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May 26, 2010



Interesting that none of Hersholt's kids followed in their dad's footsteps...so goes the 'industry', I guess. You may be so right-on, Bla'M.


The idea that AM radio hasn't tried diversifying away from an all Rush talk format is not at all true. In the 90's KOMO had a diverse mix with Art Bell, Dr Laura, some guy named Scoot, and just a few years ago KIRO had Allan Prell, Monson, Lou Pate and Mike Webb, and these mixed talk formats didn't last. Conservative talk radio dominates because mostly old white racists have the distinction of being both politicaly inclined and preferring AM radio to that fast paced FM stuff.




Why does everyone keep saying "i think there's still a chance to save radio!" Would you say there's still a chance they can revive vaudeville? Replacing older, well payed workers with equally capable younger, lesser payed counterparts is common in many industries looking for ways to trim their budgets. Atleast Hersholt is close to retirement, and some are young enough to switch to other forms of media production, but then you have guys like Monson who are right in the middle, too old to learn new tricks, too young to retire in comfort (and sadly not telegenic enough for TV). I'm not a fan of Hersholt, but assuming he was financially resposnible over the past couple decades, things worked out well for him.


Monson says if the Seattle area reduces the proportion of goverment workers who work her, traffic will go down.....wow..... a % of the governemnt workers in our area wil be laid off ,and then just leave or go homeless after selling their cars? why wouldnt they just get another job, start a small business, or take a paycut and get a lower class job? People don't leave this area, one of the country's best areas, that easily...- an example of a person talking out of his ass.....


And what does THAT have to do about the topic at hand; are you Dori-possessed. Read my lips the topic is HERSHOLT.


Why are you even still listening? Dori has already failed. His station is failing. His schtick has proven isufficient to sustain an FM talk station. His nay sayers have been vindicated. The Dori Monson business model has reached its expiration date. It's over.


I know, I know it was an accident. Well, Okay you're forgiven, now get that dial on some other station like Andrew says.


greg hersholt just isn't very interesting....but this latest Dori comment is actually very interesting...... it shows that he doesn't even see governemnt workers as real people, human beings that are of the community....people that almost surely had nongovernment employment before their current gov. job and are capable of getting private employment again....no, to Monson "government workers' are simply dehumanized units, widgets that can be "RIF"-ed OUT OF EXISTENCE and off of our roads instantly...FIRED AND POOF! their vehicles are magically disappeared from our area's freeways and roads, never to be seen again...very revealing comment by Dori..and of course very stupid....

Ron Jeremy

Hard to read your lips Duffage when they are pressed against Sound Politics' Asshole.


Oh no, not this again. No need reading my lips...just try to make yourself useful...and follow the topic as best you can. I know it's difficult for you but you must learn to focus so that possibly one day you'll actually learn to not only read, but comprehend.


Well the truth is... government workers tend to be lazy, especially on the local level. Oversight is minimal, budget allocation often doesn't reward efficiency, and it's hard to fire anyone. I'm just not the least bit surprised that Dorothy would berate govt workers.


There is no such thing as an "accidental listener." A very childish concept. There is such a thing as a discerning listener. I am one such lovely person. I heard Monson's comment today about getting rid of government workers to lighten traffic. How one-dimensional that man is. I also thought, well they can get other jobs. Then I switched to music.

Bill Wippel

Gregg Hersholt parted as a class act.


But wait - hold the phone ... when we laugh about what a washed up idiot Doris is, she's getting exactly what she wants: ridicule.


i'm sure that Dori "gifted program" Monson lives in a self-delusional bubble where he views all Blatherwatch anti-Dori posters as stupidos compared to his "big brain", whereas several of us today have clearly pointed out the logical fallacy that is his latest theory for reducing the area's traffic... who is the "stupid" one?


You're giving her too much credit. She probably figures she made a decent amount of money pissing lots of people off, emboldening the selfish, embittering the local dialogue, trashing Seattle's former mayor and villainizing our governor. Whatever you gotta do make a buck you know. Some people give their lives to build up society. Some people make a living by tearing it back down.


Tommy, since Dori is who called homeless people "human garbage" and taught his daughter to cheat in school, does his callousness toward government workers surprise you?

Very good observations, by the way.

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