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February 11, 2010



That's sure the truth about KPTK's spot load. I imagine it drives their engineers crazy or their board ops or whoever in hell has to listen to them all.

Not to mention the Cougar "sports-everything" which has sent me running back to KUOW almost entirely.

Speaking of which, KUOW tonight had an excellent interview with Bobby Kennedy who sure sounds a lot like his dad, Bobby Kennedy. He could teach a thing or two to our resident Fixed-News Fools.

I meant to give Andrew a pat on the back for giving Dave Ross a compliment a week or so ago. I keep up with Dave's podcasts. He's still the best in town for a diverse look at the world. His programs covering Haiti were the best.

Nice column on radio, Michael. I don't listen to most of them, but it was an interesting read. Are those Dr. Laura's real teeth? :)


Also, I thought Tom Tangney was the movie reviewer on Dave's show? What's his background to be a managing editor? I'd like to know.

I don't like this icon, Michael. I do not like avocado green Or is it puke green?


It's oxidized avocado.

Dori's blog victory is a cheap one; he just bates people by posting some picture on his blog and saying "(childish giggling) oh man, you've gotta see this picture, it's just hilaaaarious, it's up on the Dori Monson Show Page at MyNorthwest.com". And the blog posts with words are just text versions of his topical rants. The most pathetic thing about it is that Monson misses the point of having a blog; it's not to drive up traffic for the sake of driving traffic, nor to merely provide a transcript of show or post visual gags. These are things that are either redundant, or can be found on many other websites. It's to add a new dimension to the radio program, to round out or to give substance. He just looks at it like a dumb jock - that it's all about getting the high score in the short term with no broad perspective of purpose or intention.

Ultimately these blogs would never stand on their own, and time and time again radio jocks have proven they aren't naturally good bloggers in the same way that David Goldstein isn't a natural to radio. They're just different disciplines.

pro tip: if you want to see people who've mastered the art of bating for page views, visit Digg or Reddit. I mean.. it's like the "Dori Monson Show Page" on eight balls.

I wish I had seen that R&D exploitation comment thread before it was removed. What did they allege?


I agree Bla'M, things are happening at KVI. John Carlson is back to a great time (of day) for his show and has definitely captured my drive-home time. Bryan Suits is quick and very entertaining. I listen when I can. I've switched over to KVI for the most part for these two shows.
I'm still a fan of Dori Monson and to some extent, Dave Ross - but again I sure wish they (KIRO) would get these shows back on the A.M. dial.
Enjoyed your comments; always figured you were sort of a latent fan of Dori's. :)

Puget Sound

"Bobby Kennedy who sure sounds a lot like his dad, Bobby Kennedy. He could teach a thing or two to our resident Fixed-News Fools."

Yeah Joanie, like this article 18 months ago on how global warming would prevent any more great snows in DC?

"Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who flies around on private planes so as to tell larger numbers of people how they must live their lives in order to save the planet, wrote a column last year on the lack of winter weather in Washington, D.C.

In Virginia, the weather also has changed dramatically. Recently arrived residents in the northern suburbs, accustomed to today's anemic winters, might find it astonishing to learn that there were once ski runs on Ballantrae Hill in McLean, with a rope tow and local ski club. Snow is so scarce today that most Virginia children probably don't own a sled. But neighbors came to our home at Hickory Hill nearly every winter weekend to ride saucers and Flexible Flyers.

In those days, I recall my uncle, President Kennedy, standing erect as he rode a toboggan in his top coat, never faltering until he slid into the boxwood at the bottom of the hill. Once, my father, Atty. Gen. Robert Kennedy, brought a delegation of visiting Eskimos home from the Justice Department for lunch at our house. They spent the afternoon building a great igloo in the deep snow in our backyard. My brothers and sisters played in the structure for several weeks before it began to melt. On weekend afternoons, we commonly joined hundreds of Georgetown residents for ice skating on Washington's C&O Canal, which these days rarely freezes enough to safely skate..."

Hey Joanie, DC has shut down for the entire week due to snow. LMAO

Puget Sound

I like Bryan's show. It's fun and while he has to be a little over the top that's just radio.
We'll see if a re energized KVI will become a listener magnet. They have had two ready made issues to harp on: the bus tunnel incident and the overturning of the will of the people (3rd time?) on the need to get 2/3's to raise taxes.

For all the usual suspects, over the last ten years if we had just kept the budget adjusted for inflation and growth of people in the state we would have a sizeable surplus. The last 4 years have seen Gov Gregoire increase the budget by a third.

For the math disabled -aka joanie- that is not sustainable.

Hard to believe Coiler hasn't reached into the bag of Bushler tricks to trot out the old KKKVI. What's wrong Coils, you usually go racial when argument fails ya? LMAO.


joanie, yet again runs with it too soon without a proper thought process of what she's saying. She was so anxious to get a comment on Blam's topic that she totally disregarded revelancy. Very typical of the regular libs here who really have nothing to say, so they say it expressed or implied.


sorry, that should have been relevancy

Puget Sound

speaking of relevancy, looks like yet another kennedy has become irrelevant.

"A Democratic official says Rep. Patrick Kennedy has decided not to seek re-election for his seat representing Rhode Island in the U.S. Congress.

The official spoke to The Associated Press only on the condition that his name not be used because he was not authorized to speak ahead of the official announcement.

The decision by the eight-term congressman comes less than a month after a stunning Republican upset in the race for the Massachusetts Senate seat his late father, Edward Kennedy, held for almost half a century."

And he said Scott Brown was a joke? LMAO. just didn't want to get waxed this coming election cycle.

hey Coils, how's that 'hope-changee' thing working for you? it is working real well over here for the republicans.


Green 960 ( streaming ) has the same line up as 1090 but has Randi instead of ED and Karel instead of Norman...and very few commercials. Their website has lots of interesting links. Now I need to find a way to stream the net in the car.


KVI gets only part of it correct. WTF is Dennis Miller doing at 3-5AM ? and one hour of John Gibson (would rather hear Brian and the Judge). They could shift 2 hours of George Norry and move Miller to 9-11PM to "compete" with Dr. Laura, but no, they'd rather stay set in their illogical ways. I can listen to Jason Lewis on KXL at that time, but the usual suspects here would not care for him, since he is for small government, is economically and common sense saavy and chastizes Bush 43 appropriately and broadcasts out of the Twin Cities.

KVI/KFI-Suits is on a proverbial roll - quick and irreverent - enjoyable to hear again. Carlson is OK - he'll always seem a bit tainted here from his ill-fated run for Gov. in 2000.


yeah Duffman/TommyOate, you know a lot about irrelevancy and highjacking threads. Easier to be totally hypocritical when you post with 2 or 3 names.


So, do you post on your breaks or recess; do you have computer access there at school?


Brian and the Judge rock. At least the Judge does. All kidding aside, The judge is a very intelagent well thought out man. Fox news aside.


When I post during the day, it means I am at home. I am blocked from blogs posting at school so I don't even try. But Im not odio, so that means that you annoy others as well.


I was speaking to joanie, thank you.
(You are sure home a lot)


Your foto of dori is a true representation of his physical as well as his spiritual self, Michael.

Obama is a black man

Dori has rallied the cage and we will see the seeds of a revolution 10am Monday in Olympia.

Go Dori Go! I wonder if that nutcase Tommy008 will be there. Better call the FBI...

Busta nut

Your whole blog is a joke. You come off sounding like a bitch. Opinions are like assholes... everyone has one. Are you a fag like all the other Seattlites? For fuks sake!!


I'm sure glad Randi is back. My last day of school for a week! I'm exhausted. Late nights for a week and valentine's day merged with lunar new year has been excessive!

You're an idiot, Duffman. Anybody who uses an alias of an alias is an idiot.

Michael, you need to post more "teaching" videos from Rachel. The only way these idiots are going to get any learning.

Puget Sound

care to 'splain the RFK jr. no more snow in DC cause of global warming faux paux?
pick pick pick
cheep cheep cheep

the chickens are coming home....too roost!



MSLSD including Rachael's teaching is dumbing down all of the small numbers who watch it. - hopefully very few children. The truth hurts - that's why they avoid it with regularity. Some of this may sound like talking points, but they depict it as a majority of Americans see it. OK, yeah - Europeans are so much more adept at accepting statism.

Using the above MO, anyone who doesn't agree with Joanie is an idjit. That ship sailed sometime last summer and is sinking in the middle of the Atlantic.

Puget Sound

spot on KS
joanie is the type that views the world in black and white. if you don't agree with her then you must be an idiot.
apparently she is unable to see beyond black and white, to understand nuance, or even appreciate that there are different perspectives by people of good faith. this is common to people who only get one side of the story.

watching rachel maddow tonight and her guest made the comment that the dems have a president waiting to sign the senate health care bill, a senate bill that has been passed, and a house that is majority democrat. yet, for some reason, they can't get it done.

this will go down as one of the great legislative failures of all time.

must be president bush's fault.

Puget Sound

if you want to get a good book, get 'Wing Nuts.' a wonderful political discourse on the dangers of extremism on both sides.


It will remain Bush's fault ad nauseum for the leftists.

Will have to check out "Wing Nuts" after I read SuperFreakinomics.


There's something I don't understand entirely about MyNorthwest.com, and that's whether it's supposed to be a portal to the media of the future that's supposed to replace radio like podcasts and web streaming, or if it's purely to enhance the radio product, because even though few people seem to notice or care, TBTL is functioning as a test case to see if internet radio and podcasts with relatively heavy promotion can build momentum and usurp radio as a business, or if it's a spark that fails to ignite a bang.

And the verdict is in if you ask me. TBTL has no sponsors, and they recently solicited donations NPR style. Either Luke Burbank is a poor self promoter, or the market just can't support what he wants to do,and I think it's the latter because Burbank seems plenty persuasive. He has talked people with money into giving him chances, and the fuse is lit but the fireworks never go off. Even if Burbank broke even or made a profit it's very obvious that the income can't support a news staff, or the higher production values of radio at the present.

I don't know what the point of MyNorthwest.com is but if it's to push new media, I don't think it will pay off, and it seems like an expensive flourish if it's purpose is to promote the radio product. It seems like they spend more effort promoting the site than the other way around.


regarding politics, Dems are bruised but Repugs are still the party of "NO", and there's a long paper trail to prove it, and that's worse IMO. I don't think the good public is so ready to vote for the guys that fucked up the economy in the first place and then stood in the way of efforts to fix it. The Repugs are taking a gamble in be obstructionists, and it looks good now but I suspect it will backfire badly come November.

Puget Sound

the voters will respect competency. the repubs screwed up and were fired. so the public gave the Dems two years -and all the votes they needed- to show they were better and able to accomplish something with veto proof control of the congress and the executive branch.

but hey, it is a long time until november. perhaps the dems will turn it around and pass signature legislation and work as a team.

they could pass the senate version of healthcare and get it to the president who says he wants to sign it.

they could implement cap and trade. (see what that does to the economy)

they could close gitmo. (where you gonna put 'em?)

they could pass financial reform (ooops might tick off wallstreet)

they could defund the wars. (vietnam circa 1975 redux)

they could start those bush/cheney investigations. (public backlash if the economy is in the tank and they are working on putting cheney in jail)

the could do a lot of things they promised. but for some reason they back off. internal polling?

they could go ahead on the NY trials for KSM except the people of NY don't want 'em. (my NY liberal friends who live/work downtown across the street from the WTC are aghast)

see, a lot of stuff that sounded great on the campaign trail doesn't translate well. no lobbyist in the white house? (check out who is who there).

transparency in healthcare negotiations?
(check out how that promise was broken).

but yeah, november is a long time away and it could turn around for the Dems. OR, it could get worse...when a Kennedy Seat is taken by a Republican and the remaining 8 term Kennedy has to give up his Dem Seat rather than face defeat it don't look good.

and even the usual suspects know it's the truth. this veto proof Dem congress will go down as one of the worst in history. entirely self inflicted. truly the gang that couldn't shoot straight.

so what's your solution andrew? do they tack harder to the left? the fact that they don't do those things will not inspire dem backers to go out and vote in a midterm. the fact that they COULD do those things will inspire independents and repubs to go out and vote to take it off the table and force this president to go clinton. take to the center/right.

btw, i applaud the president for lifting don't ask don't tell. moving the country forward. lets see if he goes through with it.

Puget Sound

don't forget, you can always pull out the bogeyman Bush and blame him.
that would be a winner for 2010:
blame Bush, raise taxes, and talk about the need to put terrorist in criminal court rather than military tribunal.


LA Burbank sourrounds himself with a posse of sycophants, and lives in an elitist's dreamworld of false superiority (he once went on a poseur's rant about how boring and lame Jimmy Fallon was compared to his own sublime thought patterns ). A personality that is perpetually jumped up by these various narcissistic conceits tends to end up a little shocked when he finds himself out of a job, Frank Shiers sitting in his chair, and Jimmy Fallon, still is the host NBC LATENIGHT, not him. Dude youre just not all that.


When confronted by my posts here dissing him for usiing "like" all the time, Burbank rationalized that those like him , people over 25 who still used "like" incorrectly, all the time, were actually just higher evolved beings, and actually verbally superior to the lame old farts who insisted on correct, adult English on the radio, or on the street. When confronted by the failure of his show, and replacement by a hack mediocrity, Burbank rationalized that he was actually TOO GOOD for lame old regular stoneage radio- his show was actually too evolved. No, it was geared for the "podcast generation"- hipsters, flipsters and finger-popping Daddies who can't be tied down to an oldfashioned radio schedule.


Quit criticizing Luke Burbank, he is a true talent. Keep it up and I'll have to report you to Dory Munsun and then you will really be in trouble. Relax, take your meds and ask your mom for a milk shake.


And I don't want any backtalk ther Holmes. (smile)


shut up duffman you douchenozzle. (smile)


If Burbank can find sponsors and support his family then yes, he's right. If he fails to generate an income, then he's wrong. He obviously doesn't have sponsors, but I don't know how much money he generated in donations so it's hard to say whether or not he can make it work.


What better way to spend a rainy day than to visit a winery for a bottle of Chardonnay and then buy fresh crab and clams for dinner?


A better way would be to take the value of that wine and crab and dontate it to the Haitian cause. I guarantee you they are not eating crab and drinking wine in that country. You are the epitome of what they call an ugly American.


no , he won't make a go of the podcast thing, because he is unable to change and grow, which is the only way he'll achieve a better show, which he needs to do. When i heard him completely blowing off the legitimate criticism of his saying "like" all the time, with that breathtaking arrogance, i knew his radio show was doomed for failure. a lot of people fail with their first couple of shows. the ones that break through have been able to at least admit they were doing some things wrong, as a first step. He can't even do that.


Go back and study Rush's past and count how many times he failed before hitting it big. He was persistant, had a passion and is a GENUINE ENTERTAINER, much as your idol Dory Munsen.


can we get another card table set up in the kitchen to accomodate Tommyoate's ass, so he can eat ice cream and candy out there wih the kiddies? he keeps coming in the dining room where us grown ups are talking.


Honestly, Tommy008, the best way to handle these idiots is to ignore them. None of the interesting or intelligent people on this blog pay a bit of attention to them except to correct their most stoopid posts which I'm about to do:

A perspective on American troops in Haiti from someone who is REALLY there: "But, I mean, one thing that is striking to me with the soldiers is they just don’t—you just have to question how much they’re really helping. It’s not that they’re not helping. I mean, they are helping in logistical ways and whatnot. But if you look at the amount of money that is being invested in having this presence of troops here and the ways in which they’re contributing, I think you have to question that. I mean, just spending a couple hours at the club in the morning, most of the troops, they’re jogging. They’re—you know, they have their presence, and it’s a security presence. But, you know, when I was down in the camp, a four-year-old child was run over by a water truck that had lost control, that apparently was water from UNICEF. It had UNICEF stickers on it. And I ran up, you know, desperate and to tell some authority to try to talk to the family, what could be done for them. And I told a bunch of soldiers, and they just sort of shrugged their shoulders, and, you know, sort of complete indifference. On other occasions on the streets, I’ve seen soldiers, and I’ve asked them, “Where are you going? What are you doing?” And, you know, often they don’t really have a clear idea. "

What a pathetic kind of person who spends his time defending the military with so many people in survival mode.


Check out the NY Times graphic of the luge accident. Kind of eerie but interesting. luge run now shut down

Bjorn Lundborg

care to 'splain the RFK jr. no more snow in DC cause of global warming faux paux?

I've read Sparky explain that several times. There is a point at which no one will respond to a request for an explanation that's been given several times already.

You read a lot. Try reading a book on global warming and learn a bit about moisture trapped in the atmosphere. People will take you more seriously.


It's not objectively wrong for Burbank to say "like...", it helps him relate with a younger audience. I think he'd be more inclined to accept criticism if it was substantive. Pleasing the grammar police doesn't pay the bills. Jen Andrews' isn't breathing into her headset as much any more. I'm glad they addressed that issue.


yeah , he laughed it off too, as not "substantive" and his show got canned, psrtly because he never changed the "like" thing, in my opinion. Burbank obviously says "like" pretty nearly as often in real life as he does during his show- that's my impression and guess only, because, thankfully, i don't hang out with him and his posse of admirers. The average 20 year old says like less than half as much as he does. Burbank isn't a kid- if he was maybe he could he get away with it. An MTV slacker DJ show or some such production. Instead he's trying to be taken seriously on a serious talk show. Burbank needs listeners from a broad age spectrum to make it- pandering to the slacker half of 14- to 30 ain't gonna make it for him. People don't respect a divorced guy well into his thirties with a teen daughter who talks like a kid. Even 20 year olds don't respect such a person.


Well like I said, if he makes it work, he makes it work. Lucky for you it doesn't appear to be working, but as of this moment he still has a job he enjoys.

And you're right, he does have an inflated sense of self worth, but it's that personality trait that has allowed him to get as far as he has. A less confident version of himself might be collecting paychecks in a cubical somewhere.

And this is very much not my business, I hate myself for typing this, but he hasn't mentioned his daughter at all lately whereas in the past he would speak of her frequently. Overall it's a good thing because I thought it was wrong of him to put her in the public eye, but none the less I wonder whatever happened with that. I've been infected with awareness... now I'm curious.


You listen to his podcasts, Andrew? You like him? I found him sort of addictive myself towards the end. Not so much Jen.

Did you hear him on Ross' show talking about an appearance in New York? Sold out - about 500 I think he said.


I listen. I don't think he puts on the best show, but it's far better than Dori Monson, I get tired of listening to music and there's nothing decent on cable at that hour. TBTL comes on between 12 to 12:15, depening on when Luke wakes up, and then TMZ Live comes on at 1:30 so the timing is perfect.

I think what keeps Luke's show from greatness is mostly the lack of structure. When it was on KIRO there was some structure though not much. He just lets it all hang out now though. He chats with Shawn for 1-10 mins, Jenn 10-20 mins (if skype doesn't break) and then his girlfriend or a guest for 45 mins, often straight through without any breaks. It's very, very loose. They haven't done Awesome/Not Awesome months, TBTL players in years. The problem with that is that if there's something you like about the show today, you can't depend on it being there tomorrow, or ever again. It sounds like pirate radio.

I think that new listeners who find the show won't perceive it as a real show, but as a guy saying aloud whatver thought blows across his mind. His girlfriend is actually pretty fun to listen to, she speaks clearly and confidently and she has well formed opinions. She could be on full time. But having your GF is sort of unprofessional, a thing of convenience rather than preference, so I wish I wasn't aware they were in a relationship and I hope he doesn't mention their relationship to the listeners more than he already has. He needs to put out a well timed, structured, dependable product everyday, at the same time every day. It just sad when I tune in at 12:05 and I get .... nothing. All of my other listening options are on time. It tries people's patience.


Joanie, you idiot. That golf course that you posted about is probably in the same village that I spent most of my time in. I never made it in to Port Au Prince, but got close.
If that golf course is the one that I am thinking of, the Army (ours, Airborne Rangers I think) was setting up a huge tent camp there for refuges. They were setting up some kind of a hospital there to as the one in town had collapsed. Of course that temporary hospital is, or will be staffed by Army and Navy Drs that certainly must make you cringe.
You obviously get off on hating the kids that serve in our military and pleasure your nasty, bitter old self every time you can find a reason to insult them or find some other moron in the press that is slamming them. You really a a bitter, pathetic old woman. I do pity you.


TBTL could have been an at least mild success- it wasn't totally godawful. it could still be on the air instead of Frank Shiers with his banal, vapid commenting. In my opinion, during the critical first year or so, when the legitimate criticism started to roll in, as wil always happen with a new concept show, Burbank pulled back into his shell and comforted himself with his posse of sycophantic friends and admirers, who reinforced him against any changes in the show. Instead af having valid concerns, we Blatherwatch people were just silly trolls who lived on our keyboards 24/7 , "mom's basement" types who couldn't possibly know anything about making his show more successful. In fact in one response, he made the idiotic remark that the fact that he had a radio show and his Blatherwatch critics didnt was de facto proof that he needn't pay any attention to them. Just all part of the arrogant, elitist attitude, which reached it's zenith with his contemptuous dismissal of the "like" issue.


And you get off on ignoring what people who were really there say about it. Continue to attack and never look at facts, - or even the reference - ok by me. In your case, I just consider the source - an RV guy whose mind is in the gutter waaaaay too much to think he gets any at home.

A tent - WOW! I guess they probably did that. Seems like a tent is a good idea. I wasn't even there and I think a tent is a good idea. Takes a whole battalion to put up a tent? Then jog.

Two sources who were really there to HELP the Haitians. And you're complimenting the military on putting up a tent. WOW as Lily of Lily's Plastic Purse would say. WOW!

And as for pity, save it for the Haitians. That would be a start.

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