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December 29, 2009



Why not try it on a limited basis? Give it a year. See what happens.

It would be cool if the law could be passed with an expiration and require renewal so that the burden on place upon proponents to extend this freedom rather than the skeptical masses who might worry that once it's enacted, there's no going back.


Obviously the only reason it may have greater than a snowball's chance in hell this time is because of the critical budget situation. Our lovely and gracious Governor is in a bind and so are her bed-mates (Unions and Tribes) so ALL is on the table as never before. Cuts are talked about in terms of police, fire, emergency personnel, etc but never in terms of her principal contributors. Therefore this time around Darrell may some hope for this legislation (at least to be introduced). Bottom-line is if you feared for your golden State pension, you'd likely vote for anything that had a chance of saving and/or helpint it survive. Wouldn't you?


Darrel420 will be all over the airwaves if this becomes the topic du jour.

If it is sold in liquor stores or something similar, this state, and others, could make a lot of revenue. I like your idea, Andrew..try it out and then review after a year.

That said, I think anyone caught selling to kids should go to jail.

sam song

Please don't add another drug to the list. The dope today is no relation to the harmless junk we smoked in the '70'. It's a significant intoxicant... keep it illegal, it'll hold it back a little and, of course, protect a wonderfully free market. What will my kid do if the state takes away his business?


can't wait for the shoutong to begin.



Just legalize it. Sell it in grocery stores, 7/11's, Jack in the Box's etc.
It has been some 25 years, but a big old bong load is sounding real good about now.


Legalize it, but enforce the penalty for driving while stoned.

Hey, I'm sure that half of the Senate (like Max Baucus) have bong hits before going into those all night sessions - even though they got the munchies... They believe the laws don't apply to them, since they don't have to and don't want to use the Health Insurance Reform that they approved and want to mandate for their subjects.


It always gets back to the same old rant with you, KS.

I'm for it. Ask Rick Steves. Maybe he can lobby the legislature. Europe is so much more adult about these things than are we. This country needs a big infusion of common sense.

And hemp products.


Okay boys and gurls, leets get real about this. If the state makes this product available you can count on the tax making the price beyond reach of most stoners. So what will happen? Why the street price will be much more convienent. Those afraid of going to jail will buy from the state. Those who don't care about the law, like all those currently partaking, will continue to support their local dealer.

Now since the availability will still be outlawed to kids they will continue getting their supplies where they do now.

What the state needs to do is undercut the street dealers making it cheaper to buy within the law. But the state isn't that enlightened. So that won't happen.

Anyone disagree?


Do you have evidence that state sanctioned pot would be exorbitantly expensive? Even if it is more expensive at a liquor store people would still buy it for the convenience of not having to hook up with some shady neighborhood misfit to get the stuff.


Yes. Your last paragraph is right on. But, then, I'm not afraid of everything!

I just finished listening to Dave Ross' Christmas Eve podcast - all three hours. This has got to be one of his best. He mixed in eclectic Christmas songs including Elvis and Bob Dylan. I loved it.

Then, he and Carl Jeffers had one of the most interesting health care discussions I've heard. Jeffers is sure a good analyst. He always gives me something new to think about.

Dec 24 podcast

Anybody who really likes Dave Ross and can't get him regularly or missed that show should listen. It was a good one.

BTW, ryder, did you see where I wished you a merry christmas? Hmm?

Puget Sound

BTW, ryder, did you see where I wished you a merry christmas? Hmm?

Posted by: joanie | December 30, 2009 at 12:35 AM

Was that before or after making fun of the fact he lost his job, hmmmm?

Ryder, you are right about the Pot being sold in the stores.


No Joanie I did not see the post. Thank you for the thought.

Andrew, I have the same amount of evidience as to what the state will do as you do. Frankly, who cares. Neveer touch the stuff so I don't much carer how it is handled.

And Joanie, I do aagree, Carl Jeffers is quite smart at analizing. Wish he had his sunday show back. His only problem is that he talks too much.


So you were just talking? OK, just making sure.

The state somehow manages to sell liquor at a reasonable price. Liquor and pot are not the same thing but I still don't have reason to believe it would be outrageously expensive.

Even if it were to cost twice as much people like you would scoff at it but there are middle aged middle class Americans whos smoke pot and would go the extra mile to buy it legally and in a socially sanctioned way.

I might be wrong, but I also assume state bought pot is more likely be fresh and consistant in quality, since you can be assured it hasn't been treated with detergents and that it hasn't sat in some drug dealers pocket for days on end.

Lucas Foxx

The laws of supply and demand apply here. On the street, it's a sellers market and the demand is high. Sold above the table, the price should go down, even with the taxes. You would think it would also be safer: no DDT from eradication efforts, and no creepy dealers you don't trust and wouldn't be anywhere near if they didn't have weed to sell. Of course, I'm just going by memory...


"No stems, no seed that you don't need. Acapulco Gold is (long hit sfx)....bad ass weed."

Just can't wait for the ad agencies to come up with the jingles and spots!


Oh geez you stoners...weed is already basically legal in WA.

If you have less than 40g

(1.41095848 ounces, OUNCES, of WEED!!! You are a major pothead if you have almost an ounce and a half of weed on you. That is a LOT of weed. You are *not* an occasional recreational user if you have that much weed at any one time. You smoke a lot of pot.)

Less than 40 g is a misdemeanor, with MMS 1 Day served in jail, $250-$500.

So the fine is probably LESS than the ounce and half of weed cost you.

Stoners. There are about 200 more important issues going on in Washington and the US. This is just a distraction.

Who-effin-cares. Smoke weed if you want.

This is a b.s waste of time issue considering the vastly more important things that need addressing.


We're not really about freedom in this country-it's just the way we try to justify our foreign policy.


40g of pot is anywhere from $250-500 ?

Geez, its gone up since my halcyon days of hitting the water pipe.


WTF? What happened to a three finger lid for $10.00? $15.00 for the really good stuff?


40g of pot costs a lot more than $250. Well, unless you want to just get a headache.

The sites I looked at for medical marijuana online say the stuff worth buying is between $300-600 an ounce.

I would love to know how many people were actually prosecuted for just this crime in 2008. I am sure that people get charged for it when they are caught doing other things, it is an easy thing to tack on to a guy you have already popped in a stolen car. But how many people have actually been charged in the state of WA for just having 40g or less of weed and no other crime. I bet the number is incredibly small.

Considering that HEMP FEST(!) is held in downtown Seattle and the cops don't do anything as people walk around with no clothes on smoking joints the size of ball-park franks, enforcing these laws are probably a very very low priority for any real PD.

Puget Sound

"No stems, no seed that you don't need. Acapulco Gold is (long hit sfx)....bad ass weed."

Just can't wait for the ad agencies to come up with the jingles and spots!

Posted by: Bill | December 30, 2009 at 02:02 PM

I want the 'Video Only' couple to do the commercials.

'If you went anywhere other then 6th and Seneca for your pot, you paid too much...


Isn't this special ? (for perverts).

from biggovernment.com

Fistgate XIII: Safe Schools Czar Jennings ‘Recommended’ Book Describing Sex Between 1st Graders
by Jim Hoft
-Warning on Content-
Throughout the FistGate series of revelations, Kevin Jennings’ defenders have often insisted that, while Jenning’s organization, GLSEN, may have sponsored, featured or promoted material that was inappropriate for young children, Jennings himself was unaware of these actions. (See here, for just one example.)

Jennings is another incompetent that needs to go. He's an Ivy-Leaguer that apparently advocates this kind of perversion !! Unbelievable !


(the rest of the story on Kevin Jennings) hat tip: Biggovernment.com

But, today we learn that Jennings himself promoted sexually explicit and inappropriate books to 7th graders. Mass Resistance reported that Kevin Jennings was promoting the porn book, Reflections of a Rock Lobster: Growing Up Gay and other titles to kids for years:
Here’s proof that Kevin Jennings was certainly aware that his organization, GLSEN, recommended porn books for teens.

He had recommended them himself in his 1994 high school reader Becoming Visible (published by porn publisher Alyson Books). On p. 278 in his Questions/Activities section for Chapter 17, he wrote:
15. Other resources for reading are Bennett Singer’s Growing Up Gay, Ann Heron’sOne Teenager in Ten: Writings by Gay and Lesbian Youth, Aaron Frick’sReflections of a Rock Lobster: A Story of Growing Up Gay, and Paul Monette’sBecoming a Man. Films include Robert King’s The Disco Yearsand Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, based on Jeanette Winterson’s autobiographical novel.
These questionable books (haven’t looked at the films yet…) have been described byLinda Harvey in 2002 (also here), NARTH (late 1990s), and more recently atGateway Pundit/BigGovernment.com (Dec. 2009).
For those new to this story, here is an excerpt from the book, Reflections of a Rock Lobster: A Story of Growing Up Gay, again deemed suitable for 7th Graders, by Kevin Jennings:


My, all that maryjane jargon above. Makes you feel young again, huh?

I'm for legalization. I heard on the radio today that Canada sells it to age 16 and up. Anybody verify that? Also, I think the only reason medical marijuana is so expensive is because it is MEDICAL marijuana. You want the doc to prescribe, got to get it through big pharma or whatever.

Is there anything medical that doesn't cost a lot? Well, maybe viagra.

this is the right time to legalize it. We need the money and people (including kids) need a safe supply. And it is better than alcohol.


We need some verification of prices from someone who actually buys or sells pot...anyone willing to offer that info?"

BTW, Happy "Beatles" birthday, Joans!

"Will ya still need me...
Will ya still feed me..."


Happy New Year, Fremont. :)


Ditto, Sparkola!

I guess I'm too young to quote Beatles tunes...I thought the words to the aforementioned birthday song were "When I'm fify-four", but it is "sixty-four", thereby rendering the reference to Joans' imputed age non-sensical, superfluous, and WRONG! Sorry, Joans!

Corporate Suit

It appears the reports of my demise are highly exaggerated. I'm not collecting unemployment, still working, but one of my resolutions was to take a long break from radio blogs, including this one. I've actually set up my own blog to write down my musings.

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