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January 12, 2010


libs are offensive

Thanks for posting that Bla'M. After a couple of appearances, she is going to loosen up and win over a few of the cold blooded regressive progressive wannabes and bring them over to the right side.

Cold blooded RPW

She always seems pretty loose with verbal diarrhea. Once she starts talking it is pretty much spew.

Can't wait for more!


Look, Papa Bear's job was to prop up Palin as best he could.

As to 'neutralizng' the networks...even on O'Reilly's best night, NBC or ABC nightly newscasts have 3 times the number of viewers he does.

Palin will provide great comic relief and sooner or later she'll say something out of line or outrageous. But the followers won't care.

Jason Andersen

I think that Ailes will pull Palin out of his well-crafted bag of tricks to give the choir an occasional orgasm. And I readily concede that in the cable news context that O'Reilly, in particular, and most shows on FNC have very good ratings and are one of Mr. Murdoch's most porfitable divisions, but I don't see how someone like Palin is going to do anything but polarize and turn people off who are not rabid right wing. They already have their audience. BTW, Limbaugh is just so delusional when he asserts that if politicians adopt their mantra, that then they are ipso facto guaranteed landlside victories. It just doesn't make sense. I say, go ahead, run Palin-Demint! :-)


Please dispense with the happy face, smiley icons. It's childish.

Jason Andersen

I guess that the threads that go ON and ON ad naueseum about "Rush goooooood, Rachael badddddd," or Olbermann gooooood, Beck EVIL," and then interspersed with transposing people's handles into petty little personal insults are not in any way childish or junior high, but for me to want to occasionally use a plain-text emoticon to singfying whether I am laughing or growling or deadpan, I guess that that is so preschool that it's completely unacceptable; yeah, OK, I get it.


Apparently Dori's topic of the hour is "we shouldn't help Haiti".. I think we're in the clear to say that this man is an embarrassment to America. I pray to God that travelers to our great city don't happen upon a rental vehicle that happens to be tuned to 97.3 KIRO.

(usually they're tuned to 93.3 but that's neither here nor there)

Jason Andersen

I still have never listened to Dori, but if he is half as bad as what you guys say, then who does listen to him??

Who are his fan base? Why would right wingers listen to him when they could have meat-and-potatoes Hannity, or a smidgeon of intellect with Medved? I will have to listen to him to see if he really if as pathetic as y'all say.

If he really is saying that we shouldn't help Haiti, then it is hard to fathom that there would be a worse human being given major air play on a big station.

Jason Andersen

It's probably sick and wrong that this is even crossing my mind, but I wanna bet that Vivid or one of the other made-for-DVD/Internet production houses of West Hollywood, will come up with a spoof porn video that they could call something like "Foxxx and Friends," or the "O'Reilly Xfactor," that will feature Billo, with his falafel and loofah, coming at Caribou Barbie, as Dick Morris is tending to her toes.


You are wise Jason and likely correct in your assessment and predictions. Thank goodness you're one of us and will help crush the nuts of the con's.


Has anyone noticed that the Obama admin. started responding to the disaster in Haiti in hours as opposed to Bushs days and weeks of S.N.A.F.U. I suppose it is because Obama is a Socialist, Nazi, Comunist who wants to force healthcare on Haiti wether they want it or not.


Excellent observation ST, Obama would have only been a slow-responder had the earthquake hit Idaho.


Idaho can wait


hahahaha, to heck with Idaho, there are problems we need to solve here in America first. Those savages can sort out their own problems.

Jason Andersen

Be nice guys...Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho is probably one of the most beautiful, serene places in the world. I used to spend summers near Sandpoint, and the people are really nice, too, just so long as you're Caucasian.


Pat Robertson is not worthy of being called a human being.


He has a deal with the devil, he's on THEIR side. Aren't we glad.

Jason Andersen

Pat Robertson is a sick man, even if he really doesn't believe the crap that he spews, and if he's just trying to make a buck and drive traffic to his TV show and web site, still he is just soooooooo wrong and irresponsible. People like him kinda make me hate the First Amendment. If the FCC can fine in excess of $500k for saying the "F" word or showing some girly nipple, then a comment like Robertson's just begs for an infraction. It's just so irresponsible because there are a lot of real people out there (with guns!!) who actually believe the nonsense he puts out on the airwaves, and to them, it's kin to the word of God. Just totally scary.

woody held

At least Palin did not fall to this guy's level of incoherence.


Right on Woody. We will destroy the presidency of Barack Obama. He is an embarrassment and downright dangerous in his ignorance, guile and hatred for everything this country has always stood for.

This country and the liberties of our people haven't been so endangered since we faced the 3rd Reich. Our War with the Islamo-fascists is hard enough, but made infinitely more difficult because the illegitimate president must be defeated first. We will win. The people are rising up.

When this is done, we must study the dynamics of the winning strategy that installed this dangerous imposter and stealthy traitor into the highest office in the land. It must never happens again. Don't despair, America, we have heard your outrage and pain. We will win.

Paul Johnson

Who is saying Dori Monson doesn't donate to charity? Jason is that you? You have the nerve to call him pathetic? The creator of this blog is pathetic. Yes, Michael Hood, thats you!. How much time and money have you socialistic fools contributed to the community? You stink with hypocrasy. Probably have one of those liberal bumper stickers that have a Hummer on it saying the same thing! Where's the suck-ass regulars on the site, Joanie and Drew? You pissants can't win one arguement against the facts that Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin put forth. Think she's stupid? She beat Joe Biden in the debate. Thats a fact!


No she didn't dumb-ass. She called him O'Biden. ROTFL? She was on her way down after her days at Middle Idaho State.

lotus eater







Spot on, Parker...

You're comparing Palin to the all time gaffe-meister Joe Biden - ROTFL.

She had some gaffes, but she is well behind Biden there. Beside. he has 26 years on her.


Obama/Biden was the ticket that made it to Washington, while Palin was sent back to her front porch with the view of the former USSR. The voters have more faith in our guys, but everyone knows that any ticket with Palin on it would have been disastrous for America.


"Umm, can I call you joe? - cuz I can't remember your last name..."


"By the way, what is my son doing in Iraq anyway?"

Can anyone imagine four years of that shrill voice? OMG! I'd want Bush back.

james chan

An hour of palin unscripted on beck was hilarious. beck asked her a katie couric question about who her favorite founding father was and she choked and beck said BS, then she came up with Washington.
Here is the entire Beck interview....

Check out part 6 around 2 minutes in. She is talking about the public conflating Fey's 'parody and her reality."
"Some of reality started kinda of atrophying into something whatever else she was saying".."People weren't intellegent enough to know what the difference was."
Sentence structure is one thing but, it may be true her devotees won't know the difference between atrophy and morphing, leaving her to her own retorical devices are pure gold.

A heart beat away.


get this- Monson has been called heartless by none other than Frank Shiers. Well ok he didnt directly adress Dori. he was playing clips of sluggger whatshisname from St Louis who just admitted to steroids- Mark McGuire. McGuire was crying in the clips and Frank remarked that anyone who doesn't feel at least somewhat for McGuire after listenibg to the clips has no heart. Dori played the same clips and did nothing but chortle and laugh with malicious glee, saying he just couldn't get enough, as if the clips were treats at a candy shop. Sick disgusting little punk of a man. yeah i heard him start his show yesterday with a rant against helping Haiti and changed cnannels in disgust.


Medved just said that "some" of the people in Haiti are good people who don't deserve tragedy visited on them, and then though better of to and changed it to "many of them". Incredible. By the way, why do we have TWO dumbass right wing TALK stations in Seattle. 770 SHOULD GET RID OF dipshit Dave Boze and condescender Medved. keep Rush if you must, but let non repugs talk during the rest of the hours on KTTH


"SOME"of the people living on Mercer Island are good people, I'm sure, certainly, but Michael Medved isn't one of them. Why don't they just consolidate all the rtuly evil hateful and racist talkhosts on Seattle radio like Rush Medved and Dori onto one station instead of spreading them over the two stations KIRO AND KTTH. give us one good station.

oh, by the way, i was being sarcastic!

SOME Haitians didn't deserve a deadly earthquake, like the rich ones, but lets face it, the rest of em are poor. They made bad choices. Are you telling me they can't swim to Florida? Are they not crafty enough to evade the Coast Gaurd? Hello! There's like maybe three patrol boats gaurding 1,500 miles of coastline.


james, I meant to post this this morning...I wrote it out, but I guess I was interrupted because I never did the code....so to piggyback on your post:

During Sarah Palin's interview with Glenn Beck yesterday, something extraordinary happened -- Beck challenged Palin on a stock, noncommittal answer to a question. Beck asked: "Who's your favorite Founder?"

"You know, well, all of them, because they came collectively together with so much--" Palin began, in a manner much like her non-answers to Katie Couric's questions about which newspapers she's read ("All of them.") and which Supreme Court decisions she's disagreed with (which brought a similarly broad answer about how there are a lot of decisions).

"Bullcrap," Beck interrupted. "Who's your favorite."

"--so much diverse and so much diversity in terms of belief, but collectively they came together -- and they were led by, of course George Washington, so he's got to rise to the top." Palin then gave a short speech on Washington's virtues.



She would have been a heartbeat away from representing the nation.


I take that back...she would have assumed the role of the President, the same way Cheney did.




John and Jeff were on last night, on freedom 970, a good alternative to when Seattle talkradio goes unlistenable, for instance KVI mornings after the 25th, and they were basically calling Conan O'brien a baby abd a spoiled selfish ingrate for not willing to helf out NBC and move his show back to 12:05 after receiving some 80 odd million dollars from them over the years.

Paul Johnson

You paranoid libs are amusing in your fear of Palin. She is and has been an articulate down to earth common sense person who speaks for the decent humans on this planet. She smashed Joe Biden in their debate, do you remember? She beat down the corrupt former republican govenor of Alaska and put decency in the governorship there. Shes is not corrupted, therin lies your sides problem.

Saul Alinsky

Paul’s johnson seems to be talking for him tonight. Put down the lube bub, you are growing hair in your brain.



You better look that word up, paul. Btw paul, have you ever considered comedy? You'd do well, I think.

Willamette Valley

Hey Big Johnson! You're pretty funny!


Johnson's not funny. He's sobering. The democrats have morphed into the corruptocrats.
Keep tooting your horns for the end justifying the means and the fact that we are no longer a nation of laws, but now a nation of men. If you support this stuff, I challenge to look in the mirror and see who you are if you are even capable of being true to yourself.

If you laugh, would you laugh if your mother or spouse was thrown in jail ? With an out of control government - big brother will control your life, but you won't care. Willful ignorance seeks no bounds - party on.

I sense that the political revenge of the nerds is coming soon, but don't take my word for that, keep focusing on how much of a catastrophe would occur in Palin actually became President.



KS, you're sounding more and more like Sarah Palin.


Spot on, Mandy.


Paul Johnson

He may as well be O'Biden playing Husseins waterboy Coiler. Drew, did you know you really can see Russia from Alaska? SA, I'll bet you dream of being just like him. But you couldn't debate me to save your life. And Joanie, I suppose you believe that articulate means ability to smoothly read off a teleprompter while stuttering through unrehearsed questions about the 57 states of Islam. And to Coiler again, I would trust someone who attended Middle Idaho State, way before someone who was indoctrinated at some Ivy league senior high school. And to the rest of my admirers, I only set this stuff up. You provide me with the punchlines. Fixed news outdraws all other cable news combined. Now that must scare many of you. Thank you very much. You've been a really nice audience.

Dr. Bill Whattaturd

Now wait just a goddamned minute, you eco frauds, and you know who you are, know that Sarah is a true republican, and stands for what is right in America. Like unlimited profits for oil companies, and not only giving tax breaks to the most deserving (wealthy republicans), but also having government PAY money to big corporation that turn record profits. Kinda like a reward for doing a great job. You people don't realize that, because Palin CAN see those fuckers in Russia, she is best suited to be keeping an eye on them (wink). Good on her. She knows that the poor are poor because they're lazy, and should be the first people set before the death panels. No, Palin doesn't stand for all America; just the important ones.

Jason Andersen

Sarah Palin could not answer the question from Katie Couric about what newspapers she reads! I mean she was absolute deer-in-the-headlights dummified. At least Bush was even savvy enough to say that he really didn't read the papers because other people did that for him, and she could have even answered something like the Anchorage Daily, The Washington Times, or even The Drudge Report for god’s sake, and still garnered some respect. She also thought that the Vice President would be involved in the legislature because they are President of the Senate. Get this, too, because this sealed the deal for me: In her hand written resignation letter, she said that Alaska was purchased from Russia, the state that she was governor of, by President Lincoln!!!! It was purchased by President Andrew Johnson. I could go on...but if any of y'all have any doubt that she's very stupid, here is a link to a professional copy edit of something that she actually wrote her self. [ http://amygrindhouse.com/vanity-fair-edits-sarah-palin-resignation-letter.html/vanity-fair-edits-sarah-palin-resignation-letter-1 ]

Jason Andersen

STATISM? I guess that Mark Levin wrote a book wherein he sez that statism is BAAAAAAADDDD, and furthermore, that if we are statist then that is ipso facto tyranny, and tyranny in that context, of course, means NO LIBERTY!!!!!! Right?!

And to >90% of the people who actually buy into that line of reasoning, no liberty would mean that they couldn’t call gay folk faggots, or dark people the “N word,” or slap their wife and kids, or kick their cat, or pay taxes, and they wouldn’t have ubiquitous supply of ultra hollow cop killing ammo…anyways, I am getting sidetracked..

…lemme get back to statism, or should I say anti-statism, so that the United States will decentralize its fiscal, monetary, and tax structure back to the good old 50 states--maybe even revert to the gold standard and abolish the Fed--then we can as a nation hope to be as well off as the state of Arizona or California (just two examples), and that will leave us in nifty fine shape to compete with that them thar statist China and the European Union. Just cuz we are in the 21st Century doesn’t mean that we have to govern like we are or anything.


I would trust someone who attended Middle Idaho State, way before someone who was indoctrinated at some Ivy league senior high school.

Oh. And then he went to Harvard... you didn't know that?

As for punchlines? I haven't read any.


What is Middle Idaho States team, the "States Rightists"?

Reuben and the Jets

"…lemme get back to statism, or should I say anti-statism, so that the United States will decentralize its fiscal, monetary, and tax structure back to the good old 50 states--maybe even revert to the gold standard and abolish the Fed--then we can as a nation hope to be as well off as the state of Arizona or California (just two examples), and that will leave us in nifty fine shape to compete with that them thar statist China and the European Union. "

What is your point ? How about using common sense when dealing with these issues instead of the progressive agenda, leading to statism
& big centralized government solutions ? The bigger the government, the more inefficient.

Progressivism is void of common sense - name me anything that this current administration has done, except for cash for clunkers that has actually been beneficial to a majority of Americans ? (No, special interests don't count)
Common sense economic solutions would take more time to arrive at, but would be more than worth it because of the long term benefits derived.

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