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March 07, 2010



Dori looks real Socratic.


Dort Monson, is a meanspirited, cruel little fascist who hides behind a mask of phony jocularity....the real Dori, that sneering, vicious little guy underneath comes out from time totime, when provoked by a caller who has his little superiorist game figured out...


A fan of Dori's (although I'm making a gradual transition to KVI) I again must opine that Dori is simply being as controversial as he can be, reasoning that being that way will generate the most response. I can't imagine he feels that way...that someone down on their luck or making 'bad choices' doesn't deserve to live. If he really felt that way, it would surprise me, especially with children. You never know when you might have to eat those words because of the various paths in life your children may take. Would he abandon one or all of his children because they developed a smoking and/or drinking problem...I seriously doubt it.


My beliefs tell me that as we judge others so shall we be judged.

I have no issue with how Dori treats others or what expectations he demands. BUT, I wonder this: Since Dori has no empathy for those who make wrong choices I wonder how he might be treated when he faces the Almighty.

A quick example. Dori has stated at times that he recognizes that Christians are supposed to share their faith. Yet its not for him. He even admits he is wrong. So how will he explain to his god that he not just failed, but refused to accept this responsibility? Perhaps his god will judge him the same way he judges others.


a recent hour of Monson was absolutely stunning in showing the meanness of this little creep......it's what i call his "are there no workhouses?" moment, in deference to the famous guote by Scrooge, in A christmas Carol. a representive from the U.W. was on defending Husky Promise, a program that pays for the tuition only of needy students who have proven to be good students. The man pointed out that these students, who have no family financial support were going to have to work often at least 20 hours a week to pay for rent food and other expenses during their college career. The representative stated that he believed working through school was good but he didn't want the students to have to work fulltime, so they could concentrate on their studies properly. Monson was outraged that these students were getting an easier time in school than bitter old Grampa Dori, who had to work 40 hours a week. If it was good enough for him, it should be good enough for these loafers and lazy bums on Husky Promise. A person who thinks like this is clearly not a kind, Christian person, or a person of goodwill or common decency....


Karma is a bitch, also.


Monson's occasional accuracies -- he's right about light rail -- are overshadowed by his shrill demagogic tactics, which I agree are plays for attention outside this little fishbowl. He's thematically similar to Tom Leykis, in that he adopts deliberately / artificially far-out positions to get a rise out of people and, hopefully, get himself syndicated. But he's a small man in a small town and he's more ridiculous than provocative (although his gleeful, vicious victory dance the day Ted Kennedy died was literally stomach-turning; Dori should go to hell for that alone).

Not all of us have huge spurts of disposable income because we can strike great trade-out deals with Land Rover / Jaguar agencies, Invisible Fence, window companies, mortgage companies, gutter companies... oh, God, what whoredom.

Mark C.

Does Dori even pretend to be a Christian? I've never heard that he has. Am I wrong? I hope he doesn't, for Christendom's sake.


Yes, Dori does claim to be christian. Believes in heaven & hell.



Mark C.

No purgatory for Dori, eh. Not surprising.


yes,he is a Christian- this is what makes him so much worse than say your average meanspirited scumbag and hatemonger on the radio- he frequently talks about being a Christian on the show, and his precious "religious" values.....


Besides being the reincarnation of the devil to some of you, Dori has the knack of knowing how to grab listeners. Have his ratings changed much in the last year or three ? Doubt it. I believe that he is probably grateful to BW for periodically promoting him.


God Bless Dr. Bill! Our country is well-guided by his wisdom over the airwaves. I feel warm and secure knowing that men like Dr. Bill are watching out for us.

Dr. Bill

Folks, this is Dr. Bill again. I was so busy with the show last night, setting straight these so-called environmentalists. eco-frauds and vulgar greenie lib bastards, that I didn't have a chance for my weekly post here. Hat off to Julia for the kudos. I've tried to tell these poor working suckers, Julia, the working families of the State of Califonia, that they are getting a first -class screw job. The lullaby crowd up there in Seattle, and I've been up there Julia, I've walked through the clouds of pot smoke, and seen the lazy, idle buggers sitting in the parks, banging on their bongo drums, this lullaby lib wacko crowd you have up there, are living in a dream world. Did I tell you folks the one about the old mule in the coal mine?....

Dr. Bill

And another thing- just because I'm a Doctor with a Ph.D., that doesn't mean I have to take crap off a bunch of punks, like the vulgar bikers at the mountain town bar I was at last night up in Plumas County...


'...Dori has the knack of knowing how to grab listeners.'

You got it KS, it's really as simple as that!


Nice to know Dr Monson is an ecpert on pulmonary hypertension. He treats it as if she at bad did bad things and her heart gave out. What she had is a mysterious disease that slowly kills off the person. The cause is somewhat a mystery. I can only hope none of Dori's family suffers this fate. I know somebody that died of it....non smoker, etc.


Dori's slight of hand has obviously duped many into believing he is of a certain mind-set, when in fact he is close to the opposite. The 'opposite' would not draw ratings...ergo, as I've said many times, 'follow the money'.

Gregory McKie

Would you like some whine to go with your cheese?

Dori lacks empathy for anyone. He whines and complains about things like moles in his large yard. What is he complaining about? He has a job, a good income, a large house, and a yard.

He hocks everything so he can put his kids through college. Has Dori ever met an advertisement that he didn’t like?

With unemployment numbers as high as they are, who is buying Land Rovers and Jaguars?

Has Dori ever been out of work due to a layoff? Has he ever walked in someone else’s shoes? Dori should stop whining and be thankful for what he does have.


Dr. Monson peered down into the face of the poor bastard that had just been wheeled into the operating room..." do you smoke? soft drinks? burgers and fies at Mickey D's? do you sit on your ass on the couch after work instead of playing hoops like i do?" he barked question after question down into the fellow's face, and each answer meekly croaked back by the fellow was unsatisfactory....Monson frowned, looked around the room at the operating staff and slowly took off his mask, rubber gloves and hair cap. "Poor choices," he said clearly and coldly, "Poor choices, poor choices, poor choices. Find another doctor, if you can in time. Don't make poor choices in life and expect me to bail your ass out." He strode out of the operating room, walked ddown a hall to a small tv lounge and settle in to watch Most Daring on Trutv, ....


...and, utmost HE GETS YOU TO LISTEN! Don't you see, you're being played. Not only does he get your attention, which parlays into ratings and $money - he gets you to write stories about him, as tho he were some sort of a legend. The thing that Dori (and others like him, Rush, Hannity, etc., et al) fear is BEING IGNORED. As you can tell by the numberous times he comes up on this site - he is HARDLY being ignored. He's got you right where he wants you...in a critical position and he KNOWS that being criticized is being focused on...and being focused on begets ratings, etc and around and around we go. Dori is shrewd, does his homework and plays on the sociology of the masses and HE DOES IT WELL. [smile]


He does not get me to listen. Every time I hear his repulsive voice on the radio -- even if it's only an ad -- I change the station. Immediately.

Dori Monson makes me want to puke. Not because of his politics, poorly thought out as they are, but because he's a venal, despicable little man with an ego the size of a gas planet. Who wishes desperately he was ten inches taller, eight inches longer, and had a man's name.

Long ago, I used to listen to KIRO regularly. I hardly ever do any more. Between the Monson show, the Monson commercials, and Monson the jock wannabe even insinuating himself in the Seahawks and now Mariners (and probably Sounders) broadcasts, no hour is safe. So they've lost me. Completely.


I gave up on KIRO a long time ago. I stop by Doreen's blog from time to time when I need a reminder that people are really stupid. He has a little harem of fools that react to his every word. Clearly, the little creep stirs up as much commotion as possible so he can sell his dog food, couches, real estate, cars, floors, windows, etc., etc. People like this are being stalked by their own Karma. While I don't wish anything bad to happen to him, Karma might have something else in store for him. It usually does. My wife retches every time she hears his voice. I simply turn off whatever he's polluting with his presence. Must be really nice to be hated as much as he is. Putred little weakling. (Nice photo!)

david nutter

ya well i quit listing to that jack ass about a month ago when he comes on i turn the radio off or change the station just that simple i will not fall into his trap if he knew what real reporting was i would kiss his ass he has no idea how to report the real news he just wants to degrade people that dont agree with him and if the rest of host on kiro follow his lead i will find another station to listen to


Dori ! What happened to the Show?? Now there are others that mingle in and out of onversations. It's like a Dori and others show. Back to the one man show please. Im loseing interet in the other people buttuig in or discussion talks with them , Dont have to be like the AM 1000 guys. You were better by yourself.

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