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February 18, 2010



The Austin Kamikaze probably watched Beck a lot.


I'm thinking that this is greater than Fixed News and Beck. When I heard about this, I began to think how upside down our society is. We've haven't gone through a period like this in our generational memory. I don't remember one, anyway.

People are hurting. Foreclosures. Unemployment. Kids dropping out of school. School unaffordable. No manufacturing base for those who need to work with their hands.

It's crazy. What kind of behavior can be expected other than crazy behavior during crazy times?

With Obama proving to be more of the same - esp. when so many of us had hope that he really would bring about the change he promised - and wealthy still getting wealthier with their bail outs, it feels really bad. These Rixed News guys are simply a sign of the times.

Reagan lowered the taxes on the wealthy and took away the middle class. We can't strike out at the rich. So it has become all about taxes for so many of us. Truthfully, I don't want to pay higher taxes. I'm not rich. I work hard. And yet, everybody tells me that without taxes we can't have the services we used to and we need. Dave Ross says that a lot.

But I can't pay for it all. I just can't. I feel a little like the guy who crashed and burned in Austin.

You should really watch the Jeremy Rifkin speech on Seattle Channel. I watched it twice. He goes on at length about Nuclear power. The speech was before the 80million? or billion? Obama is giving to build nuclear facilities. Rifkin goes about how it doesn't work, it isn't cost effective, it takes a mass of water, and that it isn't successful anywhere except maybe France and they're having problems. He gave interesting stats on it. And now Obama is doing it? Go figure.

I can't make sense out of this society anymore myself.

BTW, a questioner asked Rifkin if we need a new capitalist business model. He said he's taught business for 40(?) years at the top business school in America. I don't know where that is... But, he added, yes, capitalism needs a new business model.

I have compassion for these people who are acting out of desperation and frustration. It isn't just glenn beck.


When it comes to hate speech and "swiftboating", Beck and cohorts still take a back seat to MSLSD.

That's the real world view of this, outside of your friggin' utopia. Avatar would be proud.

Beck Comedy Tour 2009

Fox should be padding the walls of Beck's studio. Won't take much for him to reach his "tipping point."

Beck Comedy Tour 2009

Has anybody called the plane attack yesterday "a terrorist act?" I haven't been "monitoring" the coverage, but I would guess not.

I have no sympathy for homicidal maniacs. None. And his act--patterned after the 9-11 attacks--is just as cowardly and just as insane.

But, I'll bet he'll be labeled a "patriot."

The basterd. The basterds.


Not much response here. Listening to Big Ed currently. It is sure annoying how many people think their opinions about Tiger Woods mean anything at all. They need to to get lives.

Mostly women. He wasn't really remorseful. He isn't doing enough. He should . . . he shouldn't. . . he didn't. . . he isn't . . .

I don't care how many women he slept with. These women sound hysterical and hysterically funny. Why should anybody care about Tiger Woods' personal life?


Well, listen to Randi then. She talks about Big Dick showing up at CPAC doing his stand up routine of name calling and forgetting his previous "deficits don't matter" talk. Quite good.


Quite Amazing, Republicans NEVER voted for this, NEVER supported this, NEVER said this or that, then Keith or Rachel show a tape of them saying exactly what they did not say. MUST BE PHOTOSHOPPED NEWSCASTS. Any one still admitting to being a member of G.O.P.(greedy old perverts} must be sick or compleatly ignorant.


GoldMAN is doing that. Telling republicans that they are sociopaths and mentally disordered. A couple of republicans have called in and he's shouting them down. Don't always like GoldMAN but he's been pretty funny today. Thanks god he's not talking Tiger.

He is playing bits from the CPAC. Some twenty-seven year old mocking Obama and the crowd loving it. It's the most juvenile behavior I've ever heard The last caller's only claim to republicanism was the abortion issue. Bur he sound mentally ill as well. You can tell who's in charge in his house.

These people are nuts. Why are there so many of them?


I'll catch Randi at 6. Ed was good today. He got Amy Klobuchar on the phone. He really nailed her about adding her name to the letter. She avoided and avoided and at the end of the call, he nailed her one final time. She was annoyed. She said she and Cantwell agree with the public option but want to have more information about medicate and paying for it. Ed told her those were details that could be worked out later. It's not about medicare but a public option. Sign the damn letter and be counted.

Sometimes I think Randi apologizes for Obama too much.

Obama is a black man

Freedom in 1,066 days: 1/20/13.

Phoanie Joanie and I finally agree about the bait and switch tactics of Barack Obama.

This "experiment" has failed.


Thom Hartmann was at CPAC this morning and attempted to interview Phyllis Schlaffly...She was a tad incoherent...I have enjoyed watching Rachel's tape of visiting that convention, walking up and talking to lots of different people. In the background lots of Republicans lining up to take her picture or have her autograph something. Very interesting.


It's not freedom you can hope for if you have no idea what the alternative candidate will be. Your party has no reasonable (or rational) candidate to put up that any one has ever heard of.

We're all really hoping you folks were serious about running a Palin/Beck ticket. We may not have gained much in Obama's first year (and he had a lot of shit to clean up), but what ever strides we made forward will be completely lost if the nation elects a right-wingnut extremist pair like those two hate merchants.


President Obama has caught more Taliban Leaders in 1 month than Bush/Cheney did in 6 years.

Obama is a black man

It's not about a candidate. It's the ABB 'Anybody But Barry' vote.

We are in the process of witnessing a 10 year tsunami with a 'throw the bums' out uprising.

How many more houses need to foreclose? How many more jobs need to be lost? How many more men need to die in Iraq/Afghan?

This 'experiment' has failed.

Freedom in 1,066 days: 1/20/13.

Obama is a black man

People frequently ask me (on my other blog entries) about why I use the name 'Obama is a black man'.

My name is simplistic and obvious in nature.

This is consistent with my basic thesis that this man is president only because he is a black man. It is obvious he is not up to the task. We all knew that going in. But the guilt this country had from its rascist past overwhelmed us to elect a man that on the outside appeared harmless.

How terribly wrong we were.


Hmm, from Huffpo: 'Meet The Press' Ratings Burst With Maddow Appearance

"Meet the Press" beat CBS' "Face the Nation" (3.025 million) by the widest margin since May 17, 2009, and it beat ABC's "This Week" (2.508 million) by the widest margin since December 7, 2008. The 2.508 million total viewers represent ABC's lowest total viewer delivery since August 23, 2009.

"FOX News Sunday" averaged 1.208 million total viewers in its FOX broadcast.

I thought you rightwingers were saying that Fixed News is winning the rating wars?

Beck Comedy Tour 2009

"My name is simplistic and obvious in nature."

At least you're being consistent.


Why do you ass-ume you can speaK for me?

I voted for Obama because I thought he was more liberal than Hillary.

You see. You are a right-wing racist. You want to do everyone's thinking for them. And you think that whatever you think is the only way. That's why you are stuck in simplistic thinking, racism and rigidity. That's why GoldMAN spent the program talking about right-wing sociopathy and mental disorders.

That's too bad.

BTW, I never asked why you called yourself that. It was obvious to me. Racism. Very simple.


Less "simplistic" thinking would acknowledge that Obama is a brown man. White DNA and Black DNA = brown pigment.


CPAC this week was even more simplistic and obvious in nature, and pernicious and venal. Bob Barr and John Ashcroft defended the Mirandizing of terror suspects while being booed and another ugly white dude made comments about, lesbians. Nice, stay classy CPAC

Puget Sound

We're all really hoping you folks were serious about running a Palin/Beck ticket. We may not have gained much in Obama's first year (and he had a lot of shit to clean up), but what ever strides we made forward will be completely lost if the nation elects a right-wingnut extremist pair like those two hate merchants.

Posted by: Drew | February 19, 2010 at 05:10 PM

Actually the ticket will be Scott Brown and Lynn Cheney (she's the mean one).

Hey Coils, hows that 50 State Hubris working for ya? NJ, VA, MA and soon to be losses of a RI Biden Seat and the IL Obama Seat. LMAO...

Puget Sound

President Obama has caught more Taliban Leaders in 1 month than Bush/Cheney did in 6 years.

Posted by: sparky | February 19, 2010 at 05:18 PM

good luck running on that flat tire.


Isn't Lynn getting a bit old for politicking? You think Darth Vader will let her leave the house?

So, sputs comes along to prove your point, Coils. Good timing. Too bad it's the same old "how's that . . . working for ya?" mantra.

(I sure wish he had a better memory for posts!)


I dunno, Polluted. How did NY23 work out?


Putz meant LIZ not Lynne, her mother. Lynne is too busy writing lesbian novels.

Puget Sound

you can have the 23rd, I'll keep those Senate Seats and those Governorships.

and actually I meant the mom, former Bush Cabinet Official Lynn Cheney.

But Liz Cheney would be outstanding.


Dick Cheney must have to put up with a Don Rickles slow burn when someone cracks a gay joke at CPAC

Puget Sound

more like a jack benny if you are talking slow burns...rickles is more of a rapid response type.


Sarah Palin needs to lighten up? According to Andrea Fay Friedman, the woman who portrayed a character with Down syndrome on the animated comedy "Family Guy," she does. Palin lashed out at the Fox show on her Facebook page, calling last Sunday's episode a disappointment and like "another kick in the gut." Palin's youngest son, Trig, has Down syndrome.

But so does Friedman, who said "I guess former governor Palin does not have a sense of humor." She added that in her house, laughing is considered a good thing, and that the joke was aimed at the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, not Palin's son.


Yes, Sparky, I knew that. I wanted to see if sputs could figure it out. You gave him an opportunity to cya himself. His was a tepid try but some will buy it.

Too bad he wasn't in the audience when the smart ass 27-year-old hate spewer was speaking. Did you notice how cowering Cheney was at the podium when he spoke? All he needed was for someone to throw an overcoat over him. The picture would have been perfect.


Ok Coiler. I'm listening to the "I'm sorry..." part of Randi right now. Good one!

Obama is a black man

LOL...I'm a racist. My name is a simple truth. My message is the truth. This is a failed presidency adrift without direction. This presidency is lifeless an on the crutches of debt. They are in disarray and have no message.

I don't give a rat's ass if Barry is black, white, red or yellow. He's a man with few to no accomplishments that won the presidency because he was black.

Clinton, Biden, etal were far more experienced. We are now paying the price. Sorry to state the facts.

The 'experiment' has failed.

Freedom in 1,066 days: 1/20/13.


There are few facts in your post. Mainly that experience is all important. Well, if we were talking about Bush, I'd have to agree. Obama had something that people believed in. And it wasn't his brownness. And that's the simple truth. And that is also the dilemma so many of us have to face. What he said is not what he does.

But as you point out, he has 1,066 days to do them. Disappointed as I am, I have not given up.

You prove my point that having reasonable conversations with people like you is impossible because life and politics are not simple. That you can only see things simply does not make them so.

You don't speak for me, Mr. Racist.

Obama is a black man

Phoanie...I didn't support Bush. I hold no party alliance. Here are facts of a failed presidency:

1. Record unemployment
2. Record homelessness
3. Record low approval levels
4. Still in Iraq (promise broken)
5. Increased troop levels in Afghanistan (promise broken)
6. Still in Guantanamo (promise broken)
7. Patriot Act maintained (promise broken)
8. Cabinet and advisors full of lobbyists and ex-Goldman Sach bankers(promise broken)
9. No transperancy (promise broken)
10. Record debt our great grand-children will inherit

Shall I go on....The 'experiment' has failed.

Freedom in 1,066 days: 1/20/13.


Some of your points I agree with. What has that to do with race? How do you know HIlary would have done differently? And your "Record" unemployment and homelessness has more to do with Bush policies than Obama policies. If you could think more critically and less simplistically, you'd acknowledge that.

Did you expect any President would wave a magic wand and fix it?

The record debt is undoubtedly on the conscience of the right. If they have one.

Although I'm willing - unlike your side - to admit that this predicament was created by dem Presidents as well and rep Presidents. That is the sad part. They are all culpable.

You see it as race. That you are stuck in that rigid and "superior-white-old-man" attitude is your sorrow. That is who you are. That is sad. And that is sad for our country.

That you would call the election of any brown-skinned person an "experiment" speaks for itself. You are a racist. If you must be a racist, try being proud of it instead of making excuses for it. Or else, don't be one.

Obama is a black man

I use the term 'Obama is a black man' because nobody speaks the simple truth in all the debate noise.

He was elected because he was a black man. Are you suggesting a white man with the same credentials as Barack Obama would have been elected against Clinton, Edwards, etc?

This is about a failed black leader. This is a about a failed presidency. Color has nothing to do about it.

I'm simply asking for an answer based on reality.

Obama was a celebrity and the 'novelty' was that he is a black man.

We are accelerating into collapse. I am not asking for miracles but to see the country rapidly falling into despair is the tragedy of our lifetime.

The 'experiment' that I refer to is the incredible tilt toward socialism and government in your face programs that Mr. Obama promotes.

The 'experiment' has failed.

Freedom in 1,066 days: 1/20/13.

Obama is a black man


This is NOT about a failed black leader. This is a about a failed presidency. Color has nothing to do about it

FYI...I likely have far more black friends than you Phoanie.


Your saying it does not make it so. That is your achilles heel. You think you speak for me. That is arrogant. Do you understand that? You may believe it but that doesn't make it so. Until you realize that and find evidence to support your statement, it is nothing but your unfounded opinion.

Yes. Bush was elected with less experience. The gov of Texas - as many of us know - is an honorary title. The Lt. Gov. runs the state. I haven't read about previous Presidents. I understand that Lincoln ran many times for various offices and was defeated most times. Was he more experienced?

Edwards and Clinton were both barely more experienced than Obama. The days of really experienced Senators like Kerry, Gore and McCain seem to be over. Often because they have long time voting records that are used against them.

You see, you argue without facts. That is racism. Because his race is your only argument.

No, your experiment was clearly directed at his race. You obfuscate now. That is the sign of a man who either doesn't know what he means or doesn't want to admit what he knows he means.

If color really had nothing to do with it, you would change your posting name.

You see. Understanding your motives is simple. That's the only thing that is simple about you. You are a racist.

And the "I have black friends..." is probably the best proof you've given. You have no idea how many black friends I have and I have no way of knowing how many you have. That is irrelevant. You are still a racist.

I am curious: who would you have voted for if you'd had your pick?

Morning sunshine

For the purpose of full disclosure, will everyone please give the number of black friends you have at the end of your post?



No fair counting yourself if you are black!


Don't you just love the right? Watching newt this morning on CSpan at CPAC. Very funny. He wants to see the bipartisan discussion on TV as long as the right gets to have an equal agenda, invite whomever they want to come, have equal time to talk. Oh, and one more thing: everyone agree to scrap the whole bill and start anew.

Sure, we want bipartisanship as long as we get it our way.

I'm beginning to wonder who did actually win the last election? Who did I read yesterday write that the republicans think the deficit doesn't matter when they're in office but it's front page news when the Dems in office? I've learned that the deficit really isn't that bad. Comparing it to the GNP and blah blah blah, apparently it is a very small percentage and only fools those of us who can't or haven't learned to understand the US economy and so the right gets away with scaring all the little people who think it is a lot of money.

I do not, however, like being a debtor nation. And I do think we are on the brink second-class status mostly because we have such a dumbed-down population of idiots on the right!

Puget Sound

Don't you just love the right? Watching newt this morning on CSpan at CPAC. Very funny. He wants to see the bipartisan discussion on TV as long as the right gets to have an equal agenda, invite whomever they want to come, have equal time to talk. Oh, and one more thing: everyone agree to scrap the whole bill and start anew.

Sure, we want bipartisanship as long as we get it our way.

I'm beginning to wonder who did actually win the last election?
Posted by: joanie | February 20, 2010 at 12:27 PM

Go ahead Dims, reject the chance to have bipartisan discussions.
It's worked so well to date for you now hasn't it? LMAO...
Bipartisanship means treating the other side with respect, compromising, etc.

The funny part is that if they didn't want to be bipartisan, why waste the past year screwing around with it's own members. The Dims might as well 'Rahm' thru their legislation. Just funny that they couldn't get it done. People may not like it, but competency is at least respected. The Dims proven themselves to be incompetent.
The Dims are wonderful at self sabotage having to pay off Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, Bernie Sanders, etc.
Not to worry, come Nov 2010 the Repub Congress will bring Pres Obama to Center right ala Clinton.
The usual suspects won't admit it, but they know it's true. Too funny.

Obama is a black man

What Phoanie doesn't seem to comprehend is that our government is corrupt. The system is broken and practically irrepairable.

Why is everything segregated into left-right.

I speak the truth and America as we know it is done.

We need a revolution. I hope and pray that will come on 1/20/13.

Our government as we know it will essentially enter foreclosure like the majority of the people out there.

I'm rich so I don't need to worry about that. But I'm scared to death for my grandchildren and their ancestors.

Buy gold and oil and hope for the best. The US government has sold away our future.


My 74 yr. old uncle just got a letter telling him the legislature in Idaho has done away with his health coverage ( as a retiree from Idaho) and he is finding it really hard to get another policy. I really hope the Dems can make reconciliation happen and can get rid of pre-existing conditions rules.

Anchorage reader

Sarah Palin knows the dangers of socialized medicine first hand, the grandson who resides with her is a victim of its evils. Sarah must be desperately afraid that the death panel is in her immediate family's future.


C. "...Tripp is an enrolled member of Curyung Tribal Council within the Bristol Bay Native Association consortium. Because the majority of Tripp's health care costs are already covered by IHS and the Alaska Native Medical Center, Mr. Johnston has no need to purchase additional health insurance...."

As we all know, Sarah's suffering for her family is boundless, but this must be the worst of all. What is difficult to understand is why she doesn't use this most personal example of the horrors of government run health care in her public cries to prevent Obamacare. She normally isn't one to suffer in silence; maybe someone in the media will ask her to share the nightmare that her daughter must endure knowing, all day every day, that her son will receive health care regardless of her ability to afford it. Or maybe not.

Puget Sound

My 74 yr. old uncle just got a letter telling him the legislature in Idaho has done away with his health coverage ( as a retiree from Idaho) and he is finding it really hard to get another policy. I really hope the Dems can make reconciliation happen and can get rid of pre-existing conditions rules.

Posted by: sparky | February 20, 2010 at 01:24 PM

Isn't he on Medicare?


His supplimental insurance he paid into as a long time professor in the state education system was cut. Medicare only pays a percentage of health care costs. My aunt has medical needs that require more than just Medicare payments.


Why is it that we have to read everything twice with puget sound?

Seems like paying into something over the course of a lifetime should be considered a contract. Puzzling, isn't it?

Obama is a black man

We need to take back our country from this tyrannical socialist government.

I am sick of this 'in your face' government from everywhere I turn. I want my country back!

Freedom in 1,065 days: 1/20/13.

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