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March 23, 2010



It's seems to be important that for a radio talker to make a topic out of something the subject has to be "relevant"; it has to be in reference to something that just happen or will soon happen. This health care legislation will no longer be active news within the next week or two. Their will be no pretext for discussing it.

The "public opposition" to the bill that conservative hoot so much about was born of fear (to wit "tea-baggers"). Now that it's going to be the law, the American public will have a chance to digest the benefits, and learn that their fears were unfounded and foolish (why is Cuba schooling us on healthcare in 2010?)

Rob McKenna's efforts are going to be swiftly vilified. Their lawsuit sounded fun yesterday but in a few weeks or a few months it will look pure evil. Is he trying to take back the medication from seniors? Put college students back on the bubble? Put sick people back in fear of their financial futures? Hahaha, he won't look pretty no more.


I don't know, Andrew. Michael's point about penis extenders is already in evidence if you read chux's latest post. Those penis extenders are fodder for the weak brained for a long, long time. It always gets back to that.

And since when do the sheep on the right need anything to fear. They seem to love fear itself. When did truth matter? "You keep your gubmint hands off my medicare!" God, they'd be funny if they weren't so dangerous. As long as they listen to the crap that Fixed News spits out, perception will defeat reality. They are that stupid.

Randi has been talking about attending a broadcasters convention. She attended right-wing radio talking groups. She said they're laughing at their own markets. It is all about money for them. And fear for their listeners. Yes, they're laughing all the way to the bank while chux and his ilk are checking out ads for penis extenders. isn't it pathetic?


Obama is a black man

Talk radio is a tiny bit of this massive tsunami that will overturn our system in November 2010.

If you're an incumbent you're likely gone. If you voted Yes for this Health Care train wreck you are certainly gone.

America has woken up! Thank God!

Obama is a black man

I again ask simple yes or no answer questions to illustrate the downright stupidity of this health care bill.

Today's poll indicates 70% believe the US is going in the 'Wrong Direction'.

Is the public right in their assessment of the country?


Again, the market seems to be up yet again so far today. If our country was 'going in the wrong direction' (as you put it, so generally) I believe our 'market' would weigh that accordingly. Looks to me like confidence in the good 'ol USA is maintained. [smile]

Angel in the morning

I again ask simple yes or no answer questions...

You are simple. A simple man. You remind me of Forrest Gump. He was a simple man, too. But much less tedious. Learn to listen. It will teach you much.


I'm sensing an apparent pervasive fear sweeping 'the right' on this blog...that goes something like this, Holy sh** what if this works? We'll see. :) [Remember you never see a hearse pulling a U-Haul]

chuck says joanie is a liar.

Ph(J)oanie. You just quit thinking about my penis. No way in hell that your diseased old corpse is going to get near it.
(Really, you can get a penis extender? Will your socialised health care pay for it? Did yours work Ph(J)oanie? Do you like playing with it?)

chuck says joanie is a liar.

Good to see you back here on a regular basis Duffy. You were missed.


Thanks chucks...always enjoy your posts as well. :)

Obama is a black man

Duffman writes
Again, the market seems to be up yet again so far today. If our country was 'going in the wrong direction' (as you put it, so generally) I believe our 'market' would weigh that accordingly.

You obviously have no idea how financial markets work. We are in the middle of a bear market rally with a longterm trend downward. The only stocks benefiting this week are healthcare stocks-HA! (Thank you Obama lobbyists!)

As the dollar falls we have seen indexes rise to compensate for the currency decline.

By the Nov 2010 elections the Dow will be near 9500.


Well, I know I've done fairly well on Ford stock...and, thanks so much for your 'glass-half-empty' outlook. We'll see, won't we! :)


*Toes tapping between stalls*
*Kiss Kiss, Smoooooootch*

mongo jerry

I, for one. have been quite happy for the penis extender goods and services as heard on the Mark Levin Show.


the stock market hates uncertainty. They'd rather have something passed and get it over with, even if it doesn't sit totally well with them, than have no resolution.


and yes it's true- if Wall Street was truly alarmed by this bill, the market would be down down down...


hhahaah OBIABM Dow 9500 by 2010 elections? is that similar to the prediction you doom and gloomers made about the Dow crashing back to 6500 again after last spring and summer's DOW rally? DOw will be well above 11000 by the elections...


Gotta go with Tommy008 on this one. [We'll save OBIABM's prediction and hope he's around under the same moniker...come Novenber...ha]

chuck says joanie is a liar. (because she lies)

I think that I am more in agreement with OIABM on the markets. He might even be being a little generous at 9500.
On a drive to Fred Meyer yesterday, I noticed two more businesses closed up in my neighborhood, a Quizno's and a mom and pop mini market.
Have not seen any new businesses open.
Do any of you know of anyplace here locally where new businesses out number bankrupt businesses?


Far from being perfect, I think voters will realize things have begun to turn around by November.

Make no mistake; Republicans really needed to defeat health care in order to demonstrate their relevance, be it obstructionism on behalf of the cowardly, or what have you. The Democrat's appearance as a party that accomplished more than war and housing bubbles has muted enthusiam towards Republicans for quite some time to come, likely through the 2010 elections.

You have to look at the big picture. Americans asked for change in 2008, and by November 2010 it will be clear that change is what they've received.


Republicans in congress are refusing to take their seats today. It was thought at first that it was a diplay of unity to protest the Health Care bill. It turns out that they are not sitting because Pelosi kicked their asses and it hurts to sit.

chuck says joanie is a liar. (because she lies)

Just don't lose sight of the fact that it was (is) a bi-partisan effort to defeat this bull shit health insurance bill.
The Republicans, unlike the democrats, were not in a position to bribe congress critters in to submission.
Taken on principled stands, without cash and political pay-offs, this bill would have been defeated.
It is still not settled law.


Latest polls are showing most Americans approve of this bill. Support for it is growing. Suck on it, righties.

Coiler says Chux needs a job, because he is losing it

You say that with certainty Chux, what will happen if it is law?

chuck says joanie is a liar. (because she lies)

Coiler is right, Chux needs a job because this practice retirement is getting boring.
If it becomes law, we just fucked our grandkids and their grandkids with an additional mountain of debt.
I just wonder if the Chinese or Saudi's get to come over here and assume control of assets when we default. I can just see the Chinese taking the Space Needle and Grand Coulee while the Saudi's reposess The Narrows Bridge.


"Latest polls are showing most Americans approve of this bill. Support for it is growing."

False. In your parallel universe, snort ! All major polls refute your claim. As for your other assertion, we'll check back in 3-6 months for an update.


Obviously most people support this bill. The apparent lack of support was merely cold feet. Most Americans are not sick. Most Americans do not perceive that there is a problem. Popular support grows in tandem with 1) understanding of the problem 2) acceptance of reasonable solutions 3) observing that change is occurring and the sky is not falling.

The publics opposition was purely emotional from day 1. Anyone not bright enough to understand that is hardly worth arguing with.


I think it can be summed up in the words of our distinguished and eloquent Vice-President, Joe Biden, when saying to our POTUS (on mic - in earshot of the world), at this morning's signing 'This is a big f****** deal' :)

chuck says joanie is a liar. (because she lies)

In these days of strife, it is nice to know that you still have options.
Hyatt Gun store has a Desert Eagle 50 caliber pistol, with a seven round mag for $1449.00.
Be the first on your block.


Ironic that conservatives are taking a tone of violence in response to health care of all things. Is a gun shot wound a pre-existing condition?


Only if it's to their own head.

Reagan created a recording for the American Medical Association warning that such legislation would mean the end of freedom in America. Reagan said that if his listeners did not write letters to prevent it, "we will awake to find that we have so­cialism. And if you don't do this, and if I don't do it, one of these days, you and I are going to spend our sunset years telling our children, and our children's children, what it once was like in America when men were free."

What a dick!

chuck says joanie is a liar. (because she lies)

Ronald Reagan was a good man and a great President.
Ol' Hopey-Changey can only wish that he had the wisdom of President Reagan. Hell, we wish that he had that wisdom.
But no, he is just another educated buffoon with a great education and no real world work experience surrounded by a bunch of rat bastard communists and socialists.
Borrow, borrow, borrow, tax tax tax, burrow, burrow, burrow.

None of them have a grasp on the value of a dollar, what it takes to make it and how to live within our means.


Well, he's half right, only people like chucks or Dori Monson will be saying these things in the retirement home as their grand children nod in feigned agreement at their crazy old grandpa while secretly enjoying the knowledge that they have a healthy and secure future ahead of them.


KS: read and weep.

"WASHINGTON — Americans by 9 percentage points have a favorable view of the health care overhaul that President Obama signed into law Tuesday, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, a notable turnaround from surveys before the vote that showed a plurality against it."



Oh and by the way, GOP: keep up the lies and hate speech and vandalism and death threats. Just keep it up and watch that approval number zoom skyward.


This is a lagacy victory for Democrats. As the years roll on in the coming decades, more and more Americans will feel the effects of this bill, and Democrats, more specifically Obama, will be recognized for their great contribution.

It wouldn't surprise me if the events of the past few months cement a positive attitude towards progressives for years to come. Sure, there will be down times and economic downturns that come and go, but the safety and security of these new laws will constantly remind us again and again of the dangers of supply side economics, of puting ideology before people, of letting swaggering underqualified wackos like GWBush have the keys to the coffers.

It's been a long time since or government did something this blatantly resposnible. The warm glow of this victory will be felt for years to come.


Please GOP, please; run on a platform of ripping healthcare from the hands of the needy. You're digging a hole and you've almost reached six feet. Just a little further to go!


You statists have gloated too much, here's a dose of reality. You have a trioka of A-holes and Anarchists in charge. There is really little faith in this government - 79% of those polled fear eventually economic collapse
of this once economically robust nation. Sad commentary - deal with it.

Poll: Low Favorability Ratings For Pelosi, Reid
Posted by Brian Montopoli 255 comments Poll analysis by the CBS News Polling Unit: Sarah Dutton, Jennifer De Pinto, Fred Backus and Anthony Salvanto.

"Most Americans don't have an opinion about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a new CBS News poll finds, even after more than a year of debate over the health care reform bill that put them squarely in the public eye.

Yet those who do have an opinion of the Democratic Congressional leaders don't seem to have a very good one: Pelosi and Reid are viewed unfavorably by roughly three times as many people as they are viewed favorably.

Pelosi's favorable rating in the poll stands at 11 percent. Her unfavorable rating, meanwhile, is 37 percent -- meaning that more than one in three views the California Democrat negatively.

More than half of those surveyed say they are either undecided about Pelosi or haven't heard enough to make a decision."


Most people don't pay attention to process (which the Villagers are obsessed with) -- all they care about is results, and Obama and the Democrats have given them results.


KS is so Russian. Will he speak french now with 'boutique'? BTW, the AG lawsuits? They have to prove harm has been done and since no harm has occurred they need to stop wasting money, YOUR money.


I blame Republicans for this "damned the process" culture. It started with the Supreme Court appointment of Bush in 2000 and was furthered by Rovian shenanigans such as pandering with wedge issues and redrawing districts to shore up conservative seats. Republicans played these games for the better part of eight years. Fuck you.

chuck says joanie is a liar. (because she lies)

No Andrew, we in fact fucked you if what you say is true.
The gerrymandering of congressional districts has been going on for 50 years that I have witnessed. Pretty certain that it went on before that. That is why I am now represented by Norm Dicks of Bremerton. They cut a democrat swath from Bremerton through Tacoma to me in Parkland to assure his re-election year after year.
As far as 2000, if AlGore had manned up and admitted defeat up front instead of fucking around for two months, that never would have been an issue.
Guess what Andrew, after this Census is tabulated, the Congressional seats will be tweaked again.
We will be in the majority and we shall fuck you again.
Hope you don't mind.


This guy is not helping the right wing

He publicly feels it's his right to destroy property. Let's hope he's caught before someone is killed. They are ginning up another OK City.


BTW, the AG lawsuits? They have to prove harm has been done and since no harm has occurred they need to stop wasting money, YOUR money.

Posted by: Coiler | March 23, 201

Curley, your ignorance is stunning. You have no clue about McKenna's lawsuit, along with that of 13 other states' AG's.

You have graced yourself (along with Sparkles and your spokesmouth - phony joanie as being useful idiots for the lowest common denominator with your continual parroting of wingnut propaganda. FYI-

You sound an awful lot like a disciple of Marx and Engels.

"He publicly feels it's his right to destroy property. Let's hope he's caught before someone is killed."

I also hope that he is caught. The extremists from BOTH sides are dangerous !


chucks, let's talk about abuse of signing statements, illegal wiretapping, detaining prisoners offshore so that we can torture them and sidestep the law, outting CIA spies who happen to be the spouse of a White House critic, using the DHS to frighten voters ahead of elections, etc. The Dems have a ways to go before they catch up with the Repuglicans best efforts.

If the Dems do abuse power, at least it's for the sake of extending health coverage to those in need.


I have a clue, Klueless. They are partisan given the party affiliation of the AG's and like the rest of your movement, you won't settle for anyone who is not on board to take marching orders from gop central.


KS, I am more prone to believe the lawyer I heard on the radio today, than your assessment of what will stand up in court. He pointed out that judges are very picky about the wording in a case. So far, the cases filed all speak to a "future" harm. He said the harm has to have occurred before the suit can be filed.

chuck says joanie is a liar. (because she lies)

Plame was outed by a demoncrat, not a Republican. Let that one go.
Good thing we kept that scum off shore so they could be properly interviewed. We really should be aggressive when questioning not uniformed, non-nation affiliated shit weasels.
The Dems have been crooks since before Tammany Hall. Johnson arranged victory for Kennedy over Nixon in 1960 by stealing in Texas. Fifty years later, Kennedy, Nixon, Johnson are all dead, but we remember what crooks demoncrats are.
Ron Sims and Dean Logan, right here in Washington. Crooks.
Can we agree that both sides are full of crooks? Just your crooks are on top this year.

chuck says joanie is a liar. (because she lies)

Insurance company's are licensed and regulated by the states. Now, my insurance company has to cover the woman that learned she had AIDS yesterday although the woman has never paid a dime in premiums in her whole life because of federal interference in a state issue.
We is harmed. crumz
It is imparative of our Attorney General to protect us from those evil bastards in Wa DC. We have to make sure that the screwing we are getting is Constitutional. I am certain that if it is not within the boundaries of our Constitution, none of us would want the violations to continue.


SEATTLE - Washington State Democratic Party Chair Dwight Pelz today filed a Public Records Request with the office of Attorney General Rob McKenna for "all documents relating in any way to your decision to join in bringing or threatening a lawsuit challenging some or all of the historic health-care legislation approved by the House of Representatives on March 21, 2010 ("Health Care Legislation")."

"The public has a right to know whether McKenna generated this idea himself or whether he is acting on behalf of the National Republican Party or the Insurance Industry," said Pelz. "We need to know more about his communication with the Southern Attorneys General and the Florida-based Republican law firm that has been hired to spearhead this effort."

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