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January 22, 2010


Tina Nole

The Ron Reagan Show will still be broadcasting live from 6-9pm Eastern Time. Just so you know.
-Tina Nole
Executive Producer
Ron Reagan Show

KluelesS, chunks & PutzS = tres assholes

doesn't matter cuz most of KTPKs programming was outside of air america.

but I'm sure our blog pinheads will have all the usual ignorant things to say ... except how CONservative radio is supported by reichwing causes and not by the marketplace.

I can't wait for their spewing.


Exactly....right wing radio is funded by right wing causes--at a loss. Air America always was scrambling to find independent funding. It proves that it was always a myth that George Soros funded the network.

The "demise" of AAR has only opened up more stations for the hosts who are independent. Norman Goldman said this afternoon that he has already been approached by other stations for his show to fill slots left by Reagan and Rice and Williams.

Puget Sound

Bad news, evidently Coils tried to stop Senator Elect Scott Brown by getting in front of his truck. Snake vs Truck. Never a good thing...



Grow up.

I wish Tina would answer how it can be live? The last two days have been repeats. I'd love Ron to continue live but who's paying him and who's distributing him?

I'm streaming in the morning a Denver station to get Sirota and currently the same station is airing Randi. When I'm home, I do stream Ron at 3 to get him live - when he was live. I listen to Dave - that flaming liberal - by podcast and Peter B. as well. I guess us liberals just know more about computers huh? And are independent in our listening habits.

Stick with the herd, rightwingers. That way you'll be sure to get the emotional garbage you want to hear. And you'll always know the latest teenage-jargon to name-call everybody else. And, yes, you are all idiots.

Now watch sputs try to do something "clever" with that last comment.


Of course, he'll have to "repost" it first.


What it means is that they couldn't find enough advertisers to pay the freight.


Yup, it's a tough week for progressives (only for taxes and government) - you can tell simply by looking the magnitude of Joanie's rants.

Consider the source...


One would have thought you'd be able to do better than that, KS. Something intelligent maybe?

She's right, isn't she? She delivered the goods: talked about specifics. And what did you do? Think about it, my friend.

Puget Sound

she whined, she wished, and then she name called. so i guess that's delivering the goods in your book, right? think about it, my friend.

kind of funny that this is the same person who use to advocate mike malloy and randi rhodes as smart and reasoned radio discourse.

nice exposure of keith olberman here:

John Stewart on Keith Olberman Scott Brown smears...

or this one from ben affleck

Classic SNL take off on Olberman

Puget Sound

Ron Reagan could be very good on radio and I am not sure why he is not a Seattle local must listen to show. His voice, cadence, and intellect are top notch. He has name recognition and should be able to draw in big name guests when he is not holding forth on the issues of the day.

Puget Sound

Even Chris Matthews gets it. Look at what Tingles does to Congressman Grayson on the Reconciliation crap.

Stop Pandering to the Netroots....Grayson nailed. Painful.


Why do you place such importance on what Chris Matthews thinks?

Puget Sound

I don't, but am amused that Grayson couldn't answer the question in a more artful manner. Matthews gave him plenty of opportunities to respond (which is not normal for Tingles)
As such, it looks like Matthews is correct. Grayson is just playing the Netroots for dough and attention.

Puget Sound

so Ron, it's not about what Chris Matthews said as much as it is about what Congressman Grayson couldn't say even when given plenty of time to respond. (which is not Matthews normal mode for sure).

ask yourself, why did the Dem's work so hard to get the 60 votes if it wasn't necessary.

why was it that republicans got substantive bills passed with narrow majorities and the Dems continued to shoot themselves in the foot even when they have super majorities?

i'm just asking.

oh yeah, speaking of dumb, why did ned lamont and martha coakley go on vacation in the midst of an election? how'd that work out for em? lets ask joe lieberman and scott brown...


"how'd that work out for em?" "how'd that work out for em?" "how'd that work out for em?" "how'd that work out for em?"

Anybody else get bored with the off-topic repetitive gossip from this guy?

BTW, listening to Peter B., Brad said that in counties where hand counts were done, Coakley won. Counties with machine counts, she lost. Wonder what "just sayin'" has to say about that.

No. I don't. It would take another five thousand words and certainly include a treatise on "going on vacation."


What the matter ? Joanie - can't handle your side losing. Grow up, put a sock in that futile attempt at one-upsmanship and insinuating the voter fraud because of what progressive pinhead Peter B. thinks. You progressives are trying to take the rest of us down with you because you don't get your way - the epitome of being spoiled whiny brats. Progressivism and the Republic cannot exist one and the same.

Actually I find it enlightening how you respond to the points made. FYI- A bad loser is a loser.

KluelesS, chunks & PutzS = tres assholes

and you would know what a loser is, seeing how you are quite the loser.

Bob Nelson

Doesn't the court decision say that unions can have greater power in political advertising now? The Left has to feel good about that. As for corporations being evil, what about MSNBC? :)

"There was no need for Air America. There already is a liberal network and it's taxpayer funded. It's called NPR."--Howie Carr


Posted by: KluelesS, chunks & PutzS = tres assholes | January 23, 2010 at 11:21 AM

That is the pot calling the kettle black, coiler. You are such a small person that you have invent stupid-ass handles you have.

KluelesS, chunks & PutzS = tres assholes

That is the pot calling the kettle black, coiler

LOL! still fn Klue free ... just can't fathom anyone else in the world that thinks you are an asshole, and a stupid one at that ...

KluelesS, chunks & PutzS = tres assholes

There already is a liberal network and it's taxpayer funded. It's called NPR."--Howie Carr

oh, you mean National PROPAGANDA Radio, the car wreck that was fucked up by shrub's suck-up appointees?

hardly liberal radio.


I'm not tres Klue, get a clue. What happened to your Reuben sandwich shtick?


This is what I was referring to the other day, Puget Sound. You seem to be interested only in scoring some sort of "points" in your replies. I find it hard to respect anyone here who takes such obvious delight in seeing the country struggle. What do you gain from this?


Oh man, I wish you hadn't asked him that, Ron. His answer will be at least 3 pages long.

Puget Sound

yes ron,
yet another post from you decrying 'points.'
can't you bring something else to the blog besides that?
if not, just ignore it and move on to the next posting.


I'm not tres Klue, get a clue.

Posted by: KluelesS, chunks & PutzS = tres assholes

Hey Curley turd - Whether it is you or gg who masquerade as the above or Tad, I really don't give a rat's ass.

What I do know is that you are small people with small dicks except gg is a more diabolical small one with a small unit.


Are you coaching Larry Craig, now?

KluelesS, chunks & PutzS = tres assholes

What I do know is that you are small people with small dicks

well, you would know about small dicks as you handle one on a daily basis every time you piss, pisshead.

and you are really concerned with who I am, fuckface.

it's killing you that you don't know. hahahaha.


I only wish your mother had a retroactive abortion.

buh bye

Weasels ripped my flesh

"well, you would know about small dicks as you handle one on a daily basis every time you piss, pisshead."

ROFL- KS must have hit a nerve when made the comment about your dick size. You doth protest too much, tres assholes.

KluelesS, chunks & PutzS = tres assholes

ROFL- KS must have hit a nerve

LOL! not at all. what I said wasn't a protest, retard. it was humor. something that pea brains such as yourself can't grasp without a road map.

KluelesS is such an ass and such an easy target, almost too easy cuz he's so pitiful in his attempts to be so macho. muy macho!

so go ahead and twist this, as you are so wont to do.

KluelesS, chunks & PutzS = tres assholes

I guess the 'V' in Bernard V Ward stands for Victimizer. I hope his victims are getting treatment.

I don't believe there were any victims per se, as he was busted for dealing in photos in research for a book. I'm not going to debate his case.

As a talkshow host, Bernie Ward ran a good show. He is quite intelligent and doesn't run from a good debate

I'm flat out shocked that you would actually give credit where credit is due ... to someone on the darkseid so to speak.

KluelesS, chunks & PutzS = tres assholes

I only wish your mother had a retroactive abortion.

my gawd, your rapier wit is just slicing and dicing tonight. please stop, I can't handle it. NOT!

you are an abortion.

Weasels ripped my flesh

you are too stupid to figure out that all you have to do is shut yout everlovin' piehole dickwad...

Grow up gary.


Bernie Ward may have run a good talk show and never ran from a debate, but he was also a sicko pervert who is a reprehensible person and belongs in a jail cell.

Hitler, Stalin and Che Guavara also had their good qualities and may have also been able to do a good talk show, but they turned out to be a danger their respective societies. Hugo Chavez has a talk show in Venezuela and gets good ratings on their state run TV network.

KluelesS, chunks & PutzS = tres assholes

Grow up gary.

who's gary? still wrong, still an ass Kluefree. still have a small pee pee.

guess you'll just keep throwing out names in your usual inane manner. your mama wishes she had aborted you.


"who's gary? still wrong,"

Liar. Show us your email address. Oh yes, Bla'M has already banned you.

"your mama wishes she had aborted you."

Are we playing - I know you are but what am I ?
Grow up. Gary. I had the patent on that one. Kluefree is not a word. yawn...


You know, KS. Between Reuben, the Weasel (which seems to fit) and KS, you're talking about aliases?

You have a hard time staying on topic I see.

Tres assholes has no pee pee

Try posting on Sound Politics. They are very welcoming and enjoy spirited debate and understanding to newcomers, especially Fudge


Has it come to this KS? Using "pee pee" in your posting name? OMG this is hysterical!!! You really are losing it!!! Have you noticed that you have been talking about dicks all evening?


I've decided to start dressing like a grown up now- slacks, dress jackets, suits.......... no more kids clothes....


ohoh here comes that nasty man or woman from Kiel Mortgage with a putdown.........yikes!......


and haircuts every 3 weeks like clockwork ... not every three months..... but i will still post insulting, negative reviews of Dori Monson... sorry Kiel ...bwahahahaahaha


Tommy...how about another series on DM?


Sometimes when you have nothing really to say, it's probably better to remain silent instead of forcing your way into a conversation.


I have never listened to Ward. But have at it if that's all you are able to wrap whatever part of your body you think with around.

John Edwards had a good plan for this country. But, you like "moral" (or should that be "amoral") corporations more than the middle class. So does the Supreme Court. Apparently, so does Obama. So, you win.

I wonder what you've won?

If you can leave the bathroom and the playground long enough to tell me, please do.

So far, tea bagging, toilet talk and dick waving seem to be what you're best at.

And klueless, acorn isn't what I asked about. And sputs, try to use your own words. Which means I won't hear from sputs which is good news.

KluelesS, chunks & PutzS = tres assholes

Liar. Show us your email address. Oh yes, Bla'M has already banned you.

Grow up. Gary. I had the patent on that one. Kluefree is not a word. yawn...

LOL! nope, I'm not gary ... but keep tossing out names of peeps that despise you. that should keep your sorry ass busy for weeks.

deflect and project much, retard?

Lucas Foxx

Slight correction: AAR was born DURING the "excruciating re-election of George W. Bush." The first day Randi Rhodes told Ralph Nader "we can't afford you!" I was instantly in love,... until she bitch slapped my other girlfriend in a public place. I still love her, but only in small bites.


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