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April 17, 2010



I remember very well when KOL took over the top spot in Seattle radio from KJR. I always remained loyal to KJR but listened to Burl. He was so hot! And that voice. MMMM! Maybe that's what I like so much about Ross, too. The voice. Burl, you sure had attitude!

Isn't it nice that not only do they have great radio voices, but high intellects and literary sensibilities as well? We liberals are pretty smart about our radio jocks.

BTW, I remember when Burl posted that he was ancient. We're all ancient. It's a chronic disease.

Coroporate Suit

There was vicious rivalry between Barer and Pat O'Day. Pat finally prevailed driving Burl out of town. Both men were strong ego-driven forces to be contended with, but in the end, Pat had the muscle if you know what I mean.


Corporate Suit is a bitter man. He doesn't know Burl or Pat. Never did.

Sarah B.

I remember Barer. He was smooth-talking, had an attitude and reminded me of Larry Lujak. I miss those days of great music, competing radio stations, and seeing djs out and about. Radio stations used to put on a lot of events. They were very approachable people.

KUUU - now that brings back memories!

dale from albuquerque

What has not been mentioned here is that Burl started his Seattle career at KYAC.

Tom F.

I remember seeing him around the frat houses by the UW. Some kind of event - maybe B'nai B'rith. Attitude? No kidding.

The Seventies. Last great decade of radio.


I've heard a lot of great airchecks of yesteryear via the internet in the past few years (presumably many from people's shoeboxes of cassettes) but two that elude me are Burl Barer and Gary Crow while they were both at KOL. I listened to them all the time in the Summer of 73 (Crow was on 3p-7p followed by Burl from 7p-12) and would sure love to re-live a bit of their great sound at some point. Please cough 'em up if you've got 'em!!

Legendary Burl Barer

Pat O'Day and I have been friends since 1965, and that is not about to change. The weird story about Pat and I clashing is absurd. I worked for Pat and with Pat several times over our mutually glorious careers, including a week ago Saturday when we were both on the air with Magic Matt Alan on http://Outlawradio.tv


Corporate Suit, you seem to be batting 1000...

Mike Barer

That is correct about Burl working at KYAC at the start of his career. At that time an R and B station.

Anea Barer

Corporate Suit, if Burl (my papa) had such a long running feud with Pat it would seem odd that I have so many good memories that include him. You are a dumbass. Pat and my Papa have been good friends for years.
On a more positive note, I really enjoyed the post and the other comments posted - thanks for featuring my favorite DJ! :)

Mark C.

Anea: your papa is well loved around here, and that includes Pat O'Dea obviously. CS is a well-known dumb ass, and I see it didn't take long for you to figure that out. He is a self-important unemployed radio suit who has plenty of "insider" radio BS to shovel all under the cover of anonymity.

Burl Barer

Yes, at one time I was working at KYAC (mornings) KIRO (8pm till midnight) and KJR (midnight-6am) ALL AT THE SAME TIME! I finally quit KIRO telling them "if it doesn't rock n roll , I don't understand it" At that time KIRO was MOR. This was before broadcast house. Jim French was working there then.

Pat O'Day

Just to set the record straight, Burl and I have never experianced a tense minute or second together. I would say our relationship has always been superb! He's worked for me on more than one occasion, left for other things, always a delight and I can not recall ever, a harsh word or situation between us. So, whom ever wrote of "Big suits" or "Little suits" simply wasn't there and manufactures!

Burl has become a brilliant writer, and never lost that famous high energy.
One more little note. KOL never defeated KJR in one single book. Oh yes, they gave us a real run for our money a couple of times, especially when they grabbed Lan from me and Curtis was at the helm, but KJR maintained it's position of #1 from March of 1960 up until 1976. A record run, so to speak. (The old Arbitrons are on line if you're interested in facts!)


Thanks for setting the record straight, Pat...you 'da man.
Say, in all your travels and experiences - did you ever meet Eric Clapton.

Andy Tagen

Thanks Pat O'DaY. If you're ever up here in Bellingham, let us know, the drinks are on me!

Pat O'Day

On a completly different subject, may I take a few inches of this splendid blog to call your attention to a former northwest deejay who's reached the top of the heap!

I told him, during a visit to his studio last week, that three Seattle area broadcasters stand out as acheiving true national fame. They are Keith Jackson, Larry Lujack, and the gentleman I today bring to your attention.

In just over one year, he has rocketed to stardom. How many others have seen their name regularly in Newsweek, Time, NY Times, Washington Post, and this week of the cover of Forbes. (To say nothing of The President of The United States mentioning him rather often.) It took Limbaugh years to acheive such heights and our guy has done it in months.

The guy who has climbed the highest so far is one Glenn Beck. Forget the politics and just focus on his accomplishments in such a short period of time. Little did Michael O'Shea realize when hiring him for all nites at KUBE, what a star he would become.

Charlie Brown! He admitted to me last week that he stole "Clyde" from you and I told him you stole it from Lan, who stole "Clyde Clyde, The Cows Outside" from Stan Freeburg. (The great ones know whom to steal from!) Anyway, Glenn is humbled by his success, dedicated to one on one communications. He's the perfect example of an aged, but current truth. "If you try and talk to everyone, you talk to no one!" 'If you focus on talking to just one person, Almost everyone, deep inside, believes they are that person!"

Thanks for letting me share these thoughts of Glenn Beck, a Super Star!


Hey Pat. Thanks for the KJR a Go-Go jacket. Winning that on your radio program made me the coolest 6th grader at my elementary school in the early 60's.
What a great part of growing up here you and your associates were.

Mike Barer

If there are any facebookers glancing at these comments, I let you know that there is a Burl Barer fan page and also a Seattle Radio Greats page. Both of these have plenty of old pictures and rare artifacts guaranteed to stoke some old memories.

Murray Isbister

To Pat O Day and Burl Barer I say "Thank You" for so many great years of radio. It doesn't matter if "KJR" or "KOL" was your fave station - in the end we were all winners because we will never see their like again - for those who tuned in everyday - we're still laughing! The Hits Just Keep on Coming!


Umm, Ted Bundy rocketed to national fame, too. Top of the heap? I'd have to consider the quality of the heap I guess. Sorry, Pat.

Madam X

I remember Burl Barer intimately - he had a fantasy...which I will not mention here....but together, we fulfilled it one hot summer afternoon....


Always like Lana Turner. :)

Burl Barer

Dear Madam X:

Thank you for that glorious hot summer afternoon.


Hmmm....wonder if Madam X and Madam Fabulina (aka "Mad Fab") are one in the same?


Mr. O'Day,
wow. thanks for the insight on Beck. i knew he was from burlington or something, but never knew he worked out of seattle. very cool.
keep bringing us the history!

Jim Rupp

Everything I owned from about age 10 until 18 or so came from phone-in contests on KJR, KOL, KAYO (when it was top-40), and KTW (during a brief foray into top-40 in the mid-60s), from Name-it-and-Claim-it to Jerry Kaye's Technical Difficulties, from The Album Man to KOL's Jukebox, from Lan Roberts' Sylvia laying the dreaded morning egg to KOL's Stop The Music. I won records and motorcycles and cash (not big checks but then, when you were 13 years old in the early-60s, 13 bucks was huge), all-expense-paid trips to Ocean Shores, and on and on. But, the thing I was never able to win--and, God knows I tried--was a 45rpm copy of The KJR Song, which was an entire song with that talking guitar voice that sang various renditions of "KJR Seattle, Channel 95.". Does that exist anywhere? I'll pay top dollar as I continue to grasp at the straws of my youth!

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