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April 16, 2010


Puget Sound

i wonder which posing school this fellow teaches at...

after all, the usual suspects on this blog have taught us that it is acceptable in their world view to take the acts of a few and attribute them to the entire party.

pot meet kettle.

Puget Sound

bad news for the hannity fans

"Fox News pulled the plug at the last minute on Sean Hannity’s tea party show yesterday from Cincinnati because execs were unaware the appearance was being used to sell tickets to the event – but the story isn’t over.

We hear execs at FNC, including CEO Roger Ailes, remain furious because they were blindsided by Hannity’s staff."


i was having a so-so morning yesterday, my stocks going blah, and I tok my usual Starbuck;s break out here on the ass end of Queen Anne. As I was walking back up The Hill, I switched from sports radio over to KIROfm. Monson was playing a recording of the big speech he made thursday night at the Teabaggers rally fown at Westlake Mall....the laughter came rolling out of my chest as I heard hisant-taxes rant, pitching it to the rubes , playing to ignorance as usual, and trying desperately to sound important and macho while only the sounds of a hyperaggressiive male teenager's voice was comign out of his pipes.....bwahahahahahahaah the laughter continued all the way up to the place...coming into the home stretch i heard him wind up the speech with some pathetic cliches such as God Bless America, I guess hoping he was sounding like Sean Hannity.......you can't make this stuff up....

KS  claims Coiler is a closet teabagger

For every poster like that, there are 10 others with a clear message. This guy was probably a LaRoucheist, - with the only difference being the Hitler moustache missing from Barry's face.

KS  claims Coiler is a closet teabagger

Here are some other pics showing more intelligent posters from this Tea Party in Olympia.


Bobby is talking about Blankenship and the massey mine disaster. It's a tutorial for how money is going to destroy our democracy.

$3 million to replace an appeals court judge who overturned a judgment against massey. It went on to the Supreme Court. A clear waste of taxpayer money. An original verdict that was clearly just. And a clear example of what money can buy.

Thanks Alito, Kennedy, Roberts, Thomas and Scalia. You are true Americans who want democracy to thrive . . . right.

In Caperton, a West Virginia jury found the Massey Coal Company liable for fraudulent misrepresentation, concealment and tortious interference with contract in this corporate litigation lawsuit and awarded Caperton $50 million in damages. After the award, West Virginia held its 2004 judicial elections.

Knowing the State Supreme Court of Appeals would consider the appeal, Massey's chairman supported the challenger -- Brent Benjamin -- rather than the incumbent justice seeking reelection.

Massey's $3 million in contributions to Benjamin exceeded the total amount spent by all other Benjamin supporters and by Benjamin's own committee.

Benjamin won by fewer than 50,000 votes and then heard Massey's appeal of the $50 million verdict against it. Newly elected Justice Benjamin was the deciding vote overturning the verdict.

The United States Supreme Court narrowly held that Justice Benjamin should have recused himself and not heard the appeal because "the probability of actual bias on the part of the judge or decisionmaker [was] too high to be constitutionally tolerable."

Does anyone think our current justices would so rule?

KS  claims Coiler is a closet teabagger

That's your perverted opinion, but irrelevant to the subject at hand.

If you can't stick to the topic here, go bloviate at another post.


It's an open thread you idiot. See, you keep proving me right!

You are soooooo KLUELESS!

And it is not my opinion. Prove any part of it false. Of course, your KLUELESS response will be that that's my job.

I repeat: You are sooooooo KLUELESS!

KS  claims Coiler is a closet teabagger

It's an open thread about Tea Party baggers,
stupid !

You are such a whiny statist - you post your comments about tea party signs on the other post instead of this one - go figure..besides being a bitter old twit, you're ass backwards.

"$3 million to replace an appeals court judge who overturned a judgment against massey. It went on to the Supreme Court. A clear waste of taxpayer money. An original verdict that was clearly just. And a clear example of what money can buy.

Thanks Alito, Kennedy, Roberts, Thomas and Scalia. You are true Americans who want democracy to thrive . . . right."

That was you, not the newspaper- liar. Yes, your opinion is perverted because you are clueless about why the justices you mentioned supported their point of view, Comrade, Ph(J)oanie. I believe that they had a good reason. What is clear is that you do not know all of the details of the case, evidently but still make an fool of yourself - something that you do unabashedly.

KS  claims Coiler is a closet teabagger

The reason the left and their media cheerleaders are so worked up over the tea parties is simple.
Tea partiers are everyday folks asking for common sense and limited government. They know our national credit cards are maxed out. They know we need to continue American exceptionalism. These are not right wingers, these are everyday Americans, happy to pay taxes, who just want to see reasonable limitations.

The left is scared to death that the simple tea party message might resonate with enough independents and moderates. Or, in their worst nightmare, that the simple tea party message might even resonate with reasonable Democrats, or those groups who have voted Democrat in exchange for favors; such as unions and those who identify themselves by their skin color instead of their merits.

That is a big reason why the left has been compelled to resort to infiltrating Tea Parties, using the same methodology as has been practiced in the past by totalitarian regimes, such as the old Soviet Union, Cuba and Venezuela (today).


No, that was in the article. I summarized. Look it up, klueless. I mean the word: summarized. You really ought to open a dictionary once in a while. BTW, there's one online: Merriam Webster

And then I posted the original.

BTW, you might look up the word "statist" before you continue to overuse it as well.

It's pretty extreme when one has to explain a post that is supported by a post right below it! You are cute, klueless. I just wish you were smarter.

Umm, an "open thread" is an "open thread." MICHAEL: You need to be REALLY, REALLY CLEAR with these guys. You need to take a lesson from Rachel and be REALLY, REALLY CLEAR when you use words like "open thread..." REALLY CLEAR.

special del'y for chucks


You might be interested in this. Very informative. And straight from the evil-doers mouths.


chucks, I think you're being missed. [smile]


How about a drinking game. Every time KS uses the word "statist take a shot!

Maybe an extra shot when he uses the word incorrectly.

On second thoughts my liver wouldn't last long.

Irene Song

Boy the Goldman Sachs charges sure came at a great time to debate banking regulations! Is it only us "statists" who belive that there ought to be some rules for these thieves? The GOP's claim that Wall street reform is another "big bank bailout" is pretty astounnding in its Frank Luntz-ness.


Teaparty Debate=== I get to yell & scream and spit at you and you get to shut to f%ck up because I dont want to hear facts or opposing opinions. I got the Gods own truth from Faux News.



The WISER survey among others, the Teabaggers misspelled signs, their coded racial messages when they speak, their fondness for the birther movement and Faux News..all say one thing loud and clear: the Teabaggers are nothing more than a bunch of old white racist RW imbeciles....

And to think one of our supposed "mainstream" parties is intertwined with these nuts...proves how just how far to the right this country has moved..

KS  claims Coiler is a closet teabagger

"'How about a drinking game. Every time KS uses the word "statist take a shot! "

If the shoe fits, wear it or drink out of it - ExPat Brit.

Upton, may I suggest that you are an imbecile, because you never parrot any original thoughts, and you are also a racist. The corrupt mainstream media has really veered sharply to the left and a moderate is now shown to be an extremist. That is how brain-dead and dishonest the mainstream and its resident lemmings have become. The truth may hurt but is also sets you free. So keep bringing it on, lemmings, you keep it fun with your outrageous bullcrap.

Puget Sound

if that is what you think Upton, you totally misread what is going on.

and btw, how many of those misspelled teabagger signs and racist comments are really from Dim-Ass-Crap Operatives?

Like the 'School Teacher' from Beaverton? Hmmm?

KS  claims Coiler is a closet teabagger

Yes, Puts - we know that the truth has been exposed. However the lemmings aka usual suspects keep parroting the lies of what the lamestream media in cahoots with Dim-Ass Crap operatives. This is merely an effort to demonize Tea Parties while the leftwingnuts like to teabag each other - LOL.


Hey Ex-Pat--from writer Niccolo Caldararo:

"The article by Alan Rappeport in today's Financial Times contains quotes that show that Goldman Sachs executives knew of the problem with both the subprime
mortgage market and the weakness in theory behind the derivatives that were being fabricated supposedly to minimize risk. The emails show that Goldman Sachs employees were maneuvering clients to products to enhance the company's gains while shorting the market. This was taking place in January of 2007. In February of 2007 one Goldman Sachs employee, a Mr. Tourre, was sent an email by another executive saying, "The CDO biz is dead we don't have a lot of time left."

Gillian Tell, also in today's FT paper points out how few individuals among the financial industry that have created the credit crisis are being punished compared with past crises. One might say that they have created a crime, like the banks being too big to fail, that is too big to prosecute. "

This is what makes me crazy when I hear people say that if we just gave the banks and other corporations ( like Massey Energy) tax breaks, suddenly they would get very altruistic and spend all the money they save on hiring people or giving others raises or making working conditions better. Time after time after time, we see this kind of stuff instead.


For clarification and your future understanding.. (from Word IQ).

Statism is a term to describe an economic system where a government implements a significant degree of centralized economic planning or intervention, as opposed to a system where the overwhelming majority of economic planning occurs at a decentralized level by private individuals in a relatively free market. The term "statism" can refer to various dissimilar ideologies that share the commonality of having centralized economic planning conducted by the state.

Statist economies are also referred to as command economies.
The term "statism" is frequently used by advocates of economic liberalism to describe any social or political system that implements, what they believe to be, an unreasonable degree of centralized economic planning by government. At the extreme, some of them believe that any such planning is unreasonable. In this context, "statist" may describe any government that does not embrace the ideal of laissez-faire capitalism. According to libertarians, statism is the antithesis of capitalism.

Socialism and communism are often broadly classified under "statism", however, there are a few types of socialism and communism that are stateless and therefore would not be rightfully included in the category.

For example:
there are several branches of socialism which reject the state; for many communists, especially Trotskyists, the state is only a necessary evil that must wither away or be eventually eliminated in order to establish a communist society. Indeed, this is part of Marx's original conception of a communist future; as he saw the state as an instrument of oppression of the masses, the takeover of the masses would eventually render that instrument irrelevant.

A "statist" is one who favors statism.

special del'y for chucks

because you never parrot any original thoughts

Umm, that's pretty hard to do. I mean, parrot original thoughts. You're being cute again. I just know it.

Now if you want to know what parroting is, check out sputs post: Like the 'School Teacher' from Beaverton?

Now sputs is an expert parroter. How many times would anyone like to bet we're going to hear about the "teacher from Beaverton?"

Finally, I listened to two panels today on the WAMU hearings. Levin wore down the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed comedians from WAMU pretty well. Towards the end, he read an email from Killinger about how everybody knew Goldman shorting the market but that WAMU needed them more than "they need us." It was a pretty interesting peek at the true picture of what was going on and just how much they all knew about the games they were playing and how casually they took it all.

Everyone one of them needs to be indicted, convicted and put in any prison except for Federal prison. That's nothing more than a country club for the rich.

And then we need to clean out Congress and find a new bunch of women to get our Democratic House in order.

Finally KS, you never define a word by itself. What's wrong with you? How did you get through college? And if you read your own post, it is obvious to any intelligent person that we are still operating under deregulated capitalism. WTF is the matter with you?

Honestly. You flunk.


Whoops! Meant to change that sign in name! Sorry.

Now, check out huffpo::Clinton: Rubin And Summers Gave Wrong Advice On Derivatives, I Was Wrong To Take It

I think he's not used to so much post-Presidential criticism. He deserves a lot. But I still like him.


But I didn't vote for him the second time. Gotta be clear here!



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