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March 23, 2010



Curley Turd - you are spouting nonsense again. Maybe its that you are paranoid because you are projecting what the Social Democrats would do if the tables were turned. The GOP has more of a tendency to play fair (sometimes too fair) and not use the anarchical tactics commonly used by the social democrats.

Useful idiots of the lowest common denominator banding together.


Pelz is full of shit and you buy that claptrap. Try thinking for yourself for a change.


America's favorite moron Sarah Palin has a map with rifle scope targets marking the congressional districts she's targeted for Repug takeover.... an Alabama militia leader and gun nut is urging his nutbirds to throw bricks through Dem Party offices on his website.SINCE THE PASSAGE PF THE HEALTHCARE BILL ON SUNDAY- in several states bricks have been thrown through dem party offices... one nutjob threatened the children of DEM CONGRESSMEN saying his fellow believers should start killing their children..Congresswoman Louise Slaughter's life has been threatened.....


It's NOT looking good for McKenna. The health care reform bill is only going to become more popular in the coming months. McKenna might look like a moron now, but he's going to look positively satanic.



Seen as the frontrunner for the governor's race in 2012, Dems were going to have a hard time demonizing him. At least until Monday.

Believe me, eager party operatives are already envisioning the attack ads they'll unleash against McKenna. They'll be something along the lines of: "Rob McKenna, the tool of the evil insurance industry, wants to deny hundreds of thousands of state residents the affordable medical care they need."

McKenna's good, but a counter ad detailing the complexities of the Commerce Clause and the 10th Amendment will fall flat.

Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Wash., is considering a gubernatorial run himself.

"We fought over 2,000 insurance industry lobbyists in Washington DC to protect Washingtonians health care, we shouldn't have to fight our own Attorney General too," Inslee said late Monday night. "Stripping families of their legal rights to insurance, may be the South Carolina way, may be the insurance company way, may be the Tea Party way, but it's not the Washington way."


From a purely political standpoint, it does appear that McKenna blew it.

Check out the other states that are suing - Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Nebraska, Texas, Pennsylvania, Utah, North Dakota, and South Dakota. With the exception of Pennsylvania, all those places are fairly to very conservative.

Washington is not.


It's hard to imagine how hard it must suck to be a card carrying Repuglican right now, let alone one who lives in Washington. Like, you know that scene in Avatar where the bigass tree falls over? Such are the hopes the individualist right.


We may need to round up these neophytes with a CON INTELPRO


T008 - paranoia runs deep.


Sarah Palin was the one who unleashed that "death panel" zinger that was single handedly responsible for reducing public opinion of health care reform by several points.. and now she's making allusions to assassination in a country that is not without several in it's history. It's fair to say that she's the newly designated driver of the political short bus.


Fatass Limbaugh, America's favorite pig, in an apopleptic fit Monday morning, following the house vote, spluttered through enraged, porcine lips- "We need to get rid of these bastards!".........


Sarah Palin against Nancy Pelosi - seems like a fair match to me...


I cannot, for the life of me, understand all of this over-the-top hyperbolic shreiking. Don’t these idiots understand that THEIR kind of America was rejected last November? Did they really think that their microcosm echo-chamber universe was where MOST American live??? Can we please sedate and sequester them before they succeed in unleashing the hoards of ineffectively educated who are now dying to make an armed and fatal stand for the ’Merrika that them socialists stole??? I don’t want to die while pumping gas at the mini-mart because some Chuck Norris wannabe is ”gettin’ Merrika back from them godless commies”.


They're lashing out like an ex with a restraining order.


Apollster on with Dave Ross revealed that 24% of Repugs he sampled believe that Obama is the Antichrist........ over 40% believe his policies are Hitler-like, and 49% believe Obama was not born in the U.S.A. .........


Sarah Palin is trying (like Ann Coulter before her) to be provocative because she thinks it makes her cool and edgy, but she'll never be the culture star she sees herself to be, no matter how much Oscar swag or designer clothing she hoards. Sarah imagines herself a "rock and roll" character, totally freakin' people out with her crazy-edgy-pitbull-attitude, but in the reality-based world she's an eyeroll-inducing void, a surgary froth with a bile center, a loser, a quitter, a word-jumble puking cheap opportunist, blind to the ridicule-readiness of her goo-brained piehole ejaculate. She's a QVC host with an ego inexplicably inflated to the size of Jupiter, her delusion enabled by fawning, obese, mouth-breathing trolls who smell of french fry grease.


They are all wrong. Obama is an anarchist, a narcissist snake oil salesman and he was born in the USA.

Ross has to quit pulling that stuff out of his a$$.


Can we please sedate and sequester them before they succeed in unleashing the hoards of ineffectively educated who are now dying to make an armed and fatal stand for the ’Merrika that them socialists stole??? I don’t want to die while pumping gas at the mini-mart because some Chuck Norris wannabe is ”gettin’ Merrika back from them godless commies”.

Posted by: Mike | March 23, 2010 at 09:21 PM

You are appealing to the lowest common denominator with your wingnut bullshit. So, what are you fighting for, Einstein ? It's not Socialists, it is social democrats formerly the Democratic party.


The cradle to grave leeches faction is lashing out at McKenna - oh my...

He is only out to kick you weinies and wusses in the ass (aka tough love) to get you back to self reliance, but you boils on the buttocks of society are ingrates. Grow up, that is if you have any stones.


how did this tool McKenna get in as AG in a blue state like WA?


I really hope the Secret Service is beefing up security because i can honestly say I've never before seen such a violent lunacy take hold in the US. Some harsh things were said about Bush way back when but teabaggers et al are demonstrating a new crazy kinf of scary, the likes of which I've never seen.

It started several months ago, not longer after Obama was inaugurated. Dori Monson, and even the conservatives who frequent this blog showed signs of mental stress, and it hasn't abated. You see it in the people who wait in line at Sarah Palin's book signing. You see it in people who carry signs portraying Obama as "the Joker", who think he's the anti-christ, who think he's Muslim, a Manchurian candidate. We're barely a year into Obama's first term and already the vitriol is a rolling boil. I'm very worried that someone is going to snap, a la 1995.


Regarding McKenna, I don't know how he got to be AG, but I don't care because his political career will be thing of trivia pretty soon.


when it looked like Obama's healthcare bill was not going to get the needed votes, and this was the thinking of Repug's just a week ago , Monson was a strutting peacock , smug and full of himself...... Monday Monson and Medved , were giving off the craven, defeated sounds and vibes of two whipped pups......these two will just continue being whipped dogs, sometimes getting hysterical, mentally unbalanced and nasty, but never suggesting outright anything illegal..... these dangerous nutbirds are A DIFFERENT STORY......


yes, more than a third of Repugs in Dave Ross'es pollster guest's poll said Obama is a Muslim.....


my god i'm wrong it's 57% of Repug's think Obama is a Muslim thank's Michael....


For someone who is always condemning KIRO and it's programming, you sure get a lot of your data from them and their shows. How hypocritical.


In the words of Dennis Miller - "The last time I witnessed the bar being set this low was at a dwarf's wake"

The lowest common denominator prevails (13%) at the expense of the other 85% of the population who have Health care plans. Social justice from the Anarchist bunch of Statist thugs with turrets (i.e. Biden and Rahm E) !


Yep, the HC Reform was just what the Dr. ordered - NOT ! A bunch of high school students could have written more coherent legislation. Politics trumps common sense every time. The most far reaching and incoherent bill ever passed in most of our lifetimes.

Already, businesses are experiencing the deleterious effects of Obamalosi care.


No they're not. Stop with the yelling fire in a theater


I can see you didn't read the article and wrote a typical clueless knee-jerk reaction.

FYI - The employees will be receiving less benefits because of the rising costs projected since the passage of what Biden referred to as the "BFD". Curley is in denial...


of course I didn't read it, like I don't listen to Jerome Corsi or Alex Jones.


It's only incoherent to klueless because he's so stupid. Be kind.

God, you're an idiot, klueless.


fewer, not less.

These businesses are jumping the gun. A lot of what is in the bill doesn't even go into effect for a few years.

Insurance companies have been raising prices for months..that is the cause of benefits being reduced.
Why were you not complaining about that a few months ago?


Crowley newborn with heart defect is denied insurance coverage

This is the world Klueless wants to live in. Please, corporations, charge me more. Please corporations, make me a slave to your production line. Please corporations, make me buy my own health insurance, please corporations . . . oh, I forgot. I work for the gubmint.



Joanie, you ignorant slut. You, the globalist corporatist slandering your allies. You don't know what is even in the bill - so being the fool that you are, you want it because you are emotionally dependent on guvmint - a sign of being a weinie. Keep chasing your tail..

Hopefully, the newborn will receive insurance coverage in Sept. I'd be surprised if there won't be a way the family can get the coverage before then.

Actually, I believe the reporter had an agenda - to show why the BFD (called by Biden) is a good thing. I question the authenticity of that article, especially since it came from you via your progressive/regressive sources.


slut? such sexy tension going on here. Joanie, call him a prick


How bout we call you a dork ?


Several major media outlets are covering this...my guess is BCBS will reverse their decision to deflect all the bad publicity.


I'm laughing. It's like Jane Curtain meets Dan Ackroyd except klueless is no dan ackroyd. Hmm, a moe maybe but no ackroyd.

The thought makes me want to vomit. Thanks, Coiler. Or is it coils these days?


Why do you think they care, Sparky? If they cared, they wouldn't be raising costs to astronomical heights. They don't care. They don't give a fig what the people think. And this case is hardly isolated. If it happens once that we hear about, how many times have we not heard about it?

And this is all because of dumshits like klueless here.


Actually, I believe the reporter h...

Let's all sing:

I believe for every drop of rain that falls
A flower grows
I believe that somewhere in the darkest night
A candle glows
I believe for everyone who goes astray, someone will come
To show the way
I believe, I believe

I believe above a storm the smallest prayer
Can still be heard
I believe that someone in the great somewhere
Hears every word

Everytime I hear a new born baby cry,
Or touch a leaf or see the sky
Then I know why, I believe

Everytime I hear a new born baby cry,
Or touch a leaf or see the sky
Then I know why, I believe.

Let's all join hands now and pray.


Buttboy Shiers is attacking the Obamacare program again,,,,


"Why do you think they care, Sparky? If they cared, they wouldn't be raising costs to astronomical heights. They don't care. They don't give a fig what the people think. And this case is hardly isolated. If it happens once that we hear about, how many times have we not heard about it?"

WTF ? why don't you show your pic on here since you want to be the fixture on BW in your little cocoon - nah that would probably make us nauseous.

Are you sure you aren't bi-polar ?

St. Peter

Gee, the lady must have gotten to you, Mr. KLueless.

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