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January 24, 2010



Yes, this is a bit exciting as I can revert back to good 'ol KVI and see if have something to offer. With Suits & Carlson (a couple of my favs) I would guess there will likely be much to offer. I agree with your comment on their blog; they need to re-vamp this big time and bring it into the 21st century.
Just as an aside, I read many comments this a.m. (on another topic) where I am suspected of posting. I can assure you that is not the case. Some either want to be me (can't imagine why) or want the focus on me. I will continue to live within the lines with my (at most) one post per topic.
Thanks for keeping us up to speed on the local radio world Bla'M.
[I'm listening to Suits presently]
And, just for old times' sake: :)

Ed Shultz

I will say the same thing to you as I said to Bobby Gibbs this weekend, Duffman.

You're full of shit.


Yikes, I had to turn Suits off when he was talking about the Iraq torture/murder/rape videos that are being sold on the streets of Baghdad, creepy.


I'm not sure I remember this accurately, but I seem to remember the program director of KVI saying that live and local radio is over rated. His comment, if I remember correctly, was quite condescending at the time.

Pat Pollard

Bryan Suits is a little tedious, droning on as he does. Hope he spruces things up. Maybe it's just the lack of callers or maybe he needs a sidekicker.

now I work for kiro

I recall the KVI program director saying that Brian Suits was overrated. His comment, if I remember correctly, was quite condescending at the time.


KVI is dead, this'll last 6 months tops.


Let's see here now let me try to decipher this for you'all.
Bryan Suits -v- Gregg Hershold & (sidekick) with the corniest comments I've ever heard. Result: KVI Wins.

John Carlson -v- Ron&Don who can't seem to put a sentence together. Result: KVI Wins.

Since KVI's key locals aren't having to offset KIRO's Kings (Monson and Ross), this is a big PLUS for KVI.

Anything else? You may now resume your laziness.

Veritas Omnia Vincula Vincit

No one listens to KVI, give it up.


Why are you lying.


I thought the PPM's were showing it's everybody vs. KOMO?


You can call KVI crap, but hey--they're still here! And Air Scamerica??? Gone down the toilet....as they've been circling the drain for quite some time. At least people want to listen to Carlson. I know I'll be listening. He's top talent. Air America was just hatriot radio.

Steve Bozell

what the hell is wrong with Bryan Suits? now hes back here on kvi again, going backwards in his career, when according to him he was the toast of the town in LA talkradio. something is wrong with this picture.


Maybe Kennedy quit the show in Los Angeles because she got tired of carrying him.


Yes Michele, you drink of the milk of human kindness on Fox ( and Sound Politics.)
Instead of a drive by snarl, why dont you go read the comments about Air America and how it DOESNT MATTER that its gone, because all the people it launched are still on the air on independent affiliates.
How many media personalities has Fox put in the Senate, by the way??

Steve Bozell

this Suits thing is like Sean Hannity moving back to the comfy old Atlanta station after he had made the cut to WABC in New York and been there two years. What is wrong withthis picture? Where's Waldo?

Steve Bozell

if Moose Monson can make 125 k here in Seattle yo ucant tell me suits wasnt making or could soon make 100k and more in LA RADIO, depressed market or no. That gets you private schooling and a decent neighborhood in LA to raise the child. WHERE IS WALDO? sorry- not buying the official Suits crapola.

Steve Bozell

i should say that Suits could esily make 100k and a generous amount more in LA IF he was actually doing as well in radio down there as he was leading us to believe. If on the other hand he had found his star rapidly fading once the star of the old show , Kennedy, got sick and tired of carrying his ass on the show,and he was left to endlessly drone on by himself on matters military as the dials clicked off or turned to somehting less soporific, well now you have the answer to WHERE IS WALDO? Steve Bozell, the man who dares to ask the embarrassing little questions.

Steve Bozell

Bozell's Theory- Suits 1.0 apparently wasn't working in LA so they early on KFI teamed him up with Kenneduy to stop that awful clicking noixe of radio dials turning off. to mamnagements dismay, after Kennedy left the show leavign Bryan to carry it, they found that Suits 2.0 wasn't any more palatable to LA listeners than Suits 1.0. A graceful facesaving exit back to KVI was arranged with the old LA SUCKS, UNLIVEABLE! crapola trotted out as cover. Steve Bozell, the questioner


Spoken like a true Phil Hendrie character. -Bud

Steve Bozell

theres something odd about this bird Dr. King , who was the target of his partner's failed hirman plot.listen to his prissy overly precise manner of speaking. i feel this guy may have been a real prick in his business dealings with the partner who grew to hate him. but the partner is a loser and a criminal- you have a right to be a prick in America. it doesnt carry a death sentence. frankly i hope mockovack dosappears under the prison and i hope Dr, King just closes down his laser mill operation and just goes away.


Anyone else listening to Dori and how he is plugging the R&D Show in unusual fashion. Think they might be a bit concerned about John Carlson. YES!!!


Sneering, contemptuous, pint-sized creep and punk Dori Monson just spewed forth for 30 minutes about how sick he is of the New Orleans Saint's "America's Team" storyline, the feelgood story of the post-Katrina champions. "Just because they were too stupid to get out of town before a rainstorm hit, we're supposed to be cheering their team on" the little Seattle Sneerer went on and on, in a hateful manner, continuously referring to the devastating hurricane as a "rainstorm"......unbelievable....


Actually he was doing that tounge-in-cheek to see if he'd get a response from you, and to generate more interest in the R&D Show. KIRO-fm management has obviously instructed Dori to try to generate interest in R&D so that (as Dictman says) keeps the radio audience from turning over to KVI.


Why would that generate more interest? Sounds like more people would just write off the station completely. Is that considered "red meat"?


Who do viewers trust ? : (from http://www. publicpolicy.blogspot.com). Before the knee-jerk comments begin, this is not a right-wing survey - it shows both right & left and differences in attitudes.

"Americans do not trust the major tv news operations in the country- except for Fox News.

Our newest survey looking at perceptions of ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, and NBC News finds Fox as the only one that more people say they trust than distrust. 49% say they trust it to 37% who do not.

CNN does next best at a 39/41 spread, followed by NBC at 35/44, CBS at 32/46, and ABC at 31/46.

Predictably there is a lot of political polarization in which outlets people trust. 74% of Republicans trust Fox News, but no more than 23% trust any of the other four sources. We already knew that conservatives don't trust the mainstream media but this data is a good prism into just how deep that distrust runs.

For Democrats the numbers are a complete opposite- a majority trust all of ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC while only 30% have faith in Fox News. Continuing the trend in our polling over the last few months that independents hate everything, a plurality of them distrust all five outlets we looked at."


KS, they polled 1500 people to get those numbers for Fox News. Not exactly a large sample. Statistics can be found to back just about anything a person wants.


Most polls average about 1500 samples or even less. Of course, Sparkles - this survey lies in your eyes - because it doesn't agree with your ideology, but can you be objective and accept the facts ? There are others in the world and apparently a goodly number of them that view TV credibility differently.

It seems legit and pretty much as predicted- as legit as any other poll that shows the public opinion of government controlled health care or the POTUS popularity rating. You will find that the sample size of those surveys are usually similar to this one.


No, KS you see with sparky it's if the glove don't fit, you must aquit. She can't think beyond her idiology. But forgive her for she knows not WTF she's doin as is more and more evident with every post.


That's her problem if she wants to stay delusional. She's an adult and like so many of them, doesn't want to be responsible for their actions, as these leftwing ideologues often don't know WTF they say.


So, what was the deal with Suits supposedly confusing Catcher in the Rye with Lord of the Flies, (topic was Salinger's passing).
Talk about tedious -- people calling in to correct/help him out. He cuts them off, "you're obviously wrong." So, that's funny? Way too much work when you're trying to get to work.
He's has not learned a thing -- laughing at his audience again, and already.


Good. Then take a hike, he doesn't need your listenership.

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