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December 12, 2009



Dori who?


Has Dori ever met an ad that he did not like? He hawks everything. Who is buying 70 grand Land Rovers?


These guys have all boxed themselves into a corner, after Savage saying we should wipe Islam off the face of the earth, and Limbaugh saying we need segregated bussing again, where is there to go? How do you take it up from there?

They got nowhere to go except into straight-up unbridled insanity, and in Seattle, Dori is leading the charge.


He's obviously not using or hocking face products or procedures. He needs to get a good facelift endorsement deal. What a saggy looking chipmunk.


His assertion that scientists "cooked the data" because the earth is "not getting warmer" is itself not proven. It's true that data was manipulated but the reason why they did so hasn't been established.

We know they were under political and fiscal pressure to produce results, and it might simply have been that they didn't have the time neccessary. It's hard to prove that climate change has been occurring over the past 150 years, that didn't happen during the previous 15,000 years when weather has only been recorded accurately for 50 years.

It just seems like common sense that you can't introduce billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and not expect some sort of non nature friendly reaction. Life in general might adapt to these changes over time, but will humans?

Steve W.

"It just seems like common sense that you can't introduce billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and not expect some sort of non nature friendly reaction."

An equally unproven comment.


Dori Monson is a laughable jerk, and an utter embarrassment to KIRO and to Seattle.


Monson took some emails that were directed at covering up the scientists in question apparent embarrassment over the fact that the annual global temps have been going down recently, not up. in other words absence of evidence re global warming, but only in that one criteria, annual temp change. Prosecutora and lawyers have an old saying-'absence of evidence' is not 'evidence of absence" Monson jumps on this one aspect, absence of evidence of annual world temp increase (for now) and claims it is conclusive "evidence of absence" of global warming. He conveniently ignores other criteria , undeniable ones, such as the melting of the polar icecaps, and many more.


haha whAT REASONING DID RUSH USE FOR A RETURN TO SEGREGATED BUSSING? mONSON'S WAY "AHEAD" OF HIM. The world's "tiniest" man siad over a year ago that he believes in the right to own segregated lunch counters , hotels, whatever.


Every now and then I flip over to the FM side of the dial to see what's up with the short man with a girls name. It is always the same. Govt is evil and we should all be pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps just like he did by attending public university in a day when tuition was very low due to heavy state subsidies. Gets old quick. Must be hard on him to be around a bunch of football jocks that make his small staturevlook even more pathetic by comparison.


that hairline is self-induced.


It's breathtaking to ponder how dumb people have to be in order to believe that we can change atmospheric values as fundemental as the ppm of carbon and have it make absolutely no difference of any sort. It's called cause and effect. It's called "every action has an equal and opposite reaction." Something will happen, the question is how bad will it be and will it not destroy delicate ecosystems?


Boring holes in the ice gives a measure of carbon and other elements stored in the ice for eons. You're right Andrew. It is amazing how ignorant some people are.

McCain is blaring again about health care during the debates continuing on CSpan, I guess you're never too old to make a fool of yourself.

Whether it be animals and ecosystems or people who need healthcare: we are a cruel species.


Christians believe God wouldn't give us a planet we could possibly break and libertarians are simply greedy fucks who have realized that the more serious climate changes would likely happen after they've already died. Through their mindless cruelty to others, Christians and libertarians joined under the conservative umbrella are proof that humans are animals, quite far from being made in any god's image.


Yep, if Ronald Reagan had said we need to clean up the environment, they would be all for it.


1980: the year that began the economic crisis that culminated in 2008. Thank you Mr. Reagan, Mr. Bush, and Mr. Clinton and Mr. Bush II. Three-and-a-half Republicans and one-half Democrat.

Duke Stern

why do lefty, liberal Dems always use profanities and attack Christians, authenticandrew?


You guys are so full of shit this morning. One of my grands just drug my butt of for some churching this morning. The first thing that I noticed upon arrival is how many libtards cars still have obama bumper stickers on their imported cars.
Which brings up the question, what the fuck does the exploitation of the people by the Gorecal have to do with Christians?
Global warming is looking more like the farse we have claimed every day. It has become such a religion to you believers that you can or refuse to question the falsified research results hanging right before your noses.
Maybe, if you just look at your own selves, you guys might start to understand the faithful believers of the various religions by how all of you are led down the Gorebal warming path.
Meanwhile, Gore is laughing his fat ass off (that would be a lot of laughing) at you fools that are making him and his friends billionairs just as many traditional religious "leaders" have gotten rich tending to their flocks.


When Reagan was President, we were still dealing with the comming ice age. You must have read about that in your history books Sparky.


Gee Joanie, by your last post, you have summed up my core political beliefs quite well.
You can not count on government for a damned thing. Time to rely on your own damned self.


Oh, did you hit the lottery again?


"The year 2009 is likely to rank in the top 10 warmest on record since the beginning of instrumental climate records in 1850, according to data sources compiled by the World Meteorological Organization"


99% of deniers are funded, at the end of the day, by the oil and gas business, (Koch, Exxon, etc.).

What, Aglican U is the only institution on earth that owns thermometers? No other country has its own meteorological data it has been accumulating for decades? The only place that has weather stations is the US?

In order to a be a denier it takes a LOT of energy to neglect common sense and the data. You have to really work hard at it, and it has to be a conscious choice. There is not a bigger group of opportunists than those leading the denier charge.

Dori should shut his pie-hole and stick to making fun of city politics, he almost knows something about that. sort of.


Jesus Christ, I hope you didn't say fuck in church, chucks.


No, I stay shutted up when I am in those places. You just know that Mrs Morton (3rd grade teacher, Forrest Crest Elem. School, Mt.Lake Terrace circa 1960) is going to sneak up behind me and smack my knuckles with a ruler.
First rule of sinner: Do not draw attention to ones self if you ever find yourself in a church.
Stand when others stand, sit when the others sit and shut up when the others talk.


Totally UNsparkylike.

Miss Manners

Foul language inevitably leads to foul and depraved behavior, as night follows day. There are men right now sitting masturbating in their cars at Bikini Barista stands, pornhounds surfing the net 15 hours a day, with pants around ankles, for ever harder, coarser and more degenerate images, and exposers plying their trade at public libraries all over the country, who made a choice early on to say damn instaed of darn, the f word instead of fooey, and degnerated downward from there. Miss Manners


And we sincerely hope you're not one of them.


HMMMMM Blatherwatch blasts Dori Monson. Geez, never heard that one before. The way that you describe it, Dori's show is some attack show with political bias; it's not. The Dori Monson show is a Radio Entertainment Show, not a news show, not a political show. It is, literally, Dori's show!Often, Dori's show is about having fun, or winding down funny paths. Friday, listeners called in and wrote a poem; it was hilarious. He played the clip of the Guv saying that feet were going to be amputated, and then some dude calls in about the feet washing up on shore. It's not high-brow, but it's as innovative as TBTL, it's as warm as Dave Ross (Beloved and esteemed), and it has that clubhouse feel of Ron & Don. Dori is a pro's pro, and his ratings back it up, even on that willful FM signal. My politics are not the same as everybody elses; that's a good thing. I don't have to like or dislike people based upon some political belief checkdown. Dori isn't the bigot, folks. Dori's the radio show guy; and he's a great one that I have listened to for many, many years.


Some conservative asks why "liberals" must resort to profanities and then in the very next post "chucks" the resident dittohead tells the "liberals" they're "full of shit." These are the kind of mentally vacant slobs we have to PUT UP WITH. Just look at Sarah Palin and her army of drooling mouth breathers. Can you believe these dumb sons of bitches want to elect some runner up in a beauty pageant who is incapable of either reading or writing a book, as president? Fuck you, I nominate Princess Leia then.

I'll be the first to admit that progressives are quick to err on the side of caution, always trying to preserve everything in sight, but conservatives would rather we ruin the environment now and figure out if anything breaks later. It's amazingly reckless and irresponsible. I've known five years with straighter priorities.


Good job of changing the subject to fowl language as if you and the rest of the liberal chirping birds around here are pure. No word that I have ever used here is a word that our illustrious host hasn't used effectively here when ever he wanted to use it.
The real subject here is your idiotic refusal to see the AGW alarmist cooking the books, so to speak. Not a one of you is willing to take in to account sun spots and how closely the warming and cooling of the earth and its oceans relate to that phenomena.
You just buy into it because The Gorecal says it is so. All pray to Algore and tithe ('tis mandatory).


You just want to burn oil and not be held responsible for cleaning up the mess you leave behind. Just admit you're selfish. What do you stand to gain from pretending otherwise? You're not going to be sainted any time soon.


You right wingers are just pissed over the Noble Prize thing, it's ok.


ou can not count on government for a damned thing. Time to rely on your own damned self.

Posted by: chucks | December 13, 2009 at 11:59 AM

If your lovely wife got RIF'ed, what skillsets do you have to make a living, Chuck? RV sales? don't think so...


chux, the real topic actually was about that little guy with the big girl's name, Dori. Please try to keep up.
Sun spots? Sure, we would take that into account, if it hadn't been debunked by several hundred scientists smarter than both you, Dori, Beck and Palin combined (I had to throw those other two idiots in, because I felt kinda sorry for you, sitting there all alone with your failed theories, and bag full of fake scientists).
You cons are still really bitter over the fact that, in spite of all the money you wasted on trying to slander Al Gore over the years, he's still a respected leader around the globe in the fight to protect the environment.


simply pull the string.

"everyone is crazy except us"

"scienists are stupid"

"it's a global conspiracy"

"Barack Obama wasn't born in the US"

"Obama is Hitler-like"

"liberalism is a mental disorder"

"the smart money is on gold"

"buy guns while you still can"


Tim Conway Jr. has just put the deceased Maurice the Rat photo on his website at KFI.com and is urging people to "enjoy".

Puget Sound

The fact that the same fellow (Al Gore) who told you 'the debate is over' is making boatloads of money off of Global Warming does give a thinking person pause for a second.
Yes the weather changes.
The million dollar question is the impact that man has on it or can have on it.
The sad part is that good science is supposed to be able to withstand challenges.
(down Coiler, go dry hump Andrews leg will ya?)
The funny thing is that we all know if it had been Dick Cheney pushing Global Warming most of you would be out there talking about the Global Warming Hoax and decrying the role of Haliburton in the Carbon Offset Program.

The amnesia and hypocrisy that comes from some of you (hey Sparkles, still waiting for you to be consistent and label THIS wartime President a 'Chickenhawk' as you routinely slurred Republicans).

For the record, I am not a climate denier. I just don't know and want to see more clean science to be performed before we spend oodles of money on a problem that we may not able to impact to any appreciable degree.

PS: I wish Steven would come back. He had a real interest in this topic.

PS PS: Dori still has the best pre and post game show around.


The poster or (imposters if you will) gloss over the fact that Sarah Palin has an approval rating only 1% lower than Mr. Obama - that means his popularity is continuing to dive - unlike Clinton he does not appear very likable in real life. Wild Bill is correct - Dori is not the bigot, he is the radio show guy. I know it makes many of you feel better by writing that he's a bigot or a racist, but that is false. He is out-Becking Beck - that can only help his popularity with current trends.

I would not support Palin for President and hope that she does not decide to run - too much baggage and her accent is fresh from the movie "Fargo".

Authntic Ahole - the above quotes you cited are not so looney, except the following:

"everyone is crazy except us" (made up- sounds as much like it could have come from the left)

"scienists are stupid" (Source please ?)

"it's a global conspiracy" (can never be proven)

"Barack Obama wasn't born in the US" (Birthers barking up the wrong tree)

"Obama is Hitler-like" (Not nearly as popular as Bush is like Hitler or Bush is Hitler)

Puts - see that you beat my response. Agreed - bring back Nevets.


It's not prudent to abuse finite resources that everyone must share, that resource being out ATMOSPHERE.

The onus is on you to prove that introducing high levels of carbon monoxide won't hurt me or anyone else.

This conservative argument that we can fuck with anything up until it's proven harmful is anti-libertarian. Imagine if I were to dig tunnels under your house and you whined "your tunnels will cause my foundation might can in", how would you feel if I said "you must prove to me that my tunnels will cause your foundation will cave in."

Conservatives are on the losing end of this debate both from a philisophical and a pragmatic standpoint. They're really just stalling for time.


You wish steven would come back as you can't argue?

You think Al Gore is making money as compared to the Koch brothers and the millions they are pouring in with their propaganda machine?


If neverts had a "real interest in this topic", maybe he would have been been civil to the people whose comments he disagreed with. But Steven chose to make the most vile of personal attacks, because that's all he had left to bring to the argument, and that's pretty sad.
So how much money is Gore making off of this? Any more than the temporary governor of Alaska, who is currently touring the country in a half-million dollar motor coach to promote a book trashing her former running mate, while claiming to be broke? We are all victims of a media that loves to try to turn rumor into "fact" (remember the emails that circulated a couple of years ago, comparing Al Gore's house to one we were led to believe was Bush's "Crawford Ranch"? That turned out to be a hoax, too). Personally, I don't care if you or Sarah Palin think Al Gore just wants to get rich of the global warming topic- I'll put my trust in a guy who is interested in preserving the planet for our future generations, even if he makes living doing it. Anybody who tells us to ignore all of this "global warming malarkey" while making their living off of subsidies and salaries from the fossil-fuels industry is instantly suspect in my book.


"what a fool believes he sees, the wise man has the power, to reason away" Doobie Brothers Dori Monson believes he sees evidence of global cooling, and no evidence of global warming


Drew, Nobody has a problem with you chasing after the man behind the curtain. You go right ahead and follow the yellow brick road.
My problem is because you believe in it, you feel that you must drag me down that yellow brick road with you.
You can be pretty darn sure that Al Gore is going to come out of this with a billion dollars. I wonder if we have access to his 1040's.


Your point could be very well taken, chux...if only we had a "planet B". You seem pretty obsessed with Al Gore's income, but you've never had a word to say about people like Dick Cheney, who has made billions from the coal and gas industry, and our under-equipped American soldiers, too. How carefully you chose whom to place your criticism upon.


"Dori Monson believes he sees evidence of global cooling, and no evidence of global warming."

He may be correct, but I'd say neither is happening right now. There are consequences for a global climate treaty, such as being governed by the rogues of the UN - how do you like that ? It sucks the big one to me. Authentic Ahole and Drew may be OK with that, but if that is the case, you have a rectal cranial inversion, IMO.

The White House and Democrat leadership co-opted by the Lib Progs are being nothing short of diabolical here - the way they want to ram through bills (Health Care & Cap and Tax) even though they are godawful and even though a majority of Americans are against them.

Mark C.

Dori Monson has issues. It could be because he was sawed off at the knees, might be his girl's name, might have something to do with his hairline, maybe its because his dad was a drunk. Whatever it is, his anger and striking out against people even weaker than himself is a dishonorable way to make a buck. I'm pretty conservative, and embarrassed he the public believes he speaks for me.


thank you for your words Mark C


You are deflecting Drew. You are also making assumptions without knowing facts.
I admire Dick Cheney. Don't suppose any of you remember Cheney donating all of his stock in Halliburton to charity, including any profits on options in an irrevocable trust. Something around $8,000,000.00 during his term in office.
As for sending our troops into battle under-equipped, bull shit. Our troops are the best armed, best trained and most elite in history. What were shortcomings in the first place were all corrected. 1980's body armour has all been up-graded and replaced. The enemy figured out how to attack our vehicles so we have built better vehicles.
You, of course were not around when I bitched about Bush spending like a drunken democrat. You just assume.
You have no idea about how I feel about waste and recycling, or efficient use of natural resources. Again, you just assume.


Mark C. - Do you listen much at all to Dori Monson ? Sounds like you are really hearing someone else or just falling in line with the rest of the illiberals who disdain him.

you're pretty conservative- Does that mean you voted for Rossi and McCain in the 2008 election ?


Being as it is that we have only one planet to work with and should we screw this planet up we have no place else to go, it's imprudent to risk causing permanent ecological damage through careless consumption. You can't argue with that reasoning.

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