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April 25, 2010





Why are there no Saturdays on the Blatherwatch calendar?


One of the cutest trannies I've seen.


Really good NATURE show on right now...Humpback Whales.


Speaking of Tea Parties, the latest column from Mark Steyn captures a lot of this minus the typical nauseating spin from the Democrat reporters who wear it on their sleeve in lock step.

"Fifteen years ago, Bill Clinton set out to hang Timothy McVeigh around the necks of talk radio and, with a further stretch, Newt and the congressional Republicans. It was an act of contemptible but undeniably brilliant opportunism. It worked out so well for him, that a couple of years later, after the Princess of Wales' fatal car crash, George Stephanopoulos enthused to Christopher Hitchens: "Tony Blair's handling this really well. This is his Oklahoma City." As Hitchens remarked, this is the way these people think.

Which works fine when you're up against phantom enemies of the kind Clinton preferred to take on, while giving real threats the run of the planet. If the Tea Partiers were truly the murderous goons they've been portrayed as, they would draw the obvious lesson from the kid gloves with which Comedy Central strokes Islam. They would say, "Enough with peaceful rallies where we pick up the litter afterwards. Let's just threaten to decapitate someone. You get more respect that way. At least from the media."

But they won't do that. Because, notwithstanding their outrageous demonization by the media, they're not terrorists. So, in the end, Comedy Central has incentivized Islamic violence and nothing much else.

Nevertheless, we should be grateful to its jelly-spined executives for reminding us that the cardboard heroes of the American media are your go-to guys for standing up to entirely fictitious threats. But for real ones? Not so much."


Totally Stupid Conservative

We aren't ready to give up McVeigh.

God guns too but not necessarily in that order.

liberal idiot

I think we should hire Monica Lewinski to blow a few Repub Senators and then impeach them.
Then we should get some anarchist's to blend in to the tea baggers party and than just go app shit.

Totally Stupid Conservative

I hear ya, we're doing a great job of destroying ourselves. We are getting more dumber by the day.


Tampa? That's a long way from home. Driving or flying? I wonder what it would be like to drive Route 66 these days?

That was one great TV show. Martin Milner was a Seattle kid - I think.

David Lazarus on KGO Sat night did an hour on great TV theme songs. Route 66 didn't come up. Rockford Files was my favorite. I miss some of the old TV shows. I would buy a set of Rockford Files if it were available. I always hated missing the episode title. It was like missing the beginning of the show. Everything about that program was great.

Memories . . .

Puget Sound

if you go to HULA TV website you can watch all of the Rockford File Shows for free on your computer. Complete episodes.


Hula TV will teach you how to dance. HULU, on the other hand, will give joanie what she wants.


HULA or HULU. cons. seem to spell about as well as they speak the truth.

Puget Sound

oops, my bad. well in my defense it was 4 am and the brain synapse were not firing 100 percent as i was getting ready for work.

and the thought of joanie doing any type of dance albeit the watutsi or the hula gives me a shudder. ha ha , i guess no good deed goes unpunished.

Puget Sound

"Geico voice actor fired after insulting tea parties

Sometimes you have a headline that makes the rest of the story superfluous, but here's the background. Actor Lance Baxter, otherwise known as "D.C. Douglas," currently known as the man who informs you how much Geico can save you on car insurance, left a message last month with FreedomWorks in which he asked the group how many "mentally retarded" people it had on staff and what it would do when a tea partyer "killed someone." On April 14, FreedomWorks put his voicemail online."

I am not a big fan of this kind of stuff. For all of you who love to do the pressure tactics it really can also work the other way. The fact that the former Geico dude held an opinion I didn't agree with doesn't bother me and getting him canned isn't a positive development. Right now in WA State we have the petition movement to have the names released of those who sign petitions. Obviously this is another attempt at intimidation as you are only going to go to the effort to find out who signed a petition to badger, harass, or otherwise inconvenience same.


We heard the Geico thing including the whole telephone call on Saturday - SATURDAY - on Ring of Fire. I think it was Ring... or was it Bill Press? Anyway, old news.

And, funny how when YOU make a mistake you end up dissing me. So predictable. What an ignoramus.


Mike is awesome tonight. The US is a dying empire. What truth. Predatory financiers stealing all our money and a military killing people all over the world.

People should read Arianna Huffington: Arianna Huffington: Not All Jobs Are Created Equal: Why Wall Street's Gain Has Been America's Loss tonight. Anybody who thinks our manufacturing base is growing - Tommy? - check out the trend of our manufacturing base. Maybe we're still manufacturing but it must be happening in Indonesia and China 'cause it sure ain't happening here.


Deep Horizon Oil Well Gushing 42,000 Gallons Into Gulf Of Mexico Per Day

How about some more off-shore drilling, guys? Capitalism. Once there was an island called Easter. Once there was a planet called Earth. Same thing. Kill. Kill. Kill.

Puget Sound


just catching on to the erosion of the manufacturing base in the USA? it's been in all the papers for YEARS.
and that oil story has been going on since the weekend.

try and catch up.


sick pup and by the way fat bastard Bryan Suits yukking it up at show opening this morning over a dead man in the lanes of the ship canal bridge. "Deaddy Dedski in the road" he quipped, his voice overflowing, and brimming with mirth. Why is this emotionally ill turd back on the air here? I'd take that Army Doc's suggestion that you seek help for the PTSD he suspected you have, Bryan. You're truly a sick man.


Now, wouldn't you imagine that one would listen to talk show hosts one likes as opposed to talk show hosts one dislikes? Life's too short dude, listen to what and who you enjoy, don't be a masochist, don't suffer through those you detest. Oh, and you know what; we don't really care who you like or dislike.


Im watching CNBC online--Levin, Coburn and Tester are EVISCERATING the Young Punks from Goldman Sachs. These guys are hemming and hawing and "don't recall" and are really squirming. The highlight so far is listening to Levin read an internal memo that had one executive crowing how they unloaded a "shitty deal" and made money on it. They are evading giving a straight answer and the Senators are getting pissed.


Wonder how many of those good Senators voted for and supported de-regulation.


Good question...I hope we can turn that around. This has been a prime example of what happens when the rules are thrown out and Big Business is trusted to do the "right thing."

I read this today:

"Since the recession began, we've lost over 2 million manufacturing jobs, the kind of jobs that have traditionally delivered American families into the middle class -- and kept them there. Yet the loss of middle class jobs is rarely talked about in Washington. Neither is the way that the useful section of our economy is being replaced by the useless section of our economy. But the numbers don't lie: the share of our economy devoted to making things of value is shrinking, while the share devoted to valuing made up things (credit swap derivatives, anyone?) is expanding. And it's not just manufacturing jobs that are disappearing. Hundreds of thousands of well-paying white-collar jobs are also now being shipped overseas. Do you hear that? It's Ross Perot's giant sucking sound being cranked up to a deafening roar -- and it's about a lot more than NAFTA."


It certainly makes one feel that they are at the mercy of the big corporate giant Wall Street firms.
I heard on the Dave Ross Show today that King County lost +$36-Million on this and has a lawsuit pending. It's one thing to take a risk on the market (we all know that's risky) but we shouldn't have to compound that by being at risk because of the honesty (or lack thereof) of the brokerage houses. [In the case of King County, these commercial paper investments were 3rd party rated as high as you could get]. Changes are defintely needed.

Incidentally, the State of Washington was not invested in this and has a more conservative and safe approach, apparently only investing in treasury-backed securities and not in any commercial paper. [Your pension is safe, sparky]


IS THIS SPIN ? K.I.R.O. news said : Dems fail to pass financial reform. Would not it have been more honest to report that the Repugs fillabustered any discusion of reform. Is k.i.r.o tv now mimicing Faux News?


April 27 (Bloomberg) -- Senator Ben Nelson, who supported an exemption to proposed derivatives rules sought by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc., owned as much as $6 million worth of stock with his wife in the Omaha, Nebraska-based company, financial disclosures show.

Hmm. So when Nelson says he's filibustering Wall Street reform because of Warren Buffett's objections, is he really just looking after his constituents? Or is he his own constituency?


The GOP voted against it in unison again today because the bill still has the provision that gives the Fed the authority to selectively bail out financial institutions.
I call that looking out for the people (ie. taxpayers).

I read that they have proposed an alternative plan that will probably be rejected by the Dems. Too bad both sides are unable to come together. Compromise no longer is an option - Sad but true.


Why hasn't Glenn beck denied the accusation that he raped and murdered a young girl in 1990?

My red phone has yet to ring.


So, the GOP was FOR bailing out institutions in 2008 but now they are AGAINST it....ok.

The bill would stop taxpayer-financed bailouts. If a company was on the verge of collapse, leading firms in the financial services industry would have to pay to clean up the mess. I can see how Repubs would not want their buddies to have to do that.

" The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation would step in as receiver, with the power to sell the company’s assets and liabilities, or to hold and manage parts of the business until a sale became possible. Managers would be fired and shareholders wiped out. The costs of dissolving the company would have to be recouped from a fund generated by levies on the financial services industry."


I'll let their actions speak for themselves

The GOP has floated an alternative option amidst the stalemate. Ben Nelson D, Nebraska voted against this bill


C'mon you guys. It is all kabuki. If you want to laugh, watch Finkbein on CSpan. This guy is the CEO material that is earning millions in compensation?

Yeah. And he knows when to sound like a fool. It would take millions to get me to sound like that much of a fool, too.

The senate is sounding foolish for a whole lot less. I wonder when their paycheck is expected.


Nelson is a republican lackey that is posing as a Democrat..


Are you sure duffman? County employees are generally covered by state retirement systems - :PERS. As a former city employee, I was covered by the very good city system not connected to the state system which does cover me under TRS.

That's why the city still offers thirty years and out while the State does not. The State's retirement has never been as good as the city's.

You might want to check that. Of course, even under the City there are different systems - police being one of them.

I'm glad to hear the State has become more conservative. They were once considered pretty lame and often in trouble.


Nelson is a republican lackey that is posing as a Democrat..

Posted by: saintrudy | April 27, 2010 at 07:28 PM

The facts speak for themselves - wake up and smell the reality. Nelson is a Democrat who posed as a blue dog Dem until he was bribed sufficiently by Harry Reid to vote for Obama-losi care. He is just trying to buy votes because he knows he is waaay behind and has had second thoughts about being reelected.


Five uses for chicken.

5. Enjoy them as chicks and eat them as adults.

4. Fry it in deep fat and enjoy the taste of the Deep South.

3. Choke it. But be aware of hand hair.

2. Use it as a prop in the back ground in your press interview. Slit gullet for effect.

1. Slip the giblets into an envelope and send them to the Nevada senate hopeful, Sue Lowden, as a campaign contribution.


I just heard Levin say "shitty deal" and I loved it. Susan Collns should retire. She sounds like a past-her-prime schoolmarm. Sort of like you, duffman.

McCaskill, on the other hand, is giving it to them like one of the boys. I love that! (I think it's McCaskill...)


On Tuesday evening, CNN reported that Republican Senator George Voinovich (R-OH) is poised to join Democrats and vote in favor of debate:

The American people "want us to get something done," Sen. George Voinovich, R-Ohio, said in explaining why he would eventually join Democrats in insisting that the bill be debated on the floor.

Voinovich, who is not seeking re-election in November, would not say exactly how long he would wait before switching his vote but said, "I have an idea of how much time it takes to cut a deal." He also said he expects "a whole bunch" of other Republicans to make the same decision.

Chucks (joanie is still one of them)

Voinovich is right. A deal needs to be struck. It really is just an issue of when the dem's decide to get serious about dealing with the adults.
After all of the graft that was snuck in through the back door on the health care con, you can understand the Republicans being suspicious of what comes out of the mouths of Harry Reid (Moron, NV) and Chris Dodd (Countrywide Mortgage benefactor).


So speaketh the expert on all things corrupt. So the repugs got nervous with healthcare? Choir boys before that. Right.


Drill, Baby Drill -- Spill, Baby, Spill -- Grill, Baby, Grill!


Good Riddance to Frank Colacurcio and his gangstered-up, dirty strip clubs.......The Feds are taking conrtol of Rick's and 3 or 4 other clubs the old bastard owns, wiht the intent of closing them down .....I might check out that new gentlemen's club down by Safeco Field....I' don't object to srtip clubs...just ones owned and run by crooked old puke bastards like Frankie C.......see ya you piece of crap....wouldn't want to be ya........

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