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March 04, 2010


Mike Barer

They were zeroing in on Adam calling Don "Dave".


Sounds like Don was 'roid-raging again.


wow, what ripping. *yawn*


It's another case of R&D substituting brutal, half-wit screaming for reporting and analysis, which is a tragedy for KIRO in afternoon drive.

The boys painted themselves into a similar corner last month with the Haiti-pseudo-orphans-abduction story. They scored a phoner with the Idaho pastor whose congregants were down in Haiti at the center of this story, and the show ended with R&D screaming about how admirable and misunderstood these folks were, and how everyone in Seattle had better get their head out of their a$$ and support them... no discussion or even simple reason was entertained. But within days it came out that the Americans in Haiti had done genuinely debatable things, and R&D went strangely quiet.

I am all for lively radio, but not from reactionary, half-bright blowhards who confuse ignorance with populism.

Obama is a black man

Sen Kline is an idiot but R&D don't belong on the radio. It's embarassing.


Their desperation is palpable. (Look it up in the dictionary, Dumber).

I think that Ron, paired with anyone else, could be interesting. He seems to be able to express a thought without screaming. Dumber, however, reacts like a teenager. Most teenage boys are not worth listening to for 4 hours.


This blog seems to have shifted from going after Dori Monson to lampooning Ron and Don. Give the guys a break. After all, they don't have girly names.


Oops! Correct spelling is KLINE.


YAWN, Blatherwatch hates Dori, hates Ron & Don, loves Goldy etc etc, so predictable....Ron & Don so soemthing that Blatherwatch hardly ever does, make me smile and laugh. I listened to the whole show that day and Don was standing up for the unheard voices, for those without the connections to the Swells and The Elites. Don is a rabble rouser in a grand American tradition, and this rabble appreciates him!!!As for you Swells comparing nostril hairs and deciding how everybody else should live, go to hell.


"do something" for "so soemthing." DOH!


Swells and Elites = those of us who don't fart or pick our nose in public.

Glad you found someone else to relate to Bill!


I really enjoyed Ron & Don back in the mid-90s when they did weekends at KJR 950. I felt they deserved a weekday shift. I'm really horrified at how wrong I was. They are really inept and I fully gave up on them a few months ago. I'm embarrassed that KIRO has sunk so low in their standards as to give these guys a prime place at the table. It's a symptom of a big problem in this country.


SPARKY, yes words my late grandparents used, having lived through the Great Depression. If you know history, you would recognize this fact. See also, The Banksters. Alas, somebody so repressed as to fear their bodily fucntions, or those of others, well, enjoy your notion of being better than others if it makes you better than others. As the saying goes, it happens to the best of us and it happens to the rest of us. SPARKY, you are the old spinster in Flannery O'Oonnor's good country people: ",,,,
to the seemingly awed Bible salesman. "‘I don’t have illusions,’" she tells him. "‘I am one of those people who see through to nothing.’" And when he still seemingly fails to understand, she says, "‘We are all damned . . . but some of us have taken off our blindfolds and see that there’s nothing to see. It’s a kind of salvation.’" OF COURSE SPARKY, I guess I'd be more akin to the Bible Salesman, who proclaims at the end of the story,,,,"Now, Joy/Hulga, in her extremity, asks him, almost pleadingly, "‘aren’t you, . . . aren’t you just good country people?’"

"The boy cocked his head. He looked as if he were just beginning to understand that she might be trying to insult him. ‘Yeah,’ he said, curling his lip slightly, ‘but it ain’t held me back none. I’m as good as you any day in the week.’" And then he proceeds to steal Joy/Hulga’s wooden leg. He climbs down the ladder from the loft of the barn and just as he leaves, he says, "‘And I’ll tell you another thing, Hulga . . . you ain’t so smart. I been believing in nothing ever since I was born!’"
SPARKY, I hate to tell you this, but yours stinks too! RON & DON offer a fun, sometimes quite moving, drivetime show.


Just use a kleenex, k?


I GET IT :), but, remember that great masses of people on this planet don't even have enough water and food and clothes and shelter, let alone Amerikan made Kleenex. Even in our "worst economic downturn since the Great Depression" we are swimming in Amerikan Luxury. Ron & Don and their goofy clubhouse give us the radio equivalent of a bar to belley up to.


R&D will be gone by the end of summer



from youth: "up your nose with a rubber hose."

add Afghanistan and Vietnam memory shadow, rinse, repeat...

Ron and Don are the light in the cavern.


DON'S tone issues are the tone issues in us all!!!! and for that he is the Rabble Rouser. Don's tone issue is much kinder and wiser in my ear hole than some of those who have arrived on Fox News. Don's tone issue is backed up by The Good .O’Neill is as talented a radio man as Dori Monson, who, even his critics admit has crazy skills. But it's The Burbank, like Jesus leaping off the cross and grabbing a machine gun, will rise. Let Don be Don, and your highbrow sensibilities and arrogance be fucked, in a Tacoma Parks; the local cops will even give you a ride, "Oh Sir, I think you forgot these, "RON AND DON NATION---Blackhole Sun won't you come.


I don't know if I have had too much to drink. BUT, the last few posts have left me lost and baffled.

R & D arre simply doing what they always do best. Whatever the program director wants them to do.

My biggest complaint with them is that they are sometimes such schmucks that I don't know whether or not to take them seriously. Today was a good example. I refuse to accept that Don actually turned the whole show into a personal topic without informing Ron beforehand. Because of their style I simply cannot tell if they are serious or not.

Carping Diem

Yeah I heard that, Ryder. I came in late, and I never did find out who who had committed suicide. They never brought new listeners up to speed. couldn't tell if it was somebody famous or a personal friend. Sometime personal shit like that can be compelling if its heart felt but this was just Don feeling sorry for himself out loud. After checking the news I found it was nobody famous so I went back to listening to Carlson.

Special Del'y for Klueless and & Chux

Grayson Leading In REPUBLICAN Primary

The poll has Grayson leading the 13 Republicans -- among Republicans -- with 27.8 percent of the vote. The congressman who mocked the GOP health care plan by saying that it amounts to telling people not to get sick and if they do, to die quickly, received more support than all of the Republican candidates combined.

No GOP candidate scored above 3.7 percent; 57.7 percent said they were undecided. Grayson did particularly well with women, undercutting the notion that referring to a Washington lobbyist as a "K Street whore" would turn female voters away. (Grayson later apologized for the word choice.)

The poll was conducted on Feb. 26th. There were 324 respondents, all registered Republicans in Florida's eighth district. The poll was conducted by Middleton Market Research.

I'd love to hear ronanddon interview Grayson. Now he'd be a match for dumdon.


You all know I'm not one for hyperbole, but Alan Grayson is the Future of America.

Dori is the world's "tiniest" man(hehe if you know what i mean)

nicely done! just relieved Allen Hunt, (kiroFM's anti-abortion southern cracker and jackass at 11pm) of his duties and put freedom970 on the internet stream- phil hendrie...

Obama is a black man

What a bunch of pathetic bloggers here.

Why do you losers continue to love government in every aspect of our lives? Do you grasp the concept that our freedoms and liberties continue to erode from this fast-rising tyrannical administration?

Talk to someone that lived under the Iron Curtain? We are entering a frightening era.

Like my name, please speak the simple truths.

Mike Barer

Like the patriot act gets government off our backs.


Like R&D are the answer to any of that.

I heard a chunk of that suicide stuff yesterday PM but couldn't make head or tail of it. As the poster above said, it's impossible to tell when the boys are being sober and heartstringy and when they're putting us on.

Obama is a black man

Buyer's Remorese???

1. Another 35K+ jobs lost
2. Patriot Act restored
3. Still Afghanistan
4. Still in Iraq
5. Guantanamo still open
6. Debt that will take 20 generations to pay off
7. Dollar in collapse
8. House values fall
9. No C-Span transparency
10. An administration full of bankers and lobbyists

Freedom: 1/20/13!

Mike Barer

Tom F, I could tell R and D were sincere.
Anyway the bill to deny bail in the case of certain crime charges has passed the Senate according to the Seattle Times. That was the reason behind this whole post.

Obama is a black man

Buyer's Remorse??? Yes!

Worst presidency in history. Save your country!

Only 1,052 days left. Freedom 1/20/13!


It's ought of be clear to management of KIRO that going back to all news format is the way to go, getting rid of Ron & Don would a good start, keeping Dave & Dori and let them debate the days events would be good change as well


ATTENTION: Obama Is A Black Man

Do you think your posts are affecting anyone's point of view?

Oh, and did I miss something? I thought one of his parents was white. Wouldn't you feel better just calling him a half breed? A human mutt?

Or, for the rest of you, would it be better to just ignore his posts?

My head hurts.

Obama is a black man

Ryder you're an idiot. Your posts have no substance and are basically on par with a 1st grader's thinking.

I list real issues that nobody on this blog can defend.The fact that I'm irritating you means my message works. I will continue to blog the truth.

Now go fuck yourself.


Finally, I got somebody pissed off at me.


>Now go fuck yourself.<

Oh, wow, what an intelligent argument! You sure converted me with that one...lol!


a burly goof with a shotgun( look at Mr. Macho on Dori's page, mynorthwest.com) confronted one of Dori's listeners as he sat in his car at a school bus stop on Fox Island. He loooks like an ex-cop, perhaps the fact that he hasn't been arested unti today( he has a history of shoving chasing down and damaging the cars of neighbors) indicates he has a relationship with the local rube cops there...in any event i'm sure he's a teabagger...really looks like one....


and did you hear about the Teabagger that drew and fired on guards at the APentagon today? he was killed by the guards.......okok we don't know he was a teabagger... sure sounds like one....


oh, he's a 911 Truther..... among other things.... figures....


....And yet, you tune in and listen.


OBBM says "What a bunch of pathetic bloggers here." and yet, here you are once again...


Ryder, I've been ignoring him. I thought it was interesting that no one did respond to him. That's why he kept posting.

Isn't he foolish?


This is too good to let go by without comment and it also explains the fool who posted above::


Exclusive: RNC document mocks donors, plays on 'fear'

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0310/33866.html#ixzz0hMoBLXbp

The Republican National Committee plans to raise money this election cycle through an aggressive campaign capitalizing on “fear” of President Barack Obama and a promise to "save the country from trending toward socialism."

The strategy was detailed in a confidential party fundraising presentation, obtained by POLITICO, which also outlines how “ego-driven” wealthy donors can be tapped with offers of access and “tchochkes.”

"...In neat PowerPoint pages, it lifts the curtain on the often-cynical terms of political marketing, displaying an air of disdain for the party’s donors that is usually confined to the barroom conversations of political operatives.

The presentation explains the Republican fundraising in simple terms.

"What can you sell when you do not have the White House, the House, or the Senate...?" it asks.

The answer: "Save the country from trending toward Socialism!”

"...The most unusual section of the presentation is a set of six slides headed “RNC Marketing 101.” The presentation divides fundraising into two traditional categories, direct marketing and major donors, and lays out the details of how to approach each group.

The small donors who are the targets of direct marketing are described under the heading “Visceral Giving.” Their motivations are listed as “fear;” “Extreme negative feelings toward existing Administration;” and “Reactionary.”

OIaBM: See what a sucker you are? Straight from the mouth of the evil party.

Klueless, chux, sputs: SUCKERS!


Nothing like mocking your major donors....

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