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May 20, 2010



KIRO NEWS needs to stop trying to appeal to the younger crowd. Dump the hip music. (Hip? Please! Don't make me laugh.) These guys tease us with headlines. Go to commercials. Come back, repeat the headline. Maybe add one or two extra sentences. Move on to a fluff piece. Back to commercials. Traffic reports. Weather. More commercials. But I bet they don't more than 7 or 8 minutes of actual local news per hour.

Don't dump Dave Ross. Dave is one of the few hosts that don't rely on wild rage. He reasons. Yes, he is sometimes silly. And many times he seems to defend any kind of stand or action that most of us frown on. Leaders seem to want to appear on Dave's show, not because he asks fluff questions but he treats them with respect. And then doesn't spend years replaying the same wretched soundbites that make them sound wicked.

I have noticed that Don O'Neil is calming down a bit. He isn't always talking over anyone who would dare to ask him a question. A lot of the R & D show is a lot of fluff but seems to be decent drive home entertainment. There are plenty of other choices between 3 & 7 for those who want conservative talk.

Dori obviously feels no fear of being let go. He continues to turn every topic into an end of the country fright fest.

Frankly though, the Bonneville suits are probably stuck between a rock and a hard place. I am sure there are contracts to fulfill. Perhaps they could simulcast AM & FM together though allowing some time for AM to be the sports station.

Just a couple thoughts.

Mike Barer

Ross's dismissal would be a victory for Ross. He is the bridge to when KIRO was the class act of local radio.


Dave is good, no doubt -but, sometimes I feel that he retired a couple of years ago and just hasn't told his company yet. He just may have to be 'eased' out in a fashion not too dissimilar to Ken Griffey of the M's. Sometimes, with the 'repeats' of certain segments of his Show (earlier that day) I wonder if he might be cat-napping, like Mr Griffey??? WHATever, he'll land on his feet...if not he's likely got enough $padding to fall gently. A more frugal person there isn't. Will be anxiously awaiting your UPdates, Bla'M.


i've had my problems with Ross, but all in all, there is no justificaiton for taking him off KIRO....my critiques were aimed at giving his show a tuneup not an axeing.... the Mormon classless boors at KIRO want to turn it into a station of lowclass or noclass boors and simpletons like Monson and Shiers.....giving the more powerful AM signal over to t he yukyuk knuckleheads doing KIROespnsportsradio, instead of logically putting them on fm was an insult to the intelligence of this community ....


If Ross leaves, KPTK and KUOW will pick up more listeners.


...and quite possibly Dave Ross himself.


i knew those gutless Mormon bastards would eventually yank Savage off the air...they want everything on their staitons banal, dumbed down and bland, albeit conservative, with talkjocks like Shiers, Monson and Boze,,....snooozefests

Jason Andersen

Good riddance to Michael Savage.

I found myself listening to him maybe once or twice a month for 15-20 minutes if he was in story telling mode or talking about food and drink. But when he was on politics, he literally made me physically shake until I could get the radio turned off.

The man can just be such a crass, loutish, classless PIG, and he has absolutely no regard for truth; I've never heard so many lies. Regardless if much of it is just schtick, there is nothing more dangerous than nationalism and religion.


'...those gutless Mormon bastards...'

That could be described as 'hate speech'; and aren't you the one so critical of what that cop said to and about the Latino on the ground.


Mormons are not protected, they own pepsi.


God, I'd love to see Dave replace the bumbling, mumbling Steve Scher.

Queen of Lahania

If he does leave. I hope they bring back Allen Prell. He was a fresh voice back then. Or Erin hart. Is she still Colorado. We could use her here for this election.


KUOW couldn't match Ross' pay.


Erin Hart? Not unless she got a new dryer cord.

Doug from Puyallup

What ever happened to Alan Prell? I didn't like him when he was on Kiro but would take him any day over the two Nit-Wits on from 3:00 to 7:00.


Savage has to go back to KVI or else he won't be on in this market...i cant think of any station other than KVI....Savage on KOMO1000? don't make me laugh...


Ross replace Scher? I like that. Dave would actually bring some energy to that station. And Dave isn't exactly known for energy. I'd love to hear a show like his on KUOW because I can get that station at school.

That's just a great idea, Fang.

KUOW could match pay but probably wouldn't. Darn.


Time to plug Kirby Wilbur into Michael Wiener... er... Savage's time slot. Kirby would bring some weight (no pun intended) and substance to KTTH... or KIRO for that matter. Kirby has plenty of years left on him if given the right guidance and incentives by management. Which may be just what the new young gun at Bonneville is capable of providing.


my names joanie and I live alone... I'm a spinster and I have a cat at home....and I say a lot of really interesting things on this blog.. and this is why I live by myself....except for my cat!


Bla'M, I note (with interest) that Gregg Hersholt is not at his desk this a.m.??? Is it just wishful thinking on my part?


'KUOW couldn't match Ross' pay.'

Dave Ross 'may be' at a time in his life when $money is not the most important thing. He would be amazing on NPR and it would be a very good 'match' for him...NPR is kind of a 'Prius'-type station. :)

Once and future KING

Gregg Hersholt is out; his last week on the air is next week. He just confirmed it on a social media site.

Jason Andersen

Steve Scher is a Northwest treasure! Why don't you just bump him up to the next level and have him replace Garrison Keillor? After all, he can carry a tune.


'Steve Scher is a Northwest treasure!'

Correction: Steve Scher DAVE ROSS is a Northwest treasure!


Once and future KING: hope you're correct and not just a rumor...where you getting this???


Gregg Hersholt has announced last week is his final one at KIRO.


Oops - that should read NEXT week, not LAST week.


SOURCE please.


Hey Duffman.....its true...and try not to be too much of a Jackel


If IT'S true...where's the source.
(BTW: It's jackal, Einstein)


Bitter much Jacka**....


Oh, I see...you're apparently in a symbiotic relationship with joanie and tommy. How sweet.


Clyde's on-line DNA bears a strong resemblance to Coiler and I don't mean the symbols on the left hand side of each comment.


'Once and future KING', 'RobP', 'Clyde' ???

can you say rumormonger

Puget Sound

looks like one of the usual suspects has the keys to the phony poster machine...

Once and future KING

Duffman: No, I don't traffic in rumors unless I label them such. Source was Gregg's own Facebook page this morning. I suspect that's about a reliable source as one can get.


Now this is why I read this blog..Interesting.


KING: Thanks. I respect you for that and I'm sorry I doubted you.

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