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May 23, 2010



Lets see, you got conservative radio telling you that you can make it on your own if government will just get out of the way. You got liberal radio telling you that you're selfish because you're against payng more taxes. Which message do you think is going to attract listeners?

We see what is happeniing in Europe by government trying to be a security blanket for everyone. We see what is happening over here with all the greed in the markets. Both ideas have turned into financial disasters. It appears to all be collapsing into a free-for-all mess.

Talk radio has become a place for listeners of all perspectives to have their ears tickled.

Its sunday morning. What am I doing up this early?


Sarah Palin has pulled out the dull-blunt "media bias" cudgel again, saying that Maddow was "prejudiced" in her interview of Rand Paul, for trying to get him to own his segregationists' rights views.


"One thing we can learn in this lesson that I have learned and Rand Paul is learning now is don't assume that you can engage in a hypothetical discussion about constitutional impacts with a reporter or a media personality who has an agenda, who may be prejudiced before they even get into the interview in regards to what your answer may be," Palin said. "You know, they are looking for the gotcha moment. And that evidently appears to be what they did with Rand Paul, and I'm thankful he clarified his answer about his support for the Civil Rights Act."

Here's to more "gotcha myoments."


Every time I see or hear Sarah Palin, she reminds me of Martin Sheen in "The Dead Zone".


"gotcha myoments."


Myrtle Mopup

They're doing to Paul what they did to Sarah- kill him by asking serious, hard questions. They're both ideological dumb-downs. Not fit to govern.


I think you're just jealous because she's so hot.


'They're doing to Paul what they did to Sarah- kill him by asking serious, hard questions. They're both ideological dumb-downs. Not fit to govern.'

Yeah, we want more like Nancy Pelosi; strong 'governoring' leader.


Sorry, Yellowpup, but no forty year old gotchas for me. I want the here and now, thank you. Of course, the more these wacked conservatives win primaries, the more democrats - former republicans - will win in November. We truth-seekers, the real liberals aka progressives - will continue to advocate for real change.

Ryder: we are the problem. Our corrupt financial system poisoned the world. And we are only surviving because our government is printing money like it's graffiti. Our chickens will come home to roost. We can be Africa if we keep going the way we are.

Spent the last day and a half at BB. But my classroom is calling. Carry on.


Actually, that doesn't make sense! Democrats are now spouting the old republican positions. Democrats have become republicans and republicans are becoming democrats because democrats are where they are so they are all one now. Got it?

The old democrats - the party of education and labor - are now progressives!

Bill Clinton - the last great Republican President - except I didn't think he was great. Another talker like our current Prez.


,,,,,,,,,Helen Golay was the wealthier of the two, she owned apartments in Santa Monica and elsewhere in L.A......one of her tenants said she had an unreasoning contempt for them...Olga Rudderschmidt ,her fiend of over twenty years, was given the job of finding the homeless marks and the day-to-day overseeing of their human "investments", while Helen fronted the money for the apartment rents, the daily stipends, etc...... they kept the men alive, put up in shabby apartments, for at least two years, until the insurance policies the two elderly women had on them became virtually uncontestable by the companies per California law. At the start of their relationships with each of the two homeless men they had "fattened" them up like Christmas turkeys, frontloading dozens of life insurance policies on them...sometime during McDavid's tenure in the apartment he became a virtual prisoner, after the two harridans hired an armed guard to stay with him there and warn off any friends who might try to come back there.... and meddle in the women's plans for him... One of McDavid's friends who had been kicked out of the apartment by Rudderschmidt, came by to see him one day and was told by the armed guard through the cracked open door that "Mr. McDavid can't talk to you,"........Golay once, according to her hairdresser called the poor people made homeless by Katrina victims "worthless nothings, just useless to society...all on welfare".... One evening in June of 2005, detectives and prosecutors believe that McDavid was drugged and boozed up , loaded into Helen Golays 1999 Mercury Sable station wagon and driven to an alley behind the Westwood Village Mall, in West Los Angeles,,,,Helen Golay, driving the vehicle, pulled into the alley, dumped McDavid out of the car and then proceeded to back up and slowly run over the helpless man until he was dead..................my summary of the evildoings of Helen Golay and Olga Rudderschmidt, two people who share Dori Monson's viewpoint that homeless peopple are simply "human garbage"......


You never seem to outSTUPID yourself. INfrickenCREDIBLE!
You need help!


is that my wee little monkey, my shadow, chiming in....?


Now don't you two start! Michael will have to change the blog title to "feudin'watch" - I'm done to a lot of people's relief I'm sure.

Energized and off REALLY to the classroom.


You sure love to 'dish it out' (ala: Dori, Shires, etc, et al) but seem to have difficulty 'taking it'. You know some herein may feel obliged to give you a pass on this crap but I'm calling you out every time you post your bull crap and inequitable accusations. It's over the top and if you can't see that you're fricken stupid.


"Now don't you two start! Michael will have to change the blog title to "feudin'watch" -"

BickerWatch is more like it.


Monson would ever do what Olga and Helen did...for one thing he doesn't have the guts for it.. but he wouldn't do it anyway becaus he is not a sociopath like these two old hags....i've never said he was...however with the comments he makes about homeless people he is encouraging those who are likely to do violent, sinister or exploitative acts against them...it emboldens them when they here the likes of Monson mske his "human garbage" remarks and dehumanize homeless peo0ple...he needs to be confronted with what the ultimate end product of his remarks is.... depraved deviltry and sinister plots for profit such as described above....don't feel the least bit apologetic about what i posted....


and now, a grateful nation sits with mounting excitement in their tv rooms , waiting for the start of this week's episode of Breaking Bad on AMC AT 10P.M. PST....


You know some herein may feel obliged to give you a pass on this crap but I'm calling you out every time you post your bull crap and inequitable accusations. It's over the top and if you can't see that you're fricken stupid.

Posted by: Duffman | May 23, 2010 at 03:48 PM

Well stated, duff. That could be said about several others who frequent this blog besides to whom your comment was intended.


You don't know who that is, do you, KS?


"As the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig continues to spill over 1 million gallons of oil into the Gulf every day, Republicans are demanding less regulation for companies like BP and Transocean while also looking for a taxpayer-funded bailout of BP.

After a month of oil spewing into the Gulf, the cost of cleaning up BP's mess is $542 million and counting. But a group of Republican senators led by Lisa Murkowski of Alaska want the company to pay for only the first five days of the cleanup and put taxpayers on the hook for everything else."


Well...I think THEY should pay, totally. However they may try to game the system by declaring bankruptcy and going out of business (as BP) and then GUESS WHO PAYS...yet ANOTHER MASSIVE BAILOUT. :(


You don't know who that is, do you, KS?

Posted by: joanie | May 24, 2010 at 01:01 AM

Wouldn't you like to know ?
Hint: the usual suspects...


Governer Jindal of Louisiana fuming over governement red tape preventing booms to be put in place before oil reached shoreline.....says there was plenty of time to keep it from reaching shore......hmmm governmental redtape must mean federal red tape....now it's a Repug governor claimind Dem admin. inc0mpetence....if true could be bad for Obama...... oh and just in... two American tourists kidnapped in Yemen.....uh folks let's plan our vacation a bit better next time....duh....


"I find her arguments incredulous", Bryan Suits caller just now.....note to caller- you just incorrectly used the word incredulous...you are "incredulous" of the guest's comments...incredulous means skeptical...disinclined to believe... you find the guest's arguments not credible or not believable is the correct phrasing...Suits preaches to an ignorant to ignoramus audience....


And, successfully got one to respond.


OT " the fly" episode of Breaking Bad yesterday was beyond awesome....very bad things are coming soon for Walt and Jesse, very very bad things... especially for Jesse


It would be entertaining to hear a phone exchange between Suits and caller Tommy008.

go for it, T008, we'll be listening.

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