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February 03, 2010


Old man in young man's body

Rush is brilliant. The fact that he sets these quotes up to get more press, and therefore drive his ratings, is genius. There is a reason he's been so successful, and it has nothing to do with whether he's worried about who likes him. Even you, Michael, just fed into his awareness.


He's a big athletic supporter too.

Hour No. Two

Terrible. Just terrible. Rush is a bad, bad man. Why would anyone ever like him? Its just terrible. How can he say things like that? He must be very mean. I heard he wants the President to fail. How outrageous. Randy Rhoads doesnt want the President to fail. But Rush does. He is a bad man.

Plus, he is fat. Thats terrible too! Fat people are terrible. Rush shouldnt say mean things like that about women.

I think its terrible his radio show is so successful. Just terrible.

Dominican Republic Health services

and he has a prolapsed anus, too


Rush has been saying this exact quote for years now. If Blatherwatch thinks this is something new or noteworthy is just shows how out of touch and uninformed this blog really is.


I can't disagree with Rush on that. I don't believe that Michael would enjoy walking behind a 25 year old woman (or two) with a perfect pair of legs going all the way up to form a perfect ass just swaying gently as she walks through the mall, or across the beach any less than I, or any other normal straight male.
Good grief, the female body, correctly maintained is Gods gift to man (and lezbyuns).
This is a silly thing to complain about.


Rush has a sense of humor. Blatherwatch doesn't.

Marsha Mouse

At my age, I'd be proud if Rush looked at my ass. He seems to like the young ones.


Rush Limbaugh is sucessful because old white males, of which there are many, (for awhile) think he's funny and entertaining. Other people are offended or just turned off. Great radio, but politically, not sustainable. Conservatives may want to rethink their surrender to people like Rush and Glenn Beck.


Interesting take, Sandor. He is a typical old man. You know, some of us women look at asses, too. Curently I sorta like Ezra Klein's. I like an intelligent ass myself.


You can't blame Carlson on this one. It probably took everything she had to keep from hacking given the clouds of methane that Rush was letting off.

Anyway, Rush was obviously joking, as he is better known for his beards than his love of women.

What should be interesting is the war between Sarah Palin and Rush now that he is defending the use of the word "retard."


It is funny that the first obvious bit of truth uttered by a member of the Obama administration and old Rahm is catching heat for it.


I'm glad Rush made the comment about loving women's behinds, because it gives me security in knowing he loves women and is not a homosexual. It's good that he is not a homosexual, because it's always good to know this about celebrities. I need know here they stand and what kind of holes they prefer because that matters.


Play to your base. Play to your base.

The people who don't listen to Rush are generally the same people who don't relate to the idea that women are objects.

People who listen Rush also love sexism, and laughing at the mentally disabled or sufferers of Parkinson's. I know these people. They are all around us. The statistical odds are good that I will outlive these folks by several decades and enjoy a second life free of their influence, so I'm just patiently waiting for them to die. Reports of Rush's "heart attack-like chest pains" are unsettling. I doubt he'll be around to see Obama leave office in six years.


and let's not forget.....

'feminism was created to allow ugly women into the work place'


joanie?? sparky??


As I've said before Rush is the consummate 'entertainer', nothing more nothing less. He is a big blow-hard who has enough 'perceived' passion in his rhetoric to command a vast audience. He wouldn't otherwise make it as a politician or even a stand-up comendian; 'radio' is a venue suited perfectly for him.
Not unlike Dori Monson on the local scene. They both know the science of generating interest in themselves, be it by popular adulation or controversy. They are good at what they do, but they must be taken in stride with caveats.

Dominican Republic Health services

What is a 'comendian" Duff?


This must have been one of the DNC's Wednesday talking points, I guess Bla'm got the memo.

Yesterday Thom Hartman tried to link Rush's joke to the guy who advertised on Craigslist in order to get his ex-girlfriend raped. Quite a stretch.

Rush's joke was a lot funnier and far less sexist than all of the crap the left has been throwing at Sarah Palin for the last 2 years.

All in all,a pretty feeble attempt to make something out of nothing but the inane lemmings can feel good about sticking pins in their favorite boogyman.


Dave Ross just had on Mayor McGinn............ my, the new mayor is really,,,uh....precious... at least he obviously thinks he is...... forur more years of listenign to that ......oh my....


Why do you persist in torturing yourself by listening to KIRO.


I have to agree. He sounds like a very deferential mayor, but that might be a good thing. He can't know everything; why should he pretend he does?

The plain old good news is that he definately doesn't seem the type use the Great city of Seattle as a left wing experimental sand box like the previous mayor did with his expensive magical outhouses, pointless gun control laws, 10 cent plastic bags, refusing to salt icy roads, etc.

Team Ragebot

Breaking News: Wide Load Admits Tailgating


Entertainment? What exactly is the point in disparaging the "women's movement"? (Does anyone even really call it that?) What is the point of making a joke out of the idea that women want to leave the kitchen, or have the right to vote, or receive equal credit for equal contribution? Why would you want to make a funny ha ha out of fundemental decency? Did your mothers not show you enough affection as infants?


I keep hoping that this kind of "humor" will eventually die out. Many ( but not all) of the young men I work with at school are far more evolved than even their own fathers when it comes to being more enlightened. May the terms "chick" and "broad", and other neanderthal definitions for women, become dead words.


I don't know that waht you are seeing is reality Sparky. In the last couple of months, I have heard young men refer to their girlfriends as "my bitch" and another refer to his as his "ho".
It may be better in your area, but the way many young men treat the women in their lives is disgusting. Even worse is when the women don't fight back.






Blow me autistic andrew. If you live in any kind of a diverse community, you know that you have heard it to.


Usually, boys who are raised to treat women respectfully dont use that kind of language. If my nephews EVER said anything like that, my brother would have their hides. You are right, though, about girls needing to have enough self esteem that they send guys packing if they talk like that.

Ergo, Rush just adds to an ugly problem. With his "vast influence", he could be making a difference...but I realize there is little money in being a nice guy.

Dominican Republic Health services

Is your woman still supporting you Chuckles?


Oh, the things one hears in the unemployment line.

Do tell upchucks, what point are you trying to make? That because someone from the ghetto calls their girlf friend a "ho" or a "bitch" that Rush Limbo is justified in mocking women? Are you likening your hero so slum dwelling trash? I could have done that. Keep clawing your way to the bottom, buddy.


Stay classy, LR.


Years ago while trucking in N.E Wa. listening on some right wing station (thats all there is over there) shortly after Clinton was elected Windbag made a comment about Chelsea being a bucktooth,homely little girl that was so ugly that his own mother called up and chewed him out the air!! She made him apolagize publicly.


speaking of on the road

"I think liberalism lives the notion that we don't have to stay where we are as a society, we have promises to keep, and it is liberalism, whether people like it or not, which has animated all the years of my life. What on Earth did conservatism ever accomplish for our country? It was people who wanted to change things for the better." Kuralt to Morley Safer in the May 5, 1994 CBS special, "One for the Road with Charles Kuralt"

a loyal American. Chucks did you sell him a rv?


Hmm. So that's the language chux hears where he lives? Sounds like ghetto trash talk to me.

Sex. Get a sense of humor. For every woman, there's a man who wants to watch her. Sometimes even a woman. Everybody loves somebody . . . sing it, Dino.

You'll never change human nature. I always thought the French had it down. But I read recently that there's a lot of domestic violence in France. How about the Swedes? Seems like those Scandinavians do everything right. Socialism seems to make people better.


It was a joke. A stupid joke, but a joke. What's astonishing is that it comes from a guy who has to go to the Dominican Republic to buy time with the women he likes to stare at. I'd think he'd wanna steer clear of that topic in public. It's like bragging about how much he likes oxycodone.

At least we know he puts his money where his mouth (or something like that) is.


Geez-o-pete....you'd think a man with that kinda' money could get a better fitting set of chiclets.


Norway , they have the best health plan and social system


Thanks, coiler. If I ever deiide to emigrate, maybe I'll try the cold, cold north.

I don't like women bashing women. I've had to stop using the she-dog word myself. We're so habituated to that. - by men, of course.

Frankly, I'm a girl-watcher, too.. A beautiful body is the envy of every woman. Well, a lot of us anyway.

"Here comes one now . . . " Could be mine.

Speaking of which: had anyone seen the Lindsey Vonn Sports Illustrated cover? That is a beautiful cover. Whoever put that one together earned the paycheck. Just well designed. And chux, I'm not thinking what you're thinking. Just for the record.


Denmark - a Socialist country was rated as the happiest country in the world. Population ~6 Million.

However, NEWSFLASH - Socialism or social engineering does not work well in large countries such as ours and was demonstrated by the USSR when it economically collapsed in the early 90's. Social Engineering is more effective in Europe, which is comprised of smaller nations (of course their economy sucks).
I would strongly suggest that you migrate there with your enfatuation with big government.

Jason Andersen

Men like Rush are just soooooooo creepy, and I am not even a woman. I guess what makes him most pathetic is that I infer that he actually fancies himself as an irreverant gentleman of sorts and that he thinks that women find him studly. I just get this mental image of him swigging a couple Viagra at the restaurant with dessert and then winking at his 33 year-old frosted flake and taking himself dead serious in thinking, ..."mmm hmmm, I know she will hardly be able to keep herself contained in the car, you big stud Rush." At least it makes me laugh. I guess that I have known guys like that, and they are just hopeless and pathetic, but they think that they're so cool.


Here's an interestng question: How OLD is that "I'm behind the Women's Movement (or derivative of it)" joke anyway? 1973?

It's older than you think...

In typical Limbaugh fashion, he probably consulted a Playboy magazine in his (I'm sure) VAST collection of Playboys from the '70s and came up with that one.....


saintrudy writes: "Years ago while trucking in N.E Wa. listening on some right wing station (thats all there is over there) shortly after Clinton was elected Windbag made a comment about Chelsea being a bucktooth,homely little girl that was so ugly that his own mother called up and chewed him out the air!! She made him apolagize publicly."

You're a damn liar. You heard nothing. He NEVER said any such thing on his show, much less apologized for something he didnt do.


Marcia Marcia Marcia....you are partially right. He never apologized. He did not use those exact words " bucktoothed" or "homely"...instead in 1993 he said :

“Everyone knows the Clintons have a cat. Socks is the White House cat. But did you know there is a White House dog?” Limbaugh said on TV, before holding up a picture of Chelsea.


the same as the reason that they remove hair from gum. Capice?

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