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February 25, 2010



Yesterday, right wing pundits were laughing at the idea of Dems using stories of real Americans to illustrate how people's lives are being affected by insurance company practices. These are the same pundits who apparently have convinced you that nobody wants this bill to pass. But I have to think that the Right is getting really panicky about this, based on the increase in name calling I am seeing here! :)


Some facts:

the debate will have ended as it began: with Democrats offering moderate plans that draw heavily on past Republican ideas, and Republicans responding with slander and misdirection.

...what was nonetheless revealing about the meeting was the fact that Republicans — who had weeks to prepare for this particular event, and have been campaigning against reform for a year — didn’t bother making a case that could withstand even minimal fact-checking.

....He (Alexander) was presumably chosen because he’s folksy and likable and could make his party’s position sound reasonable. But right off the bat he delivered a whopper, asserting that under the Democratic plan, “for millions of Americans, premiums will go up.”

...the Congressional Budget Office analysis of the Senate Democrats’ plan does say that average payments for insurance would go up. But it also makes it clear that this would happen only because people would buy more and better coverage. The “price of a given amount of insurance coverage” would fall, not rise — and the actual cost to many Americans would fall sharply thanks to federal aid.

What really struck me about the meeting, however, was the inability of Republicans to explain how they propose dealing with ...pre-existing medical conditions.

...Mr. Alexander was strangely inarticulate on the matter, saying only that “House Republicans have some ideas about how my friend in Tullahoma can continue to afford insurance for his wife who has had breast cancer.” He offered no clue about what those ideas might be.

...Look at the Congressional Budget Office analysis of the House G.O.P. plan. That analysis is discreetly worded, with the budget office declaring somewhat obscurely that while the number of uninsured Americans wouldn’t change much, “the pool of people without health insurance would end up being less healthy, on average, than under current law.”

... the American health care system would become even more brutal than it is now.

So what did we learn from the summit? What I took away was the arrogance that the success of things like the death-panel smear has obviously engendered in Republican politicians. At this point they obviously believe that they can blandly make utterly misleading assertions, saying things that can be easily refuted, and pay no price. And they may well be right.

Name calling, misinformation and lies. That's all you have, klueless. That's all you have. Thankfully, you and your kind are less than 30% (which is waaaay too many) of the country. Glenn Beck's sheep.


'Name calling, misinformation and lies. That's all you have,"

No, that's all you have. Krugman is a political hack ripe with misinformation, Phony Joanie.


We do not want this big old monster health insurance boondoggle the way it is formulated. It is shit legislation and should be rejected.
As you all know, Social Security, Medicaid and Medical are all screwed up. Our kids are planing on retirement without these programs as they are smart enough to see. Why are so many of you too blind or dumb to see?
There are aspects that could work and probably should be implemented. But most of it is liberal deluded crap and must be defeated.


Red diaper doper babies is aptly used to describe the lawyers that have inundated the political spectrum and are bringing this country to its knees. We now have an administration comprised primarily of red diaper doper babies and have crafted comprehensive health care reform designed to get more government dependents. It is still unconstitutional and has not changed since the POS that was passed on Christmas Eve.

If this seditious POS passes in its comprehensive form, you can bet that the Dollar will no longer be the world currency standard in a short order.


Unemployment Hits 10.8%, Presidential Approval Drops to 35%
and the President is......

Ronald Reagan in 1983!

Reagan came into office with initial job approval ratings as high as 60% by mid-March 1981. On March 30, Reagan was shot by John Hinckley and the resulting concern and sympathy lifted his ratings to 68% by May.

But even as Reagan recovered from his wounds, the public's concerns about the bad economy didn't, and his ratings began to fall as each month went by.

By the end of 1981, Reagan's job approval rating had drifted down to 49%.

In 1982, the public's view of the economy remained sour, and his ratings during 1982 fell even further, hitting the 40% range, ending his second year at 41%. In the '82 midterm elections, the Republicans lost 28 seats in the House. The cause? The economy and the voter's anger over it.

The unemployment rate in Reagan's second year - a full year after his tax cuts for the top 1% - rose to a post WW2 high of 10.8%. According to Gallup, only one third approved of the way he was handling the economy, with the deficit exploding due to his tax cuts benefiting the wealthy.

At the beginning of '83, his approval rating fell to a low of 35%.

The economy, and Reagan's approval, only started to improve in his third year.

At the start of President Obama's second year, the unemployment rate has so far fallen from 10% to 9.7%, and in the BEA/U.S. Department of Commerce's now revised estimate for GDP growth in the 4th quarter of 2009, released on Friday, the number went up from the initial estimate of 5.7% to 5.9% - the best growth in over six years.

In addition, as some may have already seen, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office last week released its study on the impact of the Recovery Act so far:

The stimulus created up to 2.1 million jobs in the last three months of 2009.

It boosted the economy by up to 3.5 percent.

It lowered the unemployment rate by up to 2.1 percent during that period.

In 2010, the package is expected to boost GDP by between 1.4 percent and 4 percent.

In 2010 the package is expected to bring down the unemployment rate by between 0.7 percent and 1.8 percent.

And in contrast to Reagan's approval numbers, as Gallup released today, President Obama has hovered at just below or above 50% in a "high degree of stability" since November, while Reagan's had plummeted to 40% or below during the same period.


Obama is no Reagan, except I'd say his agenda has been designed to be anti-Reagan. Mark these words - if he gets his way, many of you will regret this in the aftermath.

This is Barry Soetoro-Obama's theme song and also for any new up and coming candidates from the Democratic Party that has been hijacked by the far left. You will notice that a number of comments agree with this assessment


Oops. Try this link.

Puget Sound

Spot on KS.
Sparkles, the more apt comparison is Jimmy Carter and not Ronald Reagan as without one we would not have gotten the other.

Not many people understand what a transformative President Jimmy Carter was for the American people. Without him, we would not have gotten 3 straight Republican Terms.
Thank you Jimmy Carter. Without him, we would not have been able to break the yoke of inflation.
Thank you Jimmy Carter. Without him, we would not have been able to rebuild the military and restore our presence throughout the world as a source of strength, not weakness. Peace through Strength, what a concept.

Yes, thank you Jimmy Carter for being such an abject failure that the American people said 'hell no' to the Dim fiscal policies and a double 'hell no' to what you tried to do to the military. They went for the Reagan principles. Peace through strength and cutting taxes to let the economy grow.

Give Pres Obama two terms in office and then we'll see how he stacks up. I think he'll be a 'transformative' President in the spirit of Jimmy Carter. Teeing it up for a nice run of Republican White House victories. Thank you in advance, Pres Obama. But look on the bright side, you can go build houses with Jimmy Carter.


See what you get when you post facts, sparky? Rants and whine, rants and whine.

Reagan and Obama: the great communicators. Both leaning right; both warring Presidents - remember Grenada. And one a union buster and the other a potential union buster.

If Obama is a socialist, so was Reagan. Amazing, isn't it?


See what you get when you post facts, sparky? Rants and whine, rants and whine.

Reagan and Obama: the great communicators. Both leaning right; both warring Presidents - remember Grenada. And one a union buster and the other a potential union buster.

If Obama is a socialist, so was Reagan. Amazing, isn't it?


Gee, I commented earlier that never posted and this one posts twice! Interesting, Eh, Watson?


A lot of neo cons must feel bewildered these days. A lot of them said nothing during the Reagan Recession when Nancy was wearing designer dresses.

Puget Sound

you forgot the other canard about catsup being a veggie Coils...you must be slipping.

the 'great thing' about joanie posting twice is you great twice the misinformation. makes it easy to skip the second post. thanks joanie.


Yeah, I was being nice Capt Puget. I also left out how he repeated "I don't recall" over a hundred times during Iran Contra


Joanie throws out the proverbial red herring X 2. Obama is not a socialist - he is a social engineer, a closet Marxist and an f'in narcissist and a skilled liar. Reagan was a capitalist, you imbecile !

No doubt Congress will try reconciliation - but it has to pass the House first, which looks unlikely at this time. Pelosi's head will explode if it doesn't - a site to behold.

Obama leans right ? That shows how unperceptive and what a pinko progressive Joanie is ! The only other prominent leader who are farther left are Castro, Chavez and Kim Jung II - Bernie Sanders is also a bit more left - he has admitted he is a socialist.

Puget Sound

i'll trade a little Iran Contra for some fricken competence...
again i mock ya, veto proof majorities and still couldn't get it done. man, it must suck to be a Dim-ass-crat.

you really have the gang that can't shoot straight. evidently, harry reid and nancy peolsi couldn't even organize breakfast.
pres obama is already moving to the right with his destruction of the rhode island school.
looks like he'll fit right in with speaker Kantor and majority leader McConnell to show him the way...

but yeah, keep the niceness coils. it doesn't become you.


I'm not the one flying planes into buildings, or shooting up churches after reading books from right wing pundits. Your side is anything but nice. It must suck to be a typical, pathetic Lee Atwater self.


Who do you think writes his stuff, coiler? He sounds like a movie reviewer who can't keep his movies straight.

It was nice to hear a President who could talk like an adult for a change, wasn't it? Instead of a gunfighter at the ok corral (Guess who), we've actually got an articulate and reasonable adult in charge. Even though I don't agree with him on everything!

I heard Mathews arguing with Grayson and he kept saying that reconciliation isn't possible - that it is budgetary but is not a viable way to begin new programs. If that is true. then I hope somebody takes the medicare program (already in place) and proclaims "medicare for all" and through reconciliation simply puts it in the budget. That should work.

Medicare for all sounds good to me. All those underpaid insurance clerks can become gumment employees just like all those overpaid actuaries.

I'd love to see that.


That's because you have no concept of economics or don't give a shit about that - not sure which- how damaging that a stunt like that would be to our economy. It would balloon the deficit and bankrupt us and remove the dollar from being the world standard currency very quickly and doubt if we would be able to recover - we could end up like Greece. Grayson is mentally unstable, like someone else who posts here whose name begins with a J. Hopefully, Matthews turns out to be correct.

Christina Romer has said that passing health care in its present form would lead to the loss of 5.5 million jobs in the next decade. After that,whoever wants this to pass is a selfish idjit.


I'm not the one flying planes into buildings, or shooting up churches after reading books from right wing pundits. Your side is anything but nice. It must suck to be a typical, pathetic Lee Atwater self.

Posted by: Coiler | February 27, 2010 at 08:21 PM

WTF ? You are talking through your butthole again, Curley. Are you a 9-11 truther/nutter ?


It would balloon the deficit and bankrupt us and remove the dollar from being the world standard currency very quickly and doubt if we would be able to recover - we could end up like Greece.

Says who? Stick to curvy roads and stringing utility wires, klueless.


Says Robert Samuelson... Read his analysis.


Where? Link it. If you can. I bet yo can't.


Their improved health care system would require a shift from fee-for-service reimbursement, which sustains fragmentation by covering most services that doctors and hospitals order. But moving toward "capitation" -- fixed annual payments per patient, adjusted for medical risk -- would trigger opposition. Doctors would feel their independence threatened by dictates from the network. Patients would correctly fear that their "choice" was being restricted. Payment limits would raise the specter of important care being denied.

This is what you want? You can have that now. It is called Group Health. Do you belong to Group Health? Kaiser?

Instead of having government pay the bill, you want government to tell doctors and hospitals how to function? That's really government take over of healthcare! I guess we didn't know you, KS.

Puget Sound

here is an apt comparison to reagan.
look what he did to the air traffic controllers in 81 and see what obama did to those rhode island school teachers in 2010.

hey sparkles, i'll give you that.

Puget Sound

I like the way Samuelson starts off this article just Dec 09:

"Barack Obama's quest for historic health-care legislation has turned into a parody of leadership. We usually associate presidential leadership with the pursuit of goals that, though initially unpopular, serve America's long-term interests. Obama has reversed this. He's championing increasingly unpopular legislation that threatens the country's long-term interests. "This isn't about me," he likes to say, "I have great health insurance." But of course, it is about him: about the legacy he covets as the president who achieved "universal" health insurance. He'll be disappointed."

Puget Sound

and just to make the point that all those 'progressives' should know deep down: IF their party wanted it could pass healthcare that mandated we also covered Martians. but the Dim-ass-crat party can't get their act together. their party has to bribe each other. their party has dithered on this for over a year and all they can do: blame Rethuglicans. (that's how you spell it, right Coiler?)

you don't need a single 'rethuglican' vote. you progressives all worked hard to elect a progressive President and give him overwhelming veto proof majorities in both Houses of Congress.

couldn't get it done. people respect competence even if they don't like the results. all the Dim-ass-crats have done is managed to tick off their base, earn the disdain of the republicans, and managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

anywhoooo, how are the usual suspects going to feel about working the phones, going door to door, or contributing money for the 2010 election? (how come no one is talking about Rhode Island Teachers Union?)

you better get fired up. i know a crap load of 'rethuglicans' that are doing so.

Puget Sound

cause the real problem is that after awhile, you run out of people to stick with the bill. this is the reason why so called 'progressives' are the ones that are truly selfish...
a quick lessons on why demographics matter. ks and chuck's wife -the actuary- understand.

here. if you want to see the crux of the disagreement


Books frequently bought by the people who bought Steyn's book:

While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within by Bruce Bawer
Londonistan by Melanie Phillips

Funny, American corruption (and deregulation) triggers a global meltdown and the bean counter thinks everybody should be greedy, corrupt and selfish like us. Unbelievable.

As for chuck's wife? I imagine she does understand. She's got a husband who's going to be sitting around almost half his life. And, as fellow bean counters, you both know your jobs could be more cheaply done and probably better in India.

Why not practice what you preach people?

As for telling coal miners, cooks, janitors, construction workers, and other real laborers including teachers that they should keep working till they drop dead shows exactly what the right is made of: greed, selfishness, corruption and love of money.

Gee, did I repeat myself here? Wonder why?

You're all corrupt, greedy, selfish idiots.


Sometimes, I find it difficult to understand just how stupid and misinformed you can be Joanie.
Also surprised that you were here all last night as there was a full moon. Figured that you would be at some ER last night annoying the admittance clerk or nurses.
Nobody has suggested that these people work until they drop. They just need to save money their whole working life so that they can retire and take care of them selves.
For the very reasons Putz pointed out to you this morning, relying on the government is stupid and unsustainable.


This just in!!!!!!
The International Olympic Commitee has just voted unanimously to award Barack H Obama with the gold medal in skiing.
The head of the IAC defended the award stating that they have never seen anybody go down hill so fast.


Sorry, chuxie. Not everyone has the advantage of a gumment paycheck like you or a lucky wall-street win on the internet lottery. God, you're an elitist. You've done nothing your whole life and yet you sit there - unemployed in your fifties and depending on a gumment paycheck w/benefits telling other people how to prepare for retirement?

Take the gumment-employed (whose job should be outsourced if you followed your own sermons) paycheckw/gumment healthcare and the roll of the internet dice away, and what would you have left? Hmm, how much could you get for the Rolls, J. Paul? Add a bout with cancer and you'd really be in duck soup, wouldnt' you? And I'm not talking Marx Brothers here.

As for misinformed? You didn't specify. But then, you never do. You always talk in emotional generalities. Got mine! Screw you. Anybody want a ride in the Rolls?

The government is you and me. And I'm fine with elderly people who have worked hard (much harder than you) all their lives relying on me. I'm not the greedy, corrupted, selfish "got mine - get yours" jerk that you are. Most of us aren't. There's about 30% of you out there who preach the gospel of corruption, greed, and selfishness. But you whine a hell of a lot.

You're a miserable gumment-sucking SOB.


One correction: I'm NOT fine with covering your healthcare (which I do as a taxpayer). Unfortunately, I don't have a choice. I think you should follow your principles and take yourself and the bride off the gumment plan. But then that would require having consistent principles, wouldn't it?

That would be consistent with what you want for everybody else.


Chucks are you still collecting unemployment?

Because of the Republicans new found concern for budget deficits, 1.2 million American families will be cut adrift today.

Nearly 1.2 million unemployed Americans face an imminent cutoff of government unemployment checks if Congress cannot pass emergency legislation to extend federal benefits before funding expires Sunday.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pushed this week for Senate passage of a stopgap 30-day extension of jobless benefits, which also includes a 30-day extension of a federal COBRA health insurance subsidy for the jobless. But as of late Thursday, Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.) objected to each attempt to bring the issue to a Senate floor vote, balking that the measure would further inflate the nation's debt.


Let them eat cake.

Puget Sound

very telling that joanie can't argue the premise of the point: demographics are destiny. having 4 people support 10 retirees is economically unsustainable as the people of greece are finding out.
moreover, people like joanie have no problem casually voting themselves benefits that the children get to pay for.

talk about selfish sob's. yet, just a few weeks ago you had the very same joanie when she thought her health plan would get taxed by president obama on here railing 'goddamn the obama man.'
guess it depends upon whose ox is gored. LMAO
joanie is very generous with the money of others. i want, i want, i want. typical spoiled frickin boomer...

Puget Sound

heard dr. james brasseu (sic) the senator of wyoming on the health care debate raise a great point to the president on how to get more doctors to take medicare. so many doctors will not take medicare patients.
allow them to use the federal tort claims act for medical malpractice. in essence, patients would not sue the individual doctor and instead the federal gov't. it would allow those doctors to reduce their malpractice insurance. it is used by the VA.


4 people support 10 retirees is economically unsustainable as the people of greece are finding out.

I paid for my parents and probably yours. If you had any. We are the reason Greece is failing.

I do not wish to pay more than those wealthier than me. If you had a brain, you would have been able to figure that one out. But we all know better than that.

Malpractice is .5 (one-half of one percent) of the problem. Of course, we all know that you would never ever sue a negligent doctor for malpractice. Why not offer yourself up for research? You don't even have to die first. You're fine with butchers working on you.

Why am I so much more succinct than you?

Anything else?

Puget Sound

well, you missed the point. and of course it's easy when you don't address the issue.

this is just a good faith idea that is being offered out there.
malpractice insurance is a very real issue for doctors. allowing those doctors that accept medicare to be covered -just as the VA doctors- will allow them to pay much less in medical malpractice insurance and more amenable to taking the lower reimbursement rates that medicare offers. you would still be able to sue. we have difficulty in getting doctors to accept medicare patients.

you may think you paid for 3 other people off your tax contributions but it's unlikely.


When you can't read .5 (one half of one percent) or perhaps understand its contribution to the problem, most would agree that YOU miss the point.

As for "unlikely" - another guess. You like to guess. Why not stick to the facts.

Succinct again. I can't help myself.

Puget Sound

...I can't help myself.

Posted by: joanie | February 28, 2010 at 05:35 PM

we know joanie, we know.

the reality is that even with '.5 percent of the problem' that this isn't reflected in the insurance rates -malpractice type- charged to doctors that is exorbitant.
do you have any friends that are doctors? ask someone practicing obstetrics for example. just google it and see what real doctors are saying about the cost of their malpractice insurance.

but hey, keep voting bennies for yourself and to hell with the children. you really don't care about what the next generation is stuck with.
the old, 'i got mine to hell with the rest of ya!'


Nancy Pelosi is full of shit ! She is an a-hole and a f'in idiot who is killing our country's economy with her liberal elitist agenda.

I want to see her fail in her pursuit of health care votes followed by her head exploding. The best thing that could happen to our country - to save it is for a new speaker of the house to be appointed after the November elections. I don't hate her, I loathe her !


Have a nice night KS...lol


So even you agree I'm more succinct than you. There may be hope for you yet. Nah.

You seem to have a fetish about one-half of one percent. The insurance companies overcharge the docs just like they overcharge you and me. Why can't your brain extrapolate? Really?

And I suppose if you are a victim of malpractice, you're just going to say: "oh well, it was only my kidney . . .I have two." Or some other stupid response?

Let's say we pare down the torts to .3 percent. Will that help out? And what is your criteria for cutting that waste down two-tenths of one percent? Is that your big savings in healthcare?

Keep googling for your information. And if you really care about children, get them and their parents some healthcare, idiot. Especially prenatal. Or there won't be any healthy kids around anyway.

Good Lord! Somebody buy this man a brain.


You know, KS. You actually sound a little disturbed. I'm serious here. You might need that healthcare more than you know. Even gumment workers have limits when it comes to catastrophic stuff. I think you ought to calm down.

We've heard nothing from you but turret-type talk for quite a while now. Think about it.

BTW, you never answered my question about government-take-over of health care a la Samuelson. That what you want Nancy Pelosi to do?

I've never heard you explain why you think the Congressional Budget Office is incorrect in sayiing that it pays for itself. I read Samuelson and he's a pessimist. So you're a pessimist, too. If we don't do it, our economy will continue to sink. Do you understand that not doing anything is as bad as trying something?

You simply don't make sense anymore. You just flail. You say nothing. That's disturbing.

Puget Sound

"I've never heard you explain why you think the Congressional Budget Office is incorrect in sayiing that it pays for itself."

Now Joanie, KS has repeatedly explained that the CBO only can score what is presented to it. So when the President or the Congress presents a plan that is skewed ie for the first ten year period we include ten year of taxes but only include the full services of 6 years of benefits it does score as a savings. Extend it to an ongoing basis ie matching your taxes in and services promised out and then you get upside cost wise in fairly quick order.

And Joanie, you are the first person I've heard that said insurance premiums for doctors are no big deal. The first.

Finally, go ahead keep voting yourself benefits for the children to pay off on. It's reprehensible. Typical Boomer. I got mine--to hell with you. Oh wait, let me vote myself another goodie. Can't pay for it, no problem we'll charge it to the next generation.


I'm probably the first here because I happen to think - something you haven't shown a propensity for as yet. Parroting - your excel in that area. Also, getting a diversity of information is helpful. You might try it.

Umm, that you would cite Klueless as your mentor and primary provider of information, shows how devoid of real facts you are.

That's actually funny to me.


That's because you are mentally unstable Joanie. One only has to read your comments on this post to see it. I may be a pessimist, but like Mr. Samuelson, I am a realist.

Keep living in your Avatar Utopia world. Padded cells will continue to give you that luxury. Like Obama, you should moderate your alcohol consumption.

City of Kent

Stop skylarking and get back to work, KS.

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