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February 10, 2010



I just checked the Dow. Down 44.44, .44%.
Just interesting to numbers freaks.


Dori has just reported on his show that a Georgian luger apparently was killed this a.m. at the Vancouver Olympics luge track in Whistler. Wow! God Bless.

Peeroy Jabbar

Monson has tastelessly and insensitively posted the video of the death of the luger on his showpage. Nice one Dori. yahoo sports didnt feel it necessary to post the video. it's been pulled off youtube.


My whereabouts on any given day will always remain a mystery Oafmann.


Yo peeroy, you related to T008?


Dori will be speaking at approximately 10:30 on Monday a.m. in Olympia. [And remember according to our coordinating group I should be the only one holding the two signs I've previously described, so say Hi]

Peeroy Jabbar

"Dori will be speaking...." bwahahahahahahahahahahah hoooo hhho wwwooohhaaheeeehwwwehhhhhhwwwwwhhhhhwheeeeeeeeeeehhhaaawwwwhheeeee

Puget Sound

yeah KS,
Lawrence O'Donnell's blow up is classic. When facts escape ya, go for the yell-down. I guess he got cut off before he could play the 'you must be racist' card...kind of reminds you of our usual suspects. they seem quiet.
must be they got orders to remain silent until talking points are developed.


O'Donnell is just another wack-job on MSLSD along with Fatso Ed Schultz, Bathtub Boy, Spittle Motormouth Matthews, Contessa Brewer. No small wonder that their ratings are in the shitter.

The progressive/regressives all need to develop new talking points, because the masses are waking up and getting hip to this sour propaganda. They are now being perceived by a plurality as the enemy with the voracity of the Taliban - the end justifies the means..

Paul Johnson

Rachel Maddow, really? Since when did government money, i.e. our money, being given to other government projects or the companies that contract with the government, amount to economic stimulus? Those are temporary handouts and not sustainable jobs. Why didn't some of that money go to private small businesses who are the economic engine that made this country the greatest ever on the face of the earth? Because the Marxists in charge spit on and hate capitolism. And oh yes, progressivism has infiltrated both the democrat and republican parties and most other areas of our broken society. So, to point out the hypocracy of those republicans for accepting this dirty money is pointless. And we know that the progressive democrats are never hypocrites now don't we? The list of examples is so long and obvious that I wouldn't even care to point it out. Besides, you brainwashed progressives will never get it until you yourselves are pushed into a government reeducational center. Yes, history does repeat itself. Do you know what I am reffering to? C'mon Joanie, your a scholar. I will be in Olympia Monday morning at 10AM. We will show you people what kind of fight you're up against. Your day has come and gone.


So what sign will YOU be holding. Just so I can pick you out of the anti group.


First of all, you're the hypocrit: And oh yes, progressivism has infiltrated both the democrat and republican parties

otherwise, you'd be writing democrat and republic parties. But you didn't.

Second, how many bridges will small businesses build? Our infrastructure is falling apart. Tell me a list of small business to whom you'd trust building bridges and freeways. And small businesses aren't being eliminated due to taxes or lack of small loans; they are being wiped out because of outsourcing and high-volume buying from corporations like Walmart. And small businesses rely on customers. When customers do not have money, they don't spend. People need jobs and if it takes government to give them jobs, then I'm fine with it. They will spend and small businesses may thrive depending on what business it is. It worked under FDR who did a much better job of getting it done. It takes time. I'm not pleased with the job Obama is doing as you well know, but it is better than the raping of our economy under the Bush administration. Now if we could just get some of that money out of Afghanistan . . . and a higher tax rate on the American kings and queens, we might start our economy moving again.

That is my "scholarly" response.


vg joanie

Puget Sound

"Second, how many bridges will small businesses build? Our infrastructure is falling apart. Tell me a list of small business to whom you'd trust building bridges and freeways."

you really have no idea how business works do you? i am going to introduce a new word to you: sub contractor.
and, get this, often these 'sub contractors' will purchase materials or sublet their work out to others.

if you don't think taxes impact small businesses go to your local tavern and ask the owner what he or she thinks of the B&O (business and occupancy) tax.

Puget Sound

too funny at the 1.43 mark. then Senator Feinstein caught in violation of the debate rules with words written on the palm of her hand.

here ya go, sparkles an earlier palm pilot

Puget Sound

O nice to meet ya, 'Bjorn.' Any chance you can say hi to 'Tad' and 'Coiler?'

But it's a nice device to use. Care to cite those 'explanations' that Sparkles has listed on the RFK Jr no more snow for DC due to Global Warming? Sounds like RFK Jr doesn't get it either.

I'll wait. This should be fun.

Puget Sound

What is killing Global Warming, is bad science and bad politics. People like RFK Jr, Al Gore, etc. Many of their 'claims' are being shown to be erroneous or lies. Don't believe me, just read a bit from the NY Times on how the claim of losing the rain forest due to climate change is bogus. As is the other claim that the Himalayan Mtns would melt by 2035. It was in that spirit of bad science/politics that I deride RFK Jr. ridiculous article 15 months ago saying that DC would have no more snow. Of course, in an effort to have it both ways the massive snows are now being used to show that it is exactly because of Global Warming...can't wait to see RFK Jr's article on that one.

Nevets was correct

Nevets was correct redux

So yeah, Bjorn aka Tad aka Coiler aka whomever...go ahead. Address the bad science claims that were used for political purposes.

If you want to make a claim that the climate is changing. Yeah, I will agree with you. The climate is changing. What I can't take is the bad science that is used for political purposes.

You know, someone on this blog actually thinks RFK Jr is a fount of wisdom on this...you know, this same Kennedy that went full NIMBY when environmentalist wanted to put some windfarms off his shoreline. What a phony.


Why would anyone go into a local tavern and ask questions that are above their head like taxes and profit margin? The owners are easy pickings since most of them don't know how gubmint works. Most I have seen get nailed by the state for over serving or are shut down by the IRS. Putz will probably tell us how profitable pizza parlors are.

Puget Sound

Small business owners who do not understand the impact of taxes rarely stay in business long. I used the B&O tax as an example of a particularly regressive tax.


Who in the hell is Bjorn Lonborg ? It's Bjorn Lomborg, you wingnut ! The author of "The Skeptical Environmentalist"

Bjorn believes in global warming, but also believes that Cap and Trade is the height of economic retardation.

Puget Sound

spot on. likely one of the usual suspects was DWI...drinking whilst internetting...

Hey, noted 'conservative writer' from the WA Post, Dana Milbank calls it right here. Global Warming Alarmist that argued by anecdote ie polar bear, sheep shrinkage, et al are hoisted by their own petard.
that's why i am ragging on the RFK article. people can't have it both ways.
lets get back to the scientific method and take out the politics and the dough.

Steven was correct aka Sparkles nightmere...


Small business thrives on customers. If you don't know that, then it just completes my case about you're being too dumb to be anything but a bean counter. B&O taxes are too high. But B&O taxes aren't killing well-managed small businesses.

Nor is a whine about B&O taxes an answer to the quote shown. That's what we call "circle talk." Your constant ability to answer one point by using a different one. Try to stay focused.

And as for you, klueless, I'll make shortshrift of your nonsense: lundborg made a suggestion to the bean counter that he learn a little about which he tries to be authoritative. Maybe he'd sound smarter if he took it.

Puget Sound

"Small business thrives on customers."

Wow. What a concept. And wouldn't some of those customers that they serve be large general contractors?
Errr, the answer would be yes.

What a ditz.


Puget Sound repeatedly defeats you with solid facts and references, if you can't see that you are blind and too full of yourself, cause the rest of us see it clearly.


Ph(J)oanie - so you are the faker that used the psedo-name of Lomborg. If you believe that Cap and Trade is fair and efficient, you are economically retarded, a globalist corporatist as well as a wingnut (that may occur on both the far left and far right)


There you guys go again. Bloviating about nothing. Try to include some substance sometime. cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep

And next time, try to read better. Nobody ever asks you a question. They never have time for the answer.

Klueless, you're still klueless.


LMAO - Is that all you've got ?

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