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March 13, 2010



This story was stolen from Frank Shiers' Wild Sounds from the week of 3/8/10.

Furthermore it's tasteless and shameful to broadcast this. In July 2009 a 2 year old girl was killed by a pet python in FL.


Mr. Hood should remove this story.


Just serves (in parody)to show that stupid is as stupid does.


It is a good parody of what passes for human interest stories in today's world of news/entertainment; stupid people getting their 15 minutes, when they should be ashamed to show their faces. Too many citizens are sucked into this type of garbage, when they should be participating in the operation of their country. Kind of ties into the previous Dumb & Dumber story. We are plummeting towards the lowest common denominator.


I would suggest (for your own good) that you lighten up a bit and remember that without a certain amount of levity, this world would sink into a cesspool of depression. Sometimes a 'point' can be driven home with more impact by parody than by direct focus.


Sure was glad to see Shorecrest HS girls basketball team lose twice in the 3A tournament.

They'll go home with nothing....as it should be for any school that hires Dori Monson as a coach..

Come to think of it...Just what is with Monson and young girls anyway?


I dislike Dori immensely but I think he's a devoted dad. That's unfortunate because I fear the values he's passing along are pretty problematic. Can you imagine his girls being Michelle Bachmanns one day?


Watching that python story I was taken in at first but then noticed the humor thing. So, Julia, it really happened? I mean, that's gruesome. I keep wondering how anybody could trust any carnivorous snake or any other wild animal around a toddler. Talk about idiots. Just unbelievable. Why do people need wild animals in their homes? What's the thrill? They must be the "visceral little people." They need to start evolving a brain.


They'll 'go home' with the distinction of having made the 'big dance' for the first time in history (I believe). And, 'what is it with Dori and young girls'...he has two of his own and loves basketball; we should be thankful there are dedicated fathers willing to be coaches of our children. Both my wife and I coached and referee'd when our children were young and playing soccer...and they now do the same for their children. It's called giving back to your community. Dori does that in spades and should be commended for that (thank you joanie). He walks the talk in his devotion to encouraging our youth in sports and life. Good for you, Dori.


Hell, the guy's only an assistant coach. Which means he gets to pick up the towels and run behind the head coach with a meaningless clipboard.

Still, since he IS Dori Monson, he's gotta' be the reason they lost.


I think Dori is such a great Dad that he raises children who are decent enough to realize how wrongheaded and cold hearted his social and political views are.


Dr. Bill is on KGO tonight. God bless Dr. Bill. He is an American hero. Please tune into his show at 810AM tonight. Our leaders need to listen to this wise man more often. He is one-of-a-kind.


Dr. Bill lives in the most bankrupt state in the union. For all of his wisdom, the politicians seem hell bent on taking that state into financial abyss.
It is more complex situation due to the constraints that the state legislature has for overturning initiatives. California is doomed unless a miracle happens - financially responsible politicians get elected.

California is an example of what this state can and will become unless the voters wake up and elect some decent leaders who show financial responsibility and "sacrifice" less political correctness like the current crop of losers in Olympia.


Run for office, KS. Show them how it should be done, eh?


You are absolutely correct KS! Every weekend Dr Bill has been alerting the citizens of California of their awful woes and the dangerous path the state is on. He is a man of tremendous vision. The tragedy here is that the politicians don't listen.

God bless Dr. Bill!


Appreciate the thought, but no way would I get into that bloodspot racket. The system is broken and corrupt but I will get involved for specific causes in hopes of making things better from the outside, while I pursue having a private life.

Dr Bill

Now, wait hold on just a minute. I know what you all are thinking. Some crazy nut who is a county engineer from up in King County in washington, now wait! I'm gonna tell you, ok, I'm gonna have to pipe you down now. Now LOOK, I don't care if he slept with 2 guns by his side in a motel room in Twisp and he shot someone for simply knocking on his door. he should have known that once you leave your hotel room, you are fair game, no, hold on. I don't care if he was, ok look, I'm gonna tell you a story about my pappy and the irradiated mule. wANNA hear it , here goes. Up on the feather river well, heh heh, that's not how it goes. Gosh, look at the time, see what happens on the information line to the west coast. This is K-G-O 810 megacycles, no wait, I fucked it up, hold on abc news...this is K-G-O eight- one 0 on the AM dial Oakland, San Jose, no wait, I forgot to say San Francisco first, shit.

Dr. Bill on BW is a fraud

Put a sock in it Mr. Fake Dr. Bill. Your routine is growing stale.

Dr Bill

Now just wait a minute King Shit or whoever you are. Since I started pushback.com especially for civil service workers like yourself, I have enabled many like yourself, now hold on, I'm going to explain, many government employees like yourself can snitch about what I consider corrupt, NOW wait just a goddamn minute, I don't care if you're at work typing away something to me. Okay, hey thanks for calling and you have a good nite.

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