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May 04, 2010



And here I just dissed his Monday show. I still love you, Dave. You are a civil and entertaining host with a diverse bit of programming which appeals to intelligent people on both sides of the political spectrum. And you have a great voice!

Your most interesting comment: "my dad and I never discuss politics" - no accord there. That made me smile. No wonder you're a liberal with a conservative bent.

PS: I'm listening to you now. Podcast of course.

Mike Barer

Dave Ross is definitely a Seattle radion icon.


As I recall it, when Dave ran for congress he didn't quit his radio show...


He most certainly did take a break Johnny ("leave of absence" instead of "quit"). From his Blog at MyNorthwest.com...

"Dave took a leave of absence in 2004 to run for Congress in the 8th District, winning the Democratic primary, but losing the General Election. He was back on the air the next day. "


Yes he did...that is how Seattle was introduced to Allan Prell...


haha the internet is all over the audio clip of the tower at JFK ordering Shahzad's plane back ot the gate....so much for Duffman's pathetic attempt to prove his superiority by posting his ERRONEOUS CNN story saying Shahzad had been arrested before boarding , after my post containingn the correct AP story info..... Duffman was right, the little puke was booked on a connecting flight to Pakistan, oooh i was wrong when i made the post surmising Shahzad was planning to hide in Dubai from his masters, ooh excuuuse me, Duffman, the AP story only mentioned he was going to Dubai... my error gave Duffman a chance to pounce on me and condemn me for "spreading falsehoods" or whatever asinine crap he typed.... is it any wonder i've put this unbalanced individual on ignore?...


haah the internet is all over the audio clip of the tower at JFK ordering Shahzad's plane back to the gate. So much for our now ignore-listed perpetual poster who tried to trump me with his inaccurate CNN story claiming Shahzad had been arrested before boarding the plane......it appears they may have let him board on purpose to see if any fellow conspirators would hook up with him on the plane.....highfiving and such...etc...


'..now ignore-listed perpetual poster who tried to trump me with his inaccurate CNN story claiming Shahzad had been arrested before boarding the plane..'

Not 'tried to trump' my friend; more like totally trumped you. The CNN clip I posted said nothing about him being arrested 'before boarding the plane'.

Blathering friends: take note of this poster's inaccuracies and make sure to discount all of his postings until you check them out carefully. He tends to run WITHOUT all of the facts. -LMAO.


Don't forget to add your ever-so-cute tsk tsk, duffman.


Hey OIABM (and Sarah), how's that 'drill-baby-drill' thinghy workin for ya.


Dave is a class act. Dori is not--that's why no one will go on his show.

That, and his girlie name.


Oh, now it's thingy and the over-used workin' for you.

When will right-wingers learn to talk like adults?


Hmm, I just realized that's what I like best about Dave. He is an adult. He talks like an adult. So refreshing.


And since you ASSume we all care, please tell us again exactly what you like about this gentleman. LMAO


oh i see now what our now ignore list benchwarmer was all hot-to-trot about....he had caught me in an error over where the Shahzad's final destination was....oooh i didnt know he was goign on to Pakistan, just htought he was going to Dubai because thts all the AP story said.....oooh our now ignored assclown springs into action to pounce onmy mistake.....alhtough his precious CNN story is still wrong...it states "Shahzad was arrested at the airport just minutes before flying to pakistan via dubai"... he was already on a moving plane when he was arrested... our benchwarmer is guilty of spreading false info....oooooh


"Shahzad was arrested around 11:45 p.m. ET Monday at the airport moments before he was to fly to Pakistan via Dubai, United Arab Emirates."

Fact: Doesn't say he wasn't 'on the plane'; obviously the plane was at the airport. MAROON! (See what I mean sportsfans...gotta watch this guy)...and he's a 'name-caller to boot. Oh My!


...you see the term 'airport' doesn't necessarily mean the terminal's waiting area or any other place within the terminal. The term 'airport' is all encompassing of the area where one goes to catch a flight.
SCHOOLED, yet again!!!


[Sorry to digress Bla'M, but had to set that person straight.] Back on topic, I DO enjoy Dave Ross and I think him to be much more balanced and reasoned than Dori (even tho I like him too).
I like the way Dave checks his facts and admits when he's been wrong and I like the way he fairly treats his guests. When I listen to Dave I don't 'readily' ascertain his political bias; I know it's there, but he seems more objective and more of a pragmatist.
I like Dori for his entertainment value...and SOMEtimes he makes sense. [smile]


exzct quote from ignore list cnadidate and assclown supreme Duffman's CNN article...."arrested....at the airport moments before he was to fly to Pakistan via Dubai".....no reasonable person would construe that phrase to mean that he was arrested on a plane that had already begun taxiing down the runway for takeoff......"moments before he was to fly" ....when you "fly" you taxi , takeoff , and land....all three parts are considered "flying"...


Congratulations; you contradicted your own reasoning.
Now, please cease and desist posting other than relevant 'topic' comments. [and THAT would be the topic of Dave Ross]

David Tatelman

If they ever did fire Dave Ross I would never listen to KIRO again. Take note, program directors.


'Firing' Dave Ross would never be. He will one day 'gracefully' leave of his own bargaining - as will Jean Enerson. These are Seattle-area icons and any inequity toward them would reflect negatively against KIRO/KING.


[and THAT would be the topic of Dave Ross

Take note of your own advice, duffman.


Jonnie, Right wingers will learn to talk like adults when they grow up and relize that everything is not alway black or white


who is Jonnie ?


I wonder if those are Great Books behind him or he's got a law library?

Randi on a really good rant tonight.

The absence of an acoustical regulator -- a remotely triggered dead man's switch that might have closed off BP's gushing pipe at its sea floor wellhead when the manual switch failed (the fire and explosion on the drilling platform may have prevented the dying workers from pushing the button) -- was directly attributable to industry pandering by the Bush team. Acoustic switches are required by law for all offshore rigs off Brazil and in Norway's North Sea operations. BP uses the device voluntarily in Britain's North Sea and elsewhere in the world as do other big players like Holland's Shell and France's Total. In 2000, the Minerals Management Service while weighing a comprehensive rulemaking for drilling safety, deemed the acoustic mechanism "essential" and proposed to mandate the mechanism on all gulf rigs.

Umm, voluntarily in Britain's North Sea? That's because Britain can't be bought. So, BP better watch their marbles over there. Or is it because dogs don't foul their own backyards?

Then, between January and March of 2001, incoming Vice President Dick Cheney conducted secret meetings with over 100 oil industry officials allowing them to draft a wish list of industry demands to be implemented by the oil friendly administration. Cheney also used that time to re-staff the Minerals Management Service with oil industry toadies including a cabal of his Wyoming carbon cronies. In 2003, newly reconstituted Minerals Management Service genuflected to the oil cartel by recommending the removal of the proposed requirement for acoustic switches. The Minerals Management Service's 2003 study concluded that "acoustic systems are not recommended because they tend to be very costly."

I wonder what's going to happen when the greedy right has destroyed everything? The tea partiers have the right idea. Just the wrong villains.

I guess we'll just have to wait until we've lost everything.

As Benjamin Franklin left the Constitutional Convention, on September 18, 1787, a certain Mrs. Powel shouted out to him: “Well, doctor, what have we got?,” and Franklin responded: “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Like many of the Founding Fathers, he was intensely concerned that the democratic institutions they were crafting would deteriorate over time. In particular, they were concerned—and talked ceaselessly during the convention about the risk that, under pressures and exigencies of war, a tyrant would collapse their system into something closer to the monarchy that they had just defeated.

And we got Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George Bush and worst of all, Dick Cheney.

God save us and all the oceans - or whats left of them.

The monarchy of oil, wall street and corrupt politicians have defeated our democratic republic and rotted our biosphere.


Jonnie? Jonnie-one-note? You ought to know. He's a close relative of yours. Suffered the curse of idiocy just like you.


this oil spill is the legacy of the most rotten craven corporatist President George Bush, on his knees for eight years, orally servicing big oil, big business and his Wall Street Cronies...what a repulsive little prick....

Puget Sound

No one has told ph(J)oanie that the politician that has received the most BP Oil money is -wait for it- you guessed it: Barrack Obama.

Ph(j)oanie won't get those facts from Randi...


Like I said black or white.


Doesn't look like the BP money to Obama has done them any good. He hasn't let up on them at all.

Oh, right, the topic. Dave Ross. I like him. Not much on KIRO to listen to after his show.

james chan

On this note,
'I like the way Dave checks his facts and admits when he's been wrong....' A study in contrast was dori monsen coming on ranting about the 'selloff' being part of the President's 'socialist agenda'...ignoring the fact that CNBC came out with the nugget the selloff was a trading typo error.
He (dori) is a pauper's sean hannity.


Your writing mannerism's give you away no matter what moniker you use; so you might as well stick with your original. [smile]


hey James, the Blatherwatch Ignore list candidate above with the fixation on me, thinks you are yours truly, Tommy008.....too funny.....


Now, of ALL the posters herein WHY did that particular one think I was referring to him. Hmmmmm, could it be because.... Haha, now THAT's what I'd call too funny. LMAO

Puget Sound

Tommy 008
I gotta admit, seeing you complain about fixation made me laugh. It's been a horrible day so far, I want to thank you for the laugh.

I guess next we'll see ph(J)oanie complaining about poor logic, Sparkles complaining about 'trollers, and Coiler demanding that people stop with the name calling.

Obama is a black man

The tsunami has begun with the dismal economy, record debt levels, soaring foreclosures, outrageous unemployment numbers, and collapsing financial markets.

You have been warned.

Freedom 1/20/13.


This last poster is beginning to sound like one of those robot trolls selling loans. You might want to check this out, Michael.


Spot on, Puts. The neo-liberals (aka statists) don't know where to stop. Send them to Greece - that's the type of lifestyle they really want - a cradle to grave welfare state & so-called utopia. So much else out there are bad omens of what could happen.

Hopefully, BP can subdue the big leak in the Gulf - that would be one big obstacle out of the way, if it is successful.


statists statists statists statists statists statists statists statists statists statists statists statists statists statists stasis statists statists statists stasis stasis statists statists statest statiests stateets sttatists statists statist sttattists statists statists stasis stastsist . . .

oh, am I repeating myself? Sorry.

Posted by: KS May 06. 2010 at 7:17 PM


Say that written above 10 times real fast. It appears that I struck a nerve. Wonder why that might be ?


That might be because like commercials that are played over and over and over are annoying and get turned off.

It is my way of turning you off. Does that help, sweetheart?


Randi just had Papantonio on talking about the fraud suit his law firm is bringing against BP. If he doesn't win, it won't be because of lack of determination or will.

Thank god for a few good people on the side of right over might. He just might do it.

If Obama had any vision, he'd declare this country energy independent by 2020 and mean it. Then put people to work making it happen.


This is a TED video taken in Apirl of Jeremy Jackson talking about the ocean:

Jeremy Jackson: How we wrecked the ocean

These TED speakers are awesome. Better than Hannity, Maddow and Rush put together They all run about fifteen to twenty minutes. You want to understand our world? Watch these guys.


Pap is in it for the long run. He can go after BP for the next 20 years


If Obama had any vision, he'd declare this country energy independent by 2020 and mean it. Then put people to work making it happen.

Posted by: joanie | May 06, 2010 at 08:04 PM

When it comes to energy dependence, Obama is arrogant, partisan and clueless. He worships at the church of the phony huckster -
Mr. Gore. Green energy alone will not cut it - that has been shown in Europe, specifically Spain. Where is Nuclear power ?

Cap and Tax is a cockamamie scheme that will help the big corporations aned unions, while plunging most of the rest of us deeper into debt, do nothing toward energy independence and play into his vision of creating a welfare state. He talks alot of hot air, but I do not trust his ability to deliver something constructive like this. He has already demonstrated to be plenty capable of delivering other things less than constructive, unless you like the way they govern in Greece.


What else is new with you, KS? Anything? Ever?

As for Greece? Thank Goldman Sachs you idiot.


Frank ridiculed a high school student tonight, saying that "disrespected" cant be used as a verb , since disrespect is a noun....funny, the American Heritage dictionary lists disrespected as a transitive verb......aren't you glad Frank is no longer in our state's classrooms?......


disrespect is both a noun and a verb, Frank........


oh, i almost forgto......he started out the little digression with the breathtakingly ignorant statement--"disrespected is not a word" ......really, Frank?

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