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January 11, 2010



so, I guess all that Ron&Don bashing was just made up stuff? Nothing wrong with purr fancy, I guess. It's your friggin' brog thangy.


YAY! ME! (i should start spelling my name with an "i" !)


hey....THAT picture is even older that the one KFI is using.


is anyone on this blog even remotely excited that this tiresome, conceited, arrogant fellow will be spewing his crapola in his latest reinvention of the dreary old Suits Dog and Pony Show, except for the 2 or 3 gun nuts/military buffs trolling the posts? I think not.


I've always liked Bryan, on KIRO and KVI. His talk show was more down to earth then most conservative hosts. Glad to have him back.

He must be taking the 4:45 Bainbridge ferry. That would give him 10 minutes to get up to Fisher Plaza. Someone may be picking him up at Coleman Dock.


During the KFI YEARS, Suits would regularly leave dispatches from L.A. in this space, sort of like flaming dog turds on the neighbor's doorstep, basically crowing about how bigtime he was and NEENER NEENER NEENER TO the SMALLTIME RADIO SUITS AND LAMEASS LISTENERS here in the smalltime, lameass radio market who didnt appreciate his "brilliance". I guess we're supposed to forget about all that now.


I'm glad he's returning to Seattle and taking over the morning slot at KVI - means I will leave the KIRO-FM and KOMO a.m. news in my morning awake and drive time. This is cool!
Welcome back Bryan! I'm hoping you will be more successful than the 'Hawks and that your tenure outlasts Carroll. Sweet!!!
( Thanks for the good news, Bla'M)


Wrong conspiracy theory about him replacing R & D or even Shiers, I was hoping...

Good followup though and good news. I'd say he has evolved since being here, but we know that LA is a more sophisticated radio market and Seattle is backwards by comparison.

Actually, would prefer him on KIRO-FM than KVI. It will be good to hear Suits again on KVI, but they screwed him for the ratings - he'd do better in the afternoon or evenings. Can't expect Kelly @ KVI management to be smart enough to figure that out. It would be good to hear him and Schram on KOMO also whenever.


Big deal..I can't get KVI either. Even if I could, why would I want to listen to this wingnut playing army man?

On to more important matters..When is KIRO FM going to move back to AM? It's the logical thing to do.


no tommy. never forget the flaming dog turds i've left at your feet. or else the dog turds have won.


"wingnut playing army man" Upton, get a clue. You may not agree with him (I often don't) but he was a real army man. Real guns, real shooting, real purple heart. Get over it. If you want to harp on a chickenhawk, Cheney is still out there shooting his mouth off.

mongo jerry

Now we know why Kirby was pushed out. I was hoping Bryan would replace the twin idiots on KIRO, but Kirby out to pasture is good enough. Greast to have you back, Bryan. Hurray for live and local!


When is KVI going to put somebody good in the Wizeback spot? May be when he goes to prison.
KIRO is dead to me -- Ron & Don are two of the reasons. The other is that I can't hear KIRO anymore because of my neighbor's remote garage door opener.

chucks going to Drew, Andrew & Coilers tea party

Time to dust off the old radio. It is about time some real talent got back in this market. I hadn't listened to KVI at all since they punted Kirby.
Welcome home Bryan. Is momma going to get her night stick and taser back. She should have fun to (maybe she can get Tommy in a traffic stop and teach him better manners).


That' s salesman humor. Usually reserved for the back lot and a group of old men. Grow up, chunks.

Actually, I don't like you much. But, I like you on BW for some reason. And, I feel sorry for you because 5:30 is too damn early for anyone to start work!

Welcome back just because . . . you feel like family, I guess.

D K Kurtz

Yes, Tommy. I'm excited. WOO HOO!


Rove is trying to systematically destroy the economies of blue states. I feel sure that Suits is somehow involved with this. They have destroyed the once great California, and now he's headed here to try do do the same in WA.

Meanwhile the red states are left relatively unscathed. If you look at unemployment numbers for states many red states still are not that bad off. This is no accident. It's Rove's doing.


Enjoy making 20% of Kirby's salary, Bryan. You work CHEAP.

Jason Andersen

I rememeber listening to Suits maybe a couple times, but all I can seem to pull from the memory bank is "Boots for Suits," which was something to help Iraqi children or something after we'd killed their parents. And then I remember this totally bizarre show he did with some anonymous caller supposedly from Havana, who was giving breaking details about the death of Castro. Screw Morning Edition and Stephanie Miller, I know where my dial is gonna be at 5 a.m. :-) NOT!


Know what, Jason - NO ONE CARES where your dial is gonna be!!!


Welcome back Bryan! Your level head and quick wit has been sorely missed in these parts.

It will now be safe again to tune my clock radio back to KVI for my morning wake-up.


Why is former Army Lt. Suits not staying the course with his Army career? It seems to me like after he got his bell rung in the Green Zone he came to the conclusion that dodging, rpgs, mortars, and small arms fire winning the war on terror became less important than personal advancement?


Suits is exactly who KVI needed to inject some young talent back into a dying station. Most of what it was dying from was lack of management, leadership and attention.

But it was definitely time for Kirby to go and Suits will compete with Beck nicely. Young, irreverent, hip and local. I'll be rising early to tune in for sure -- which is a big sacrifice for me.

Not sure who's idea at Fisher it was to get Suits back... Kelly and Box's collective ineptitude in management is only challenged by their lack of care for KVI. Old GM Clayton hated KVI since his arrival and certainly doesn't approve of young, irreverent, funny, talk.

Best show on KVI since Bryan left was "Mouthing Off" on Sundays. Maybe they should do a "Men's Room" type show with Bryan as skipper and the guys from "Mouthing Off" as sidekicks. Even if they split Kirby's salary 3 ways they'd be making more than Fisher pays 'em now.


Gotta love the Kirby backstabbing by all 7 of Bryan's listeners.


All I can say is "Yes! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my goshohmygoshomygosh! Oh my gosh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh my gosh!"


hi Sclub, yeah Suits must work real, real cheap. he kept sending us his "flaming dig turd" posts from KFI all about how he was the big man on the biggest station in talkradio. WTF can't a fellow in such an exalted position afford to have a LIMO DRIVER PICK HIM UP AT THE LIEUTENANT'S NICE SUBURBAN L.A. NEIGHBORHOOD HOME, drive him to work and then take him back home. Life is not unliveable in ALL of the L.A. area. it depends on where you live and what perks you have with your job. You'd think a big man in talk raio could have negotiated the limo thing in his contract. i mean, once youre out in the nice L.A. metro area neighborhood , life isnt much different than here in Seattle. Quit pulling our leg, Bryan.


You got me Tommy. I confess...I was just a janitor at KFI. By the way...what's "raio?"

Ray 'o sunshine

Who is the funny looking kid?


What will happen to Jesus freak Carleen Johnson. Will she be on kvi mornings too, reading tyhe news? Or has she already been quietly remove from the station along with morbidly obese Wilbur?

libs are offensive

Jeez Tommy, why do you have such a hard on for these people?
Jesus freak? morbidly obese?
You are acting like a bitter old woman. You and Joanie should spend the week-end together at her place at BB, share one of those $10.00 boxes of wine and PMS or menopause together.

Morning sunshine

Not familiar with Carleen Johnson's religious views, but as far as Kirby is concerned, it is hard to imagine that his weight won't contribute to life-threatening health issues. Just sayin'.


"...dripping with awesome juice"? Ewwww. I'd hate to have the midmorning shift at KVI. Where's my gallon jug of Lysol?

Army Guy

I heard the promo some time after 3AM this morning when i rolled over. It wasn't a dream....I tried to diss KVI after they cut Kirby and only tune in for Coast to Coast now. Maybe a little of Larua since I'm too lazy to struggle with the dial. I was at training at Ft. Gordon last week and had tuned into KFI on the net to listen to Bryan, and heard him discuss the move back to Seattle. He wasn't positive (to say the least) about KVI managment, and I am actually shocked that they would hire him back. Not because of anything he said, mind, but because it takes a pair of somthing to fire a guy and then hire him back to the el preemo morning drive slot.

Just watch your back Bryan, you know what kind of snakes they have at KVI.

Army Strong.




<-------This is my daughter. If she learns Spanish, it'll be because she wants to visit Spain.


Very cute! Wouldn't want to raise her in LA either.


Palin goes to all foxed up news and now Bryan is coming home to KVI to pump some juice into the far right teabag crowd? Take a good look at the far right my friends they are about as all foxed up as folks can be. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sQ7JCgbYc4&feature=player_embedded


Hey LT, just got a msg from a Bud tellin me of your return. OUTSTANDING!
I emailed you @CC a few months back when my Bud returned from the box. Your description of LA gave me hope you wouldn't be there long. Our gain!
Congrates on the new little one.
This doesn't mean the demise of the DSP does it?

Craig in Puyallup

OK, I am the 4th gun nut right winger on this site. Welcome back Bryan!

Brian Fagerland

Number five. Welcome home, Bryan!



I'm a raging moderate (I can say "Palin is an idiot") but still a gun nut.


I actually tried listening wen Carleen was on but it was getting to be like the 700 club. Being a believer in science and not invisble beings in the sky it did not sit well with me.


Spanish? something doesnt add up. Bigtime LA talk jocks send their kids to private schools. Tom Leykis was probably pulling down over half a million a year when he was on KFI, befor he went to the network. what were they paying you? peanuts? Private schools don't teach your children Spanish if yo udon't want them to. we got a whole lot of mendacity going on here.




Congratulations to Bryan; although, it escapes me why he would choose to work for KVI after how they treated Kirby.

Didn't the military teach him MDMP, or at least how to NOT march into an ambush?!


I am thrilled to have Suits back in Seattle. It seems everytime KVI got a hold of someone younger, hipper, and more irreverent (basically, someone like me) they botched it. I just wish we didn't have to lose Kirby for it to happen.


we all know that if you truly make it big in L.A. radio, you're taken care of- your needs are seen to in a way that L.A. is NOT unliveable for you, you're driven to work and back in a town car if you choose, and you have enough money to send your child to private schools, where he or she is not forced to learn Spanish , a main concern of Bryan.. Now Suits denition of unliveable may be simply that there are just way too many brown faces around him , and not enough gun-toting, military - obsessed old honkie white men around him. In Suits' case, I suspect that KFI wasn't paying him much money AND he was disturbed by the sea of brown faces around him.


Overly military-obsessed people aer not good for a free healthy America. We have a civilian commander-in-chief for a reason.


This is true, Gen.Smedley Butler warned us that "War is a Racket".


Congrats to Bryan. I boycotted KVI when they booted you and have listened to your KFI show via mp3 all this time. Your game has gotten better in LA - KVI doesn't deserve you. Kind of sad now - making fun of Gregoire won't be as much fun as Schwarzenegger.

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