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January 23, 2010


Jim Claytor

When are they gonna bring back Randi Rhodes?

That guy in the afternoon, "Storman Norman" or whatever his name is, is awful.


Good news! I wish them all the luck in the world. Also, it sounds like Tina loves New York.

I hope Jack Rice does land on his feet as well. I like him but he's on at a time when it's hard for me to listen. He knows his stuff!


Ron Reagan was on KPTK from 6-9 Pacific but it wasn't live. He did the show from 3-6 Pacific time. Will he be on live from 6-9 or it will it be a delayed broadcast? Tina was probably speaking in Eastern time.
I liked Ron live from 3-6 and Randi from 6-9. NorMAN GoldMAN doesn't interview guests.


I agree. A little NorMAN goes a long way. I have been listening more to NPR in the afternoon lately and I don't listen to the radio much after 6pm


I have heard a few guests on Norm's show, but he still does most of the talking. He is ok, but I think he would fit better on weekends. I would like to see Ron back at 3pm our time.


I can see why the usual suspects have been in such a pissy mood as of late. The Democratics have had 7 successive bad hair days. One was brought on be their own doing - from the soft tyranny that Congress and the White House have forced upon the people. The other was brought on by the scales of justice that were righted by the SCOTUS - which seems like a pile of shit was dumped on the left by doing this. Basically, the Supreme Court made the best of a bad situation, to the chagrin of the leftwing and George Soros who will be equalized by the Corporations. A plurality of people believe this is better than before.

KluelesS, chunks & PutzS = tres assholes

well looky there, sumbuddy learnt howta cut n paste.

you sure are smart. and have a purdy smile too.

too bad everyone tinks yer an idjit.

A Pal

Basically, the Supreme Court made the best of a bad situation, to the chagrin of the leftwing and George Soros who will be equalized by the Corporations. A plurality of people believe this is better than before.

I love this decision! And I'm spreading the word. But, most everybody I know argues. Help me out: Where was Soros mentioned in the decision? What is your source that says a "plurality" believe this to be better? And what exactly was the bad situation that prompted the decision?

I need some good arguments to sell this thing. Go Roberts, Alito, Kennedy, Thomas, and Scalia! We'll show that black fruitcake what a good Court decision looks like! Love ya, brother! Let's give these f***'n lefties a lesson in citizenship!

Everything I've read -left and right - calls it "court activism" at its mosy corrupt. We're cruisiin' man. Give me some answers!


Two of them? Amazing.

So, give him some answers, professor klueless.


Isn't it obvious when joanie is begging for someone to converse with her. Apparently one lonely soul.


Ah, duff. Always the gentlemen, hmm? You're starting to sound like sputs and klueless.

Still awaiting your answer, klueless. Cat of ignorance got your tongue?


Geeeze joanie seems like no one wants to play with you. And I love how you and sparky love to accuse me of being someone else.
Bwahahahaha. Shows how confused and bewildered you are. But do keep guessing; it's a good way of changing the subject.


Duff is our Walter Mitty, "nothing wrong here, ha ha, those wacky politicos",etc.


Also, there is a military slang term, "Walt", which is an abbreviation of the name 'Walter Mitty', which refers to someone who has aspirations to become a soldier, but none of the necessary personal qualities. This bit of slang can also refer to someone who poses as an (ex-)soldier but who isn't a soldier (serving or former), or who poses as something he isn't or wasn't; for example, regular army soldiers who pose as SAS troopers. The term is often used to describe people who participate in "war games" such as Airsoft, Paintball, Military Re-enactment and individuals who are not serving/never served in the Armed Forces but have an obsession with Military Surplus, Regalia, Weaponry etc but subconsciously does not understand the difference between Civilian and Military life.


Yes he is and you are apparently infatuated with him. Isn't there a C-SPAN program on for you or a podcast (Dave Ross) that you can occupy you. Or go out and do some prep work in the garden. You are such a tool it's pathetic.


You know, TO, nobody really cares. Queens Hunter, Emannuel, Barf, all the others whose names I can't even remember are all the same. Forgettable.

I'm dangerous to you. I bring messages that you don't like. Sorry. I will continue. You can only debate by attacking the messengers. That is your burden. Not mine. I'm sorry for you.

If this is the most fun you get in life, so be it.

Oh, and thanks for talking to me.


You nailed it coiler, that's me. I'm actually sitting in the basement of my mom's house watching the Jets -v- Colts game as we speak. What's your excuse.


Correction, I'm talking at you.


Coiler? Doing some yardwork? Yep. That's duff.


And I love how you and sparky...

If you're going to talk at someone, learn to do it first. For a few bucks, I'll teach you.


Why don't you try and make yourself useful. Why don't you make some effort to help those in Haiti like your idol John Edwards is doing. Nope! But you'll criticize chucks for volunteering and accuse him of faking it. You should be ashamed of yourself, as well as your compadres. Now, find a podcast of Dave Ross to listen to so that you won't feel so bored.


I thought you just said it was coiler than listened to dave? Getting confused? Now you sound like klueless.

I'll end my side of our conversation here. I actually have things to do. And some reading to catch up on so that I can continue to post my fearless and profound insights for you to attack. What would you do without me?

Feel free to take the last word.


Glad you took my advice. (Get's a little sticky with I bring up your disrespect for chucks, doesn't it).


Duffy's Greatest Hits!

"Why dont you make yourself useful."

"You are such a tool."

"And I love how you love to accuse me of being someone else.

Come on Duff..with all this time on your hands, you can put forth a little more effort to be original.

oh..almost forgot! " :) "


You seem almost as possessed with dufman as you were with John Edwards. I guess you fancy yourself as some sort of a blog detective and that gives you an apparent rush. Wow. The way you rush to judgement with inaccurate facts is scary for someone who has influence over children.


More than that, I got creative:

(to the tune of the Calypso boat song)


(dedicated to the brown-skin people of the world held in contempt by chux)

Poor Mr. chucky-man
Why you so-a toilet-talk

Daylight come
and he be hidin' out

Sad little RV-man
why you such a hate-a-talk?

Daylight come
and you still hidin' out

Hey, mr. ex-salesman
why do tommie talk for you?

Dayloight come
yu still be hidin' out

Po-ot lit-tle sa-d lit-tle
chuckie man.....

even the haitians say
Stay Away!


Absolutely disgraceful joanie. You are apparently a very spiteful and small person. chucks is walkin the talk and performing a noble service to the less fortunate of this world. That you can't see and realize that is very telling of someone who lacks real character. I'm sorry for you. Your compadre sparky is above that. You should learn from her.


Whatever. If you are entertained by all this, then carry on.

joanie..have you seen the movie Sicko? We are watching it right now.Teaching Americans in France is going on my list of things to explore.
If you can judge a society by how it treats its sick, we are way WAY down on the list. Rescue workers from 9-11 are in the hospital, dying from respiratory diseases, unable to pay for any of it.


Not to mention that the detainees at Gitmo get free, universal healthcare.


"detainees" she meant war criminals, but I do agree. Yet, who goes to the rescue of Haiti. Certainly not France, at least not to the degree we are there.


You have no clue what he's doing. For all I know, you're him. Well, except that you are more literate.

And we don't compare people on our side. We are independent. Not used to running with the herd.

Now, perhaps you should go back to the current blog and say something smart that furthers the discussion. If you can. Otherwise, don't.

You actually sound a little like another sermonizer we had. Wish I could remember his name. Long time ago. It started with a D as I recall. Most of us on the left do not tend towards preachiness or even egotistical self-righteousness. We leave that to the right as well.

Nice to talk to you, however. Or "at you" as the case may be.

Bye duff.


If you'd care to refer to me by my posting name, I would honor you with a response, otherwise you shall remain as you are one lonely son on the beach.


Sparky, I remember Sicko very well. I always thought Michael Moore should have rented small screens and placed them throughout the nation and run that film over and over. At least the part that showed the taxi cab dropping off the woman still attired in her hospital garments in freezing weather and with an oxygen or was it a venal thing attached to her arm? I can't remember just which.

I took a friend to see Columbine. She was not very political nor interested. She was so reflective after the movie. She just had no idea. She's still more conservative but she sees all of his movies now.

I watched the Third Man last night. I got the video from Amazon. Now I own four movies and one television series.

I really am off. I'm late! I'm always late!


"detainees" she meant war criminals,

Why not "enemy combatants"? -Bush's made up name. Or "Islamofascists?"

"war criminals" - no, they are detainees. There goes the name calling. See what I mean. You can't help yourself. Package it pretty, you are still out-of-control name callers, labelers and haters.


Yes, I think if more people heard the stories of these Americans who have had to fight so hard--and so many died in the process--there would be more people demanding universal care. As one person put it--until we find a way to replace
"ME!" with "we"..nothing will be solved.


A very smart man


It seems to me that in the case of Haiti we are certainly replacing 'me' with "we", as "we" are the one's doing the most (as we always are) to help the victims of that tragedy. chucks is a prime example of the "we" in this regard. Don't you agree.


Sounds like we're having red herrings for dinner.


Do they really have a need for discount RVs in Port-au-Prince right now?


That you would make light of that incredible tragedy shows you to be lower than life. You are scum, and a prime example of the ugly American.


No, I was serious. Chux services as an RV salesman are not needed in Haiti.
It's Ok. Since the disaster unfolded, no one outside of any organized rescue or aid group was let in, to prevent even more chaos from happening. Chux couldn't say what organization he was with, and even eluded to the concept that he was "going it alone". Individuals without those types of credentials are looked upon as "disaster tourists", and in the case of Haiti, were turned away to the Dominican Republic.

Are you really Duffman? Why don't you just call yourself Duffman then?


No, I am NOT duffman and you are wrong sir. Several individuals have been let in and have been doing terrific work there. Obviously you are not keeping up with the goings-on in areas outside P-a-P. They (again the USA) doesn't want volunteers hanging around the airport vicinity, but if you are willing to go out in the outlying areas to help, you will be allowed.


If twenty people in a room say you're drunk, then maybe it's time to sit down, duffman.


There haven't been any where near twenty people in this room for a great while. [and YOU especially should know that]


It could be a case of WE ...except that Sprint spent several days refusing not to charge its customers when they texted money to the Red Cross. After much public pressure, they finally gave in and stopped charging.
It could be a start. But for it to work, it has to be something that happens without public pressure.

Puget Sound

joanie is the kind of person who refuses to believe good of someone she may have a political disagreement. when chuck went down to central america in 2007 to help she made fun of it.
when seattle jew made comments she didn't agree with she told him to learn his history. (if you ever go to seattle jew's website you'll see he is a very learned man)
when people on this blog like ryder lost their job she couldn't wait to chortle on it.
she decries the name calling yet is the first to engage in it.

ron reagan, this is a prime demographic that is all for the taking.

btw, i believe chucks is down there from his past actions.


"btw, i believe chucks is down there from his past actions."

Are you now giving psychic advice of persona's from the Internet? Maybe you could also clear up the claims of WMD's from a few years ago.


unlike you, TommyOate, i've contributed so much of substance and relevance to the thread topics to this blog already, that i've earned the right to post some selfindulgent personal nonsense here occaisionally. No brag, just fact.


Folks welcome to the second hour here of the Dr. Bill Wattenburg on KGO san francisco, Sanjose, and before we get back to that bugger that;s on hold from the last hour, you remember the socalled environmentalist, the vullgar green nazi that told me i dont know my ass from o hole in the ground, let me finish the story from last weekend about that darned old mule in the coal mine........


That's pretty much Dr Billo, and his handy CCrane joke book.

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