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January 25, 2010



Unfortunate, maybe he has more free time to appear on tv now. I see that Ring of Fire will be syndicated through Westwood One.


I don't blame him. KPTK has not been kind to him, moving him off to 6 our time, and that is a taped delay, just so Norman Goldman can have his spot. Ron can make a lot of money elsewhere. KPTK needed Ron more than he needed them.

Van Ronk

so sorry... a reasonable liberal, a smart guy, a none-screamer.

Mark C.

He was the closest thing KPTK had to a local host. Where's Goldy? give him 6-9.


He was always interested in public TV, I wonder if there's a place for him on local NPR. Seems more suited for him than the rat-infested AM dial with all its commercials for prostate health.


Sorry to see him go. I never thought he'd be a quitter like Sarah Palin.


That comment was to be expected. Pathetic. But expected.


I don't think Ronnie is a quitter, he just won't be manipulated by management or quirky owners. I respect that he's his own person and refuses to be dictated to in any way. He certainly doesn't need the $money and he will seek whatever he feels comfortable with; nothing wrong with that. Good Luck Ron.

Veritas Omnia Vincula

It would be nice to hear from him on MSNBC. Those repeats of Tweety Bird are getting tired.

Former Ron Fan



Good he was a true bore. Nice doesn't do well on the radio.


You see KVI is like the Tao.

"The Tao," said the master, "belongs neither to knowing nor to not knowing. Knowing is false understanding. Not knowing is blind ignorance. When you really understand the Tao, it is like the empty sky. Why drag in right and wrong?"


I think he should have a show on MSNBC

Nancy Draper

very sorry to hear this. I am a huge fan of his smarts, his compassion, and his common decency in arguing with those who don't agree with him. I guess 1090 would rather have boorish bubba types in the afternoon. Ron, I will follow you anywhere. Hope you show up somewhere soon.


Nancy, you make it sound like 1090 dropped him but it appears that he chose to shutdown his show. Let's hope that he resurfaces on MSNBC or a real local gig. Hmmm, maybe we can get Dori to move to the revitalized KVI or even KTTH and open up a spot for Ron on KIRO.


My instinct tells me that Ron isn't a fighter nor does he like to do the heavy lifting. He's well off. He's charming. He probably wanted to be the nice guy for Tina and the staff. But, a weekend thinking about it and working to make it happen? Now it is a different story.

Don't mean to be totally dumping on the guy. I like his show. But, my sense of him is that he likes the temperate zone and stays away from emotional and stressful stuff.

Why wouldn't he? I bet another corporation will pick him up. I would think so.

I also wish KPTK would put him back 3-6 and Goldman 6-9. Goldman is getting a lot of callers and he's talking tough - and sometimes sort of whiney. I miss Randi. I get home to late usually to stream her.


I want to be as gentle and delicate with my feelings about this as I can...




Pronunciation: \ˈsmär-mē\
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): smarm·i·er; smarm·i·est
Etymology: smarm to gush, slobber
Date: 1924

1 : revealing or marked by a smug, ingratiating, or false earnestness
2 : of low sleazy taste or quality

james chan

Could someone explain this observation?

NorMAN GoldMAN has bought himself onto the radio and hopes to catch on before he runs out of money.

I'm also in the 'a little norm goes a long way' side of things.
He gets hard to listen to. I find myself conflicted on Ed, sometimes he is spot on but often he is a little too 'low information' for a high profile person and doesn't have the commant of the facts that Rhodes, Hartmann or Molloy has.

for norm,
'It's unsustainable, he will fail.'


He kinda morphs Ed at times. If they brought back Randi, their ratings would go up but if you have someone who buys their own airtime, then it's an obvious win for the station.

james chan

So, he actually buys 3 hours of air time?
If so, are commercial revenues prorated against his 'rent'?

Lucas Foxx

That's too bad about Reagan. Can't say I blame him. Not to be live on your local flagship, is a serious slap in the face for someone with his name recognition and potential. Too bad for Tina.

East Coast Cynic

I believe Randi struggled with the ratings (unless anybody has arbitron info to the contrary) otherwise she would still be on the air around here. I suspect her aggro style didn't go down well in Seattle.


Ron Regan will be missed by this listerner. Putting him on tape delay was a horrible decision. Even worse was replacing him with the untalented Norman Goldman. I find myself switching off his show after only a few minutes of listening he is such a bore. RR was intelligent, witty, and able to converse civilly with those he disagreed with. Tina Nole is talented as well. I hope that 1090 will get a replacement that is even half as good as the team they pushed away. Not being live in the town you broadcast from is being pushed away.


I won't be listening to 1190 anymore now that Ron Reagan is not going to be on. NorMan GoldMan is not interesting at all and I cannot stand listening to him. I couldn't wait to hear Ron Reagan's show and I made it a point to listen as often as possible. Ron, please find another station or tv network to continue your awesome show.


His opening monologues were very funny. And he always had great guests. It's most probable that he's got something else on the line.

Norm is super-schmalzy...he loves us all.

elisa frank

Really miss his show, always recommend it. Listened often, such a loss -


I sure miss Ron's show. He was an intelligent voice of reason and sharp good sense in this current age of yelling, snarkiness, and meanness.

M. ODonnell

I loved Ron Reagan's opening monologues - so funny and clever. I can't stand Norman - He's bombastic, noisy and is being little help in this health care crisis. Too bad - 1090 has lost me in the afternoon - BRING BACK RON!

S. Brown

I'm a Chicago area listener, and sure do miss Ron. Hope he comes back. I can't take Norman; I don't like people yelling at me. Ron had smarts and class.


I really miss Ron, saw him on MSNBC the other day. Very smart and would stand up to right wingers and out smart them every time. I'm sure he'll be back. I don't listen to Norman, he's the only am 1090 host here in Seattle I don't listen. Big mistake to put him on at 3:00 pm.

Supra Shoes

One should love animals. They are so tasty.

Pam Spencer

I'm glad. Ron Reagan, Jr. does a disservice to his dad's name AND legacy.

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