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April 21, 2010



Ah, you came to my rescue. Now no one will need to get upset with me for that long, long post!

Have fun!


Here's a good 'open' topic. How 'bout that new State 'income tax' proposal that's apparently to be on Nov's ballot. Gee, did we see that coming. Will that add to the 'vibrant' economy of our beautiful State.
[btw: Dave Ross is currently discussing this on his show 97.3 KIRO-FM, from 09:00 -to- Noon]


Attention: We are now in self-trash collecting mode. Waste Management teamsters were just instructed to walk.


collect? more like flush and burn in the Andrew house


Just wondering; did any of the repugs or tea partiers refuse; to take the checks from the gov,t; the rebates from buying a car; from buying a home; for help on their morgage. Did they refuse to work on a job that may have saved or created from Stimulis. Do they incist on paying higher ATM fees?

ACORN Infiltrator #00765

@ saintrudy:

No, all repugs & teabaggers accepted those things. Likely due to the fact that our now socialist country forced them to through subconscious subversive liberal media and the backwards masking on Stairway To Heaven.

Overly distraught  Conservative

We are getting more dumber and paranoid by the day


The Big Fix (Hold on to your Wallets)

The drumbeat about deficits has reached deafening levels. The president warns about "out of control" spending. Fed Chair Ben Bernanke calls for bringing deficits down. The opinion pages bristle with rants about the U.S. turning into Greece, headed to default. Next week, the first session of the president's "National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform" will convene. The next day, shamelessly, the two co-chairs and the staff director (all committed deficit hawks) will grace a forum sponsored by the Peterson Foundation, established by Wall Street billionaire Pete Peterson largely to gin up hysteria about America's long term deficits.

Premature Ejaculation

That last part is just for our mighty money expert (who made a pile of gold selling RVs and adding to our energy problems), chux. Enjoy.


Reading John Harwoods interiew with everybody's favorite tv star these days: Barack Obama. He says "the financial sector swung way out of balance."

That's the understatement of the year. Kind of like saying Ted Bundy "swung way out of balance" and killed a lot of women. We need some re-regulation. Got it, Barack.

He's an idiot.


Acorn;; I think you goy a real handle on it. Looks like another bunch of Fox News shills {G.O.P.) down in Fla. got caught with their hands in the kitty. So much for the God-fearing,honest Republicans. All those thieving bastards keep stealing the cash to buy hookers and pay hush money there wont anything left to campaine with. Even dumb-ass repugs get tired of pissing against the wind.


Ew. Had to post a little more of that Borsage article. It is Naomi Klein's scenario pushed a little further. My friends on the left will know Klein. You need some mental muscle to take on Klein so you ignorant righties probably won't know of her.

"The Elite's Big Fix

Consider this another example of Naomi Klein's "shock doctrine." Not wanting to let the crisis go to waste, an elite consensus is congealing on how to bring the deficits down.

Call it the big fix. "Everything is on the table," we're told. That's code for a trade-off. Republicans accept tax increases; Democrats accept spending cuts.

But the fix is in the details. On the revenue side, the favored vehicle is a value added tax (VAT). The VAT is essentially a hidden sales tax, levied at each stage of a product's production. Conservatives, who, unlike Dick Cheney, believe deficits matter, accept it because it is regressive, taxing spending, not investment or wealth. Liberals accept it because it is hidden, and could generate a lot of revenue.

The debate has already begun around the VAT. John McCain, in his new guise as conservative partisan, brought a resolution to the Senate denouncing the VAT as a "massive tax increase that will cripple families on fixed income." Eighty-five Senators voted for the non-binding resolution, including all six members of the President's Commission. The administration has since denied that it has any designs on a VAT. But these protestations are simply reflections on how serious the move towards a VAT has become.

On the spending side, cuts in Social Security, Medicare and domestic spending are targeted.

We voted for a corporatist. I wonder if Hilary would have done this? It makes me want to cry.

puget sound

if that makes you cry, wait until you see the impact of those unfunded mandates that the fed is pushing on to the states.
states like WA will be forced to make further deep cuts.


Ms joanie, as we previously requested if you have something that you wish others to read provide a 'link' instead of a cut-and-paste. 'Assuming' that others may want to read your long diatribes is akin to one who turns the radio up loudly in their car assuming all others around them want or need to hear them. It's very narcissistic and doesn't demonstrate good home training. Surely a 'teacher' of your stature can do better. Despite what you may think, it's not all about you all of the time. Now, be a good girl and follow the rules.
Thanks for listening.

puget sound

once again, Duff is correct.
i've taken his wise words to heart. perhaps, the 'teacher' can also learn a lesson.

puget sound

"My friends on the left will know Klein. You need some mental muscle to take on Klein so you ignorant righties probably won't know of her."

'mental muscles' from the same person who quotes from Randi Rhodes or Mike Malloy as if it was scripture.

get yourself to LA Fitness asap...or better yet, read a book. You still haven't finished that Chalmers Johnson book you kept citing to now have ya? LMAO.


Duffman: Blatherwatch's own mealy-mouthed toad.

Gentle Man

RIP Harry Wapler


Indeed! And also Harry Wappler.

ACORN Infiltrator 0652

@ joanie:

"We voted for a corporatist."

That's how it goes for liberals in a severely capitalist country.

I'd gladly vote Nader but he's not going to get enough corporate sponsorship to win an election.

Obama is about as close to liberal as it's going to get right now. It could certainly be worse so I gladly accept Obama. He's getting things done.

Besides, there's almost nothing more satisfying than having a man with a muslim name in the White House to humiliate American christians who are expecting to be blown up by an internet IED while shopping online for gold.

ACORN Infiltrator #10054

@ Duffman (to joanie):

"Now, be a good girl..."

Duff, are you living on the set of the Honeymooners? What year is this? Should I pull out my phonograph and we all have a phosphate party?


Hey!!! Notice I said '...good girl', as opposed to 'gal', maintaining a good sense of political correctness, because of my good 'home training'. And, no don't 'pull out your phonograph'; leave it up there with your head.
Have a good life.

puget sound

poor ACORN Infiltrator, it was so easy to get rid of your ilk. we just defunded ya!
thank you andrew breitbart!!

ACORN Infiltrator #0624

@ Duffman:

Your my kind of man: sexist & crude. Congratulations for being the first internet poster to ever combine those two thoughtful qualities.

I'm going to start a National Day For Duffman petition. On that day every American will stop to belittle women folk and wear phonographs on their heads in rememberance of your valiant attempts to bring us back to the middle ages.


The old ACORN is down but has morphed into different pseudo-names in an attempt to decentralize the new ACORN. A smaller version has gone into the dark. Did you hear Bertha Lewis the other night ? what an unhinged wack-job propagandist (underground leader of the cockroaches).

SEIU, the union arm is still alive and well. Those cockroaches are still roaming in the dark until the disinfectant of light/truth roots them out - like the old ACORN.

ACORN Infiltrator #51240

@ puget sound:

You are confused sir or madam. ACORN Infiltrator #0652 was hired by (corporation that will remain undisclosed) to Infiltrate ACORN which was completed successfully.

Our previous mission which lasted from 2001-2009 was to defund the middle class which we also completed with utmost success.

Our current operation is covered by a NDA. Allow me to say you'll know when it's completed when you see men walking in the street with phonographs on their heads and their women dressed with pointy brassieres tending to the children.


The toadie doesn't have much to say when a male comes his way. Of course, you may not be a male. But, not knowing sure shuts the toadie up.

Oh, he's a brave one that mealy-mouthed toadie.

I once voted for Nader. And was an alternate delegate for Kucinich. Ethical people. Now, we've got a man in the White House who is right of Teddy (the first one), Tricky Dick, and Ike. Who would ever have believed it? The dumming down of America. We're being conquered by mealy-mouthed toadies.

puget sound

you could ask coils, andrew, amongst others about that joanie. as IF gender is an issue here. unless you know something about coils and andrew i don't know. lmao
but it is funny that you can't even pick up on the tongue in cheek of #51240. probably explains why you get fooled so often.
joanie is just that wanna be bully on the playground. loves to make fun of someone in real trouble who loses a job like ryder or chucks. kicks at people when they are down. go ahead joanie, kick away.


The boycotts have begun in California:

"Two or three times a week, truck driver Jesus Serrano hauls loads of Mexican-grown produce from warehouses in Nogales, Ariz., which is just across the U.S.-Mexico border, to distribution centers in Los Angeles.

Serrano plans to stop making the trip now that Arizona Republican Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a stringent anti-illegal immigration bill into law, however, and he's recruited other truckers to join him.

Serrano, the independent owner-operator of a Los Angeles-based trucking company, said that about 70 drivers based in California and Arizona had agreed to stop moving loads into or out of Arizona in protest of the new law. He hopes to get 200 truckers on board for a five-day boycott that will start within 48 hours of the bill's signing.

Jaime Chamberlain, the owner of two Nogales-based distribution businesses and the incoming chairman of the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas, said that a boycott by 70 truckers could have a significant impact on freight rates, which would translate into higher prices. He also thought the state would take an economic hit from lost sales revenue.

From Rep. Grivalja a few days ago:
"The governor and legislature are blind to what this bill will really do to citizens, law enforcement and the state economy. Tourists will not come to a state with discriminatory policies on the books. Businesses will not move here. Hispanic workers and taxpayers will leave. If state lawmakers don’t realize or don’t care how detrimental this will be, we need to make them understand somehow. Conventions are a large source of visitors and revenue, and targeting them is the most effective way to make this point before it’s too late."


Instead of targeting anyone with brown skin, they should be looking at the businesses, farms, construction firms who make it possible for these immigrants to come and work under the table for cheaper than average wage. We also need to make minimum wage a living wage so that people who would otherwise turn up their noses at some jobs, would welcome the work. We also have extremely regressive workers comp rates that need to be overhauled.

This is part and parcel of the big picture, but the GOP and AZ are too stupid and blind and racist to see it, address it and come up with solutions. Wouldn't want to do anything that would upset the wealthy corporatist.


What you say makes sense; therefor I assume you would be in favor of doing away with the Davis-Bacon Act which discriminates against the eager hard-working minorities and which would give construction companies the 'open shop' method of hiring.

Puget Sound

yes Duff, and I am also sure that in the spirit of open competition that ol' Sparkles would like to make all states 'Right to Work' States...


The Mayor of Phoenix is going to fight this. I wonder how long before it lands in court?

"Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon vowed Friday to take steps to keep SB1070 from becoming the nation's toughest law targeting illegal immigration.

Gordon said the bill, signed by Gov. Jan Brewer Friday, is ripping the state apart, giving businesses an ugly picture of the state and that it will lead to lawsuits costing the state millions of dollars.

One of those lawsuits may be filed by Phoenix, according to Gordon, who said he would take the issue before the City Council on Tuesday.

"As the mayor, I am putting an item on the agenda to authorize the city attorney to prepare a lawsuit to file on the grounds that it's unconstitutional," Gordon said.

He expressed concern that the bill will lead to violence.

"This is going to motivate certainly the Hispanic and African-American communities to come out in numbers that haven't been seen, even when President Obama was running," said Gordon.

Gordon, a Democrat, said signing the bill will do nothing to politically help Gov. Jan Brewer, a Republican.

"If she thinks the extremists are going to vote for her because she allowed Russell Pearce and Joe Arpaio to pull her strings, she's made a major strategic mistake," he said.

Pearce is the Republican state representative who was prime sponsor of SB1070, and Arpaio is the Maricopa County sheriff who has made fighting illegal immigration one of his top priorities."

And Duff, you're comparing unions with hiring undocumented workers? That's a stretch even for you.


Obviously you don't understand the ramifications of the D-B Act. Sorry, I though you might have known something of what you were talking about, but obviously you were simply cutting-and-pasting.

Puget Sound

i love it when people who have never met a payroll or examined a business financial statement and wouldn't understand what cash flow means go ahead and blithely sally forth into unchartered territories. ignorance, indeed, is bliss...
but yes, of course sparkles is the 'queen' of cut and paste. only nowadays she does attribute properly. before sparkles like to pass off the work of others as her own.
so we have made progress.


The law will be ignored by most white business owners. They will contribute $$$ to it's demise.


Not bloody likely - 70% of AZ is in favor of this law. Only leftwing white business owners.


70%? All those landscapers who will tell whitey to do their own lawns? I think people who tan excessively should be rounded up as well.


This is part and parcel of the big picture, but the GOP and AZ are too stupid and blind and racist to see it, address it and come up with solutions. Wouldn't want to do anything that would upset the wealthy corporatist.

Posted by: sparky | April 24, 2010 at 02:15 PM

Sparkles going knee-jerk here. Why does over 70% of AZ favor this law ? Oh yeah, they must all be ignorant racists by your sensibilities - get real ! The corrupt unions and the White House are campaigning against this and want it taken to courts because it throws a monkey wrench in the amnesty for illegals legislation and it will go to the court. The illegal aliens are the pathway for the corrupt unions (SEIU) to financial solvency for years to come. You can't see through this ? Face it Sparkles - you are siding with the corporatists and the party/culture of corruption. Right on Arizona !


You are going insane KS. Unions and people of color make you physically ill. How many of those do you work with at City Hall?


I love immigrants - legal immigrants. I work with and am in a vanpool with several so-called minority people, but don't pay attention to skin color.

Besides being a maroon, you are increasingly impotent.


Yes, I dislike corrupt Unions, such as the SEIU. You have a mental disorder if you don't or refuse to understand how they are abusive when it comes to ripping off taxpayers (if you are one). The SEIU was the driving force behind passing the loathesome Obamacare that is going to force us into becoming a second-world nation (treating first world legal citizens and third world illegal immigrants)

The unions have a place, but now they have way too much power in this Obamanation, so much so that they are bringing this country to its knees. Keep in mind - The terrorists are laughing..

Puget Sound

don't mind coils. all he and his ilk can do is try to make it a racial issue. they are the race baiters.

the issue is illegal immigration. america needs LEGAL immigration. if we are to prosper we need more people here legally to add to our workforce, become americans, and be part of the system.
it's to mexico's long term detriment to lose so many people who have the tenacity to come here under the conditions that they do to work as hard as they do. but by being here without proper work status the illegal immigrants get exploited. this also impacts the wages of people in businesses such as construction, landscaping, etc.

if you think illegal immigration is a hispanic issue, then you do not understand we have the same issue -to a lesser degree- from other countries such as china, philippines, and europe.


So true, Puts. The Arizona bill was an emergency measure because of a deteriorating economy and rapidly increasing crime coming from Mexico.
I don't agree with all elements of it, but it is necessary. The majority of it is constitutional, but parts of it may be shot down in the courts.

Point a finger at the Federal Government in the first place, starting with Bush for what brought this on. The GOP blocked Bush's proposed amnesty back in 2007. Now the Dems are in control and pushing amnesty, which a majority of Americans don't want.

This is politically a divisive issue. If the GOP doesn't get out in front and frame this debate, they will be painted by the Dims as being anti-immigration with the aid of racist hispanic groups like LaRaza, which is bullcrap. However, they could lose that debate unless they make the case for legal immigration. The corrupt lamestream media will try and hide attempts by the GOP or Tea Parties to show that they are not racist.

The leftwingnuts & Nutroots and usual suspects right here will try all day long to play the race card. This is a continued lame attempt to grandstand and avoid talking about other issues that the Obama regime has passed or is trying to ram through against the will of a majority as part of their continued quest for power.

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