets his/her ass handed to him/her practically every time he/she posts...no matter what moniker is used. What a useless troll.


What's really sad is that nothing will satisfy this blog, short of KIRO disconnecting the power to their transmitters. No satellite format will satisfy, nor will any local talent. When only NPR is left, you'll then turn your attentions to them... they'll disappear, and then so will you.

Oh, wait... maybe then, Blatherwatch will listen to XM/Serius... so you won't want to.


Low salary + mediocre voice = Perfect Hire!


The interest in this business of what News Reader is replaced by another faceless News Reader is baffling to me. These radio "anchors" simply rip and read a few headlines then go back to swigging coffee until the next update. They don't gather news, conduct interviews, offer commentary or sway opinion in one way or another. Isn't it plainly obvious: the well-paid News Reader is being replaced by the low-paid News Reader. Ho hum.


Steve Jobs beat Microsoft after all these years...we can triumph in our city over KIRO's Mormon bastards.....keeping the pressure on them here at Blatherwatch is our job , just as Steve Job's job was to take Bill Gate;s lunch money....stunning turnaround for Steve... a laughing stock 10 years ago , left for dead ,.......now this moment astride the top peak of the tech world... inspires me to continue my personal financial and creative triumph, moving ahead despite the catcalls and derision coming from my little two-man Blatherwatch hate squad....


How can you claim to be a writer and have such atrocious grammar and spelling. Just sayin.
Love, -Your little monkey


Duffman and Kiel Mortgage- my two-man personal hate squad........any comments from them toward me is simply the cawing of crows..... the grating, obnoxious noise of jealous, bitter crows...


Grammar and spelling are to good writing what a car wash is to a Maserati.


'Duffman and Kiel Mortgage- my two-man personal hate squad.......'

T008, just for the record there's no hate in my heart for you my man, I simply will not give you a free pass to go 'over-the-top' in your vitriolic negative statements about people you don't even know and/or religions you apparently don't like (i.e. Mormons). Objective criticism is one thing but sometimes you go overboard big time. For the most part tho, I DO enjoy your posts...just will not take a 'hands-off' approach to some of your statements when I feel they're UNfair. Capice.


"my man" , "capice" = pompous......you're part of a two-man dog squad,Duffoon, if you dont like the word hste thogh iit fits....you dog my every post with an instant counter/putdown/insult post, along with Kiel who has taken a break from it......i dont dog your every post with a countering putdown response{even though i disagree with almost all of your posts) because i believe in free speech....you don't,,,you're a little fascist......did you get the memo?.... this blog is about critics of talkradio khosts.....critics = negative things to say.....duhhhh......


Forgive me...how silly of me; I actually thought that quite possibly a leopard could change it's spots. I will be watching you; try to be nice and make yourself useful. Good luck on your high-rollin market trading. :)


Caprice LT1?


if you see a post you think is unfair to your little hero sportscaster Dori Monson, just post your owm worship/praise post of him explaining how you disagree withthe offending (to you) post with a reasoned argument....no need to even mention the offensive ( to you) poster's name or engage in a personal attack.......the reason why you're now Duffoon instaed of Duffman in my book is because you've engaged in a long series of gratuitous personal attacks against me ...i think Duffool is also fitting....wear your new names with pride, clown


Again KIRO does not get it. As a longtime Seattle resident I am embarrassed by the news programs they now have on. I am really at a loss to explain the newscast my out of town friends and relatives hear. It does not serve our reputation as a community of civil and educated beings. The Dave Ross show is the only bright spot they have. The rest of the programs a disrespectful to the public they speak to as well as those they talk about. Dori, Ron and Don are not only rude but lack the intelligence to understand how an educated populace responds to their dialogue. The loss of Gregg will affect their bottom line. Maybe we as listeners can expedite the sale of this corporation and the change that is needed. We can turn off the programs that are edited to the level of a 2nd grade classroom run by a bunch of not in my back yard idols and I know it all’s. I wish Gregg the best and will miss him in the mornings.JK71


Is ANYone twisting your arm to listen to KIRO. Do you realize how many radio stations there are in the greater Seattle-area...PLENTY for you, AND your out-of-town guests and/or relatives.
Are you related to T008.

Bill Wippel

I do not understand the change in programming announcement delay by Bonneville.

Is it because they have all new promos and commercials to re-record? Or are they trying to persuade clients that new format will work?


Interesting that Ron and Don were "away on vacation" Tuesday and apparently will be again today.


My guess is that the new afternoon news will feature Lisa Brooks w/ Alex Silverman. Bob Brinker on Saturdays will be replaced by more Handel on the Law. Tony Miner and Linda Thomas will do a great job mornings, just as they did at KOMO in 1998-9.


And, my guess is that after Bill Yeend retires from KOMO, that Gregg Hersholt will join Manda Factor for the AM 1000 morning news.

KVI or KOMO will soon host a cooking show with Tom Douglas.

AM 1300 will probably be sold, ultimately, to someone who can re-locate their antennas further north or change the pattern. Or, diplex w/ someone else.

Then, KLAY 1180 can upgrade and use the towers for a 25kW station.

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