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December 08, 2009



I wish that all the guests on these shows would start telling these hosts to SHUT UP. Refuse to go on these idiotic programs. After all the hosts need the guests. Not the other way around. However, I guess that is not entirely true. The egos of the guests play just as important a role.

Could we all at least agree that Larry King should be put out to pasture. Letterman too. They both look like they hate their jobs. But they do crave the exposure.


Ed Shcultz is far worse, and all he has to say is "the Democrates aren't being liberal enough!" At least Chris Mathews has both feet on the ground.


Much confusion coming out of the Senate at this hour. Public option gone, public option not gone. Expecting the election of a Democratic Congress and President in 2 election cycles to counter 40 years and billions of dollars the Right has invested in owning the narrative and frames in this country is simply not realistic. This will be a long term fight.


I can certainly see why you apparently don't make it on any other blog.


Sometimes Matthews talks so much spittle builds up in the corners of his mouth. When that happens I have to turn the channel.

I also can't stand CNN's Anderson Cooper inviting guests on to debate an issue "from both sides". Because Anderson just can't figure this stuff out. It's just too hard, brain hurt! See the puzzled, clueless, glazed expression on Anderson's face during these segments.

The only way for Anderson to find the facts is to have one guy from the extreme left and one from the extreme right issue meaningless talking points. And then after 5 minutes, before any sort of clarity has even a chance to coalesce, he has to "leave it there" to move on to an amazingly funny clip that's playing on Youtube right now, LOL!

Really, the whole cable news landscape is a funny farm, except for maybe Maddow and Olbermann (and on rare occasions Shepard Smith).


You have Chris Matthews pegged. He an obnoxious sonovabitch most of the time.

"Expecting the election of a Democratic Congress and President in 2 election cycles to counter 40 years and billions of dollars the Right has invested in owning the narrative and frames in this country is simply not realistic. This will be a long term fight."

That's a case of bad (GOP) vs. worse (Democrats coopted by the progressives). We see what O-bama and Congress is trying to do as quickly as possible - which should send up red flags in normal thinking people who liberty. Are you living in a parallel universe, Sparkles ? Well, it seems like it is a statist universe.


should read...which should send up red flags in normal thinking people who value liberty.

Little Jimmy

Watching this, I... I felt this thrill going up my leg. You just don't get that with Frank Shiers.


I heard Independent Bernie Sanders on Stephanie this morning declaring that the progressives - for possibly the first time ever - will not settle for less than a strong public option. I sure hope he's right.

Andrew, Big Ed is a populist in the true sense of the word. He gets middle America to listen and he's one of the best at making it simple and strong. No more bubba for me. I like him.

Wish Aaron Brown were back oo in place of Cooper. I liked Brown. A lot. No puffery with him.


I liked Aaron Brown, too, joanie.

I may stream Ed in the morning instead of listening to Thom..I want to hear what he has to say about the AP/Reuters differences.
We will have to see what the House does with all of this.


Tigsnort, did you see Rachel tonight as she eviscerated that guy who claims he can "cure" people of being gay? It was great.

howie in seattle

Michael: Thanks for speaking plainly about Tweety.

Lucas Foxx

My 2 cents:
Matthews is the D.C. village idiot; yes, he only sails in prevailing winds.
Big Ed is the DNC sponsored screamer; great if screaming is your thing, and you hate Hillary.
Olbermann is only 30% news on a good night; great if you need Markos Moulitsas or Richard Wolfe to form your opinions for you.
Maddow is fantastic when not focused exclusively on gay rights issues.
CNN is in some sort of journalistic limbo. Cooper and Campbell are not
the best, but they are not the worst. Amanpour deserves a better time slot, or full episodes on line.
She certainly deserves better than to be passed up in favor of Zakaria or King. (I miss the Bernard Shaw days)
The revamped PBS News Hour is a definite improvement.


I've obtained a transcript of the upcoming Dori Monson radio program FROM JESUS.

Dori Monson: "twelve ohhhh six on this... chilly... wednesday afternoon. Later we going to talk to some members of the heroic, wonderful Lakewood PD, but first GOVERRNOR GREGOIRE is going to raise taxes in this, the worst economic crisis in state history, possibly since the great deprassion. Another step into the abyss of SOCIALISM. I hate her... so... much, It–it... the f–, it–flame... flames... flames on the side of my face, breathing, breath... heaving breaths... heaving..."


Monson threw a shitfit and a tantrum over Gregoire the first hour today, sounding like a bibbed, highchaired toddler, squalling because Mama took his Malt-O-Meal bowl off the table before he was finished.


And, yet you choose to listen to him. Ergo, must be entertaining to you in some fashion, so quityerbitchen.


Monson is unable to pull off the fake tears horseshit that Beck is making millions from, so his theatrics has to be done through his spittle-drenched mic.


I don't listen so much as I chronicle.


Thank you for sharing that with us AuthAhole, we always anticipate your comments as we know they will likely be profound.
Now, excuse me while I puke.


But yet you keep reading...


No au contrare my friend, I'M the one who chronicles. Keep that in mind.


You puke.

I profoundly chronicle.


You dream.


i can't leave you kids for 4 hours to motor downtown for a tree and gifts, with a stop at the Paul Bunyan Room at Frederick and Nelson's, without you squabbling like cats and dogs.


Matthews is lucky to have Ed Schultz on MSNBC so that somebody could draw less viewers than he. Hell, even Joy Behar draws more lunatics than Matthews.
Hopefully, Comcast will boot the entire MSNBC prime time schedule and bring in some real talent that gives us a choice for news and news analysis during those hours. MSNBC needs to get that whole group of night time hosts to shut the fuck up. Just look at how stupid that they have helped so many who watch that crap become.

Captain Sensible



Just ignore him. He's in the corner watching fixed news with the other 2.5% who watch it. Hardly a blip on the radar screen.


chucks...your post sounded eggnog induced..

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