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May 21, 2010


Obama is a black man

Tony Miner's got it.


Well, I'll-be-darned...the rumormongers were right.
Replacement? As long as it's someone less 'corny'. Good luck Gregg, you've had quite a run.

in the trenches

Thank god. What a ponderous asshole.


I could use a job. I'll do it.

Puget Sound

sorry to hear that you're still looking.
keep trying, you'll succeed.


The systematic destruction of KIRO continues unabated. Guess we should rename the new PD Ryan Hatch-et.

And everyone thought Entercom was tearing KIRO to bits - what Bonneville's done since getting the station back makes anything the Philly cheesesteaks did look tame.

What happened to the "old" Bonneville that got double-digit numbers the FIRST time they owned the station? Did all those people develop Alzheimers or something?


Tony Miner would be the safe choice. Lisa Brooks (who is already on staff after being unceremoniously axed from KOMO) would be a smart and interesting choice.

Once and future KING

That assumes that KIRO plans to keep the two-anchor AM approach. Though I've worked at all-news stations with a single AM anchor; it's a death march like no other.

KIRO vet

My how the mighty has fallen. He had a long run,too long I'd say. Before he was busted back down to anchor, Hersholt was the News Director (but under Ursula) and such a jerk. Vindictive and mean to those he didn't like. Pushing his weight around, like Dori that way. Blatherwatch told the story about how he made Jane's life miserable for all those years. Bet she's laughing right now.


Tony Miner is boring, bland, washed up and old. You don't blow out a long time newscaster with name recognition in the market to replace him with the same kind of person who has less skills. I don't find Miner to be entertaining, and his news reading and money reports are robotic. Even though Miner is probably a lot cheaper, it's a step back for KIRO.

They need to breathe new life into the mornings with a more interesting news format that doesn't rely on the same four tired stories and endless commercials.


Why do I think that in SOME way, KIRO will find a way to incorporate Luke Burbank. Why this sustained 'connection' with him since he left? Hmmmmm...any one?


What happened to the wunderkid that was 'sposed to take over when he graduated?

Just an observer

What does a guy like Hersholt do now? What a brutal industry. No goodbyes, no announcement, nothing...

Might see him at the traffic light with a sign soon?


I'm sure he's probably near retirement and that he has wisely set aside for the inevitable happenings of the radio industry. He could still likely garner a spot on NPR and/or as a public relations representative for some corporation or public agency.
He'll be fine.
Re: Jane Shannon - she seemed too classy to be laughing right now.


do not bring back Luke Burbank to KIRO.......WRONG WRONG WRONG move Burbank need to get a job at Dick's on Broadway


Okay...now THAT should be a #1 reason to bring Luke back...remember those disliked by tommy are great hits on the radio.


We like Tommy, he is a good american


I'd switch from KOMO to KIRO in the morning if they had Tony Miner and Jane Shannon

Obama is a black man


Ron and Don Missing!


Sorry to see Gregg go. Hope he has better luck than Ryder at finding a new job. Whats it been, 2 years. One good thing, for both at least. Obama is going to sign another job benefits extention.

Obama is a black man

If you listen to Marty Nemko (Career Counselour) on KGO Sunday night you will hear that statistically Unemployment Extensions have very bad results for the unemployed individual and the economy in general.

Get folks off their UE benefits and they actually get jobs and contribute to the economy.

Hersholt regularly took expensive vacations (i.e. Mexico) and has those cooky reactions to the market. He's probably got a few hundred G's in the bank.


Who are these bozos filling in for Ron & Don? The R.I.P. sign will be for all of KIRO if they can't locate better fools than these two.

And OIBM, I cannot take too much exception to your post above. True unemployment insurance is good for a short time while folks get their lives in order. The problem now is that with the economy the way it is without it you are tossing millions out in the streets. Well, maybe not millions. Many of us have social security, or savings or family to support us. But you will create a lot of civil unrest. I worry about all the guns in America and what desparate people might do as their world crashes.
Without unemployment benefits I can see riots that would make what is happening in Greece look tame. That is why I believe the government keeps the extentions going. At least they are putting money into the private sector for families to spend. It is all a very fragile system.
Anyway, just some thoughts. These government clowns arre trying to avoid the worst depressiion of all time by printing and borrowing money. Kind of like how many of us borrow money to pay off debts. Sooner or later, unless we either find a way to make a lot more cash, or learn to control our spending it all catches up to us.


So I guess I'm the only one who's actually enjoying the pleasant change of Marty & Jodi to Ron & Don?

Bill Wippel

It should be 29 years for Gregg. We tried to hire him 3 years before he left KVI. The same for Tony Miner. He was at a station in the boonies but would not budge. In that sweep of Eastern WA and northern Oregon we found John Chelminak. He came for a desk edior job! When the pope died that year, there was no news reporter at the station (Saturday). So we sent him to the archdiocese to interview the archbishop. Because John was so great on that one story (and several sidebars) he was knighted by Lloyd Cooney to make it on the air.

Obama is a black man

I'm very glad R&D are done.

I've always suggested picking up a coupel of strangers on the sidewalk outside the studio would be better than their garbage, their fake laughs and the ridiculous screaming/yelling act.

In fact I predicted in April that within 90 days they'd be gone. I think we're there.


It's Marty Reimer (late of 103.7) and Jody ?? filling in for R & D. They said it was only temporary, so they aren't officially gone, unless they changed that story later on in the show. Any updates ?

Not certain that they won't be back on Monday, so unless there is a confirmation of their demise, put the corks back on the champagne...


It's Unemployment Insurance, even right wingers like Chuck use it

Obama is a black man

Marty accidentally said...'our first day....suggesting they are 'trying out'.


I don't see a better future for KIRO until it returns to AM. Young people do not listen to the radio.


these two guys Marty and Jody, are a couple of stiffs. if R and D are gone, Mormons Suits, do not consider these two for permanent replacements- fillins for a day, ok.


they haven't been fired- as of 5.55pm theyre still saying "r and d are off today".... and Jody is talking about Don's big voice.... when a host or two man team is replaced tradition dictates that they basically become nonpersons and the successor hosts, temp or not, would never talk about one of the former hosts other than possibly a terse comment at the very beginning of the show saying they had departed the station. Nowadays they don't even seem to get that....


Did anyone consider that Marty and Jody are auditioning for the MORNING show? They used to do mornings on The Mountain, after all, and were pretty popular. Their podcasts get thousands of listeners.

Mike Barer

I just e-mailed it to you--a little late!

Obama is a black man

Two days ago the Morning Show was saying Greg was off...now he's gone. Remember it's Friday. M&J could show up Monday afternoon and nobody would remember what R&D stood for.

It's radio.


I happened to be listening on Thursday and they said Gregg was off, and I believed them, but for some reason it sounded like they were going on without him, and they sounded, forgive me for saying, happier than usual. Maybe I'm wrong... that's just my honest take on what I heard.


The only reason I listen to KIRO is Dave Ross. If they axed him I would be done with the station. I just don't care for KUOW as much. I might try the The Commentators but I don't even know when they come on and I really need a good place to leave the dial at 9am, otherwise I usually won't bother at all. A lot of people like Dave Ross though, if he was let go I'm inclined to believe he'd be picked up elsewhere.

Flummox T. Whizbang

Ross being let go and picked up by CBS nationally.

Steve Darr

now they will have to find another droid to mess up reading simple English words


is a gold watch in the wings friday?


I hope you're not making light or fun of someone losing their job. That would be very cruel. Even tho I don't care for Hersholt I think he's going out with style and I've respect for the way he handles his final days at KIRO. Gregg has been a fine broadcaster, it's just that his time has past. I wish him all the best and I'm anxious to see who (if anyone) tems up with Linda Thomas in that time slot.
Good Luck, Gregg - you've indeed had a good run and please pay no attention to the goons herein who couldn't for a minute match your character.


sometimes a comment about a gold watch is a comment about a gold watch


id say Bonneville should give him one with the station for over 25 years hes earned it


...backing off! A good thing!


nothing to back off from pal....youre the one with the vile mind.... my comment was innocuous from the beginning


...and even DA NILE; sweet.




I shan't waste any more time or space schooling you on this; hopefully you've learned your lesson and will 'think' before you spout off. End of subject. [Name calling reflects more back on the 'caller']


Duffman- Blatherwatch's resident buffoon

Ron Jeremy

Duffman needs this


...and obviously you need to learn how to 'link'. LMAO

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