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April 08, 2010


Van Ronk

I'll mail you an address where you can send that testicle, Michael.

Obama is a black man

Obama is essentially self-destructing given today's job numbers, a debacle health care bill, impotent foreign policy...seems almost as if a warm body would win in '12. It's hard to see this failed presidency gat a 2nd term frankly.


Not at all, White man who hates Obama. With the right wing ramping up "Aprilgeddon" phoning memebers of congress with threats and bombs in mailboxes, the right has a lot of explaining to do between now and whenever

void of

"With the right wing ramping up "Aprilgeddon" phoning memebers of congress with threats and bombs in mailboxes,"

Source, please ??


Answer: it's not filthy hippies doing this.


The real war is going to be in the primaries. With the anti-incumbant mood no politician should feel safe. As that day comes closer the elephants and donkeys will be too busy fighting their own incumbants to pay much attention to what the other party is doing.

After that it will come down to which party can get the base out to vote. With the anti-incumbant mood I would not be feeling safe. The elephants big problem is going to be keeping the support of the damned again so-called christians who will demand total compliance with their anti-abortion stand. If they can keep the anti-Obama mood going and keep the damned again so-called christians in line they will trounce the donkeys in november.

Ryder, you pig, why do you called them damned again so-called christians. Well, its because these people all believe that me and most of you are going to be tossed into a burning Hell where we will suffer for all eternity. So since they think so little of us, why should we care about them?

chuck says joanie is a liar. (because she lies)

It is way to early for me to be concerned with booting Oblahblah. We have a shitload of incompetent congress critters and Senators to flush this November.
Getting rid of the Dirtball from Nevada and neutralising (not the police kind of neutralising) the skank speaker of the house by moving her to the minority is fun enough to look forward to.
We will deal with the Kenyan later.

Tri-Nuteral Commission

Somebody is going to get hurt before this is over. I bet it will be before the election. Will it be a bomb or a gun? Senator or Congressman? Post office or some other fed building? We've been here before.

chuck says joanie is a liar. (because she lies)

But they are praying for us Ryder. I give them that credit. It certainly can't hurt.

blathering michael

chucks, with what seems to be in their dark hearts... I'm worried that their prayers might be answered.

What Would Jefferson Do?

Send the Kenyan back to Africa. The regular American black
community paid their dues by going through slavery. Obaminable scooted in front of everybody and pushed his way into Harvard and politics with affirmative action. He will be removed from office.


The real war is going to be in the primaries.

I don't know, Ryder. Maybe in some states. Pelz keeps pretty tight control on the Dem side. He made sure Hong Tran didn't get her message out and was quick to protect Cantwell. Do we really have a say in politics today?

Delicately put, as usual, "great guy." Can you say anything without sounding like your were born in the gutter, chux "I'm on the gumment dole and proud of it"?

And, Michael, it is exactly people like chux "great guy" hater who will do the dirty deed. He's right up front in the cheering section.

Obama is essentially self-destructing...

Yawn. Don't you ever have anything now to say? More tedium from the racist.

Another good show from Randi. She gets a lot of rightwingers. I like that. She knows how to teach them. At least, the ones that are teachable. The others either hang up or try to talk over. Heard a montage of Palin-Bachman today on Schulz (I think). Sure was intelligent. I'm laughing at that one. Sounded like two hysterical female chuxes right down to the hate talk and name calling.


BTW, Randi played a tape of Tom Coburn defending Nancy Pelosi to a bunch of chuxes who were name calling her. He spent a good deal of time telling them that she was a good person, a nice lady, intelligent and deserved respect. Kinda shut them up. Guess he's getting a little nervous, you think? Hard to get elected when you only have 25% of the vote and a crazy vote at that.

Puget Sound

you really think tom coburn is worried about getting re elected?

and too funny, you cite Randi as a source of authority.

looking for how rachel 'i am not pushing an agenda' maddow to try and tie the Teaparty in with Tim McVeigh.


Again I say, it's pretty hard to find a bad pic of the lovely and gracious Sarah Palin.

chuck says joanie is a liar. (because she lies)

Well Michael. Seems to me that if their prayers are answered, dark or light, we both were probably wrong.

Puget Sound

Bart Stupack retiring.

I guess that is better than being fired this November.


Sean Hannity referred to his audience as "Tim McVeigh wanna-bes"

Puget Sound

could you please back up that quote?
i am no hannity fan but really don't see him referring to his crowd as tim mcveigh wanna-be's.


Go search You Tube. Im on vacation.


Oh I'm sure Hannity was just joking. He would never say anything in jest....


Answer: it's not filthy hippies doing this.

That's no source - only words.
Coils, you are being a weasel and the rest of your stooge accomplises like Sparkles and
Ph(J)oanie are the lead weasels.

Keep drinking that statist misinformation mind-numbing kool aid.


No, I'm playing your shtick. This is fun! It's even a worse time to be a Teapublican.


Whatever dude. It will be fun, but not like you perceive it.

Puget Sound

Go search You Tube. Im on vacation.

Posted by: sparky | April 09, 2010 at 08:54 AM

typical Sparkles, running her pie hole with no backup...no doubt we'll see 'iris' or or one of the usual secondary posters pop up. LMAO anyone besides joanie fooled by this?

Lucas Foxx

"It would and turn us lefty bloggers and national comedians into joyful war profiteers."

Great line!

Puget Sound

Sparkles is the Moe, Joanie is the Larry, and Coiler makes for a wonderful Curley.
On occasion we get Andrew filling in as Shemp.


Yes, they are the 3 stooges on the local scene, parroting the a-holiness of the statist left, led by Barack, Hairy Reid and Stretch Pelosi. Throw in Alan Grayson as Shemp.

Sparkles had best stay on vacation until next year or she can morph into Spar-Coil LMAO.

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