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May 15, 2010



Duffman's morning scold...now I can begin my day.


Yes, sparks...sorry but I believe she deserved to be called out on that unfair conclusion. Have a good day. [smile]


Duffmas: the Chihuahua that keeps on yapping. You can't make people talk to you, duffman, no matter how much you keep nipping at their heels.


Notice the 'dodge' here folks; still no answer - either to us or to OIABM. Very UNFAIR of you, but at least you've yet again revealed yourself.


Double standards. Ph(j)oanie has projected her chihuahua personage onto someone who doesn't let go of an issue and rightly so. Its the easy and convenient thing to do, even though she has been that chihuahua on numerous occasions.

Outside of the usual suspects (birds of a feather flock together), she is well-known for doing the artful dodge or when the going gets tough - Joanie gets going. A little credibility would be gained if she pleaded the 5th amendment. At least she would be upfront about being incriminated.


the recent anti-Dr. Laura blog from Michael , something about her 10 biggest radio mistakes, is now gone from the Blatherwatch archives . Did the evil witch send another of her cease and desist lawyer letters, this time to Blatherwatch? She had her lawyers go after Tom Leykis a couple of times in the past, when he was ridiculing her son._

Bill Wippel

Back to the subject: Changes at KIRO? Yes. I hope they abandon what's on 710 and go back with the former format, all from FM to go AM. Let the FM go back to oldies.

AS far as axing anyone, I don't think that will happen. My reasons are as follows:

Joanie your comments about Bonneville are not entirely true. Arch Madsen, former CEO, kept UPI alive by signing contracts with all Bonneville Stations. He did not have to do that, they were failing and eventually bought out by a Mexican conglomerate.

I was at KIRO when Bonnevile decided to fund Newtradio. The first year's gross was $500,000. We struggle3d for 3 years, but eventually went #1. Most broadcasters would have pulled trhe plug long before. Outr staff started in the newroom at 12 and end with 30. The next few years went from 5 mil to 25 mil.

Bonneville bought the Reuters service, very expensive, but the only broadcasters in Seattle to have it. It often beat AP and UPI with national and international scene.

I can give many other examples. While the current CEO is a bean-counter, Bonneville has more integrity than most broadcast companies. And I am not a Mormon.


And, except for possibly replacing Hershold in the a.m. I'd simply like to see KIRO back on 710 a.m.
Hopefully something like that is in the works? [Don't really know what they could do to get me back from KVI in the early a.m. (Suits) and KVI in the afternoon drive (Carlson)...but replacing Hershold with his stupid innocuous comments would help.


Well, Bill, I think you're thinking of a different time. I remember KIRO as that big 50K watt station that reached to the ends of everything. And the talk was honest and fun and kind. And the people that ran the stations were hometown people who cared about their employees as much as the bottom line.

It takes money to run any business. But the need for the most money, the most expensive advertising receipts, and the biggest paychecks? That's what is ruining radio today. At least I think so.

I love Eastman Kodak, my first employer. They were so great to their employees. I was seventeen when I started. Now Kodak is disappearing and they sure can't afford to put employees first. I don't know what they pay management and Kodak is a different kind of producer. But employers used to care about employees because they went to church with them, kids went to school together, and nobody had to live in a palace or have three palatial homes in various parts of the country and conference by telecom.

I'm glad you respect your employers. I wonder how much you would respect the current Bonneville if you still worked for them? Do you know enough about them to be able to answer that?

Bullmoose Peterbuilt

only a bean-counter would bring back frank shiers for a four hour shift in the evening. i htink bean-counter is a polite euphemism for a cheapass.


Be sure to pass that information along to puts...


just in- a criminal investigation has been launched into the two Stompgate S.P.D. rogue employees. Yo, Detective Shandy Scumbucket and Patrol Officer Ms. Sleazeass Woollum- the die is cast and your future is already toast....Acting Chief Dipshit Diaz knows your jobs must go .....as well they should.....probable much-deserved jail time coming for Detective Scumbucket....do the honorable thing both of you scums and resign... out of respect for the many decent officers who can't stand your corrupt asses...don't go away mad....just go away....


how does Creedence Clearwater Revisited get away with playing promos for theit concerts on KIRO featuring the original band and John Fogerty's singing, when this band only has the original CCR drummer and original CCR bass player in iT? Well the ad never actually SAYS John Fogerty will appear withthe grop.... i guess it's similar to how Dr. Laurs gets away with calling herself Dr. Laura on her show. She does have a doctorate degree, making her a Dr., although her degree has nothign to do with mental health, and she never actually says she's a mental health professional, at the Dr. level, in psychology or psychiatry...


>>I come here to catch up on the latest in the nasty world of local radio... and it would be nice to do so without the ill-informed political clutter.<<

Well, Ben - clearly you aren't aware that this site is simply a left-wing political blog masquerading as a talk radio discussion forum. Don't expect anything of substance regarding radio to be covered here.


SO.....Does anybody know (or care) what the situation is with Don O'Neill and his daily brag-fest about being the world's best single father?? Does baby Gunner have his Mom in the picture or does Don really do "everything" and get 2 hours of sleep every 24? (or so he claims). He says "Spin Girl" had his love child, but that's the end of it as far as a Momma is concerned. I know I'm just terribly nosy......but I'm actually worried about the little baby!!! Not that Don isn't trying, but was there some kind of wierd agreement made with baby momma??


@Sadie's post:
I don't have proof and this is just a hunch, but this whole Baby Drama on R&D will turn out fine. My theroy is that after this weekend, next week or after Memorial Day, Don will come back telling us, the listners, that he is married and just got back from the honeymoon. Don had to give up his ticket to U2 concert on June 6 because he will be out of town (mentioned on a show about 3 weeks back), also about Dec or Jan of this year, Don asked listeners about places they would like to travel to and at the same time Don was telling Ron that he would be taking a vacation around June and going somewhere like Africa to climb Kilimanjaro, blah blah blah. To me, this sound more like Honeymoon ideas, right ? So, Sadie I would not worry at all, what you hear on the show is totally different than what Don is doing in his real life. I don't know why your post hit me the way it did, but I just want to say that what you hear on the show is an act, a script, some what of a play, so no need to worry.


KIRO has been offering garbage for years and finally people have stopped listening. Finally. Who wants to listen to 30 minutes per hour of Russ Simern doing cheesy voice-overs for mortgages and cremations? (Now I'll put on my old folks home voice... ) Dude, you sound like the same guy... Over and over and over and over again. I hope you also get fired and have to go find a real job, I'm so sick of hearing your pasty white guy voice.

Then there's the phony outrage hour, aka Monson's show. The Lakewood cops' families are suing!!! Let's humiliate them for several days on MY SHOW. Now this word from 'your favorite retirement property agent'! That little scum bag will be looking for another job real soon. I simply can't wait. What are your 'qualifications'?

Says here on your Wikipedia page that you are a 'living person'. Anything else?

I mean anything else relevant?

Holy cow, I hope they go off the air, bulldoze the place and throw a cement cap on the hole where the building was.

They drove it into the ditch.

Bottom Line:

Good riddance.

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