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February 14, 2010



Karma is a real bitch , ain't it Toyota, you lying bastards. yo u have to feel sorry for little Dave Ross and his Prius/Toyota spots, sailing along unsuspectingly, thinking he's working for an ethical car company, and they blindside him with their deceitful scandalous crap. That 'll teach you to be a booster for riceburners, Ross. Start plugging Fords. you elitist.


You tell me, Ph(J)oanie - your party of tax/borrow and spend is in control. Go ahead tell me, what do you think the Dims would cut besides the military ?

This is what I wrote:
Try smaller government - a blasphemus idea to today's Democratic Party, incrementally downsizing - it can be done for the good of the people.

Will it ? F**k NO !

Andy, WTF are you bloviating about - talking to yourself ?


"So because the Republicans say no to everything including things they supported just a few months ago ( after Obama said he supported it too)--that mean's he is an ideologue? uh right."

Yep, There is nothing worth saying yes to - statism sucks and that's all they have been promoting. You aren't convincing me that he is not, except I'll say he's not a total ideologue - he is also a juvenile pres-on training wheels and a bonafide narcissist - he'll throw Dems under the bus if they get in his way too. He has already thrown the GOP lock stock and barrel under the bus. Chicago mobster style politics at its butt ugly worst.


Wow...you should get a job writing for Fox News...you make up stuff almost as well as they do. Almost.


You don't make sense anymore. You're on the edge, klueless. I hope I'm not driving over any bridges you engineered.

Civil engineer? I hope not.


BTW- I don't do bridges, I design roads and utilities.
I don't expect your twisted, upside down statist world order to make sense from my common sense comments. Hard to dispute the truth though but there's always blissful ignorance. Rachel Maddow seems to have problems with the truth when citing Sen. Inhofe re: Global climate change- maybe that's already been covered so won't disclose this time.

You both should be writing the daily propaganda sheets for MSLSD. Your arguments are becoming more circular in nature. You probably wished that Mrs. Clinton was POTUS, but bet that you are in this so deep it would be hard for you to swallow that.


You work for the gubmint?


Twisting roads and utility lines? That must be why you've lost the ability to answer a question directly.

I wonder if we can outsource your job? A few computerized topographical maps sent to India should do it. Don't you think? That's one way you could cut taxes.

You and Mrs. chux represent two jobs that could be done a whole ot cheaper in India. Why not? Got an answer for that one?

Peeroy Jabbar

Monson thinks that since the black teen girl beaten and stomped in the bus tunnel video will have no chance at a big payday in the civil trial THAT she and her lawyer plan to pursue, because he has discovered she is not a nice person, with two violent felonies in her past. I say the asshat is wrong- any judge will disallow her past to be brought up , as being prejudicial AND IRRELEVANT. Any lawyers out there?


One of the best places to cut spending would be in schools in this state. All over the nation, private schools do a much better job of teaching children for a great deal less money than public schools.
For less than $500.00 per month, my grand child has been in classes with less than 15 kids for the past 7 years. This year, she is a 7th grader in a public middle school, taking 8th grade honors classes in crowded class rooms with teachers struggling to challenge her.
The other grand daughter moved in with her dad in Renton over the summer and now attends 4th grade in public schools after 4 years of charter school in Arizona. Similar problems there.
We need vouchers that could allow parents to send their kids to a place which allows for top quality education. Private schools that compete for students through quality courses and top notch teachers.


"I wonder if we can outsource your job? A few computerized topographical maps sent to India should do it. Don't you think? That's one way you could cut taxes.

You and Mrs. chux represent two jobs that could be done a whole ot cheaper in India. Why not? Got an answer for that one?"

Posted by: joanie | February 16, 2010 at 09:53 PM

Back at ya...Pot & Kettle - It would save some $ if the teaching jobs were outsourced to East Indian nationals were recruited here to teach. They would at least provide a less politically biased & less revisionist approach to social sciences and history and likely a more competent approach to math and science. The children are our future and that's where the $ is.


Pot - kettle - crap! You have the shortest memories on this blog.

I've always voted for vouchers I think every family and all children should get the best education they can wherever they can. And like all business, some are better than others. The public schools do a better job than many private schools and many private schools do a better job than the public schools. I can work in either.

Why so much hot air, boys? Doesn't change the fact that I walk the talk while you continue to whine. You going to suggest that we outsource actuaries to Asia for a whole lot cheaper and probably better, chuckles? And outsource designing twisty roads and utilities, klueless?

And public or private, you're still going to pay for it and I'm still going to be working.


Regarding education, I would be interested (especially) in joanie's and sparky's comment(s) on THIS.

Peeroy Jabbar

it isn't completely offtopic because the thread includes Suits, and this was the centerpiece of his morning's show. I didn't but into the thread to plug a Simpson video. This video is incrediBle because it gives a rare if ever seen realworld glimpse into a foreign intelligence (almost surely Mossad) spook hit job operation. At the 13 min mark , it looks like another Intelligence service officer, maybe CIA, is tailing the Mossad guy . The Dubai government has his face pixillated , the only one except fo r the tourist lady who barges in on the second floor lobby as the operatives are tryign to break into thevictim's hotel room. this happens at abouthte 20 min mark. Watch as the spook in the lobby stalls her with pleasant chatter while he signals the abort signal to the team in the hall, and then guides her to her room, in the same block as the team's and the victim's rooms. I imagine that lady might know that she is the woman in the video by now.


peeroy your writing style is a lot like tommy008 did you know that.


"Why so much hot air, boys? Doesn't change the fact that I walk the talk while you continue to whine. You going to suggest that we outsource actuaries to Asia for a whole lot cheaper and probably better, chuckles? "

you are hot air. you have selective memory failure yourself. pot meet kettle. Stop your whining !

I say hire East Indian nationals who live here for teaching in place of the current crop. Above all, work to abolish the Department of Education and decentralize it - it's not a coincidence that our academic standards compared to other countries have dropped noticeably since its formation in the 70's.
It is insanity for whoever believes that the quality of education will improve with the existing broken system in place.

Paul Johnson

Joanie, I've been away actually producing non governmental revenue for the true job creators, private industry. Your so full of yourself! There is no proof whatsoever of global warming. You are a sheeple. The ice core samples that most scientists use for research go back thousands of years. That is not possible in the Arctic Ocean. Perhaps you meant Greenland? Part of that is in the arctic circle. What poll or source are you basing the ridiculous assertion that the majority of people want this disasterous Obamacare proposal? That is patently false. And you say it like it is such an overwhelming truth. 60% oppose this crap and you should know that. You get your propaganda from where? MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC? And if the criminals in DC cram this thing through, we will find a way to repeal it after the huge changeover that is coming in November. Cap and trade for the Al Gore global warming criminals will also be reversed if forced through, allthough that one appears doomed givin the obvious tampering of data by your beloved "scientists" that played to Gores and others agenda. We're not killing anything like you assert. As I schooled you before, you don't seem to remember how polluted we once were. We are by far the best country at cleaning up the environment bar none! On taxes, I got a tax cut under Bush and probably so did you. But we're not uber rich. So another mistake by you. And when correcting my English, have you ever noticed how many errors you make on this blog? You might check yourself! And we all make judgements every moment of our lives. So, my noticing Rachels hair style is a judgement of sorts, there is nothing wrong with that. If someone like Rachel walks into my office in a job intervue, I will consider her possible obsession with her sexuality in my decision making process. Heterosexuals do not have this problem as much. So what are you going to do about that? I would pull my child from your class if I knew you were their teacher too. In conclusion, the AGW scare has been mortally wounded. When you say an overwhelming majority of scientists say its true, you are either a liar, or terribly misinformed. There are over 10000 scientists who have signed a document stating their belief that the IPCC report is faulty and needs more study. Approximately 2000 of these scientists hold Masters degrees, and about 200 of them are in meteorological related fields. I can prove this if you wish but I'm sure that your not interested. Your "open" mind has long ago closed. I'm sorry for you. Maybe one day when you and others like Andrew realize how far off course you have been, you can find some kind of humility that will ease your soul. We here are at peace.

Paul Johnson

interview OK teach?


You know, kluelss, with every post you sound more and more stupid. Hire East indians if you think they'll teach better. I'm not afraid. I have a whole lotta confidence in my ability. Apparently, you don't in yours.

Also, in case you haven't heard, East Indians are kinda hard to understand. Ever tried calling for help with a computer program?

And finally, only because your brain is not smart enough to figure this out, I'm not the one complaining about taxes. I don't want to have my cake and eat it too. That little confusing dilemma belongs to you.

YOU are the ones who want to cut back on gumment but YOU are the ones who want to keep being paid by gumment. Would you decide, please, which you want more? Lower taxes OR good paychecks coming in. Can't have both. Either way, quit your whining.

God, you really, really are stoopid.


Paul, or whatever name you're using these days, anybody who can't separate points into paragraphs deserves not to be read.

So I didn't.

Clean up your rant. Somebody might read it. You been taking lessons from sputs?

Now, go back to C2C and think about my lesson tonight.


"Hire East indians if you think they'll teach better. I'm not afraid. I have a whole lotta confidence in my ability. Apparently, you don't in yours."

Wrong again, phony one - what orifice did you pull that one out of ? I don't have a problem with East Indians being hired in my field, it is well known that there is a shortage in Licensed civil engineers - so throw out that red herring. No problem with keeping taxes at the same level, but cut back spending (the Guvmint can't do it, let alone this state)- another red herring through the bassomatic.

I see, only you are permitted to whine and if you don't think you do it, have an unbiased third party read your thread and I challenge you to ask for their opinion - right - that will happen when pigs fly.


Im a third party and I can tell you that in my opinion joanie ran from paul johnsons post as she does each time she is confronted with logic and facts. She claims to be one who demands these facts yet she wont face them head on.
She would certainly never be able to able to call herself authentic joanie.


Another alias . . . c'mon. How was C2C last night?

BTW, klueless, just what gumment agency allows you to spend your time blogging during working hours? You prove yourself to be expendable.


In her blathering yesterday, old Joanie was rambling off about outsourcing our states actuaries while at the same time, my wife and a couple of the people were having lunch with Sam Reed and a few other politicians. The state put it on as an awards luncheon to honor her and her partners coming up with a program to save government hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.
Now, thanks to my bride and others in her office, various different city, county and state agencies throughout the state do not need to hire outside actuary firms for answers every year.
It was estimated that over the rest of her career with the state, the savings will amount to over $5,000,000.00. Money that can be better spent on police, fire, emergency medical services or even schools.
Say thank you Mrs Chucks.


More gobble-de-goop, chux? This is as verifiable as your trip to Haiti.

Stupidity. It just keeps on keepin' on with you guys.

And if any such information were imparted, imagine how much cheaper it would have been coming from an Asian or Indian via outsourcing. Just imagine, chux. That should make your little hate-taxes heart thumpety-thump wildly. And the tax payer - you - wouldn't have had to pick up lunch. Just imagine.


And since when is Sam Reed in charge of the state budget? Better she talk to the Congress.

Chux, the idiot who keeps on giving. So, the bride got another free lunch for nothing. Thanks a lot, chux.


Was this guy a tea bagger?

man angry at the tax code crashes his plane in Austin


Google "Wa Secretary of State"
Go to nooze release, feb 10, 2010.
Recognition event honors innovation and savings « Back

News Release
Issued: February 17, 2010

Agency directors, statewide elected officials and legislators joined Wednesday to celebrate some of the best and most creative employees Washington’s state government has to offer.

Secretary of State Sam Reed and State Auditor Brian Sonntag hosted the annual Innovations in State Government Awards in the Capitol Rotunda, a ceremony to honor state employees for their innovative ideas and reward some of the year’s best. The Employee Suggestion and Teamwork Incentive programs saved $836,859 in 2009 alone.

“Undoubtedly, state employees are the key to the success of this program,” Reed said. “Their innovation and creativity have saved the state millions in taxpayer dollars.”

Thirty-two employees, including two Teamwork Incentive Program teams and seven agency evaluators, were honored. The Office of the State Actuary won Agency of the Year honors for helping save over a dozen agencies $220,000, proving that even smaller departments can make significant impacts in saving the state money.

Recipients receiving awards include:
Outstanding Evaluator Awards

• Dan Pacholke from the Department of Corrections;
• Jan Weston from the Employment Security Department;
• Jay Wells and Archie Allen from the Department of Transportation;
• Rhonda Bierma and Susan Harp from the Department of Health; and
• Nancy Wolke from the Department of Social and Health Services.

Suggestions Achieving the Highest Savings

• Cindy Hacker, a Trooper with the Washington State Patrol, recommended that the agency have each district enter into low-bid contracts for tow services. The suggestion saved the state $64,000 in the first year alone.

• Brett Durbin, the Assistant Attorney General in the Revenue Department of the Attorney General’s Office, suggested the agency change receipt and delivery of crucial discovery legal documents to electronic form rather than hard copy. The agency implemented the idea and has realized $40,000 in first-year savings.

• Cable Green, the E-Learning Director at the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, came up with the idea to use a software program to host online meetings rather than pay for travel costs for all attendees. This idea was swiftly adopted and saved the agency $25,000 in the first year alone.

• Troy Free is a Community Corrections Officer with the Department of Corrections, and his recommendation that the agency use hook in wall lockers, inmate housing cells, closets and halls to cut down on laundering costs has saved his agency $22,275.

Evergreen Award
The Evergreen Award honors those suggestions that go beyond cost and strive to protect the environment. This year’s winners were:
• Jerry Hatcher, Jim Harvey and Dana Carroll of the Department of Corrections, who came together to recommend that their agency utilize statewide transportation teams to collect and return all clothing eligible for reissue for cleaning, repairs and redistribution. Not only did their suggestion save $20,275 in the first year, it cut down significantly on water usage within the agency.

• Martha Miller-Lopez of the Department of Corrections suggested that her agency purchase reusable fabric carrying bags for inmates to use for transporting store items to their living units instead of paper bags.
Improving Safety in Washington Award
This award recognized employees who made their workplace safer. Winners were:
• Joshua Lumsden of the Department of Social and Health Services, whose suggestion to use electronic methods for site reviews of geographical information for placement of persons considered to be a danger in the community, was enthusiastically adopted by the agency.
• Brad Kuhlman for his suggestion that the Department of Transportation use the device he developed for loading and unloading heavy traffic barrels to help prevent back injuries to employees. The agency concluded that the device would reduce exposure to injuries, and adopted Kuhlman’s idea.

Agency of the Year

• For the first time in the history of the Productivity Board, the Office of the State Actuary received this honor for being at the top of the list of agencies that saved the most money. Its success was spearheaded by this year’s Teamwork Incentive Program Award-winning team, which featured eight employees and saved the agency $220,000 in the first year alone.

Innovative Team Award

• The Shooting Stars of the Liquor Control Board created the Combined License Interview Process (CLIP) to improve both the retail and non-retail application processing time, and generate retail liquor sales. The efforts of the team not only led to quicker turnarounds in processing time, they also generated revenue from both liquor sales and licensing fees totaling $37,493.

Teamwork Incentive Program Awards

• The OPEB Tools Team of the Office of the State Actuary updated a study of the statewide Law Enforcement Officers’ and Fire Fighters Retirement System (LEOFF) Plan 1 medical benefits. Not only did their new system gather extremely positive comments, it also helped save the agency $220,000.

Coordinator of the Year

• Carrie Chastain from the Department of Corrections.

To learn more about the Employee Suggestion Program, Teamwork Incentive Program or the Productivity Board, visit www.secstate.wa.gov/productivityboard . To see more photos of the celebration, and to find out more about the Employee Suggestion Program, please visit: www.sos.wa.gov/productivityboard/innovations
This one is easy. Proof of the other is difficult without compromising my personal info.
(kiss mine, joan)


why don't you read it coiler, you'll note he puts the blame (to a large extent) on G Bush. Doubt that he'a a tea-bagger. Course you have to rush the article to the blog without (apparently) even reading it. So much like you.


You're not gonna flip out on us too, are you Joe?


Congratulations to your wife, chucks - that's a great achievement. (Especially with our current State fiscal constraints).

Peeroy Jabbar

little man /big man a very small, very ugly little man, just tried to make himself sound like a big man, by bullying, mocking, hectoring, belittling and lauhging at a welfare single mom.


Now Tommy be nice to Dory he's just making a living by being controversial. He doesn't have your stock market acumen for making money.

Peeroy Jabbar

Re- Bryan Suits Dubai assassination story- i'm sure that the Mossad Dubai hit team were all been spirited back to Israel or Israeli-contolled safe zones e jets, probably within hours of the body being found . I'm sure they are all now instantly retired from operational duties , due to the surveillance videos being plastered all over the internet, not to mention their beaming faces on their Interpol murder warrants. Not to worry, they're all Israeli rock stars now, having taken out one of Isreal's most wanted..... and I'm sure are well taken care for the rest of their lives...... I liked the nice touch when "Gail Foliard" (no one by that name exists) walked down the Dubai hotel hallway, looked right into the camera and gave a big f-you grin right into... i'm waiting for the movie..... these people are the stuff of legend now.....


I was driving down I-5 today in my jacked up Ford f350 super-duty with matching blue door flames and oak gun rack when some pansy in a Yoyota Prius cut me off. I was so mad I gave him a courtesy bump which made him slow down even more. I became so filled with rage that I spilled my beer and almost dropped the joint that was in my mouth. I spent the next 3 minutes reaching for my unregistered handgun and informing everyone of my rage via mobile Facebook. After I fired a couple warning shots he moved over and I continued driving down the middle of two lanes. I think that all Prius drivers should take the bus or at least buy a Ford.


Geeez Sparky. A little overkill there, eh?
You need to control your rage. You are driving a great American (Canadian?) rig there. Hopefully a Power Stroke. Strokers rule the road.
I recommend that you watch a few episodes of Cops and learn to do the PIT maneuver. It brings huge joy to your heart as you watch the "huggers" hit the ditch.
Done properly, there is no evidence left behind and you don't even miss a swig.


Cool. I found that in a document on my desktop and thought I would share it.


I spent the next 3 minutes reaching for my unregistered handgun and informing everyone of my rage via mobile Facebook. After I fired a couple warning shots he moved over and I continued driving down the middle of two lanes. I think that all Prius drivers should take the bus or at least buy a Ford.

Posted by: sparky | February 18, 2010

Who wrote that ? Was that a published document ? Nice escape from reality.. Damn Prius drivers !


Was this guy a tea bagger?

man angry at the tax code crashes his plane in Austin.

From his biodata, it is likely that he was an independent that voted for OBAMA in 2008. BTW - Tea Party Patriots are open to all races in spite of what the loons at MSLSD make up for their news.


"It is likely...", you take his word as his set fire to his house with his family inside? Some anti capitalist he was flying around in an airplane and cheating on his taxes. That is his data and he was all over the place much like Michael Douglas' character in "Falling Down"


Kiss yours? for what, chux? I'm not now and never will be interested in kissing anything belonging to the mayor of idiotville.

I was at school today for no pay. So, when do I get my tax-payer paid luncheon for saving the school district and State a whole bunch of money by working for free? Oh, and the other teachers who there today as well?

God, you're dumb. First of all, it took eight people who needed an incentive to do the right thing? Find ways to save money? And all they could come up with was $220,000?

So, if you divide that by eight, she's worth about $25,000. WOW!

They'd have saved a whole lot more if they just out-sourced themselves to India. Now that would have been a real tax saving, wouldn't it? Even you should be able to figure that one out.

You hate gumment and you still couldn't figure that out. Amazing.

You are the biggest hypocrite on this blog and probably in the State of Washington! I can't imagine anybody else with any amount of gray matter in their frontal lobes thinking that they're special because they go to lunch on the tax payer's dime for saving money when the biggest saving of all would be to eliminate their jobs.

Let's all applaud chux wife. After all, as much as she and hubby hate paying taxes, she's not quite there yet on giving up her own gumment paycheck. Screw everybody else but keep mine coming in.

What a total hypocrit. You take the prize and it ain't worth much.

What do I think? Another monumental waste of money. Let's make a real difference and send her job to India. God, you're easily impressed;.

As for compromising your identity? Good grief! Have you forgotten already that you not only told us where we could find you but put your former boss' business at risk by posting so many totally stupid comments on his web site? Short memory I guess.

Now, if you really want to learn something, try listen to speaker's forum on KUOW. You'll hear from a real hero who is smart as well as courageous. Naw. You'll never get your face free of Fixed News behind.


You know, I've been thinking. Imagine how proud you really would have been had your bride actually suggested that the State outsource actuarial work? It is, after all, just numbers crunching.

We'd all be winners. State departments cut back saving a bunch in employee costs including bennies; she could have done what you think she should have done which is get more profitable work in the private sector; and you could then claim to have walked the talk.

This was a missed opportunity for you.

Of course, maybe the private sector is out sourcing actuarial work, too. That would be a bummer.


Of course, like you, she is salaried. Today, she worked from 7:30 AM until 8:15 PM. She did it for free. The office allows for some comp time after session. Of course, unlike you, she does not get Summer, Winter, mid winter or spring break, Marty Kings birfday like you.
Did you know that if a cost saving innovation is put in to effect by the state, the employees get 10% of the first years savings. Don't you think that if they use the idea for, let's say 10 years, the innovators should get paid every year? Now, you need to understand, this innovative idea was only put in to effect over the summer. The savings to the state will be over $400,000.00 this year.
What are you doing out tonight anyway Joan? It isn't a full moon.
(she would probably be pissed off at me for leaving you with the wrong impression, she and the rest of the staff did not take the 10%)


I wouldn't either if I got paid what she gets paid. BTW, I don't get paid for all those holidays and breaks either. Even though I work many of them. And it isn't about me anyway. It's about you. And how much you hate paying the taxes that she brings home. And about how much pork you say there is in gumment. Make up your mind.

Cutting a department would have saved even more. Don't you agree?

Good night.

Peeroy Jabbar

When i listen to Laser Mill Zsar Dr. King i hear an insufferable prick in that voice......the voice doesn't lie.... i'd like fpr him to relocate in S. Cal - move the focking mill down there, please.... and close down here you priss... so i dont have to hear that voice.....


Actually, as State employees, she and I get the same holidays. My long breaks are unpaid. A residual of being in a job that was traditionally "wimmin's work" thank you very much.


Actually the reason this religion is losing followers is because the evidence for it has been revealed to have been manipulated and misrepresented, while the evidence against it continues to mount.

And those "few corrupt researchers in Europe" were the burning beacon of this religion -- until they got busted. NOW they're insignificant? Totter off back to your altar and sacrifice some more incense to Captain Planet, kooks.

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