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April 20, 2010



Did Pat O'Day ever make it into the Hall Of Fame (be it R&R, Radio or WHATever)? Surely he qualifies - as he has to have been one of radios's and musical-promotions biggest influences of the '60's.

 Mike Barer

It looked to me like he was talking about Beck's success, more than his politics.


Charlie Brown! He admitted to me last week that he stole "Clyde" from you and I told him you stole it from Lan, who stole "Clyde Clyde, The Cows Outside" from Stan Freberg. (The great ones know whom to steal from!)



Fe Fe Fi Fi Fo Fo Fum, I smell smoke in the auditorium, it's Charlie Brown.........
1960's Husky football and KJR at its finest.


I thought O;day got off the sauce, evidently he is now on a stronger kind of Koolade !!!!


Pat O'day should be ashamed of himself for sucking up to Beck, that lard-assed, lying, S.O.B.


Move over Allah, Beck is the new messenger of God, check out his latest tirade on Oberman.


Pat O'day should be ashamed of himself for sucking up to Beck, that lard-assed, lying, S.O.B.

Posted by: saintrudy | Ap

Not as much as you should be ashamed of yourself for sucking up to MSNBC's outlandish lies and hate speech. This left wing fear mongering/race baiting tirades against tea parties smells of desperation. The election isn't until November..

What about the veiled death threat against the writers of South Park from an Islamist web site, reported by of all people Anderson (just call me teabagger) Cooper. That will focus attention off of the juvenille political bickering.


Keith gave that Islamic group Worst Person status but you'd never hear KS admit that.


KS your posts are beginning to sound like Ed Grimley, I must say.

Pat O'Day singing the praises of Beck...Bla'M you sure know some interesting people.....lol...


KS, you're beginning to sound redundant as well. BTW, I sure get tired of reading everything twice. Does anybody else wish KS would quit reposting everything? It is just annoying.

My short-term memory is still working.

What do Beck and Pat have in common? MONEY! That's very bonding.


Also, it's too bad Pat doesn't read your blog more often, Michael. He'd know what we think of Mr. Mount Vernon.


Very interesting series on Glen Beck's radio career from KUBE-FM through Morning Zoo DJ to right-wing talker in Salon.com a while back.
Tells about the time Glen Beck got his rival's wife on the air and made fun of her recent miscarriage. Don't ever remember Keith Jackson, Larry Lujack or Lan Roberts doing anything like that.
People believe what Beck says, but they don't realize he will do anything for ratings.
Also after seeing Jon Stewart's dead-on impression of Beck, it's hard to take Beck seriously.


yep...that is what is kinda sad about the tea partiers...they mean well, most of them, but they don't realize that their heroes are really laughing at them.

Puget Sound

What do Beck and Pat have in common? MONEY! That's very bonding.

Posted by: joanie | April 20, 2010 at 09:18 PM

Pat and Beck also have something else in common: they kicked their habits.

Joanie and Randi have something in common: they still haven't kicked the habit.


If Olbermann gave that Islamic Group that award, he actually got it right - once !

Sparkles, keep doing your part to feed the echo chamber.

Ph(J)oanie - I will make it clear. The only reason I posted something twice is because you are too chicken to answer the question I asked you twice. I know that you have a hard time backing up what you say, but to run away from you true convictions is more revealing and pathetic.

You can call it nonsense or whatever, but you aren't fooling anyone except yourself and the usual suspects.

"Joanie and Randi have something in common: they still haven't kicked the habit."

Posted by: Puget Sound

So true...


Once again - Joanie - You have stated in previous posts that Obama is being too much of a compromiser for you. That says that he must not be far enough left for you.

Q: How about Trotsky - was he hard left enough (i.e enough of a non-compromiser) for ya ?

If Ed Grimley would ask this question, so be it..

Michael O'Shea

Pat makes it very clear that Glenn Beck's notoriety is not about his politics. I agree with Patrick 100% about Glenn's "showmanship"...and thats what he's about, not politics. I know Pat can tell some not so nice stories about Lan and Larry from the "olde" days that make Glenn's shock-jock, teenage pranks seem like trick-or-treat stuff


I used to love Red's movie show on KVOS.

Mike Barer

This is all about nothing. Pat just mentioned Beck's rise to the top and did not endorse his politics. Michael Easton does the Puget Sound Radio blog and is hard right, but I think he would not hesitate to write about a local Liberal is the same context.


Paddo Day looks like Marshall Appelwhite -- that guy who did the Nike commercial where he and his followers killed themselves to hitch a ride on that comet back in the 90s.

In looking up that guy I see that his group added "-ody" to the names they chose when they went nuts. Hmmm, "ody", Pat O'day -- Pat O'dy???

Give us 10 days and well give you a pair of Nikes, a cot, a cool one and a free ride on the next comet that passes by.

I came to Seattle about 20 years ago and I never/still don't know who the hell Paddo Day is/was.

I know he bought that drunk farm and currently creeps me out with his tv commercials. Now, he's sucking up to Beck? Jeez, what a creep.

Jason Andersen

My aunt worked for Pat O'Day back in the mid 1980's when he had a business that did satellite-type radio (even though it wasn't called that then; it was more so kinda like elevator music with deejays that was piped all over the country); she also worked for KJR before that with a lot people who had worked with O’Day back in the day. Anyway, he is an honest-to-goodness nice guy, and a consummate inside baseball radio guy. And he is not just the spokesman for Schick Shadel, but he is a minority owner of the hospital, too. As far as I know his testimony about recovery from substance abuse is also true, and truth is often immaterial in radio advertising. I doubt that Glenn Beck’s politics is what draws Pat O’Day to him.

Glenn Beck is a master of the radio medium, too (that is, the biz side). I absolutely detest what he spews, and he's ostensibly inferior when he tries to insert his intellect into deep policy wonk type of stuff, but the man knows how to sell advertising on the public airwaves, regardless how many sponsors his hyperbole loses him here and there.

I never really even knew too much about him until I just read the cover story Forbes magazine did on his $32M per year multimedia empire. For all of you Beck devotees out there, I suggest it as required reading; Mr. Beck is rather frank and up front about the fact that he doesn't give a rip about politics, but rather just the political shtick he uses to draw audiences. If liberal talk was a successful business model, he’d be the most obnoxious progressive out there. He's not to be taken seriously whatsoever, unless as an example of how to make $$$ in today's media.

BTW, Rush is exactly the same, too; my source for that is the friendly profile the NYT did on him in summer 2008, when he said he really doesn't care about conservatism, but just selling air time, and if that works, then so be it. Rush did say that he sees himself as “the defender of corporate America,” and he is usually consistent with that, but he mentioned in the article how much he detests people who demagogue about “children and grandchildren,” but now that has become one of his most repetitive talking points , with the “generational theft” caveat.

REMEMBER THAT COMMERCIAL TALK RADIO = ENTERTAINMENT *NOT NEWS*. NPR is the best for good news on the radio (and the BBC); if you can't stand the politics of some of their hosts, then KOMO AM 1000 usually does OK presenting local news, though it can get awful redundant.


Totally agree that it's entertainment and not news!
[btw: Mr O'Day should subscribe to his 'Center and try and lick that smoking habit he still has]

Jason Andersen

As far as I know, they only treat ETOH and street drugs/prescriptions through a clinical aversion-therapy approach. Aside maybe from diabetes, cigarette smoking has to be the biggest $$$ drain on the health care system (AND CAUSE OF DEATH!), so I have often wondered why smoking cessation is not incorpated into inpatient treatment modalities.


I've been thinking about Charlie and Ty lately, how can I get in touch with them?


Just reading up on the previous comments, and I enjoy reading the thoughts and questions about Schick. My understanding, as a Schick graduate, for the reason why smoking cessation is not emphasized to those battling more dangerous addictions is to decouple smoking from those addictions (how many people smoke when they drink? A lot!) so that relapse of one wouldn't trigger relapse of the other. Also, once the person has stopped using alcohol or other drugs and later they want to stop smoking, they know they can.

Mike Barer

Even though, Michael Easton and I have disagreed on various issues in the past, he is not is I say "hard Right" and I apoligze for having said that.

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