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February 14, 2010


Obama is a black man

Everyone knows Palin won't run because she can't win.

What you libs seem to not understand is that Palin is a fund raising magnet and will blow the doors off of the car wreck called the Obama 2012 re-election campaign....sorry you can't run against Bush again!

Obama is a one termer. The libs continue to talk about Palin and fuel the outrage against this tyrannical socialist leader that happpens to be a black man.


It appears her magnetism is turning from attraction to repulsion, she won't be bringing home the bacon for much longer. The GOP had better take advantage of her while they can, before they kick her to the curb.


Drew, if you're still around, I've been vindicated.

It's pretty funny that conservatives are predicting an Obama loss on 2012 when his terms is little more than a year in, and with no opposing candidates having been named. You conservatives are wildly delusional, emotional people.

I look forward to seeing this "anti-hope" platform that Republicans have in store. I look forward to seeing how they will explain away their role in everything that hasn't happened in the past term. They're the party of NO now, and they will be the party of NO then. You can't be lazy and lathargic and then tell people you'll be a crazy work horse if you give them their vote. Every Republican in the Senate is a Fred Thompson right now.

Art Speigelcatalog

She is a shooting star. The GOP should best stay hitched up while shes still zipping across the sky. Glenn Beck is very, very, jealous. I have to admit that I admire the way she fills out those jeans. Ass counts in politics. Makes you more tolerant of the dropped g's and you betchas.


May be by '12 our nation will see that it should have been Mrs Clinton all along. I hope she's up to running again, because with her I do think it would be a slam-dunk.
Sarah Palin has no chance of any future in politics.


Michael Savage is correct. Sarah Palin is shrewd with her schedule, etc. but she is also polarizing and does not have gravitas, sounds like she was in the movie "Fargo" and is not Presidential material.

If the Republicans control Congress in '12, Mrs. Clinton would be better suited for the Presidency- if she even decides to run, as above all, I believe in divided government. If the Democrats control one branch of Congress, i would opt for the candidate with the R beside his name like Tim Pawlenty.

I hope that the Dems maintain control of the Senate after November - not sure about the House - I am sick and tired of hearing from Lizard skin, botox face Pelosi.

Ned Novatone

"The libs continue to talk about Palin and fuel the outrage against this tyrannical socialist leader that happpens to be a black man."

Yes, tyranny has flooded the land. Liberty and freedom have been suspended. We were nearly stripped of the right to carry a gun into a music festival in a Seattle park. It's EXACTLY like Nazi Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union all rolled into one! With a side of Pol Pot/Pinochet dressing! The sky is falling!!


Don't forget insanity by the progressive/regressives that believe the same thing will work after all the times it has proven to fail. What a colossal waste of time, resources and energy ! Stupid is as stupid does.


Tim Pawlenty also has "against gas tax until a bridge fell down and killed 13 people" beside his name too.

I am sure we can all admire that!


A house divided gets nothing done. Just what you sheep prefer. As a country, we'll continue heading for the proverbial cliff and listen to you baa baa all the way down.

Seems like Republicans are all in agreement on getting nothing done.


A divided house will keep the progressives at bay. The Avatars will end up staying on their planet. Go live with them Joanie - you belong in a utopia.


_Tim Pawlenty also has "against gas tax until a bridge fell down and killed 13 people" beside his name too.

I am sure we can all admire that!"

But do you know the rest of the story ? You have presented the leftwing slant on it, but details are missing. What about the lack of inspections that occurred that was real root of this disaster ? State Government fell down, but to give that justice, try going back 20 years to who was Governor then.

Pawlenty has laid out our financial woes on a National level and has battled Dems in Minnesota on fiscal responsibility and won't back down - he is for a balanced budget amendment - that's why I would support him.


"...new poll shows that the fecund Ms Palin’s most avid support comes of 60-something white men who like the way she fills out a pair of jeans."

I'm sorry, but who polls about a possible presidential candidate asking if they support the candidate because of how they fill out a pair of jeans? Where the f%&k does a poll like that even come from? And why is BW reporting it AND highlighting it? Jeebus. I shake my head in disbelief.

Puget Sound

A House Divided until November!
Then with a new Speaker Kantor and Maj Leader Brown, Pres Obama will get plenty done tacking to the right ala Mr. Clinton.

oh yeah, the uber libs will be left to knash their teeth and wail away on the Internet.
But not to worry, cause when 2012 comes along, the Dems will expect all of you grass root uber lefties to once again get out there and help relect Pres Obama and a majority Dem Congress and get all that great legislation passed. You'll need to get, oh say a 70 vote margin in the House and at least 60 votes in the Senate to pass the uber leftie stuff....OH Wait!, you already have those majorities and can't get anything substantive done?

LMAO...that distant poof you hear is Coils head exploding as he contemplates 2012.
BTW, I do think Pres Obama will win a second term ala Clinton. No President wants to be a Pres Carter.


Finally......Evan Bayh doing something for the good of the country.

Puget Sound

wow, yet another legacy seat KAPUT!
yeah, run someone to the left of Bayh and see how that works out for ya.

the Bayh family use to run that state.

doesn't bode well at all for Dims in 2010.

well, at least you still got those over whelming majorities in the House and Senate so you should be able to pass all that major legislation....maybe not..WTF?

but hey, Sparkles when you get those emails and direct mails in 2012 asking for money and time to elect a majority Dem Congress I am sure you'll be all over that. How's that working for you?
Maybe time for you to head out for the garden. try not to hurt Coils when you use the Garden Weasel. LMAO

Puget Sound

so turns out Evan Bayh, after sucking out $13.5 million from Indiana Dems will take that money and do whatever politicians do with great sums of money.
It handicaps any other Dems in Indiana and pretty much assures a victory to former Sen Dan Coats.

Which Dim will jump ship next?


GoldMAN (ugh!) is interesting. Remembering the democratic party of his childhoon and before: FDR, Truman, LBJ and the Kennedy's. He said now the democrats are where the republicans were in the fifites.

He's right. Our dems have become moderate republicans.

Now he's talking about being at Boxer's over the weekend. A guest asked when the dems were going to get rid of the filibuster and she responded with a rant against the republicans but didn't agree that the filibuster needed to go. GoldMAN said that was the last penny Boxer was ever getting from him.

Also, great show on Ed today. Took a lot of populist angry calls. Maybe anger won't solve the problems but nothing else is working either.

Evan Bayh? Who cares. He was a DINO. All the democrats in the Senate are DINOs these days. GoldMAN is sounding like Ed right now.


Personally I would not vote for Palin. But unlike my left-wing friends I have no reason to hate her either. I don't like the fact that she quit the governor's job, however, she has more experience in elective office than Brock O'Bama and that does count for something.


joanie, who is Putz talking to?

Just got back from a nice weekend in Oregon. Traffic was bad coming back though...


I do not know. i think he collects irrelevant and incomprehensible sound bites then puts them out for mass consumption hoping someone will respond.

Other than that, I've no clue.

I slept most of the weekend. I needed it. This is a hard part of the year. My teaching goes into high gear Jan. to May. You know,I'd really like a year-round calendar with several weeks off between trimesters. That would be time to catch up, clear out paperwork and plan ahead.


We're watching Rachel here....On October 16, Boehner got up in front of the cameras and whined that Obama wanted to "make deals behind closed doors when it came to health care" and invited the President to televise it to let the American People in so they could see what happened. So...Obama announced last week that the Republican leaders were invited to a health care summit meeting at the White House and television cameras would broadcast the entire thing so people could watch. Boehner immediately sputtered that it could be a set up and he didn't know what size of room would be used and blah blah blah. What a maroon.


Boehner is correct. The health care summit in front of CSPAN is a trumped up attempt to ambush the opposition. Guarantee it is a setup and the White House is out to take no prisoners.

This should still happen and I trust the House GOP to push back against this big government statism and
DON'T BACK DOWN. Clinton would be able to pull this off, but the nutty professor is too much of a (as
Sparkles put it) a maroon, besides a congenital liar.


Then why did he DEMAND it be televised? He wasn't worried about "trumped up" then. He just didn't think Obama would actually take him up on it. That left him no option but to try to spin it into some sort of set up conspiracy, like you are attempting to do. Rachel has titled her nightly segment " They Aren't Embarrassed." They aren't embarrassed to be caught being ginormous hipocrites. That is the disturbing part.


They aren't embarrassed, Sparky, because they know and understand how stoopid their constituents are. I cite the above poster as my prime example.


Why ? Because they want to score political points. Surprised that you can't figure that out. Obama was the one who demanded that it be advertised, not Boehner. Check that out...

Yes, the Democratic constituents are stupid. Keep bloviating, Rachael.

Ned Novatone

The Republicans know they'll get smoked in a televised face to face against the President. This reality was demonstrated at the post SOTU sortie.

That's why they're shitting their Snuggles about it now.

It's as simple as that.


KS...October 16. Boehner stood before the television cameras and told Obama to open up the health care debate to the American People. Do you suppose he meant we should all show up and sit in one big room together????


You're embarrassing him with facts again.


Watch the video over again Sparkles - your ears/mind are deceiving you. You aren't letting the facts get in the way are you Pot and Kettle ? Stay classy (NOT).

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