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April 10, 2010


Dr. Seuss

Seems to me that "American culture" is phony. Do we have a culture? Seems to me it is greed, violence, sex, TV and assault weapons. Sarah Palin might be the perfect representative of American culture today. This chronic winker is just another in a long line of plastic celebrities that fools worship.

I watched her campaign on John McCain's behalf a week or so ago and he was on stage behind her. He looked like a man thinking to himself: has it really come to this? I'd have had more respect for the man if he'd walked to the microphone and simply retired.

I think we should abolish the Senate. It is no longer useful. The House represents the people. Let them rule.


Andrew Sullivan is not a conservative !! He once was conservative, but he has flipped to progressive-left.
Similarly, Arianna Huffington was conservative about 12 years ago, but also flipped to progressive-left during the Bush Administration. You're behind the times...

McCain should probably retire. He's had his run and probably peaked in the late 90's. His POTUS campaign in 2008 was miserable - the worst I can remember for a candidate - Dole was even better in 1996. Would have clearly preferred him as POTUS over Bush 43.


As I've said, I don't see any political success in Sarah Palin's future.
That said, I DO like her. I think she is vibrant, energetic and plays a significant role in media from the standpoint of attracting a crowd and generating revenue. To the extend that the Republicans can gain from this, more power to them. However they must be careful only to use her attraction as a motor for $money and not 'associate' the Party per se with her or her general philosophy (whatever that is, I'm not clear?). At this point, however there's not much more they (the Republicans) can do to further injure themselves.
My wish for Ms Palin is that she continue to '$rake-it-in' as much as she can and then go home (where ever that may be) and take care of her beautiful family. With a large family like that and especially with a special needs child that household needs both a solid and full-time mother and father.
She can do a lot more for her family than she can do for her country. You GO, Girl!


Yep. You go girl. Continue to be a political embarrassment for the party of duffman. It's just fine with me.

Oh, and great mom with the family "that needs" you, keep pushing that sex, lies and hate talk. Whatever it takes to $rake-it-in as the above republican would say. Whatever it takes.

Doesn't that sound like a typical rethug?


Just so you know; I won't respond to insults and ad hominem attacks, so continue if you must but you're simply making yourself obvious. :)

Bagley Wrong

Duffman, you're another old white guy like me who just wants to fuck her. Ain't gonna happen, dude, so let's elect her president! makes perfect sense.


Gee, duffman babe, I'm just repeating what you said.

Puget Sound

nice to see you taking the high road. meanwhile, one of the usual suspects takes the well traveled low road.

no doubt she'll soon be regaling us with that bathroom humor she finds so attractive.


Thanks PUTS...as I said I shan't reciprocate, but will be as honest and straight-forward as I can. Those who might choose to do otherwise...a caveat, you come across as 'obvious' and will (at least by me) be treated accordingly.


Ah, Puget Sound. Anything to get Joan's attention. Duffman, smarminess doesn't become you

Puget Sound

oh sparkles, no need to post as 'sid' today.


I have vowed to never use an alias again; why don't we all do that. :)

Puget Sound

well, then it's so long 'coiler' ...

Hopelessly Misguided Conservative

Why has Sullivan and Huffington become left of center if they were once conservative? Sullivan seems more centrist than anything. Is Christy Todd Whitman, who you never hear from anymore, a liberal?


It wouldn't matter, Duffman. Putsie still cannot understand that more than a couple of people disagree with him or notice how he repeats the same thing over an over..so they most "certainly" are me. The people who matter to me know that I am just me, Coiler is just himself and who the hell these other people are, we have no idea. But to believe otherwise entertains Putsie, I guess.

We have spent today in the sun..now we are going to get ready for a nice dinner. After spending 24 hours in Republicanland, it's nice to be back among the educated in this little mountain/desert community.


Sparkles just continues to parrot her talking points even on vacation (?). Still drinking that Obama-zombie kool aid - ugh...

The GOP still has to earn its trust after 8 years of turning into fiscal liberals. They are the alternative to the current crop of jackasses controlling congress. Term limits are sorely needed.. The lowest common denominator aka the usual suspects does not comprehend this, but that's their problem and stupidity.

The current regime thinks that the behavior of the GOP during Bush 43 gave them an excuse to exercise their fiscal irresponsibility and statist policies and they'll keep trying to drag us down with their foreseen wreckage come November. The most transparent administration ever ?
Yep, transparently corrupt and anarchistic (anti-constitutional).

chuck says joanie is a liar. (because she lies)

Where are you Sparky?


Why has Sullivan and Huffington become left of center if they were once conservative? Sullivan seems more centrist than anything. Is Christy Todd Whitman, who you never hear from anymore, a liberal?

Didn't you hear? Puget Sound and KS are in charge of deciding who's conservative. Michael Steele has been shuffled aside and is now in charge of all GOP outreach with an emphasis on "lesbian bondage" (a pretty nice gig if you ask me).

One of them will now pipe up saying I am really sparky.

Puget Sound

ha ha ex pat, i realize that you are not sparky. not too worry, i won't spoil it. (i hope you find the game is worthwhile.)

Puget Sound

After spending 24 hours in Republicanland, it's nice to be back among the educated in this little mountain/desert community.

Posted by: sparky | April 10, 2010 at 04:51 PM

yes, the insufferable elitist forced to be among the less educated. you must be a real hoot with the regular folk.

chuck says joanie is a liar. (because she lies)

I think Sparky is the British guy that was thrown out of Europe.

Puget Sound

well, i guess the class system would appeal to sparkles. it must be so very very difficult for sparkles to be rubbing elbows with the commoners.
after all, they don't understand the nuance and sophistication of daily kos.


Wow..I hit a nerve! You little Pavlovians are SO easy to poke fun at. woof!

Chucks, we are in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, near where my father was raised. It was sunny and windy today and we just took a drive around Rowena Point..

We went to two very small local wineries today and it was nice drive the back roads and watch the tumbling tumbleweeds.


And Putz...if you have never been to Wishram or Bickleton, you will not understand what I was joking about.


There's nothing that can be said about Sarah Palin that hasn't already been said about Miss Piggy. She's fake, she's fat, she's gross, she has a hand up her ass and she takes an old saying about lipstick on pigs personally. No more Sarah news please. I don't give a fuck about her slutty children or her stupid glasses or whatever communist dictator is her new best friend. As train wreck celebrities with no future go, I'm easily more interested in how Dustin Diamond or Gary Coleman might be humiliating themselves to make rent. They entertained me in the 80's and they're still entertaining me now.

Hopelessly Misguided Conservative

Palin places third in GOP Strawpoll

NEW ORLEANS (April 10) - Mitt Romney didn't attend the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, but still got a boost from those at the conference.

The former Massachusetts governor won a test vote of likely 2012 presidential candidates - by one vote. He got 439.
Texas Rep. Ron Paul came in second with 438 votes, followed by Sarah Palin with 330 and Newt Gingrich with 321.

The results mean little to nothing. Conference staffers put names on the ballot of people they thought were likely to run, and many Republicans considering a bid were left off the list.

Also on the ballot: Mike Huckabee, Tim Pawlenty, Mike Pence, Rick Santorum and Gary Johnson.

Over the three-day conference, 1,806 ballots were cast.

blathering michael

KS: I wrote that Andrew Sullivan is an "erstwhile" conservative... Look it up! as my mother would say.

I might say "KS is an erstwhile human being." Then again, I might not.


cute and somewhat clever, Bla'M.

The later part can cut both ways.


The only plausible candidate for the GOP I have heard of up to now is General Petraeus.

The leftists originally referred to him as Gen. Betray-us. That may well egg him on to run, given the current political landscape.


I see sputs and klueless have been playing their puerile little games today. Looking at the front page of Huffpo and seeing pictures of families and friends of miners killed because rich men can buy off judges and regulators. These people work the mines because that's all there is. And someone has to do it. We pollute their rivers, poison their lungs with coal dust, blow tops of their mountains, and then let them die.

I heard someone on the radio today telling how he had pulled himself up to better things. They should too. If they did that, who would mine the coal? He was the elitist. Thinking everyone should shuffle paper or count money. Someone has to do the labor. What there is left of it. They do it because they've always done it. But we treat them like modern day slaves. Poison the air; kill the animals; and leave the families to die of cancer and lung diseases.

How these rich people must hate this country. They want to destroy it.

Pretty interesting commentary today on Ring of Fire. If what David DeGraw said is true, Henry Paulson - ol' Hank - should be indicted. The corruption in this country has become endemic and perhaps irreversible. Ol' Hank kinda reminds of Ol' Chux. Back slappin' good ol' boys making sure they get theirs and to hell with everybody else.

Finally, Amy Goodman interviewed a former miner who lost his job because he tried to get safety regulations implemented in a Blankenship mine. He said he just couldn't help but get involved. The consequences of the mining operation on the community was just too devastating. But, what good did it do. He wasn't a good ol' boy. Just a dispensable slave to the rich men.

This is a hard time for anyone with a conscience or even an iota of integrity. So much more fun to fantasize screwing the wolf killer.

Puget Sound

you pontificate well so maybe you could back it up by reducing your carbon footprint. hmmmm?
set the example.


A viable candidate, should he ever decide to run (I think) would be Sec Robert Gates. Don't know if he has any aspirations in that regard, but IMO his practical and pragmatic approach to things I believe would appeal to the country. (He seems almost apolitical) [Watched him on CBS's Face-The-Nation this a.m., along with the lovely and gracious Sec Clinton]


A link to the David DeGraw interview. Pretty fascinating and informative.

Oops! Informative. Well, that leaves sputs and duffman out.


Conyers writing at Huffpo:
It's become standard operating procedure for companies to use bankruptcy or the threat of bankruptcy to shake down its employees.

Take, for example, the Tribune Company, a media giant that has been mired in bankruptcy proceedings since December 2008. Tribune paid management bonuses during this period totaling $46.5 million while salary and benefit freezes were mandated for the workers who hadn't already been laid off.

Workers for auto parts supplier Visteon also suffered a similar fate. Their company, which filed for bankruptcy in May 2009, was allowed to reward management with bonuses up to $35 million, including up to $6 million for senior executives, while closing plants and terminating retiree health benefits. Now Visteon is trying to terminate pension plans.

We are accustomed to hearing this story over and over again. It is time we changed the ending.



Anyone else hear that Don O'Neil got suspended on Friday? Might be breaking news for this blog to check out...


Nope, hadn't heard that CS; where did you hear it. Note not mention of it on KIRO My NW web site for R&D?


PH(J)oanie is all over the place and the 3 stooges were generally that way also. David DeGraw - I can appreciate what he says about the Government seizure (I am suspicious though merely because Ph(Joanie has an affinity - that he is a radical lefty underneath it all - but will have check out his MO and respond in kind). I agree that John Conyers is disgusting for different reasons than is portrayed there - he is among the shakedown artists along with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, except he's in congress- also throw in Barney Frank to be sure.

There's a thing called truth that gets in the way but Ph(J)oanie, Sparkles and Coiler and other leftwingnuts do not get that, because of the persistence of the inconvenient truth that interferes with their distorted views. It's getting to be fun tweeking these fanatics for continued chaos.

Duff- I'd concur that Robert Gates would also be a viable candidate for POTUS if he throws his hat into the ring, however right now, he has a conflict of interest.

Puget Sound

Note the Dodge by Joanie regarding the carbon footprint.
Typical hypocrite who is the most pious whilst sitting in the church pew on sunday but fails to follow through the rest of the week. Probably explains why Joanie was against Obama Care when it looked like Teachers would also have to pay with her 'God Damn Obama Man' but once her union got the special carve out and others would pay her share she was all for Obama Care.

And Andrew Sullivan is an interesting source to rely upon. He was one of the big 'Twig Truthers' in 2008. Fairly disgusting attempt on his part.
I use to read Andrew Sullivan (check out his work exposing Steven Glass the writer with the fake stories) and enjoyed his take on things I agreed with and disagreed with. He is a talented writer.
But the obsession on Twig was fairly disgusting. (Sparkles was another one of the disgusting types that delved into Twig's birth)
Not sure why people have to drag the kids into it. Especially one with special needs.


Yep,we all knows dem blacks & gays & Damocrats is corrupt but we,ums is da party of GOD, das why we can do no evil.

Puget Sound

stay classy, Sparkles.


As we is da Party of GOD We is entitled to lie,cheat & steal. Our G.O.P. leaders & God-fearing Preachers earned the right to have whores &mistresses paid for by us cause dey is looking out for us folks. We needs to get back in power, cause beside gittin us health-care, now that dam Obama tryin to reduce Nukes, next thing you know he will be promating some dam peace treaty,then what you spose going to happen to KBR ,Blackwater & our oil speculaters. WHO is going to pay the big money bribes that our G.O.P. is entitled to?


Yep,we all knows dem blacks & gays & Damocrats is corrupt but we,ums is da party of GOD, das why we can do no evil.

Posted by: saintrudy | April 11, 2010 at 05:13 PM

Are you a Christophobe ? Only you can answer that, but you are intellectually dishonest. What you are really saying is that the Dems cannot be as wrong as the GOP no matter what totalitarian or Orwellian shenningans they pull - that's just the way it is, the country be damned.

Only in your statist anarchy and wingnut world. Now, go crawl back into your cave.


My cave wasn.t paid for by special interests. How about yours?


Corporations (Special interests) have given just as much to the Democratics as to the GOP and Democratics receive way more for corrupt unions (more special interests).

Yawn. another tired and tone deaf left wing argument espousing victimology.


I am an unapologetic christophobe.

Paul Johnson

Of course Joanie has NEVER balanced a budget professionally or produced anything tangible. You are a public employee fool! When our money runs out, you will have no other source of income. Then the real war will begin. Are YOU ready?


What a great day. So great that all I will do is roll my eyes at Putz. Not going to ruin a great weekend.

I highly recommend that you all visit the Gorge White House, a restored 1910 colonial farm house that has been turned into a tasting room for some of the local wineries in the Hood River Valley. I struck up a conversation with an elderly woman in the adjacent fruit store and she gave me a precious gift..a story about my grandmother I had not previously heard. This woman was only about 6 at the time of their interaction, but she remembered her very well. Can't wait to share it with the rest of my family.


the guy who pulled himself up to better things than mining work- hooray for him but that doesn't mena everyone can do that...there arn't enough jobs for all of them to do that.... Dori Monson would step in at this point and say the dead miners were people who made "poor choices" in their lives....

Puget Sound

roll your eyes, sparkles and avoid ownership. but maybe you should consider your words next time you engage in slimy behavior with the catty remarks about Twig Palin's parentage during the presidential campaign.
(i am sure your nana wouldn't have approved of it.)


The problems now faced by the dead miners families are a direct result of the poor choices that their miner breadwinner made in life. These miners should have made better choices in life and planned ahead for better, safer jobs. I drive a new Jaguar and live in a gated community because of the good choices I've made in life.

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