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January 26, 2010



Dennis is a good guy and built KOMO into what it is today. He'll land on his feet, probably consulting for Bonneville again, no doubt to fix KIRO where he came from. Good luck Dennis!


Suits had no fear of mentioning on the air Monday that he had previously been fired by KVI and seemed blunt about the treatment at the time. I would have thought he'd never mention it on the air.


There is a God.


Dori got spanked today by Ron of the Ron and Don - live and on his own show. Sweet.


Your "birds" are mangling the facts and putting your credibility at risk. I am surprised you didn't look or ask for the emailed statement before publicizing the mis-information.


The "statement?" That's called PC HR work. Those guys are wordsmiths. Dennis Kelly is the Devil ya know.


i hear no tears are being shed with the on-air staff or the sales dept. C.Y.A. was his modus operandi.


This just in...security cameras in the Fisher Plaza parking garage captured Dennis Kelly and Bob Boyd in a passionate embrace shortly before helping Kelly place his shoe box full of belongings in the trunk of his car. No heavy petting though, so that's a good thing.


Suits was fired for sucky ratings. That's a good reason to fire somebody.


yeah Ron stormed into the studio and called Dori out, in a conrtolled way. He reminded Monson that the people who didnt get out of N.O. were poor people largely who didnthave the resources to just cruise out of there. Ron was using his logicla brain. Monson sensed he was cornered and not having the guts to say that poor people deserved what they got in such situations, becaus they had made poor choices, although thats what he believes , used his lizard brain and quickly slithered away from his comments , over to blame the Mayor ond others in power.


Actually it at first seemd he ws switching his blame over to the poiticians but then he slyly returned to place his blame upon the poor souls caught in the hurricane/floods by saying that they were the ones who had voted these people in......... what a repulsive little creature/thing.....


someone should send a tape of a compilation of Monson's most disgusting and repulsive onair coments over the past several years to Keith Obermann so he can feature Dori for one day as the Worst Person in the World.


That would give the know-nothing miniscule man way too much attention, Tommy Best to keep in exiled in FM land somewhere in Seattle.


WhooHOOO!!!! Tonight a stunning repudiation of the teabagging movement and a massive vote of confidence for the Democratic supermajority! Oregonians today passed two tax increases overwhelmingly.

The last time, before tonight, that Oregon Voters passed tax measures was 1930 when they passed (after earlier repealing) a state income tax. Tonight they have passed measures increasing taxes for the rich and corporations (corporate taxes had NOT been increased since 1929) by a far wider margin than projected.

66-Raises tax on household income at and above $250,000 (and $125,000 for individual filers). Reduces income taxes on unemployment benefits in 2009. Provides funds currently budgeted for education, health care, public safety, other services

67-Raises $10 corporate minimum tax, business minimum tax, corporate profits tax. Provides funds currently budgeted for education, health care, public safety, other services.

The results...
80% of estimated votes counted

Measure 66 (Personal taxes)

Votes Percent
_______________ _______________
Yes Votes 568,243=54.40%
No Votes 476,238 =45.60%
_______________ _______________
Totals: 1,044,481=100%

Measure 67 (Corporate taxes)
Votes Percent
_______________ _______________
Yes Votes 562,267=53.95%
No Votes 480,002=46.05%


That is amazing Oregon looks better


I do not know, nor have I ever known Dennis Kelly personally, but anyone who 'disturbed' KVI like he apparently did doesn't get my vote as top radio manager.
Now that Suits is back in the a.m. for 'drive-in' time and Carlson handles 'drive-home' time I'm back to KVI (from KIRO). I'm glad that neither the Dave Ross Show or the Dori Monson Show is affected, as I can still listen to some of both.
I find it interesting that Carleen Johnson seems to hang on at KVI. She's never been a favorite of mine, as I've always felt that she 'pushed' the religious far too much. The times I've heard her recently (news portions in the afternoon) she seems relegated to doing strictly that 'reporting the news' with no added comments. I wonder when someone gets edited like that, does their salary also get edited? Would Carleen now be making less than when she was the 'company' in Kirby and Company?
Any way, I'm a happy camper in terms of radio-listening presently with the split between KIRO and KVI. What can I say, love the local approach to programming and hope that it maintains and continues. As always, thanks for the updates on the 'scene' Bla'M.


sparky, what the hell does that post on Oregon have to do with this topic, couldn't you have found a better topic to run to with the good news that you were obviously foaming at the mouth to regurgitate.


Have a good day, Duff.


Dennis Kelly was a corporate chameleon who's only real skill was finding, or creating, ways to keep himself relevant and off the chopping block. He was the "brains" behind some of the worst decisions ever made at Fisher and is THE number-one reason for KVI's steady slide into oblivion -- starting in '05 with the dismissal of PD Paul Duckworth.

He was responsible for stealing Carlson away to KOMO, the addition of Schram to the KVI lineup, Suits' firing, Kirby's unfortunate contract extension and the Kirby & Co fiasco.

Good riddance.


It sounds a lot like Kelly is just another lib, but in a position to really mess up a quality conserative radio station.
Did Fisher hire their own enemy and put him in a position to burn them to the ground?


Hey chucks - give us the low down on your recent adventure.

Corporate Suit

@jackrebney: I couldn't better myself...and I worked with the dude!!! There is much rejoicing at Fisher Plaza!


I rejoice in spirit with you, Suit


Good riddance to Kelly - he probably had as much to do with decimating KVI as anyone and seems like he was a back stabber :(


seems like...

Yep, ass-umptions again.


You should know all about those ass-umptions too.

KluelesS, chunks & PutzS = tres assholes

You should know all about those ass-umptions too.
Posted by: KS

spoken like a true ass

Jaynie Dillon Jones

I'm sorry for Dennis to have lost his job. He's a decent guy who has given it his best. I feel sorry for anyone who loses their job in today's job climate. It won't be easy to find another gig.

Bill Wippel

It will be interesting to see who will replace Dennis. Bill Yeend is qualified but is near retirement. Too bad Norm Woodruff is gone.

Miami Office Space

aww I'm gonna miss him, he really is a nice man, but what can we do?
he needs to work in something else

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