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February 02, 2010


-Lord help us all

Well...look at her, she is freaking insane.
A typical teabagging neoconservative fartknocker.

Say..the picture is blurry but is that an injection mark on her upper arm??? or a "shut up YSB!" bruise?


"....this idea that he and other people decide what the needs are in society. They get to decide. But in order to fund those things, they have to take from some people in order to give to the other people."

So, where were they the last 8 years?


The people were asleep when the Bush regime was in power, to the detriment of our country, but many of them have awoken now. Some of them are well off the deep end - like Ms. Carender and and the State run media is out to minimize the everyday people and play the race card and ridicule at every turn those who dare peacefully protest our out of control government. They have had enough big government stealing of money and corruption for a lifetime. Actually, Robert Santelli a reporter on CNBC is the person who really started this movement just over a year ago, with his tirade against the Stimulus Bill and the bailouts by the government. He resonated well with many and these Tea Parties began.

If this was normal White House, these tea parties would not have started. However, this tyrannical government regime run by the Chicago mob, directed by Rahm-bo with the community organizer president Barry Soetoro-Obama and the take no prisoners leadership in Congress led by Pelosi and Reid - the American version of the "trioka". People are understandably pissed off at the notion of having Government run health care, Carbon Taxes and amnesty for illegal aliens (undocumented foreigners). Sorry, liberal prohibitionists, your ilk has gone too far and game on !


ugh. You've caught the Putz Tome Disease.


I think you mean "prescribed," not "proscribed."

lotus eater

What every Tea Bagger needs to read.

lotus eater

Oops. Try this one:

What every Tea Bagger needs to read.


This new object of media fixation knowm as "teabaggers" is nothing but the same soporific lunatics who have existed all along - but now get lottttts of attention under this made up bullshit notion that their lunacy somehow matters.

This particular nutball prolly didn't jump into action when the teabagger joke came into existence, she's likely been batshit forever, but now we call her a teabaggers, and for some crazy reason that means she gets attention.

Why? She's clearly a very, very dumb person. She's not even worthy of the words that have been uttered on account of her existence.


great rant, lotsu eater


K.S.= Krazy Sh#thead. Guess thats about all that needs to be said !!


KS is proof that the people's emotions are every bit as much of a consequence to democracy as their intelligence. Elections are ultimately decided by feelings, not reason. He might be right, but only because he's so incredibly stupid.


If this was normal White House, these tea parties would not have started.

Normal? Another idiotic statement.

In CRS Report RL33667, the Congressional Research Service compared George W. Bush's use of signing statements to the three previous administrations, reporting that:

34% of President Reagan's signing statements raised constitutional objections

47% of President George H. W. Bush's signing statements raised constitutional objections

18% of President Clinton's signing statements raised constitutional objections

78% of President George W. Bush's signing statements raised constitutional objections

Do you even know what normal is?

syringe filter

maybe should try this one.


Latest studies show that the more one uses the internet the more likely one is to be depressed.
Obviously evidenced by the posters on this blog.
I feel sorry for you, this is quite sad.


"Elections are ultimately decided by feelings, not reason. He might be right, but only because he's so incredibly stupid."

Actually Authentic A-hole, you demostrate emotional reasoning, which is vacuous and moronic. You people are obviously scared of being on the wrong side, as all you can resort to is sophomoric name-calling & no substance.

Ph(J)oanie,saintrud - your reading comprehension sucks. Who in the hell said that the Bush Administration was a normal White House ? Many people were fed up after 8 years - I wish people would have been more vigilant back then instead of starting in 2009.


"Oops. Try this one:

What every Tea Bagger needs to read"

More leftist progressive nonsensical pap...


"I wish people would have been more vigilant back then instead of starting in 2009."

Which shows that some were fine with a white idiot of a president, but when a black president comes into power, after the start of the 2007 recession, look out!


Monson just announced he is speaking at a big teabagger rally in the near future........Dori Monson can't understand why a local D.A. does not consider the 14 year old girl's sending of a nude pic of herself over the internet to her 15 or 16 year old boyfriend, intended for his eyes only, to be distribution of child porno, whereas he does consider the now ex-boyfriend and his little buddies' promotion and exposure of the photo all over the internet to be distributing child porn. And this guy got into college at 15?


Actually that should have read:

"Which shows that some were fine with a white idiot of a president, but when a black" idiot of a "president comes into power, after the start of the 2007 recession, look out!"


Thanks for the correction coiler. I agree with you by the way.

Right Wing Bodily Function obsession

why is it you crazy republicans are have to mention your own shortcomings?


KS said:
"Oops. Try this one:

What every Tea Bagger needs to read"

More leftist progressive nonsensical pap...

Amazing retort. It has totally changed my thinking on this subject. Where do I sign up to be a teabagger?


Actually your a teabagger by default (and preference), but you can sign up for the Tea Party in Olympia on Feb 15th (at 10:00 a.m.) at the rally with Dori Monson.
You are welcome. [smile]


From Obama's speech today at the National Prayer Breakfast:

"Civility also requires relearning how to disagree without being disagreeable," Obama declared before a standing-room-only crowd. "[C]ivility is not a sign of weakness. Now I am the first to confess I am not always right. Michelle will testify to that. But surely, you can question my policies without questioning my faith. Or for that matter, my citizenship."

"We may disagree about the best way to reform our health care system, but surely we can agree that no one ought to go broke when they get sick in the richest nation on earth," Obama said. "We can take different approaches to ending inequality, but surely we can agree on the need to lift our children out of ignorance, to lift our neighbors out of poverty. We may disagree about gay marriage, but surely we can agree that it is unconscionable to target gays and lesbians for who they are, whether it is here in the United States or, as Hillary mentioned, more extremely in odious laws that are being proposed most recently in Uganda."


dumb and dumber- the moron sititng in for Glenn Beck this morning said that in order to win repug seats in 2010 the repugs needed to impeach Obama for passing the health care bill(his thinking i guess is that this will get them the teabagger vote)......a moron called in and said you're nuts that will only turn the public against them liek it did with Clinton after the impeachment try and then he got re-elected because of the sympathy......Duh, Clinton's scandal and impeachment didn't come out until 2008...he was re-elected in 2006....duhhhhhhhhh

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