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January 30, 2010



These days of jocks like Glen Beck who call themselves comedians, I really miss Hardwick, a truly funny and crazy guy.

Mike Barer

Bob's daughter Linda was in a few classes with me at WSU.


I didn't listen to him but remember him well. Whether you were a listener or not you sure knew who Hardwick was! I remember reading of his death. I wondered if he were bipolar perhaps. It seemed selfish in a way. He had a family and so much to live for.

I wonder what Beck would do if Fixed News ever fired him?

Bruce Zuehlsdorff

Every morning my dad's clock radio went on just before 6am and I could hear it in my bedroom.

Hardwick's voice was a part of my daily routine.

I still remember to this day, when Hardwick's voice came on and he was nearly in tears and having difficulty getting his words out. I knew something was not right. I was 12 years old.

It was the morning of June 5, 1968. About 5 or 6 hours before, Robert F Kennedy was shot in Los Angeles.

Another memory was a song that he used for years as a lead in for the news. He would often only play 10 or 20 seconds, it was an instrumental called "The Horse", a snappy tune with trumpets and a bass. Our high school band (and many others as well) played it as part of their pep band offerings at school sports events.

Wow. Robert E Lee Hardwick. Powerful memories for me.


" I wondered if he were bipolar perhaps. It seemed selfish in a way. He had a family and so much to live for.

I wonder what Beck would do if Fixed News ever fired him?"

Hardwick was piece of work, provacative at times.
Actually, I wondered if you are bipolar, Joanie.


jeez, we no LOL! I will admit I'm not a great typist.

Posted by: KluelesS, chunks & PutzS = tres assholes | January 30, 2010 at 11:40 AM

I never thought you were Joanie. I know who you are - you were banned by Bla"M and have gone underground and are the Mole or an avatar - as some have noted. You are a disturbed individual who has too much time on their hands. Dude, start taking your Thorazine or whatever meds you were prescribed.

We know that your posts indicate that you are a bonafide A-hole even without your screen name.
If you had anything of substance, you would be able to tone it down, but you are showing your transparency as a bomb throwing prohibitionist (aka progressive) sycophant with little substance.


A post designed to honor a man who brought a ray of sunshine. Yet some of you have to turn it into an attack on Joanie. I did not depict an attitude of arrogance in her post. Just an expression of sadness of the human condition.


I remember talking to some of Hardwick's peers during his time at KVI. Each of them said that he was the best adlib artist in the business, not to mention one of the best pitchmen for almost any product.

I also remember some of his live one-minute commercials going on for almost five minutes.


Posted by: KluelesS, chunks & PutzS = tres assholes | January 30, 2010 at 01:42 PM


Karl Maylin

Jack Morton (of KVI and recently of KIXI) was Hardwick's best friend really

Corporate Suit

Brian Jennings really valued "name recognition" to build ratings. That's why when he left KING to go to KVI, he brought Seigel, then picked up Laura Lee, scooped up Ed Hume...and then tried to build the best line-up of big names around Rush Limbaugh who anchored the station. There was Michael Reagan (live), Steve West (another Steve West), Morton Downey Jr, Freddie Mertz--and it was no coincidence he had Dick Curtis doing news to keep that going because their names had value. Jennings was not really into developing talent, but more of using already-established names and veterans. Ruth Walsh and Deb Henry, too!

I was there when Brian got the news about Hardwick's suicide. I am trying to remember HOW we got the news. I think we got a phone call from someone and the person told me, "Tell Brian that Hardwick is dead"---and when I told him, Jennings was like "WHAT?!?!" Then it started picking up on the news wires.


KS you have gone off the rails. I am using your avatar, so I guess that means I'm really you!!


Thanks for the insight CS. I was a fan of KVI back then and an avid Hardwick listener. He made radio 'interesting' with his continued antics and I think folks tuned in (to some extent) for the build-up and continuity of his many stunts. It was like comic-book reading ala radio. Was really shocked at his death and have always wondered if it was either drug and/or alcohol related?
Thanks for the nostalgic topic Bla'M.

Jaynie Dillon Jones

I had left KOMO and broadcasting in October of '90, but decided after about an 18-month hiatus to give it another whirl. June 3, 1992 I emerged from a promising interview for a news job at Channel 11, Tacoma, when I flipped the radio on in the car and heard a breaking news bulletin that Hardwick was dead...not just dead, but that he had killed himself. Numb with shock, I retreated to home, and decided that I might not ever want to return to the air. Hardwick's death profoundly affected me. He was phenomenal and to think that the whims of this industry crushed the life out of him was truly sorrowful; such a loss and a waste. Hardwick was and always will be a legendary figure.

roy k. matthies

What information doo you have on the old Palace Hotel on 1st ave in Seattle. My parents managed the hotel from 1949-1958.
Also the bar in the basement, that had a large dance floor and massive bar.
Roy K. Matthies

Debbi Thayer

Buddy Weber, Robert E Lee Hardwick, Jack Morton, Lan Roberts...(Roall Erickson, too!) radio made a huge impact on my life! I started my day with KVI and often fell asleep late at night after "DXing" with my little pink plastic GE radio! Later it was Mark Saven, after the move to talk radio. A great world of discovery. They were not just radio personalities... they were like friends, part of our lives. Hardwick was a judge at a contest I entered. He was so incredibly kind. (((Speaking of contests... Jack Morton, where's my KVI t-shirt? I wrote a poem about slugs that won a contest you had on-the-air!)))

Bob Edwards

I really miss Bob Hardwick. He was a BIG part of morning drive time radio. At work we were always cracking up about something he said or did that morning.

He couldn't have known that satellite radio was coming. But, wish he had waited for it.

Janet Gehrmann

I remember Bob and how crazy he was for the song "Popsicle Toes".
Forty five years later and I can still hear his voice(in my head).
What a guy.


I was a student of Bob's at National Broadcasting School. It was a priviledge and a pleasure to know him personally. Recently, I found a hand written recommendation he wrote for me for my first air gig, and it brought a tear to my eye. I miss my friend

Mike Hoon

Late 50's, early morning, I'd crawl into bed with my Mom & Dad who'd read the funnies to me and we'd listen to Hardwick & Webber. That was as good as it got, back then.

Does anyone have an air-check of Robert E Lee Hardwick?

Amerisleep adjustable beds

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