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January 06, 2010



Could KOMO be doing well due to the simulcast? I wonder why KOMO news does so well while KIRO drive-time news is routinely attempted only to be quickly cancelled. Would PPMs have revealed that drive-time news didn't do so bad afterall? Could this question be laid at Tony Miner's feet?

If I were the PD of KIRO I'd go back to the simulcast and turn the three and four hours shows to two hour programs with a mix of local and wire news placed between them. It would make it a lot easier to listen to all day long.

As it is now I switch to Rick Sanchez on CNN at some point during Monson's first hour unless Shiers is filling in, in which case I switch immediately.

Sometimes it sounds implied that it's "news-talk" that's failing and not Dave, Dori and R&D specifically. Could it simply be that they're dropping the ball and not giving listeners what we want? It just seems rather uninspired to conclude a guy and a microphone can't somehow do better numbers than this.


The Seahawks have been falling as well as KIRO=ESPN,Causation is suspected.
As for KIRO-FM,whoever developed the
idea to change the talk station to FM
must love sports & not ratings.


In the case of 'talk radio', to an extent hasn't it all been said - at least once. Not surprised that it's falling. Despite switching to KOMO at times lately for 'real' news I still feel a loyalty to KIRO-FM. I'm also of the opinion that they made a huge mistake by taking it to FM. There's just too much 'competition' out there for radio these days. We've got the unbiquious range of electronics to occupy folks like never before, kids are plugged into DS's, adults into I-Phones, Nexis's, computers, etc., et al - it's no wonder that leaves little time for good 'ol radio. It's not a case of 'time's they are a-changing' any more, it's times have changed in a permanent way with no turning back. Radio needs to be uniquely entertaining...else it will fail.


"Could it simply be that they're dropping the ball and not giving listeners what we want?"

Thankfully, there aren't enough of you lunatic fringe people to even consider formatting to. If there were, KPTK would be the first to go there.

Jake in Space

The KIRO news product is second rate. They have laid off reporters, and editors and get their news off of NPR. They gloss over or ignore so many big stories. They may not have election nite coverage, but Dori does hours and hours of live play-by-play of those police funerals which are really boring on the radio. There has got to be some big changes at KIRO, the ones they have made haven't done anything but confound us listeners who do care about the station.


ksr, I never asked for liberal talk. I myself am not even the purist of liberal.

"Radio needs to be uniquely entertaining...else it will fail."

That's what I'm getting at. For the most part Dave and Dori sound the same now as they did in 2003. I don't honestly know what they need to do but then again it's not my job to figure these things out. All I know if they still have microphones and people still have radios. I wonder if mp3, XM and consolidation have simply demoralized them to a point of self defeat.

What I don't feel like I get enough of from them is relevance. That's why I switch on CNN. While Dori is blabbering like a crank old one trick pony, Rick Sanchez mightr be covering riots in Iran or a presidential press conferance. Talk radio has felt like a vacuum lately. I would welcome more news for the simple fact that it's "new". Opinion by itself is old. We've heard it all before.


Not sure if Arbitron has annointed Seattle as a PPM market yet. If not, look for stations to emphasize music and not personalities.

While it's not a radio station, there is a cool site that functions like a Talk station but with a TV delivery. It's called www.shovio.com

Apparently, viewers can use their web cams to "beam" into the show and interact live on screen with the host. They've got political, sports and general interest shows. Pretty cool.


I tuned into Dori for a moment, and he's describing himself driving a race car on a race course, I don't know BECAUSE I CANT SEE IT and furthermore, WHO THE FOCK CARES?? Meanwhile, CNN is giving top knotch coverage of rise and fall of Chris Dodd, who is falling on his sword. It's very dramatic, and a small part of a larger historic event. But apparently Dori is more interested in some go-cart racing bullshit. Good on him. Good on him.

Bill Wippel

The stupid switch by Bonneville of the AM to FM will cost the jobs of both Ross and Munson, and thankfully Ron and Don. The cave at Salt Lake will not put up with poor ratings and high salaries. They sold KIRO Radio when they paid too much for the Seahawks and they will do it again. When expenses outdo income Bonneville will not stand for it. The bottom line: profit


I rarely listen or watch anything live except for radio during my morning and evening commute. I assume that one day we will have full mobile internet access in the car (I know it sort of exists via our cell phones but it's slow, unreliable and $$$). I figure some kind of tivo for the car where I can pause or rewind. The day that happens commercial radio is dead!


I think that talk radio has finaly dunbed it down to a point of where its not interesting. The only entertainment is in how lame or just plain stupid the callers are. Have you heard Gibson lately. I sware that his callers are a plant to make black people and Obama by inference look stupid. As for the once mighty Kiro All except Dave have become so over exposed I turn then off when I they come on. I don't listen to the Seahawks pregame because I have become Dori adverse. R&D should just go away. Somebody tell Frank he needs a personality. He would be more effective as a mime on the radio. Ktpk is just as bad. I turn to Hartman When ever Dori does a comerical. Ed Norman and Mike Malloy Puke Puke Puke!!! Brock and Salk have potential. I like KEXP as well. The weekends on there are good


I never got the change over at KIRO. I understand that by owning multiple radio stations that you are competing with yourself in some respect, but you deversify your investment. Clear channel has got HIP-HOP, oldies, pop and sports talk. Those stations are ranked 3rd, 5th, 4th and 20th in the market. But as much as KIRO AM is competing against KJR, they are also competing against KIRO FM. Why do I hear a R&D commercial on KIRO AM? It doesn't make sense.

Ricker D.

KIXI hasn't been "satellite programmed" for some time.

Isn't it your business to keep up with this stuff?


All of these stations are doomed when Wi-Max hits the air and car radios have internet access. I'd much rather listen to Pandora than the endless commercials and blather on music radio. I am not the least bit surprised to see talk radio in the dumper. Those blow-hards are an endangered species as anyone making more than $75K at a radio station is being shown the door when their contract is up.


If david boze can have a job in radio in Seattle...the bar for "talent" is very very low.

DJ Allyn

KIRO should take the format KPTK currently has and move it to the FM band. The major reason KPTK is dismal is that you can't hardly get the signal out in their parking lot, let alone much of the Puget Sound area. Throw in a local drive-time show in the afternoon and it might pick itself up considerably in the ratings.

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