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February 16, 2010


Peeroy Jabbar

BWAAAAAAHHHAHAHAHAOOHHOOOOHAAAAHAHAHAAHAAAoh come on Michael, you've got to be photoshopping these photos of Dori you've been putting up, you know the scary thing is that i really don't think you've touched them at all..... wowwowhhooohheeehhhawwwwawwwaaa.... I listened to Monson's silly little speech.......he truly is The Poltroon of the Afternoon....


Kirby is looking pretty grumpy.

Peeroy Jabbar

Kirby looks like my Grampa and i'm older than he is by several years.........ouch......


I hear The Kirb and Carlson who were friends for years, hardly speak any more. bad blood.

Peeroy Jabbar

i wouldn't speak to a guy who plotted behind my back to take my show, and replace my morbidly ass with his simply obese ass.


That is not the case, my friends. You know not of what you speak.


A good question Bla'M. I think once the public realizes that their desires are being discounted by the legislature (i.e. recent over-turn of the 60+% tax increase vote) and sees a dramatic increase in taxes - they may turn to the air waves for some explanation of how this happened. If talk show hosts present this properly (as certainly John Carlson tends to do) radio could again be a rallying point for major change.
It can't be simply rant without reason however; details need to be spelled out and explained thoroughly in fair fashion, otherwise talk radio will be seen as yet just another political slam by biased partisians.

Peeroy Jabbar

JTA.org has the full 27 minute DubaiTV hoteL/airport surveillance video that Suits was talking about this morning, of the 11 memeber Mossad hit team in action in Dubai.its under editor's picks on the website. reminds me of the movie Munich. incredible. tHEY MURDERED A hAMAS OFFICIAL THAT WAS IN dUBAI TO SEAL A DEAL WITH iRANISN ARMS DEALERS, befor ehe could seal the deal.

Peeroy Jabbar

its on the websie under Editor's Picks


I'm trying to figure out what jabbar's post(s) have to do with talk radio making a difference in State and local politics. Please try to stay on topic. Thank you.


Bla'm may be a topic on the new proposed 'performance tax' on radio would be in order. I would be interested in your opinion of this new proposed tax and whether you think it would drive current 'music' stations to more talk radio?


Might have been a bit off topic, but I enjoyed Peeroy's video.
That was a heart warming story.


One thought talk radio seems to overlook. It is not just the D's that voters are angry at. Its all the politicians.

What will happen? By November, nothing. Everyone is going to be sick of all the moaning. The D's will do as they normally do, run as conservatives.


I don't see the R's controlling both houses in Congress - the wave will have dissipated some by then. That won't help Obamy's prospects of reelection, even though his campaign staff is being manned by the chief master propagandist - David Fluff (sp.) that finessed him in back in '08.
He would be better off with the Republicans in control, so he could have a chance to triangulate like Clinton, although Obama is no Clinton !

Talk radio will be more of a lightning rod here, with all of the political unrest on both sides.
The moaning has occurred for over a year now, so I don't see how people will tire of it, unless things shape up unexpectedly.

Obama is a black man

It's amazing how the Seattle area residents continue to tolerate excessive government in their lives (i.e. no guns in parks, B&O taxes, high sales taxes, fees for everything, high property taxes, threat of an income tax, etc). I honestly have given up trying to determine the breaking point. I suppose it may happen when the day comes that a guy who makes $100K a year takes home $20K...he might finally say 'Uncle'.




One question no one ever answers............ How much money would be needed to accomplish even half of what the politicans in Olympa said they need?

Queston #2....Is there that much money in the state? The world?


I think Dori looks the way he does is because that ugly little inner man that resides inside is trying to get out.


Ironically....Dorian Gray.

Peeroy Jabbar

yes he is Dorian Gray in reverse- he posts a 15 year old picture of himself for his promo pic while his face deteriorates to show the true grotesque, ugly spirit inside. Some men actually get much more handsome with age- not this guy. Jeez... If his wife ever divorces him- tough times, Dori, tough times. Monson is still on that monomania about the black teen girl who he feels shouldn't get any payout from the city/county for not being protected in the bus tunnel...a black schoolteacher tried to explain to him that if the security guards are going to be found negligent, which he agrees they are, there has to be some sort of penalty paid for their negligence, whether the beatee has a cleen record or is a nasty person with a criminal past. She was using logic, and he began to get contemptuous that she couldn't see his bogus point ("if you can;t see that as a schooltecher, well then i question your education..."). you can't have it both ways is what the little runt can't understand. You better believe there is not going to be any civil trial- the city and/or county will offer a generous amount of cash to make her and her lawyer go away..... The logically thinking schoolteacher asked him if it had been an eighty five year old man being beaten should he receive any money------he replied that if he had been a child molestor and his victim had chased him into the bus tunnel, then no.


During the 08 election, someone pointed out that listeners dont always equate to voters.

Nunya Biddness

Liberals are stupid.

Nick Novatone

And you're obviously a Political Science professor.

Bill Wippel

It is obvious talkradio is ego driven, i.e. Rush Limbaugh. One of the reasons KOMO Newsradio has such a solid rating in Seattle is that there is so much major news happening. Talkradio beats a subject to death. Seldom do the hosts have an Open Mike. Why? For fear they might wander into something that would not be as "explosive", and help ratings.


You write well will be waiting for your new publications.

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