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February 14, 2010


Obama is a black man

Global warming caused by man is the greatest hoax since the Y2K paranoia and perhaps approaches the flat earth hoax of the Middle Ages. To honestly beleive that human beings can alter climate on a greater scale than say sun spots shows an alarming misunderstanding of science, physics and general sense of scale.


Rachel is correct, of course, i.e. just because someone may be eating crab and having wine does not mean the Haitians aren't starving, right?
And what this is obviously showing that even tho we are getting significantly more amounts of snow, the snow is actually warmer.
Did you notice her report vernacular changed from global warming at the beginning to climate change at the end (with Nye the science guy).
And WTF is 'seasonally appropriate storms' Rachel.


And the above post shows an alarming misunderstanding of our biosphere and how it works. Seems like the previous poster may know more about that gaseous star, Mr. Sun, than about our own planet Earth.

But that doesn't stop these rightwingers from waxing poetic about all sorts of things they obviously do not understand. As in how DNA from a white mom and a black dad makes a brown man and not a black one.

Ah. I love teaching. So does Rachel. We realize that some students are just willfully ignorant and don't want to change even in the fact of facts.


"previous poster" = first post. And "face of facts - sorry.

"seasonally appropriate storms" - you don't get that? You expect a snow storm in July? My, my.

global warming/climate change? pick a little peck a little cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep

And, yes, Rachel is usually correct. Is that why you watch her, Duffman?


When people wear stupid proudly it is an utter waste of time to present them with any facts. They have their fingers in their ears, singing "LA LA LA LA LAAA"...


A perfect description of joanie. Thanks sparky you said it well.


Oh, such a juvenile retort, duffman. That the best you can do? No wonder you need to use an alias of an alias.


'Pick a little, talk a little, pick a little, talk a little,
cheep cheep cheep, talk a lot, pick a little more
—"Pick a Little" from Meredith Wilson's The Music Man'

For God's sakes joanie, if you're going to use it so much try getting it right. You're inaccurate because you run too fast to the podium. Think a little, cheap-cheap-cheap.


Hmm, I'm thinking that we've been given an insight into the mind of the weaker party: republicans.

Obama is a Black Man may have given us needed information. He thinks that Earth is like Mars, Jupiter, and the sun...

He doesn't know enough about science to realize that our planet is actually special in that it supports life. All that comes about because Earth is a special biosphere whose atmosphere supports life. Messing around with that atmosphere may, in the long run, kill life. Too many people, overloading carbon and other elements into the atmosphere and the oceans upsets that fragile balance that supports life.

Geez, I'm no biologist but I get that simple concept. What's so hard about it? Would somebody tell me please what is so hard about understanding that life is so precious and supported by such a fragile and balanced network of crucial elements that it can be found no where else in the universe (so far) . .

And you guys don't get that. That is truly amazing.


"Geez, I'm no biologist..."

You're certainly right about one thing.

Dick Nixon - your father idiot

So now you're not only stealing aliases of aliases but stealing joanie's posts of long ago.

Hey guy, don't you have an original thought in your whole head?


EVERYthing's an alias herein, don't you F'ing GET IT?



Getting a little emotional, duffman? Better take it easy. Those insurance companies don't like spending money on old geezer's heart attacks.


You conservatives are - and selfish. Scary because when given the choice between playing it safe and taking unnecessary risk, they choose risk, and selfish because they are making this gamble on the planet their children will have to inherit. It's like gambling away your child's college fund in Vegas.

Bill Nye makes a great point: conservatives love weather forecasts a few days out so they can plan their activities, but hate to hear a long term forecast. They're self serving morons who think they can have their cake and eat it too.

The idea that humans are too weak to cause climate change is a silly notion that will disappear given time. People used to believe all sorts of crazy things and those people are now dead and nobody remembers or cares what they thought about anything. All those people who were quote of FOX NEWS are over 50 and playing to an audience that's over 70.


An old heart is a pre-existing condition.

I always thought Sundays were quiet days. Not on this blog!


Take the time to study THIS all ye alarmists. Get a f'ing clue, you are being spoon-fed a pablum; why can't you see that. We are but a drop in the vast ocean of earth's climate. But DO keep on making AG richer and richer as he laughs all the way to the bank.


I'm not convinced that global warming is as dramatic as some say it is, but to say that humans are incapable of climate influence with how many billions of people burning fossil fuels year around, or that a snow storm disproves the theory is FUCKING STUPID.

Everyone knows about cause and effect, and everyone knows that exceptional things occasionally happen in all areas of life. The conservative case against global warming is for retards, by retards. It satisfies them, but no one else.


Didn't you get the memo? It's supposed to be referred to as climate change, stoopid.
No one is saying that due care shouldn't be taken in regard to our precious planet, but going to the extreme of irrationality is absurd. You are a lemming being led by a con who is making a killing off of gullibility.
To be fair one extreme is as bad as the other, we should not be reckless.


I looked at that and it is from a year ago. Am curious about it all because oceans are dying at alarming rates and oceans are determinants of climate as is the sun. Your link was one man's opinion and who knows how much difference a small change in carbon can make?

One degree in temperature makes a difference to many species. And the earth is warming faster than ever before proven by taking samples of earth cores.

Can you explain that, duffman?


Climate change
Carbon emissions creating acidic oceans not seen since dinosaurs

More current than yours. But not definitive. I agree. Still, isn't it better to prevent than react?


Give up on him. He's an old man. The kind that Nye was talking about. He and all the rest of them will die off and give the planet some peace again. If that's still possible by the time these guys are gone.


Thom Hartman had a guest who said "if those who are worried about climate change are wrong, we at least end up with a cleaner world. If the deniers are wrong, we end up with an unlivable planet.


Sorry folks, golf course is calling, gotta go do some hitting of one sphere off another (get it joanie?). Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves although I realize it to be a futile effort.


Oh, and it would probably do you all good to get a little climate change away from behind your computers and behinds and get out and enjoy this planet while you can.


Enjoy hitting little balls into little holes, duffman.


Guess he didn't have an answer for me. They never seem to have answers, do they?


You got more than an answer tad, you were schooled.


Bwahaha! Public School at that.


That's why they're called low-information voters, Tad.

Schooled? As in a "school of fish?" I can agree with that.

Paul Johnson

Hey whats with the "butch" haircut on Maddow? Is she? Well that wouldn't be proof of anything but just curious. Her analogies are clever but can be used in the opposite arguement as well. Net profit or loss = 0. Kinda like her ratings. True thinkers don't listen to this nonsense like so many of you. Mans contribution to Co2 is infintile even if Co2 is the main cause of our climates natural changes. Progressivism is our most pressing danger! What is your area of expertise Joanie? Just curious.



I'm a student who is constantly learning. I read diverse sources, look for diverse sites and maintain an open mind. I'm an information junkie. I rarely take opinions at first glance and always look for the reasonableness of information regardless of source. I'm a student first and a teacher second. Which is why I'm often found on the internet rather than the golf course. I love learning! My sources are generally people at the source rather than blogs. In fact, this blog is the only one in which I engage except for occasional posts here and there. I am honest by nature and have a low tolerance for generalities and unsupported claims. I never get backed into a corner so far that I have to resort to inane personal attacks. I do name call when the proof is before me that my label is accurate: thus, klueless and sputs.

Aren't you sorry you asked?

So, my area of expertise is curiosity. I love to learn.

Nor do I judge people by their haircuts.

Now, you claim that we don't emit enough CO2 to make a difference. How do you know that? One degree in temperature can negatively affect or kill a species. How do you know what difference a small change can make? I'm curious? Also, core samples taken from the Arctic show that change is faster than in the previous cycles.

And how do you respond to the UK article above that talks about our oceans. Don't you care about the health of our planet at all?

Your side just dictates without substance or support. That's what makes conversation so difficult. When I asked KS once why he was against prevention even if we weren't sure, it was all about money. It seems like everything is all about money. Ever heard of Easter Island? Superfreakonomics' argument is all about money. Superfreakonomists isn't disagreeing with the science; one of the authors decidedly puts economics ahead of the possible hazzards of climate change. Well he's an economist and not a scientist.

Right now I'm listening to Dave Ross from last Monday. He's reviewing the Sarah Palin speech. He's finding some things to appreciate in that speech. Interesting. That's another thing about the left. We aren't "all onboard" with anything. We have degrees of differences between us. Few differences can be observed when on the right it's all about money all the time.

Duffman was correct about one thing: I do have other things to do. I imagine you'll get back to your golden girls on Fox News. Am I right?

Now, long answer. Lot's of snippets to cut, post and celebrate out of context. Just waiting for the fun to begin. :)

Redneck Liberal

Don't want to jump in this fetid hottub of deluded ignorance and argue... just want to point out to the cretins that science guys made the decision years ago to talk about 'Climate Change' instead of 'Global Warming'. Why? Because cretins saw nothing wrong about the planet getting hotter. But 'Change' was supposed to communicate 'Problem'. Geddit? The two terms are interchangeable and refer to the same thing. Just like the term 'infantile misinformed twat' is interchangeable with Republican.


Subject has been settled by tommyoate, sorry anything else on this subject is just trailing drivel.

Redneck Liberal

I'm picking up some kind of weird gay vibe here, "They". Do you wash his golf balls too?

At last! Man kind's search for an all-knowing seer is over!

Puget Sound

Just funny.
Why does the science have to be so full of holes and so suspect?

err, forget about what i said on that whole hockey stick thingie...

Puget Sound

kind of a 'dog ate my research' deal...


'I'm a student who is constantly learning. I read diverse sources, look for diverse sites and maintain an open mind. I'm an information junkie. I rarely take opinions at first glance and always look for the reasonableness of information regardless of source. I'm a student first and a teacher second. Which is why I'm often found on the internet rather than the golf course. I love learning! My sources are generally people at the source rather than blogs. In fact, this blog is the only one in which I engage except for occasional posts here and there. I am honest by nature and have a low tolerance for generalities and unsupported claims...etc etc..
and also I'm one of the angriest women on the internet...(except for maybe my friend sparky)

Paul Johnson

Well, sure infintessimal would have been a better word. I stand corrected. But I stand. You like facts so here is one. Chris Gregoire said in 2008 that no lawmaker would ever think of raising taxes in a bad economy. So either she thinks this economy is now good, or she is a liar. She lied in order to get elected. Do you still support her? This is an integrity question. And don't bother pointing out that Republicans have lied too because I don't support those liars either. We have a corrupt group of people running all levels of government right now. Would you like to end that? I know I would and will work with anyone else who does. If further study proves that AGW is for real, then I would support measures to stop that. But the debate and research is far from complete and taking money from one group and giving it to another is no answer. There is no emergency here. It has been manufactured. At least that's what I believe until proven otherwise. To ask if I care about the environment is silly. Of course. Who is against clean air, water, etc. I backed and participated in the first earth day I believe in 1969 when I was in high school. In those days Lake Erie had no fish in it. The rivers of the industrial east were mainly polluted in a horrific manner. All of this has been reversed and yet we get no credit for our accomplishments in this area. All we hear is that the evil US is the culprit of global warming etc. This is when I realized that nothing we do would ever be enough to offset the wordwide conspiracy of the leftists to blame America and bring it down any way possible. The worst polluters of the world go unnoticed in the leftist worldwide press. You know who they are. We should send them money and not them to us? Enough for now teach.

Paul Johnson

I forgot to answer your assertion that I judged Maddow by her haircut. I simply asked if she was gay. I now know she is, but I just wondered. Thats not a judgement its a question. Obviously I was correct in my assumption however. I will say that I don't trust the objectivity and judgement of individuals who are primarily defined by their sexuality rather than their character traits. Many homosexuals are that first and then something else second. Also, ice core samples are from either Antarctica or Greenland but not the Arctic. In any case, if you google this you will find that there is no concrete evidence derived from these as many are in question. Acidity in the oceans I will have to research further. This I admit. I'll get back to you on that.


Bjorn Lomborg believes in global warming, but also believes that Cap and Trade is the height of economic retardation. So take that, Rachael Madcow !

Climategate has diminished the argument from the AGW hype crowd because it begs the question, if the evidence was so sound, why do they feel the need to exaggerate, fudge the data and essentially lie about it ? That type of evidence would be shot down in any legitimate court of law.

Dr. Bill

KGO SAN fRANCISCO 810 ON YOUR DIAL;....This is Dr. Bill and I've got a vulgar green lib bugger on line three who told my producer that he'd set me straight on that Cap and Trade horsecrap. After I give the sick pup a sound thrashing , I'll dump that green Nazi bastard off the air like a sack of trash, you better believe it......did i tell the one about my Dddy's old mule we had hauling coal out of the coal mine up in Plumas County?.......


Dr. Bill just called Washington a "welfare state" that couldn't survive if the Federal Government stopped sending checks up here......

Dr. Bill

The Sierra Club is nothing but a gaggle of two-bit scumbag Lawyers... did i tell you about the greenie protestor who tried to walk on the set of The Drowning Pool when i was playing the bit part of the tennis playing guy that got into the Porsche?... Clint had him escorted off........

Puget Sound

good stuff, dr bill.

didn't i catch you as 'caller #3, jazz aficionado' also on 'play misty for me?'

Puget Sound

"Climategate has diminished the argument from the AGW hype crowd because it begs the question, if the evidence was so sound, why do they feel the need to exaggerate, fudge the data and essentially lie about it ? That type of evidence would be shot down in any legitimate court of law.

Posted by: KS | February 14, 2010 at 10:04 PM"

Spot on KS. Why the lies and misrepresentations? Why not let true science be our goal. Repeat. Science. Not crap from advocacy pressure groups cited as science like the Himalayas melting in 2035. Open, peer reviewed, no hiding the ball or 'the dog ate my research' kind of bs.

Yet another source of data has been shown to be highly suspect.

more science,please

and here more problems.

Confessions of a Global Climate Fraud

and from the market.

put the money where your mouth is

I kind of feel sorry for the uber libs who once again end up looking silly.
Case Empty, eh?

Puget Sound

and for the elementary school teacher, something elementary. from the discovery channel. simply click to move forward through time.

Discovery Channel...I hear the telltale footsteps scampering away...


And, just in case you might NEED MORE?.


Puget Sound

Thanks Tommy Oate.
To quote the Great Homer, the one that hails from Springfield not the Greek poet, "Doh!"



Paul, why change the topic? You haven't really answered the first one.

If you read me at all honestly on this blog instead of angrily, you'd admit that I am not all in or all out on any politician. I've taken all of them to task and will continue to do so. Promises in politics? Don't be silly. It is a matter of integrity which is why I prefer Kucinich which you all denigrate for no apparent reason that I've ever heard. You just respond with labels and personal attacks.

And any adult knows that budgets rely largely on predicting or forecasting future receipts. Or do you disagree with that?

How are you going to change the corruption in our government - right and left? What's the answer? I never heard you take on the right the way you do the left. Why not?

As for GW, the debate is very lop-sided. You choose to go with the minority. That's your right. I choose to go with the majority. I can only speak for myself: the evidence is reasonable and the result of taking action now won't hurt us and may very well help us. And there's a lot of upside to getting into energy big time. Economically, I mean. So, why so angry about it all? Tell me that.

Some people see an emergency. You say that as if you are speaking truth. You are representing an opinion and nothing more. Keep it in perspective.

I wish you'd separate your thoughts into paragraphs. They would be easier to follow and some of them possibly make more sense. Your point about some conspiracy begins to sound emotional rather than reasonable and I don't get it. Perhaps you could clarify?


"Climategate has diminished the argument from the AGW hype crowd because it begs the question, if the evidence was so sound, why do they feel the need to exaggerate, fudge the data and essentially lie about it ? That type of evidence would be shot down in any legitimate court of law.

Posted by: KS | February 14, 2010 at 10:04 PM"

Because there's money involved. You can't infer that there isn't any evidence for man-made climate change, only that those particular researchers didn't have enough to support their particular financial motives. There's money involved in everything, and money can corrupt, therefore anything can be corrupted. A few researchers in Europe and their shady politics don't have anything to with us or the well being of our planet.

The fact is that showing how a weather trend breaks from the past thousand years is difficult and time consuming when we've only been keeping detailed whether records for a few decades. It's perfectly unserstandable that the data they need simply can't be obtained or processed fast ebnough to satisfy everyone's needs.

You just like to jump to conclusions when it suits your needs, but when the shoe is on the other foot you'll equivocate endlessly.

BTW that's not how you use the phrase "begs the question" . Educates yourself http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Begging_the_question#Modern_usage

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