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January 07, 2010



Wait a minute! She's interfering with the income opportunites of one Michael "Skull" Chertoff, who is trying to make lots o' money off of your fears selling his body scanner to the TSA and airports.


Coulter simply shock-speaks in a constant attempt to get noticed. IMO she deliberatly tries to be as outlandish as possible, hoping it will make news.
If someone really wants to get something on a plane, they will - period. We can only slow the process down. We must remain vigilant as passengers and immediately focus on any irregularities and deal with them as soon as possible. We must monitor much as Isreal does with profiling, both physical and in terms of mannerisims. We must deal with terrorists in a military national defense manner and not allow them access to our courts or to lawyer-up. Water-boarding, as well as any other methods must be employed to gain any and all information possible. Anything less and we are not protecting our Country as we are sworn to do.


Duffman is right about ElAl of course. All we need to do is have one national international carrier with maybe half a dozen ports of entry (maybe three on each coast). In addition we reduce the number of countries we fly to by 90%.

I can't imagine anyone would object.

Lucas Foxx

I {shudder} agree with Coulter-geist. These body scanners would likely not have detected this bomb. I've heard differing reports on the original state of the bomb. If the bomb was rolled and tucked, the current resolutions would not be able to distinguish his "endowment" from the real bomb. And he could have just as easily shoved it up his ass and removed it in the bathroom. These types of explosives can be molded and formed into anything: a belt, shoe sole, hat brim, a cane, a butt-plug, infused into the fabric of thick clothing,... There is technology that can sniff these things out, but it is very expensive, and can only be calibrated for a limited variety of chemicals at once.


ExPat, you're on to something. And if we just start doing like the Israelis do and club the fuck out of anyone named Ahmed, or carrying a Koran, we'll be fine.


Couldn't agree more Drew, their parents obviously should avoid giving their kids "muslim sounding names" also. Like Dori says just "bad choices".

How about getting some CIA torture contractors in all our local bars "taking care of us", I think you would see DWI deaths (much higher than terrorism ) fall significantly. Duffman I think you are obviously on the same page here.


"I don't see a clear angle on the anus"?

It'll be a REAL LONG TIME before I wanna hear THAT phrase again.



Mann Coulter, with a clear fascination with anal topography, is a scary thought. I wonder if the Chertoff 400 Scanner can identify whatever the hell it is she's hiding in her Adam's apple...


ExPat, let's expand on that idea. 45,000 Americans die annually because they cannot afford to seek medical care. It's time we start waterboarding insurance execs, and their death panels that decide which customers are no longer profitable. They've been forcing a lot a Americans to live with the fear of foreclosures, bankruptcy, pain and death since Nixon and Reagan.
If we're not sure if they even know anything, let's torture them anyway- it'll convince the people that we're doing SOMETHING, and it satisfies that republican blood lust to inflict pain and suffering.


Amongst the partisan politicial hay-making blather, one lucid point emerges: The terrorists are winning...


...and cons are making a profit from it.


I am positive that a full body scan would reveal that coulter is a man. How anyone can say that she/he is good looking is beyond me. Just because she is anorexic and dresses like a slut does not mean she/he is hot. She/he has been upstaged by a new brand of bombastic pundits like Beck who not only shock but rally as well.


Well, Coulter certainly does know a lot about gender-reassignment and genital removal surgery having first hand experience with that procedure him/herself.


...and cons are making a profit from it.

Do you have any evidence of that and while you're at it, how much are leftwing special interests making from it ?

Try looking at this from an apolitical standpoint for a change...


Since the attempted bombing of a U.S. airliner on Christmas Day, former Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff has given dozens of media interviews touting the need for the federal government to buy more full-body scanners for airports.

What he has made little mention of is that the Chertoff Group, his security consulting agency, includes a client that manufactures the machines. The relationship drew attention after Chertoff disclosed it on a CNN program Wednesday, in response to a question.

An airport passengers' rights group on Thursday criticized Chertoff, who left office less than a year ago, for using his former government credentials to advocate for a product that benefits his clients.

"Mr. Chertoff should not be allowed to abuse the trust the public has placed in him as a former public servant to privately gain from the sale of full-body scanners under the pretense that the scanners would have detected this particular type of explosive," said Kate Hanni, founder of FlyersRights.org, which opposes the use of the scanners.


I am NOT impressed with Chertoff and that revelation impresses me even less. Another former cabinet member/politician turned lobbyist.


i bet the gay blogger really enjoyed writing about anuses and foreskins.........ha ha ha... not surprising.....


I just heard Randi say about Coulter's comments: "i can see why she thinks the anus is an easy place to hide. She's had her head up her ass for years."

I'm laughing.


Randi is funny and smart, she is one of us.


I'd like to hear Randi and Ann Coulter have a debate in a padded cell - they'd belong there. Maybe it would turn into a cat fight...

Ann Coulter says anything to get noticed by giving it shock value. In that way Randi Rhodes and her are two of a kind - they're just on opposite ends of the political spectrum altho they are likely both opposed to Obamacare.


Oh yes. I see Randi on the talk s how circuit everyday talking about anuses. God, klueless. Read and think before you post, dear.


Ph(J)oanie - some of your posts are too weird - what was your blood alcohol level ? Practice what you preach, teach about reading and thinking.

No, Randi has talked about genitalia though in the past and had some strange behavior, like her drunken escapade where she fell down several years and there was no reasonable explanation given for it.


No "reasonable" explanation so she must be drunk? See, that's what fixed news teaches you: how to make ass-umptions. You don't know so why do you post it? Source it. Find the evidence that she was drunk.


Here it is; Source: boreamerica.com

Randi Rhodes statement on "mugging"/falling down incident

Speaking on her radio show today, Air America Radio's Randi Rhodes spoke about her supposed mugging. She said she was watching football in an Irish pub and went outside for a smoke. The next thing she knew she was on the ground, having fallen or been pushed into a metal grate. She also said she hadn't eaten all day, and she's been to a series of doctors and dentists to fix her injuries and they've also been unable to determine a medical reason for the incident. She also says she sent a two sentence email to AAR's management telling them that she had been mugged; when right-wingers were blamed for the incident she decided not to speak out because she had doctor's appointments.

Here's an edited recording of the start of her show. Bear in mind that about five minutes of the beginning was edited out for brevity. In the raw version she complains about the "paparazzi" staking out her building, including one who asked if there was a "secret lift" to Rhode's apartment.

Only she apparently knew the truth that she had not divulged. nice role model you have there.


Let me remind you of your quote:

Ann Coulter says anything to get noticed by giving it shock value. In that way Randi Rhodes and her are two of a kind...

Are you saying that falling down is now "strange behaviour" deliberately done for shock value?

altho they are likely both opposed to Obamacare.

And, no, Randi is staunchly behind the healthcare bill and Obama.

Please tell me what that whole post has to do with Coulter, anuses and foreskins? Unless you're simply claiming that Coulter would consider falling down drunk for shock value and that Randi hurt herself for shock value.

Do you think she did?


She was covering up for what really happened - who knows - its weird and ? She also was kicked off of the air for making offensive expletive statements for shock value about Geraldine Ferraro - do I need to refresh your memory ?

I wasn't defending Coulter - just making a statement - take a chill pill. Rhodes is behind big government Obamalosi Reid health care - the 2nd biggest sham ever legislated, sorry to hear that but not surprised.


It was a night-time comedy routine. Need I remind you?

What was she supposed to talk about? Health care?

So, you're saying Coulter does a comedy routine every time she appears on the talk-show circuit. We shouldn't take her seriously as a political pundit. Right?

I agree with that.


I have to admit, though, I didn't like Randi doing that.

Jason Andersen

I have long suspected that Coulter is no where near as shrill, nonsensical, and rabid right wing as her public persona and comments would seem to indicate. It's an act probably cooked up long ago in the marketing offices of a publishing house.

The lady makes *a lot* of money selling books to the same people who make Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Fox News Channel, et al., a lot of money too.

Unfortunately, too much weight and not enough perspective is given to the statements that people like Coulter or Limbaugh make. They **are not** commentators in the journalistic sense of the word, as their entire presentation is essentially shtick for a targeted advertising demographic.

Now, Randi Rhodes does not strike me as fitting that profile, rather she's a struggling AM talker who's occasionally prone to hyperbole.


Jason hit it out of the park in one swing!


Randi took on Halliburton and Cheney in civil court, and won. It's good to know she's one of us.

Jason Andersen

Even though I consider myself progressive, and I am an aetheist gay guy, I would have to say that Randi and Mike Malloy are little to the left of me. But having said that, I enjoy listening to them both because they pull no punches and there is real sincerity behind their words. You have to respect that, even if you might sometimes disagree with them.

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