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March 15, 2010



So, I guess the question beckons; is this a replacement or and addition...and, who. Hershold, Minor? [Hope it's the former...who IMO, is just too corny]


Who cares who the news anchor is? KIRO isn't a real news station.


"Conservative news talker KIRO FM?" I think you mean KTTH....

Yes, they are hiring them young these days.


Is there a playoff bracket for news anchors at KIRO? Would only be fitting given the sister stations market. I make him a 14th seed unlike the university he is coming from.


It is sad to see the slow death of KIRO. Was a time not long ago that I felt I had not heard the news until I listened to KIRO. Now, we get infotainment with inaccurate info. Their hiring of a kid who isn't even out of school shows they really don't give a damn about news anymore.

This may all be a brilliant move to get more listeners for Dori and the afternoon morons. The less informed people are, the more likely they will enjoy hosts who either don't know the truth or avoid it at all costs.


Weird. I wonder who he knows at Bonneville?


I find it very interesting that no matter how good a person's resume or how apparently good they are at what they've done, some will always attribute their success to who they know. Like hard work and doing your best never achieves anything. Hope our children aren't learning this trait.


Get rid of Hersholt and his corny, insulting humor. He only sounds happy when he's cutting someone down. KIRO's reporting is pathetic. Crappy reports in the morning from Resteone and others whose motto seems to be let's just add music from youtube then we'll be in touch. Out of touch. Thomas was the best hire they've made in years and she's too smart to stick around there long. Glad to hear Shannon on the afternoons at KOMO>


Don't blame KIRO - they've just come to terms with the fact that wingnuts make for a very loyal audience, and that's where the easy money is. Clearly they're just trying to stay above water, and this is a logical business decision (although a very desperate one). R.I.P. KIRO.

Mike Barer

I see this blog is not above a pun. "To the right of Rush" My guess is that Dave Ross is going and it will be Republican Radio all day. (sigh)


Well Duffman, listening to his audio clips, those of you who still listen to KIRO apparently are in for a treat...He says two sentences, goes to a sound bite of one sentence, says another sentence, goes to another once-sentence sound bite, another comment or two and goes to a sound bite. Stellar reporting, that.


Bonneville didn't get to be where they are by not being astute. I applaud their apparent decision to go with a younger talent base. May be that's why they keep 'somewhat' attached to Luke Burbank (they list his podcast on the KIRO website). Our generation is phasing out and quickly (relatively speaking)...they (Bonneville/KIRO) are preparing for the next and the next, and all the time trying to keep up with technology. We (at least I) get our 'news' (such as it is) primarily from the internet, as my lifestyle keeps me in this type of venue almost 24/7...so, radio has to improvise...BIG TIME. Don't know what the next 'attraction' will be on the radio venue but I would guess Bonneville/KIRO has a better focus on it than I do.
Yes, I still listen to KIRO...in the a.m. (briefly) as I cannot take too much of Gregg Hersholt's corny quits (so, if I can I switch to Bryan Suits on KVI 570 A.M.). I still try to listen to Dave Ross as much as possible and same for Dori. My drive-home is definitely KVI and John Carlson.
In the evenings, if I'm near a radio, it's a bit of Shires...may be Alan Hunt...and may be Phil Hendrie (only for the humor he generates by the legitimate callers being fooled by his aliases).
Bottom-line is that a current and future 'news reporter' is going to have to be somewhat MORE than just a 'reader-of-the-news'; some other innovative quality must be developed by these personnel. My money is on KIRO, though as I think within the radio community, they will find the winning combination. They are a force in the area, somewhat diminished by their switch to FM with what should be on AM...but alas, still a force.


'I cannot take too much of Gregg Hersholt's corny quits...'

Sorry, that obviously should read 'quips'. :)


Seattle chews up and spits out "outta-staters" -- especially in broadcasting



Weird. I wonder who he knows at Bonneville?

The HR person he met during his interview?

Come on, it's radio.

In market 14.

On a less than top 10 station.

He's MAYBE making 12-bucks an hour.

That's barely a living wage normally but, for that, he also has to put up with going on coffee runs for a midget neo-con midday host and getting stalked by the local lunatic, paunchy senior citizen blogger.


According to everything we have read here, young people are avoiding talk radio like the plague. So why would someone his age be interested in taking this job working with/for the old farts? New Media is the future.


Is April Fool's Day early this year?


I think tigsnort nailed it. Conservatives who respond to emotions are money makers. What else is there to say.

I'm podcasting a whole lot more. I wish Sirota would offer podcasts. I'd pay for them. Won't pay for Big Eddie or Randi yet but sure would for Sirota - who btw no longer calls himself a democrat. He's now nonpartisan and votes the candidate and the issues. Isn't that what we're all supposed to do?

If they weren't buried in the FM cemetery, I'd put my money on their winning with this move. But nobody can find them. They need to erect a bigger monument. Maybe a statue of Rush. Hmm?


Was Don's embarrassingly awkward behavior towards Adam Kline an attempt to pander to conservative listeners?Hahahahhah; silly programming directors, angry old white men don't listen to FM radio.


You mean KIRO couldn't find anyone in-market? There's something odd and unnatural about importing this kid. Not only because he brings no knowledge of this weird, ingrown ADI, but because someone right out of college doesn't typically jump into a top-20 market, even to a dying / panicking station in that market. Back in my day I jumped from college radio to TV market #93 or so, and that was considered a good score.

Young Alex (P. Keaton?) must know somebody, somewhere...

woody held

WOW that is a nice photo of a smiling Rush Limbaugh. He looks like a real friendly bear of a guy. And his arm around a Jewish guy, contrary to the time-honored lib self-deception that Limbaugh is an abject bigot.

I bet BW must have searched hours for a less flattering photo before in desperation posting that one.


I wonder about the economics here.

I keep hearing that KIRO FM is goin under, that local talk is too expensive, yada yadda ...

The they go out and hire a bozo like this to READ the news?

Seems more to me like a hobby than any serious business.


I wonder if they aren't letting go of an old timer with a more expensive contract in favor of someone younger who expects less pay. That was what I suspect happened with Jane Shannon being replaced by the other lady... Linda Thomas?

Mark C.

Hey Woody - I bet Michael picked the photo because Rush looks really, really fat. You can always tell if Rush is getting laid by how many chins he's got.


ha Ha good one. Rush probably didn't hear his name either.

Paul Johnson

Have any of you fools figured out yet that Obama and his creators are purposely destorying the USA? Treason is punishable by death by hanging. If the communists in charge do not lay down their weapons (verbal or otherwise), then they may be legally executed by force of the constitutionaly empowered military. That is that the commander in chief should be put on trail for crimes against the state and if found guilty, executed! What say you Joanie?


I say we call the secret service and have disloyal americans like you arrested.

Paul Johnson

I just wanted to say that you Joanie are an absolute fool of the left. And did you know that you have lost your favor as all polls indicate. If I find you in whatever school you propagandize in,I will endeavor to have you the first of many brainwashers removed from the job and send you and the others to reeducation camps that glorify our founding fathers instead of the Marxist Obama and his friends. What do you think about that communist chick?


Joanie is not here...therefore it appears you have gotten into the bad stash of pharmaceuticals tonight. I agree with Coiler about how the Secret Service, and probably the FBI, would be interested in your IP address.


Oh, and it's TRIAL, not TRAIL, unless you were planning on going horseback riding.


He plans on playing checkers with the Feds



Paul - you have encountered the apathetic brain-dead O-bama bot bunch. Try to understand that commenting to them is like talking to your computer screen or the wall in back of it.

They are incapable of answering a confrontational question without changing the topic or flipping you some talking points to quiet you down.

Have you tried Sound Politics ?
There are wingnut trolls over there also but they are in the minority.


I'm laughing. These two are obviously members of the cult of Bachmann. You can only laugh at them.

Better be careful boys. Such emotion and anger can trigger heart attacks.

Klueless and PJ. All that's missing are sputs and chux. BTW, you all hear that AIG is giving out bonuses again. Wouldn't you think these guys would get tired of feeding the rich? Nah. "Visceral little men" seem to like being treated like visceral little men. Anyhow, It was contractual. I guess contracts are binding when you're a corrupt bean counter but not when you're an overworked teacher. Or could it have something to do with gender?

There's that old double standard again. Keeps popping its homely little head up with the guys, doesn't it? Screw the women then demand that they keep your offspring. Simply amazing.


There's word that Jessica Gottesman has been hired on at KIRO (she was just freelancing before) so maybe this wunderkind and her will be the new PM drive news block anchors...


Ph(J)oanie has AWS - angry woman syndrome. She says "double standard" but refuses to look at herself in the mirror - how laughable ? Women get heart attacks these days nearly as often as men - careful and binge drinking alcohol and smoking crack only increases the odds - watch yurself.

Your ex-Pres candidate Kucinich was threatened by those on AF-1 to be abducted by a UFO if he didn't vote for the Bill, so he flipped. What are bloody space cadet !


That should read your 2008 Pres. candidate Kucinich was threatened by those on AF-1 to be abducted by a UFO if he didn't vote for the Bill, so he flipped. What are bloody space cadet and that's no blarney !


There's a blurb here on the NE Radiowatch: "Silverman's last day at WSYR was Friday, though he hadn't been anchoring morning news for a few weeks, apparently." Wonder why he got busted down off his steady gig. Anyone have any insider information?

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