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December 30, 2009



This gets funnier and funnier.

Brad was in for Malloy tonight and played a clip of an interview he did with a teabagter(?) who complained about all the freedoms Obama was taking away. When Brad asked him to name some, he couldn't. But, he's sure that Obama is trying.

I'm laughing so hard, I'm crying. I guess I hope the fat man gets better but lying does have its consequences.

Puget Sound

Brad was in for Malloy tonight and played a clip of an interview he did with a teabagter(?) who complained about all the freedoms Obama was taking away. When Brad asked him to name some, he couldn't. But, he's sure that Obama is trying.

I'm laughing so hard, I'm crying. I guess I hope the fat man gets better but lying does have its consequences.

Posted by: joanie | December 31, 2009 at 01:29 AM

reminds people of the knee jerk reactionaries from the left who screamed about the 'bushlers' trashing the constitution, eh?
the rants against the USAPATIOT Act or those that protested the War when Bush was President but are curiously silent now that President Obama is pretty much taking the war and doubling down.
Medved a couple years ago had one of these on screaming about the USAPATRIOT Act provisions and when asked to name one thing he couldn't do with its enactment paused for ten seconds and hung up.
the usual suspects on this blog hate to see themselves in the mirror. both sides have their joanies and sparkles.

keeping the mirror meme, they'll be lots of talk about the hate talk/glee directed at Limbaugh and his heart attack but truth be told it happens on the other side when someone from the liberal persuasion has a medical issue. both sides have their coilers.


Yes I remember the kind comments on this blog about Sen. Kennedy when he died. And just a couple of days ago KS said something about the only good progressive is a dead one.

Micheal J Fox

He is exaggerating the effects of the disease,He's moving all around and shaking and it's purely an act. . . .

This is really shameless of Rush Limbaugh Either he didn't take his medication or he's acting.

This is the only time I've ever seen Rush Limbaugh portray any of the symptoms of the disease he has, He can barely control himself.

Puget Sound

i took no glee in his death or suffering. you know that. show me a quote in which i do either.
the issue with ted kennedy surrounds his reprehensible conduct in contributing to the death of mary jo kepechne and general conduct towards women in general. he left her to die a horrible death. rather then contact the authorities he contacted his lawyer and asked him to rescue her. when that didn't work, he didn't call the rescue crew or even report the accident until many hours later. rescue personnel (john farar) state that ms. kopechne likely had an air bubble and survived for a period of time after the accident and if ted kennedy had notified them in a timely manner (like maybe when the accident occured--he walked by four houses that had phones on his way to his attorney) that ms.kopechne could have been rescued. a similar accident just a few months before had someone in a similar situation surviving for an extended period of time until a successful rescue was made.
the other tragedy was that joan kennedy -who was on bedrest for a pregnancy- attended the funeral with ted kennedy for ms. kopechne and subsequently miscarried. for the rest of her days, joan kennedy blamed ted for having to attend the funeral and miscarriage of their child.


And the second Rush is back on the air, we hear about how great health care is in Hawaii if you pay cash, blah, blah...

Silly as it sounds, there will be members of his audience who will suspect that subversive progressives were somehow trying to silence Rush.


Although I'd never take pleasure if something really bad happened to Mr. Limbaugh, I did chuckle a bit when I heard that Rush was in 'stable' condition this morning.

Stable is something I'd never associate with the man.

Sandra B.

I'm sorry, but I would take pleasure if Rush came home in a box. He's a vile man who personally profits by gleefully hurting this country. He's a cynical demagogue who uses his great talent and bully pulpit viciously maligning anyone who disagrees with him - his own colleagues if they are impure or disrespectful to him, or the president no matter what problem the country is facing. When he is successful, he ends the debate before it is able to start. That's harmful.
If it were out of patriotic concern, it would be one thing, but that he does it for radio ratings, notoriety and money is quite another. His self-destructive personal vagaries (obesity, opioid addiction) could show a basic self-loathing and an at least, subconscious acknowledgment of the harm his selfishness causes.
He has the civil right to say anything, but morally, he's a thief, a liar and a murderer.
I hope he dies. The world would be a better place, and maybe civil debate in this torn up democracy would be able to flower once again.

I hope he dies

Has Rush Limbaugh ever sacrificed anything for the country he says he loves?


Right on, Sandra. And the only thing worse than insincere, profit-grubbing unpatriotic whiners like Rush are pompous fools who lack the skill to be concise in their self-serving sermons.


Would agree with everything Sandra says, except maybe the dying part. We even owe civility to Rush, who may not practice it himself.

I suspect Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin and their ilk will one day go the 21st century version way of Walter Winchell. Meaning, one day they will be irrelevant...passing out leaflets of their distorted views on street corners since no one pays them any attention anymore.


Didn't mean to insult Winchell by putting him the category with today's opionators.

BTW, Winchell had 50 million readers a day and 20 million radio listeners once a week in the 40s and 50s.

The bloviators of today can't come close to those kind of numbers.


It might come as a shock, but Bill, Joanie and the other leftwingnut 'con-artists' are in the minority.

There are more independents (~43%) than Democratics (~32%) and Repubs (~25%). So the stuff that you bloviate about the con talkers is shared by maybe 1/3 of America, which means 2/3 either is opposed or doesn't care.

If conservatives are called cons/neo-cons, then the liberal progressives should be called con-artists/neo-coms or neo-commies. That's only fair.


I will show Rush the same respect he shows for all liberals. I HOPE HE DIES!!


Sorry, klueless. That post doesn't make sense. What does the number/percentage of independents have to do with Rush or anything I said or Bill said?

As for "fairness," Bush issued a signing statement eliminating "fairness" forever. It was included in his scrapping of the Constitution.


Here's my favorite so far,
"I hope he dies. The world would be a better place, and maybe civil debate in this torn up democracy would be able to flower once again."
Sandra B.
Soooo...Sandra HOPES Rush dies, so we can be civil? Please tell me she's a Mistress of Sarcasm. Sadly, i sense not. When was this mythical period of civility in American politics? 1860? 1960?
BTW- Walter Winchell wasn't competing with TV...yet.


The negative comments have actually been surprisingly minimal. Of course, Brian Baloney has been scouring Twitter and the Internets at large to find every last one of them so he can reprint them all on his "blog."

In all capital letters. heh.

Now, for something truly entertaining, hop on over to Freeperland and read all the Catholic rosaries that have been posted.

Rush will be cashing in on this for years.


The mythical period ended when Andrew Breitbart wants climate change scientists he disagrees with executed. ok?

Rush Is The King Of Broadcasting.

As long as there are khunts like Sandra B. and Joanie and pussy's like Bill, there can never be civility. It just can not be possible. But the world will be a great deal better upon the death of any one or or all three of them.
Bonus will be the improvement in the climate when they quit spewing their gasses.


chux! Is that you? Old dependable toilet-talker you. What would we do without you?

Happy New Year!


it's Pussies C'mon!


"And just a couple of days ago KS said something about the only good progressive is a dead one."

You are dead wrong, Sparkles - I said; the only lib prog. that you can trust is a dead one." (in response to the can't ever trust a conservative). There is a difference, I think even you can comprehend that. I know, you were going for moral equivalence - nice example you set for the kids that you indoctrinate. I guess you aren't better than that. Looks like the Golfer (Limbaugh) is making a recovery from the poison dart attack from the O-bots.

Kudos on this humor piece.

"As for "fairness," Bush issued a signing statement eliminating "fairness" forever. It was included in his scrapping of the Constitution."

Like anyone with half a brain would believe that bilge, phony Joanie. That quote is crazier than batshit. Source, please ? (there would be several neo-com rags that I wouldn't put it past- doesn't matter - its pure bullshit and written out of context)

Bill - Not a Rush fan, but find a quote where he has stated that he hopes that a liberal die. If there is one, that doesn't reflect well on him and there is a thing called karma.


I'm Bill and I'd like to distance myself from Bill. The other Bill.

Thank you,


The Blatherwatch Posters' Advisor

Ladies and Gentlemen , boys and girls , a gracious good New Year's eve to you. The advisor says nay , nix nada on the "poster to Rush- drop dead" posts. This puts you in the same league as certain of the teabaggers. It's never a good idea to hope that someone will die, assuming they aren't say a Hitler or in that eague, which Rush however odious , is not. No good will come to you for such expressions. your kindly Blatherwatch Posters' Advisor

Peeroy Jabbar

eveyone go to channel 68 right now and watch the show. this the episode wher ethe couple is looking for a house in Detroit. they show that Indian Village mansion i posted about earlier . for 400k o rless i think. tell me what yo uthink this wpiuld sell for in seattle. hurry j hurry

Roger Smyth

Perhaps the great one spied Nancy Pelosi (vacationing on the big island) in a thong.


That sight would be enough to bring on the dry heaves - just the image. If he spotted her next to a hottie and done a double take, that could have done it.


I have been watching that whole house hunting marathon with my bride this evening Peeroy. That had to be one of the most beautiful houses I have seen on that show. I imagine that it would be a couple million as long as it is not in the Rainier Valley or some other overly diverse neighborhood. $5 million if it were on the correct side of Lake Washington with a decent sized piece of waterfront dirt.

Mark C.

Right on chucks, those darklies and other "diverse" individuals not only steal the elections, they fuck up the real estate prices. Pretty soon, there won't be any "correct" side of the lake or the ship canal. We better die off quick! You first...


"overly diverse" means chux has limits on just how many brown people he's going to tolerate in his 'hood.

Puget Sound

KS, you're instincts were correct.
Joanie was giving half the story. Yes, Pres Bush implemented 'signing statements' just like Presidents before him. He just did it more often.
You may be surprised to find that Candidate Obama denounced the use of 'signing statements' yet has turned around and done it a half dozen times himself and that is with a Dim Congress.
My oh my, being President turns out to be quite a bit different than being a Candidate. If you don't believe it, look at the way Pres Obama has aged in just a year.
Once he gets that Republican Congress life will be even more interesting. I'll bet he'll like those 'signing statements' even more...and we'll see how 'concerned' the usual suspects are on this blog or was it yet again an issue of IOKIADDI (Its OK If A Dim Does It) to borrow a page from SPARKLES book of crap.

Puget Sound

Happy New Year to one and all. I hope that 2010 brings a better year than 2009.

And I am issuing out a BOLO for Fremont, Rozscat and M Steele. LMAO -- Joanie is still looking for both of you to post again.

Sparkles, have a happy 2010.

Andrew, you got promise.

Miss Kylie B., stop making Andrew cry.

Chucks, keep up with your good works. Playing Santa for the kids that don't have Santa qualifies as good works. The nimwits trying to make you a racist don't understand that you actually live in a diverse area and have a diverse family.

KS, keep up the fight.

Steven, come on back. All is forgiven.

Ryder, post more often.

Mark C and Drew: I hope that next year you won't be spending New Year's Eve trolling the nets and will actually move out of your Parent's basement and maybe actually get some dates for the New Year Celebration. You don't want to end up like Coils, do ya? Chucks warned him but all that self abuse has given Coil's pimples that will never clear up ...

Audio Slave and Edmonds Dan, don't be a stranger now.


Drew and Mark C. make some pretty bitter assumptions. Hmmmmm.
That is the thing about so many people who like to think of them selves as progressive. Way too much of at goes through their pea brains is race based.
Bigots perhaps? I do know either of them well enough to come to that kind of conclusion. Maybe.


Oh ye, Happy New Year to the whole damned lot of you, on all sides. May you all prosper in a way that brings you joy.


Happy New Year to those who have responded with intelligence, truth and civility and the rest of you also.
May 2010 be more of an upbeat year where folks become more accountable for their actions and the gaggle of Victi-crats/ progressives over here can find it in themselves to periodically do some self examination. I'll just leave it at that for now.

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