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March 19, 2010



I hope Phil the News Junkie goes before Ciscoe.

Dangerous Dan

I wish the show would have been more "man about town" on restaurants and dining instead of lonnnnng segments with authors about cooking techniques. Heck, you're reaching people in their cars who are thinking about where to go for dinner on a Saturday evening. I much more enjoyed interviews with local chefs about the biz and their take on the restaurant scene.

As for this incident as a commentary on KIRO-FM local programming, it is a failure of their sales department not to be able to market this show better to local restaurants. They were more interested in selling ROS instead of the specific audience for this show. (That's the key to Ciscoe's longevity...there are plenty of garden stores lining up for remotes!)

Something tells me the replacement show will be more along the lines of "Best of Ron & Don" or even brokered time than any new local programming.


the show was too snobby- "precious" guests like Kathryn Robinson going all condescending and dismissive over Piecora's Pizza....ridiculous elitism..


the problem is- most people in Seattle think a place liek Piecora serves fantastic Pizza....they don't care about or appreciate the supposed subtle superiority of some elitist Pizza places that Douglas is touting along with fellow foodie Kathryn Robinson....they'er not going to stop going to Piecora's because the food snoba on KIRO call it "dull"... the show is irrelevant to the average person around here/....


Hate to say it but that show was pretty lame. Nice guys, but really, who cares? And I doubt if it generated much revenue.


They were the highlight of my Saturday afternoon. When their show came on it was time to stop the chores and head for the kitchen and radio.


I truly think riots of elderly women will hit the streets if Cisco goes.

Obama is a black man

As reiteration of my post a few weeks ago, R&D and Shiers better be actively looking for work. Their dismissal at the end of the month will be far from an April Fool's joke.

The shake-up at KIRO continues. Looks like for the better...


I download the T&T shows and listen when I have time. I'm glad I have them. I wonder what will replace them? Seemed like a good fit for an early Sat evening.

Jake Bottero

Yet another reason why I will never willingly listen to KIRO again. Mostly it's that anal gas-bag Dori Monson. But I loved this show.


Wow -- well that's it. They've just hit the delete button on my last remaining reason to listen to KIRO. Amazing that 5 years ago I used to spend basically every waking, non-working hour with them. A lot of other people did too.

I have no idea what they could now do to further alienate me. Oh wait, Dave Ross. If I'm the gauge, he's out next. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Shiers and Monson have absolutely nothing to worry about; they've already done their part in getting me to tune out.


Piecora's is good but not #1 best in town. Their deluxe pizza is loaded with a ton of veggies that make the pizza wet and the crust soggy. I've had better pizzas from numerous other places around town. You can't honestly pick a "best" because every pizza joint makes their pizza a little different than the next.

Red Mill is another place that's wildly overrated. The burgers are tasty but it's the same story, the bottom bun is frequently a disgusting wet mess and there are countless other burger places that are as good or better. And their customer service is aweful (afforded by their popularity), last I checked they only took cash and it was 2010. And they have obnoxious "no cell phone" signs everywhere. In 2010.

I can't think of a genre more smothered in elitism than food criticism, and I don't think the critics give a shit about how well something is made as much as the style in which it's made. Whatever is closer to their ideal of "authenticity" is "good". I might sound low class but I don't believe authenticity and tasty alsways go hand in hand. This is America. We don't eat dirt flavored bread or boil our meat. I'm not accustomed to to those flavors and I have no desire to be.


Yawn. Bob Brinker is on in that time slot now - much more relevant and interesting ! KIRO-FM may work yet... T & T might do better in place of R & D one night.

james chan

I am really going to miss these guys. It was hardly snobby, Tom is a very nice, regular guy. I have to agree with the previous post and say that dori monson is becoming increasingly unlistenable. The jerks that post on his blog, especially on the post about the 1000 lb woman, are like the bigots who called names at Barney Frank and John Lewis. I hope KIRO doesn't turn to the shrill right. Dave Ross has pretty miserable numbers on the viewing side and the blog posts are pretty lean as well.

Kathi M. Clark

Not much sophistication, critical listening or even close attention being paid by the author of this blog or most of the regular commentators.

I haven't heard Phil The News Junkie on KIRO-FM Sundays in probably a year. Bet YOU haven't either.

The computer guy has been on at that time.

Cisco Morris is immensely popular in this market and the Bonneville sales department has no trouble selling remotes for his show.


Bonneville sales had no trouble selling Douglas either. The trouble came when he signed doing a benefit for KUOW with Garrison Keillor.


Kathi is right. Phil hasn't been on KIRO lately, but he's still getting paid for it. That's caused some hard feelings around KIRO for awhile. People are getting laid off but Phil, because he is Dori's man still gets a check for time he doesn't put in.


God bless Dr. Bill! We have a man truly watching out for our interests. A genuine honest man that should represent a 'father-figure' to our ignorant and corrupt politicians.

Thank you for your selfless contribution to make the world a better place Dr. Bill.


Phil "The News Junkie" didn't have his show on as a freebee, would be my guess. He's getting paid because he has contract. Whether he is actually on the air or not has little to do with it. Anyone having anything to do with radio understands a contract... any hard feelings around are because he got the contract and they didn't. Y'all hate the Dor, we get that... but Phil really does take care of himself.


Have to concur about the pizza, Andrew. I like several but my fave is Pagliacci's Margherita a little more done than usual. Mmmm.

Also, Red Mill burgers? Way overrated. The few times I've been there, I experienced too much bun which made the burger dry. And sometimes more really isn't better.

Did Lunchbox Lab a couple weeks ago. Their menu is almost too diverse. I finally just ordered something. Put that menu outside so we can read it before getting in line to order! Or pass out small paper menus listing all burgers whether they are on that day's menu or not. They have a menu that needs some studying. The hostess (I'm being kind) is harried but needs a little patience please until they figure out the menu problem.

Poor Dave. He's on an island of conservatives but he's still himself. He's confident enough to not have to bully. I like that.


KIRO is a complete train wreck. There was a time when one could lock on to the station and never leave. Moving to FM almost made them invisible. Mix in Monson becoming more of an A@@hole every day, and bringing in a daily dose of Frank Shiers and KIRO might as well be KTTHKVI.
Saturday afternoons with Douglas and Rautureaeu got you thinking about making or going out for a good dinner, nothing wrong with that.
The AM ESPN710KIRO side of things adds to the mess that KIRO is.
Trouble is there is not much else up and down the dial that is any better.


not a snob? maybe not a blatant snob, but the elitist Douglas has a prissy, off-putting air about him on the radio, he's not a guy i would want to exchange two words with in a bar, and yes, his commentaries have a waft of snobbery to them. Anyone agree or am i all wet?


I'll miss Tom and Thierry, enjoyed their show. Don't know what KIRO's thinking. Their rehashing the news on weekends is embarrassing.


who wants to listen to a boring priss like Douglas, a guy i wouldn't exchange two words with, if i met him in a bar.......i'm sure he'd want me to ask him if he had six restaurants or five, so he could go over the descriprion and history of each for a half hour , as i nodded off to sleep.....

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