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April 24, 2010


puget sound

as a kid down in so cali in the early 70's my favorite overnight shows i could get were kgo's al 'jazzbo' collins out of san francisco or ray briem. as the name implies jazzbo had a jazz oriented show but it could be about anything. but he introduced me to jazz and for that i will forever be appreciative. briem was more political but he had this bit in which he would make calls all around the world and engage people in interesting discussions. of course, briem was a fairly conservative host and he loved to try and get into the soviet union. he was always trying to get in contact with dissident Andrei Sakharov. sometimes instead he would get ahold of vladimer posner who was then a spokesman for the soviet union. after glastnot posner would later turn up with his own show on MSNBC--who would have thought it-- with phil donahue called 'Posner-Donahue.' the funniest line i ever heard was mary matalin introducing that posner-donuhue show as the 'Marx Brothers.' and of course, the king of radio in so cali at the time was Vin Scully and the Dodgers. nothing in the world better than to listen Vin paint the game in your head on a drive home.


Not just little boys - as a young girl I was addicted to the radio. Growing up in Seattle I listened to KGO at night. The radio personality I remember best was Ira Blue and his theme song "Rhapsody in Blue". He told stories, talked about UFO's, but I don't think he took phone calls. It seemed so exotic, the faraway voice from San Francisco.

I had an aqua blue transistor radio. Very 60's. At one point I took my radio apart and put it back together again, just to see what made it tick. I remember most of the radios I have had in my life - seems like an odd thing to remember.


We Listened to CKWX and CFun out of vancouver. Somehow those Canandians were so much hipper than KVOS. We couldn't get KJR where we were. Wolf man Jack was ace, and KGO, we thought was something like a real Zoo full of wild animals we couldn't imagine.


Wow, could'a fooled me; I thought the topic pic was current and of T008 intently listening to the Dori Monson Show on KIRO-FM (12:00 - 3:00 pm, Mon-Fri).


I'm proud of you Duffman - it's hard for one to admit in public they're a fool but you pulled it off!!!


You should always be proud of something; it's healthy.


We had transistor radios next to our ears all summer long in NW Ohio in the 1960's, getting Motown from CKLW in the Motor City, and plenty of Beach Boys, etc. from Toledo stations. So antique, but our very life's blood! "Hot fun in the summer time"...


True. And in the late 50s, early 60s KING-AM would sign off at midnight on Saturday, thereby allowing XERB in Tijuana and none other that Wolfman Jack boom in, with a whole new world of radio. Northwest jocks sure didn't sound like that, we observed.

dale from albuquerque

KGO pioneered talkback radio in SF with the Les Crane program from 1962-64. Les was a brash,hip(their words) young rockjock from KYA they brought over to broadcast nightly from the lounge at the then famous hungry i nightclub. He had one open line for callers but he also interviewed performers after their act in the main room. Mostly singers and comedians...I remember his iterview with a very young unknown...Barbra Streisand. The show was not necessarily political but they did touch on hot topics like...should Red China be admitted to the UN or should the death penalty be abolished in Ca. In the fall of 64, Les went on to ABC latenight to be the first ever to go up against Carson. The show was cancelled after six months. By the way, Ira Blue was KGO's sports director at this time but took over Crane's spot when when he, Crane, went to TV.


WWL and the Charlie Douglas Road gang "from way down yonder in New Orleans", KMOX and all the other east and midwest stations at night while living in the SE.


April, same here....I loved to listen to my little transistor at night..I didn't care what station it was, I just kept moving the dial up and down, seeing how far away I could travel. One night I got a Detroit station--this is from Oregon--and I was so thrilled. It would fade in and out. KSL was easy to pick up, as was a station out of Reno. I also remember one day when, for some reason, a LA station came in loud and clear on our car radio...only happened that once. KGO was a mainstay here as well.
Later I remember picking up KIRO on a small radio when I was camping in Montana.


Second most interesting factoid about Les Crane from KGO--He recorded the Grammy award-winning prose poem and popular dorm room poster "Desiderata."
And the number one most interesting factoid about Les Crane--He married Ginger from Gilligan's Island!
Sounds like he pubesced well.


Remember in '73 when some nutcase shot up the street KGO broadcast booth? This is from the SF

A deranged young gunman fired three shots at Jim Dunbar's head yesterday while the talk show host was conducting a radio interview, shortly after 10 a.m., at KGO's studio at 277 Golden Gate avenue.
Although the gunman was just a few feet away when he fired, the bullets were deflected by a bulletproof glass window between the studio and the sidewalk outside.
Dunbar, a popular radio personality and host of KGO-TV's morning interview program, "A.M.," shouted to an aide to telephone police as the gunman ran inside the station's offices.
"Hey, will you guys call the cops on that? . . ." his listeners heard Dunbar say. "Whew! I just had a man take a shot at me."
Once inside the station, the gunman shot Ben Munson, 47, an advertising account executive for KGO radio.
Then, with several executives in pursuit, the youth passed Dunbar's view twice before heading for Hyde street.


The young man shot himself in the head outside Hastings College of the Law and died two hours later at San Francisco General Hospital. Munson, the advertising executive, was in critical condition early today.
Munson, a KGO employee for 14 years, lives in San Rafael with his wife and five children.


I remember hearing crazy late night religious programming from a mega-station in Del Rios Texas. They had healings, frenzied casting out of demons and all manner of cool stuff to an 11 yr. Catholic girl in Montlake Terrace. They based that famous song, "Plastic Jesus," on that station. I still don't care if it rains or freezes.


A little sidebar,Eric, Les in an interview with Ronn Owens shortly before he passed away said that he always regretted recording the Desiderata...as you know the National Lampoon had a great time with their version,the Deteriorata.


Oh I remember that station in Del Rio...my dad used to sit and laugh at the goings on, until my mom made him turn it off.

Chief Wetblanket

Dale, I remember the Nat Lamp satire o Desiderata- "Rotate your tires" was one of their solemn dictates.


Girls had those transistors up to their ears, too, and were way ahead of you little boys on clutching the other stuff, too, Mike.


Let's not forget the past midnight calmness of Herb Jepko on KSL and later Mutual. His lonely shut-in callers kinda' gave me the heebie-jeebies sometimes.

And then there was that damn Tinkerbell.

The theme song was uber-creepy. Blue haired Nitecaps all over the country praising the all mighty Herb.

Plus, the man could really move that Icy Hot. I'm thinking he had a warehouse full of the stuff.


Back in fall, 1966, I remember listening to KJR late into the night. Can't remember who the late night DJ was. Every midnight he would play GOIN' HOME by the Rolling Stones. All 11 minutes of it. Then later in the fall he played this song I really loved. Never game the name or title. Turned out to be SUMMER WINE by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood. Was the flip side of SUGAR TOWN. Later became a huge hit in Seattle, though not much anywhere else. I think it spent 3 weeks at #2.

Perhaps letting the radio play low all night long is why I turned into whatever it is that I am now.


God Bless Dr. Bill.

In a troubled world I am so glad we have a man speaking with wisdom and with steady common sense.

I hope our leaders listen to this amazing man.

Puget Sound

good stuff ryder.


i remember listening to Partyline with Bill Carter , one of Seattle's early overnight talkshows, i believe in about 1962-64ish. It was nothing like the shrill, nasty fare you hear nowadays......very genteel and lowkey, with lots of "regulars" calling in. I can't recall if they ever even discussed politics, in fact I can't remember one topic they discussed. The only thing I can remember about the show is Bill reading the ad copy for Jimmy Woo's Jade Pagoda, on Broadway.........


I also remember Jazzbo Collins on KGO in the early 70's where I grew up in Portland - picking it up on Saturday and on Sunday nights after Dr. Demento. I also listened to the local station then and earlier - KISN playing the Top 40 with their memorable DJ's - Pat Pattee, Tom Murphy, similar to KJR was here. A few years later, the AM Top 40 stuff faded out, while FM rock was stealing the show.

Puget Sound

hey KS
not sure if you recall, but jazzbo collins use to start out with the legendary count basie live version of 'blues of hossflat.'
around midnight to hear that song come on the radio was something special.

just a wonderful jazz song.


hey Puts -I do kinda remember his theme by Count Basie he played at the start of the hour - but didn't know the name, but now that you mentioned it, I think I'll dial it up on YouTube :)

Puget Sound

hey KS
here it is. and as a bonus you have Coils pantomiming to Count Basie

Coils when the boss ain't around...

actually, i looked for a longer version and couldn't find it. but this will give you a taste.


I have far fewer memories of transistors. A blue one that was cool for a while. Maybe I just don't remember or maybe I didn't hang out as much the rest of you. I loved Lujack - always my favorite until Burl. In the late sixties I heard a San Francisco station but can't remember the call letters. Every night at about eleven it would play Lenny Welch "Breakin' up is hard to do." I would listen till they played that song and then go to sleep.

Transistors didn't become important to me until the seventies and KZAM. I loved KZAM! That's when having a radio next to my ear became important.

Anybody remember KXA? I listened to that a lot as a kid - and Harry Belafonte - until Slaughter Lee came along. That was the song that turned me into a rock and roller. Oh, and Ricky Nelson. What can I say?

Still eclectic (weird?) after all these years.


this afternoon i saw a fat kid on a little bike speeding down the sidewalk, glancing toward me in a manner that made me feel suspicious. Id just finished washing my Mercedes and i was at the top of our steps reeling in the hose, when i spotted the obese little punk pedalling past. i went down to the car again and discovered my trunk had been keyed. He may have been startled by the neighbors coming out on their porch because he left wthout doing much keying. I believe i can mask that pretty well. ok Since I've publicly identified the year and model of my classic Mercedes on this blog, i pretty know the explanation of this already. It's one thing for one of you various anti-Tommy008 trolls on here to flame me with your posts. It's quite another to send a preteen fattie on a bike out to the assend of Queen Anne to key my car. hOW MUCH DID YOU PAY HIM YOU BASTARD!

liberal idiot

$6.17 and two percocet. But he was to use a nail.


It wasn't "Breakin' up is hard to do" but "Since I fell for you" - I woke up singing it!


Bet you sing that to Gen Wes Clark, eh?

Jaynie Dillon Jones

I was 10 years old and well remember the best Christmas gift ever (up until then and even until today) was my first transistor radio. The little boy in that picture (above) could have been swapped out with a picture of me clutching my first radio. We lived in Milton-Freewater, Oregon, just south of Walla Walla, WA. I could pick up KGO, KFI, and KNBR at night. A bit closer to home, of course, there was K-HIT, KTEL, KUJ, Walla Walla, and KORD from Pasco with Bob Simon and Lanny Wynia.

Robert in Port Townsend

We lived in Prince Rupert from 1957 through 1959 (age 14-16). I had a rocket ship radio.

A small metal rod, serving as the nose of the rocket, moved in and out of the nose. This served to "tune" the germanium-diode crystal contained therein.

Two wires ran out of the rear of this device; one to an ear phone, the second to an allagtor clip.

Clipped to my bed spring "antenna," I listened to Paul Anka, the Coasters et al, from Wolfman Jack at XERB Chulavista, California (transmitter in Mexico to avoid FCC power and pattern limitations) and on Kennelly-Heaviside layer skips, CKWX, KGO, WTIX.

Years later (1967-1968 KBLE AM/FM) worked as "producer" answering phones and running board for "Bill Carter's Party Line." No computers in those days, just wrote notes to Bill holding them up in the window: "Teddy Bear on 1" "Flower Girl on 2." Then deejayed the midnight to 6 overnight service on country western "Radio Seattle ... KBLE FM, 93.3" (KBLE AM 1050/FM 93.3)

A buddy of mine from WSU worked same shift over at KING Radio. Once in a while, we'd conspire to come out of newscasts with the same record. Seemed cute at the time ...

Produced a program called "We Believe in Seattle."

We had a window on the sidewalk control room, down at 122 Lakeshore. Had to remember that when the urge to pick my nose was strong!

Left there and went to KBKW Aberdeen. Wanted News Director slot.

Robert in Port Townsend

Can you believe it, found the radio on the internet! Cut'n Paste:


Robert in Port Townsend

You can still buy a rocket radio. A bit spendy!


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