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January 17, 2010



Wait, no Mark Levin? He was the only thing worth listening to on KVI. In true Fisher fashion they toss the one guy actually getting ratings. Look at Levin nationwide, he's kicking ass.

I love Suits but I'll go where Levin goes.

Carlson drive time? What a joke. The new FREEDOM 570 slogan should be "Shuffling the Deck Chairs"

Dr. Bill Whattaturd

All these radio stations that spend a lot of money coming up with seemingly patriotic names and wavy flag backgrounds instantly make a lot of us suspicious. Sinclair Lewis' famous quote was spot on, and the cons are living down to that standard everyday.


Excellent. I'm glad Weissbach is going. I never listened to KVI but I might give it a shot now. I think rolling back the clock might be a good idea in general. I think PD's make decisions based on a 12 month window of trends when what worked three years ago might work right now. An election year definately throws things out of balance. You might as well have a provisional schedule for heavy news cycles.


Okay, I don't get it. If KIRO is doing so suckie in the ratings why don't they do something about it. Cut back on all the endless commercials. Tell Dori to at least be respectful to those politicians who disagree with him. Tell Dori to take calls when he says he will.

Or is Bonneville now using KIRO as a tax right-off?

Their so-called "hip" morning newcast is a joke. How many times can they tease then cover a single news story in one hour? KIRO used to be the place to go when local news was breaking. Not any more.

And KVI? They're nothing. Who cares!

Ron & Don now claim to have the most listeners of any show on KIRO. Thats because KIRO must have taken my advice to turn it into a form of celebrity gossip and feel good trash talk. Oh, and leets not forget the self righteousness off R & D having now because the local ambulance chasers.

Okaay, I've ranted enuff.


somewhat better, but it is still KVI and their management is tainted. The lineup is marginally better. Dennis Miller 3-5am sucks. Suits is a plus for as long as he is there. Gibson is more entertaining and less shrill than Levin. Sounds like same old same old.


"I love Suits but I'll go where Levin goes."

Try KPAM 860 Portland from 3-5PM on streaming internet.


KIRO mornings is a sausage party.


Over on Radio-Info they are hinting about changes coming to KOMO news, including the possiblity of KIRO castoff Jane Shannon coming on board in place of Lisa Brooks, their afternoon co-anchor.

KluelesS, chunks & PutzS = tres assholes

why not FASCIST 570 ?

seems more truthful


When I read the new line-up, I thought it sounded pretty good. Kind of back to what works. Aren't old people the only ones who listen to radio anyway? So why try to make it hip? Keep what you've got and start advertising tums, depends and whatever else old people buy.

Getting some credible talkers might just work for KVI.

Now, I listened to an old podcast of Ross again and heard Harris interviewing Sirota. I don't much like Harris but I have to admit, sometimes Dave's a little too cute. Harris did a more serious job of handling Sirota. I liked that. But, generally, I like Dave's easy manner and good humor.

I wish Denver would podcast Sirota. He tells the truth.


Sorry. I just got home. So I have a lot to say!

Obama doesn't understand that people don't want his health care bill. They really don't. They expected more. The diminution in support for Cokely may be a response to that. The republican candidate is against the bill. I'm afraid a lot of people don't like it. Everything is on the back of the middle class. Can you blame them?

He had a mandate and could have gotten a good social health care package through. But he followed the lead of the person who got him the job: Harry Reid.

Pelz selected Cantwell and Reid selected Obama. We, the People????? Forget that.

Puget Sound

why not FASCIST 570 ?

seems more truthful

Posted by: KluelesS, chunks & PutzS = tres assholes | January 17, 2010 at 11:55 PM

you're probably one of those loons that spells AmeriKKa with a couple K's or think your sly with the 'Bushler' references.

and joanie's post at 01:26 am makes sense.


I read all the posts. To which I say so what! Deck chairs indeed!

Reuben and the Jets

They are jealous. Their sock puppets (Obama and Coakley) are getting beaten down. The public can now see that there is an evil puppet master behind them bwahahahaha.

As for KVI, I may listen to some of the programs but I believe that station is out to lunch and they must have a connection going with NBC - with their cluster schtook on the Tonight show.


Thanks, KS. No more of KIRO's Dumb & Dumber or Carlson for me, I'll be streaming KPAM live 3-5pm.


Andrew -
How do I get the live video (webcam?) to work on Dave's show? I clicked upstream but all I get is a screen with the KIRO logo on it and sound.


The webcam is either fucked up or Dave Ross said I'm not having it. We can deduce more if it comes on for DFori's show. He almost cried on camera Friday, not sure if that has anything to do with it though.


I think their webcam must just be messed up.


Joanie is right on all counts. Obama got elected with a mandate. He should have marched in and cleaned house. Yes, the media would have howled. Politicians would have gone into hiding. Even those who disagreed would at least have respected him for sticking by his guns. However all he has done so far is placate congressional leadership. But then did any of you really think that congress would let him run the show.

As far as the health bill goes it does nothing more than protect the insurance companies. Oh, aand how does he get away with letting union workers off the hook with health taxes?

For crying out loud Mr President, get a pair of balls. Stand up to these clowns. Even those who hate you will at least rrespect you for standing your ground.


TMZ has live streaming of a Conan rally in LA http://www.tmz.com/

There's a Conan rally at Westlake tonight at 6pm.


Puget Sound: the little old woman who keeps her nose in everyone else's business.

What's it to you what time she posts?

Obama is a black man

Buyer's remorse?

Bad economy, record unemployment, disastrous foreign policy, a health care bill crashing in flames, record low approval numbers...

Unfortuantely Obama will likely be the last black president until say three generations from now.


I always thought that the KVI slogan was Detox station. I'll be listening to Suits, but the station changes at 9.

Puget Sound

I was just referencing the post I agreed with. nothing more than that.


I will probably listen to John Carlson during PM drivetime as before he was unfortunately joined up with Schram. Schram is no match for him. Carlson without Schram is heavenly.

Puget Sound

Nervous Dim Party?
None of the 'usual suspects' want to go out on a limb and say Coakley will win this one. LMAO--look at the flop sweat over at MSNBC...

Courtesy OrbusMax:
Ad for Chris Matthews Special Derides Tea Party Protesters Who Are "Threatened" by Black President...
MSNBC Urges Dems to Cheat in Massachusetts...
ABC’s Stephanopoulos Worries: If Coakley Goes Down, What’s "Plan B" for ObamaCare?...
CBS’s Rodriguez: If Republican Wins in MA, Can Dems Slow Swearing In?...
MSNBC's Matthews Plays Religion Card: Reminds Voters Brown Protestant, Coakley Catholic...
MSNBC's Shuster Wonders If Mass. Voters Have Lost Their Minds...
NBC’s Jenna Wolfe: Is ‘Unified Opposition’ from GOP Partly to Blame for Low Obama Approval?...
MSNBC's Kelly O'Donnell Hopes "All the Talk We`re Doing About This Race Will Fire Up Democrats to Prevent a Loss' in Massachusetts...
MSNBC’s Savannah Guthrie on Possible Dem Loss: "This Is Bad"..."

Puget Sound

Ryder is correct.

Progressives have to conclude -if they are sane- that Pres Obama has been a bust. Sad to say, after working so hard to give Pres Obama a win and veto proof majorities he STILL can't get it done.

Gitmo: Still Open
Iraq: Winding down on par per the Bush plan.
Afghanistan: Winding up--30k more troops and counting.
Iran: Still wanting nukes and will have 'em soon.
North Korea: Read above
Health Care: No universal health care.
Prescription Drugs: still won't be able to bring in the cheap overseas stuff in as Pres Obama campaigned on.
Lobbyist: essentially wrote the health care bill. Big Pharma and Big Ins LOVE this plan.

It's gotta bite to be a Progressive Dim...

trying to help putz be "sufferable"

Agreeing with someone does not make them "correct."

That's why you are insufferable on this blog.


It's idiotic to blame a president for not accomplishing something when your own Republican representatives are standing in his way.

U.S. aid to Haiti has been incredible. Absolutely incredible. And what to conservatives say aboout it? Obama helps Haitians faster than he helps Americas. They say "a donation to Haiti is a donation to the White House"

You're bitter, miserly, xenophobic, partisan, shit filled dirt bags.

Reuben and the Jets

Barry does not have the political skills or sense of Bill Clinton, He is more or an ideologue with community organizer skills and Chicago mafia instilled take no prisoner skills- good for getting folks agitated, pissed off attracting radicals to his cabinet and tyrannical tendencies.

That style will ultimately lose elections and the chickens are starting to come home to roost. Two wrongs don't make a right. Bush 43 was wrong to the neo-con right and now Obama has gone the opposite political direction to the neo-com left and extrapolated wrong and what we have is country on the verge of FUBAR.


I haven't contributed much lately because Puget Sound and Reuben seem only interested in scoring a point, rather than a real debate. I don't see any value in doing that.


I'm happy about the revelations at KVI. It will cause me to leave KIRO-FM and give it a try. I'm glad that an AM station will be broadcasting what I want without the FM problems that seem to persist.
Thanks for the update Bla'M; hope your vac in paradise is going well.


Spot on, Ron.


This is good news to me. 3-6 has been a radio wasteland for me ever since 1090 took Ron Regan off live and put in Norman Goldman. Can't listen to him even if I agree with his point of view. His voice is irritating and he spends too much time telling you what he is going to be talking about and not enough actual topic discussion. Ron and Don are awful. Deniss Miller has become a bore since he switched sides. I can listen to John Carlson even though I disagree with most of what he says, at least he has a good voice and is entertaining.


I will say this, in honor of the man we celebrate today:

"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane." Dr. King - 1965

Bill Wippel

Shannon Joins Revamped KOMO Lineup
January 18, 2010 at 2:12 PM (PT)

FISHER News KOMO-A-F/SEATTLE inks former crosstown ENTERCOM Talk KIRO-A-F morning news anchor JANE SHANNON as co-anchor wth KOMO-TV consumer reporter HERB WEISBAUM in afternoon drive 2-7p PT, effective FEBRUARY 1st. SHANNON was with KIRO in mornings since 1994; WEISBAUM wil continue his reports on the TV station while focusing on his radio duties.

GM JIM CLAYTON said SHANNON "brings a wealth of experience and talent to KOMO NEWSRADIO and we are fortunate to have her on our team. She and HERB will sound great together."

Also, anchor/reporter BRIAN CALVERT moves to middays starting JANUARY 25th as co-anchor with NANCY BARRICK, with whom he hosted weekend mornings at KIRO-A. KOMO NEWSRADIO GROUP PD DENNIS KELLY said, "These two used to co-host weekends mornings at KIRO AM years ago and I always told them that it was a show worthy of weekdays. Now they get their weekday show together." CALVERT will continue reporting in mornings and afternoons.

And talk show "THE COMMENTATORS" with JOHN CARLSON and KEN SCHRAM will move to noon-2p to allow CARLSON to, as previously announced, host afternoons on sister Talk KVI-A (FREEDOM 570

Puget Sound

If you haven't, read 'Letter from a Birmingham Jail' for some of the most thoughtful writings of Dr. King. Of course, the definitive work on the life of Dr. King is Taylor Branch's triology.



Wow...with KOMO being simulcasted on FM, I just might give them a try on my way home from work. Randi and Norman Goldman don't always come in well on my car radio, so this would be an alternative. The only thing about KOMO, and all the Seattle stations, traffic does not exist for them south of Tacoma. I will still need to use a local station for that info.


Thanks for breaking the news Bill

Paul Johnson

Your stories focus on local non-essential programs like Dave Ross etc. Bryan suits et al. are not listened to in mass. The #1 talk show in the area is Dori Monson! Then Rush, then Beck, then Medved. The #1 listened to music is country of three or four stations. So where do you people get the idea that you are leading the way to progressive thinking America? Ed Schultz is a ratings loser and you know it! Its over! The debate is over. The people reject your liberalism and the election in Mass. is proff. Scott wins!

Paul Johnson

Oh, I meant to point out the other nonsense of this day. That is the one that promotes the lie that King county was named after MLK. Of course anyone who understands history knows that this county was named after Vice-President William R. King.


And why do we care what you think Mr. Big Johnson?


MLK's face is the county logo, who would want a white, pasty old dude on there?


On February 24, 1986, the King County Council passed Council Motion 6461, "setting forth the historical basis for the 'renaming' of King County in honor of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr." Because only the state can charter counties, this change was not made official until April 19, 2005, when Washington Governor Christine Gregoire signed Senate Bill 5332 into law.

The County Council voted on February 27, 2006 to change the county's logo from a royal crown to an image of King's face. On March 12, 2007, the new logo was unveiled.


Anybody else think Johnson Paul's briefs are a little too tight?


I wasn't thinking about his briefs, no.

Puget Sound

this is too funny. put your head in the sand but if you really want to know why independents are running away from democrats in droves (see VA, NJ and now MA) it's real easy. to paraphrase Clinton 1992, 'it's the Agenda, Stupid'

seriously, you can get real reform and support for health care. but not this current verision. note that james carville's own polls for this current health care show this plan is opposed by 60 percent.
why is this bill so unpopular? stop hiding it behind closed doors. stop ramming it through. stop those unseemly acts like the 'cornhusker kickback' that is unpopular even in nebraska the supposed beneficiaries or giving favored constituents such as union workers a no tax waiver.

instead of looking to that, the Dems will most likely blame their candidates in NJ, VA, and MA.

so go ahead and sit back. try to ram this unpopular bill through but you will see a 1994 redux in 2010.

trying to ram this unpopular healthcare bill is extra tough on progressives. why? cause many actually understand that this is not a good health bill -look to dr. howard dean view 'kill it'- that this bill really benefits the lobbyists of big pharma and health insurance companies. but you progressives will be asked to pass this thing. to quote dave neihaus, 'my oh my.'


Well, now that Putz has told us how we think, we can all start our day.


And he seems to have come around to KS' way of thinking. My, my. Will wonders never cease.

Reuben and the Jets

The next battle shaping up will be for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party - Progressives vs. Traditional. The traditional Democrats are those who respect the rule of law and the Constitution; the progressives - not so much. I am pulling for the Traditional Dems for the good of this country. (bracing for the marginalizing hate mail)

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