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February 25, 2010



If Warren Buffet says this, this carries a lot of weight.
Not surprising, but its probably disappointing to the resident statists - from AP:

Buffett: Scrap the Healthcare Bill, Start Over

Billionaire Warren Buffett says Congress should scrap the healthcare bill Democrats are pushing to pass and start over.

Although Buffett, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, applauded President Barack Obama in a CNBC interview for taking up the reform effort, he said that, “unfortunately, we came up with a bill that really doesn't attack the cost situation that much.”

Asked whether he would be in favor of scrapping the Senate healthcare bill, Buffett responded: “I would be.”

If the president were to start over, Buffett would advise him to “just show this chart of what's been happening and say this is the tapeworm that's eating at American competitiveness, Politico reported. "And I would say that one way or another, we're going to attack costs, costs, costs, just like they talk about jobs, jobs, jobs.”


With whom does it carry weight? A very rich man who can afford to own a dozen hospitals and all the people in them says he doesn't care for the health plan as written? What does he lose if it passes? What does he gain if it passes?

Nothing. In this case, his opinion is just that...his opinion.


A very rich man who can afford to own a dozen hospitals and all the people in them says he doesn't care for the health plan as written? What does he lose if it passes? What does he gain if it passes?

Nothing. In this case, his opinion is just that...his opinion.

Posted by: sparky | March 01, 2010 at 07:27 PM

I didn't realize that you were such a lock-step statist.

Maybe, just maybe he is concerned about our economy - a subject which he has a significant amount of knowledge in, Einstein.... I'll take his opinion over anyone else around here, thank you.


“just show this chart of what's been happening and say this is the tapeworm that's eating at American competitiveness"... sounds like Ross Perot. Where did that movement go?


3rd parties never win.

There is a tapeworm eating at American competitiveness and it's called big government.


Yes Sparky, I am still collecting unemployment. I will be adversely affected by this little spat between Sen. Bunning and Sen Reid (Sleazeball, NV).
I hadn't paid that close of attention, but isn't this the bill that D's and R's had negotiated on and agreed to, but when it came time to vote, Sen Reid (Sleazeball, NV) came waltzing out with something of his own making that was completely different?
I don't know what the problem that Bunning had with it was. Just last week, the Senate voted to make all of that stuff pay-go, so all of the funding was certainly in place. Who knows.
I would hate to have to get a job and screw up my practising for retirement. They need to get this fixed soon. I need joanies money to play with.


So, you're a double dipper. I thought you said you weren't collecting unemployment? I think you forget your lies.

How often do you actually look for work? Or do you like on the forms that say you're actually looking as well?

You're a model of corruption, chux. Typical rethuglican. Doesn't surprise me at all that you want to play with other people's money.


And so typical that you don't know what happened. We should start referring to you three as the "guessing squad."


Joanie, dear Joanie. I initially was not collecting unemployment. After a while, I changed my mind. This was discussed here as a matter of fact. For the last 20 years, I probably paid more each year in taxes than you made.
I am getting some of it back.
Not going to take a shit job. The right one will come along.
I'm still paying property, utility, sales, gas and God only knows what other taxes so don't you worry your pretty little head about me. I'll be just fine.
(I make three to ten contacts per week and I did not collect for the week I was "vacationing' in the Bahama's)


No, I don't think you did. But then, I can admit that I"m not spying on your finances so really don't know. I doubt very much you paid more than me.

In fact, you didn't pay into unemployment. Your employer did.

If you weren't so comfortable on the gummnet check, you'd be out looking like so many you disdain are. That's a fact. You are an elitist pig. A lucky one. It sure isn't because you're smart or because you earned anything.

I don't believe in the 3-10 because you are not truthful. Nor were you anywhere but sitting on your ass vacationing at home.

And your last post is just another whine. "Poor me." I really dislike people who whine. And you're not paying them. The gumment worker whose job should be outsourced is paying them. Or is that your candy money, big guy? (Thank you gumment paycheck and wall street lottery!)


Except every few months, the old unemployment people call you in, review your contact log and even call some of the businesses logged and check on you.
Heck, last week, she even went through a half dozen job search sites looking for ads.
No poor me. I am very happy.
And joan, all taxes are paid by employees or consumers. You are a moron if you think anything else.
Never mind, you are a moron anyway.


That's just a stupid comment on its face. A blind generalization corporatists like to make. It is part of the margin of profitability. You idiot. As long as there are people who can afford what is sold, that margin gets higher and higher. When the margin isn't enough to pay the freight, you're out of business.

The margin on RVs is pretty high and that's why you made a lot of money selling over-priced gas guzzlers. The profit could have been much less, still paid the freight, and taught you a lesson in economics: that not everyone is an overpaid salesman.

Why is it you always revert to generalities and talking points? Why?

BTW, any way you look at it, you didn't pay. Your employer did. However you want to label the money. And he could afford it or he wouldn't be in business. He got it primarily from all those poor suckers who over-paid for gas guzzlers. That part is true.


And see, you finally tell the truth: you lie about looking. You know they don't do much checking.

How can you be so hypocritical: you hate gumment and yet you take every cent from it you can. That's like working to make abortions illegal but getting your girlfriend to have one - cause it's your baby.

And I'm not talking about abortion. I'm talking about hypocrisy. Just to be clear. I figure you'll get confused.


It looks like Sen Bunning has reached an agreement with the libtards. You don't have to worry about me anymore joanie. My unemployment has been extended. It looks like they are trying to make it another full year.
That would give me until June, 2011. That is another $37,800.00 in retirement practice compensation.


Worry about you? That's a laugh.

I'm loving the way you grandstand your greed, corruption and hypocrisy. Your tombstone will boast: I was the biggest hypocrite of them all and they'll be your own words.

Chux, the ex-RV Guy who hated gumment so much that he married into it and sucked it dry while other people starved and died.

Yes, that would be a good epithet. We'll have to keep that in mind when the big day arrives.

You see? I have a sense of humor, too. It is a just sense of humor as well.


Chux, you seem other abled. Why not sell junk bonds the same way you gamed WaMu the day before it went under?


Joanie sez:
"I'm loving the way you grandstand your greed, corruption and hypocrisy. Your tombstone will boast: I was the biggest hypocrite of them all and they'll be your own words."

From every indication, you must be talking about youirself - phony one, supporter of soft tyranny by our Federal Government (aka a statist). If you think Sen Bunning was out to screw everyone & refused to listen to his argument, support gummint run health care, cap and trade, which you do - that's exactly what you are. The mask has once again been pulled off...

Correctomondo, Chucks. Keep the Silly talk coming, Coils.

City of Kent

KS, quit sloughing off on the taxpayers dime.


So why, during the Bush administration, did Bunning heartily support extending unemployment insurance, stating that this would be a good thing for his constituents?

A newspaper in his home state published a scathing editorial Tuesday calling Bunning's block a "callous contempt for the more than one in 10 working Kentuckians whose jobs disappeared in the economic meltdown."

The Lexington Herald-Leader editorial, titled "Bunning's callous grandstanding," said Kentucky has become "accustomed to bizarre, egocentric behavior from Bunning."

In 2006, Time magazine called him one of the nation's five worst senators, noting that "Bunning shows little interest in policy unless it involves baseball."


I thought the guy did an excellent job of getting attention. Really don't know too much about the guy and certainly put zero credibility into any newspaper editorial.
But eventually we are going to have to quit borrowing $ from the Chinese and Arabs. When that comes back to bite us in the butt, those scars and wounds may never heal.
I did notice that last weeks check made it to the bank today. No harm, no foul.


When it's the other side, eventually borrowing from the Chinese becomes an issue. It's all about a nation divided that cannot govern, is what right wingers are hoping for as an eventual failure.

Bunning reflects all that is wrong with the politics of the right. He cannot have his reelection, so he will fly his plane into the heart of america and selfishly deny others of any semblance of what is tradition and sane.


That's really the problem in a representative democracy, people like you who don't really know too much about ... anything except parroting entertainers.

Klueless, if you're gonna use city computers for private use on city time at least try to inform yourself. There's a lot of good sites to which you can go to get some facts.

<...last week's check... - right, more evidence of your greed, selfishness and hypocrisy. Keep it coming. You're going to bury yourself in stupid sh**. And us liberals is lovin' it.


Oh, BTW, chux has company in his whining. Did you all hear McConnell on the floor sobbing about losing his chief of staff to a lobbying firm?

Bunning throws a tantrum and puts tens of thousand (more?) out of work to make a point?

They are all mentally challenged. I guess emotionally, too. And they're trying to run the country?

Scary, huh?


Keep thinking I work for the City of Kent. LOL

That message was not written on City computers, FYI.
Ph(J)oanie - you don't inform yourself of the real news - you spew lies and half truths and statist propaganda from wingnut websites like the Huff Post, Media Matters, Daily Kos and listen to the wingnuts of the left on the radio. You have no room to talk about finding good sites. Same with you Sparkles. Your article about Bunning was amusing, but as usual only one-half of the story.

Bunning made a statement against the soft tyranny in charge. Hopefully, others will follow his example against this ragtag bunch of statist Chicago pols and starting kicking some ass before November rolls around.


"It's all about a nation divided that cannot govern, is what right wingers are hoping for as an eventual failure."

A failure of this administration - for conservatives and independents, because they are fucked up. Yes ! which would mean a victory for the nation and its people over their soft tyranny.


Randi just made a joke about the word "statist." She said you can time eggs by the number of times that word and "socialist" and "Stalinist" get said by the right-wing entertainers. I've never heard the word before the six million times klueless has used it.

So, parroting again, klueless?


That just shows that you don't know where to look for reliable information. Randi is joke in her in her own right -mentally unstable, I figured you'd identify with her laughing when the Titanic sinks and you are on it.


Well, if it comes to "mentally unstable," I guess you'd know. LOL

God, you're an idiot.

Dori is the world's "tiniest" man(hehe if you know what i mean)

Krank Shiers always has the stupidest "guests" onhis little asinine radio show. Tonight he had a fearmonger who was trying to whip up hysteria about the unemployment situation in King County. "It's gettinr worse", he said.......uh no it is actually getting better, though fairly slowly..... reports i heard are also that King County and western washington will actually come out ooof th recession faster than the national average......

Dori is the world's "tiniest" man(hehe if you know what i mean)

how about that "wild sound" segment on Krank's show? Shiers- what a tool....... Luke Burbank will soon be listening to Frank in mom's basement, perhaps with his dopey girl friend still, but probably not,...... because he couldn't take criticism and refused to make any improvements to his dopey show. The show was bad, but it could have been improved to the extent where it could have fought off a successful Shiers takeover.....Burbank laughed at all of us who had ctritical remarks about his show...."mom's basement" types, losers he called us smugly, and didn't change a thing as he laughed at us.....now Frank is having the last laugh....

Dori is the world's "tiniest" man(hehe if you know what i mean)

how much do those occaisional fillin appearances on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me pay, Luke"? 50 bucks a pop? .... contemptuous in Seattle


It seems that you guys on the left are glad Lee Rogers is gone. He was sure a pain to those he disagreed with. Well, maybe you can get your hero Bernie Ward back on the air. He was billed as "THE LION OF THE LEFT". He represents many Progressive values. He should be out of prison soon.

Ray Taliaferro

I hope he strangles Dr Bill

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