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December 31, 2009



Where is BillyBob, anyway?? Hopefully he will make a reappearance soon.

Happy New Year, Bla'M. Thanks for giving us this forum. You rock.


John Curly and Mike West are kicking ass on KIRO filling in on afternoon drive. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE could they replace Ron & Don FOR GOOD???
thanks Michael for the great sum-up


if i had read this five years ago, as some sort of prediction of what would happen in 2009, it would look like some sort of sick, tasteless joke, which defied credibility. Bernie Ward frogmarched to a Butthole, Texas ( the kind of American town Bernie had absolute contempt for) Federal Prison to do serious time, Mike Webb axe-murdered and his dopefiend killer sentenced, Frank Shiers the hottest thing going on a drastically signal power reduced KIRO, with it's rightful old AM dial spot usurped 24/7 by boorish, boring sportstalk boobs.........


Biggest loss of the year for me: my beloved KIRO and Dave Ross. Yes, I still get podcasts. But I miss hearing him on the radio in the morning Also, Tom and Thierry.

Then, Randi Rhodes. Man, last week we were treated to six hours of norMAN goldMAN. That was at least three hours too much!

Best new habits of the year: listening to Sirota in the early morning and KUOW. I've rediscovered, Alternative Radio (which rocked last night!), Speakers Forum, Wiretap, Tavis Smiley and Diane Rehm. I wish she came on earlier.

Thanks or the hard work and superlative writing, Michael. Happy New Year!


Oh, And Rachel Maddow. I miss her on radio, too. Or was that 2008? :)


Im sorry you dont have cable, joanie. Rachel has been particularly excellent this week.
She had a guy on who exposed another version of "Pentagon Papers" that proves that the Pentagon is WAY off on its calculations of when Afghanistan will be capable of taking over its own fighting..by years.

Then she played video of Bush and Cheney's responses to the Shoe Bomber--a week after it happened. Then she ended with this: "Again, my friends and colleagues in the media have two choices in covering this. You can just copy down what the Republicans and Vice President Cheney are saying, and click "send," call it journalism, or you can actually fact-check those comments and put them into context. Your choice. It’s your country."

I'm pretty sure they won't take her up on that.


One more: unsung hero of 2008: Ed Schultz. Nobody came out against the elitists in Congress like he did for health care reform. He has done more to galvanize the populace on behalf of health care reform than any other person.


"He has done more to galvanize the populace on behalf of health care reform than any other person."

That would explain why the public is opposed 61% - 36% to Health Insurance reform ? Oh yeah, his viewship is about 1/10 that of that crazy dude, Glenn Beck - that must be it. Evidently, more people like a crazy, libertarian over a progressive nutter who is truth-challenged.

Puget Sound

more bad news for Dims in 2010 with today's Rasmussen Poll:

"The latest Rasmussen poll indicates that a majority of Americans support hard-line attitudes towards the would-be terrorist who attempted to blow up an airliner on Christmas day.

Of those polled, 71% would like to see the crime investigated by military rather than civilian authorities, and 58% believe that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab should be subjected to "aggressive" interrogation techniques in order to gain information. Men, younger voters, and Republicans were most strongly in support of the use of harsh methods.

In addition, 79% expect another terrorist attack in the United States during the next year -- a huge jump from the 49% who held that opinion last August -- and 30% believe the terrorists are winning."

Puget Sound

One more: unsung hero of 2008: Ed Schultz. Nobody came out against the elitists in Congress like he did for health care reform. He has done more to galvanize the populace on behalf of health care reform than any other person.

Posted by: joanie | December 31, 2009 at 12:28 PM

Yeah, and with a veto proof majority what happened? Big Pharma and Big Insurance came in and bought up all the influence they needed with the White House and your Dims Leadership.

So what did Ed Schultz really accomplish with overwhelming Dim Majorities and the so called public that he galvanized?
Not much. When the Repub's get back Congress in 2010 this failure will haunt the Progressive Dims for a generation.

Puget Sound

A sober assessment of 2010.
victor davis hanses lays it out.

But in our foreign relations, in the war against terror, in our massive borrowing, and in our energy policies, we created chickens that soon will come home to roost in 2010.


Victor Davis Hanson, a strong supporter of the policies of US President George W. Bush.

Matt Drudge's sidekick Andrew Breitbart (sponsor of the ACORN video sting) almost scored another "journalistic" coup, "discovering" that ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis had visited the White House days before Breitbart released his anti-ACORN videos.
But uh oh,guess what? Breitbart's outfit got the wrong Bertha Lewis. Same first name, same last name, but completely different person. The fact that they have different middle initials should have been a clue.
(Wait you mean Breitbart's site reported something that wasnt true? Who'd have guessed that that would ever happen?)


Yes, plus Breitbart advocates the murder of climate change scientists. The old if you can't beat em, kill em strategy of the right.

Not cool.


Victor Davis Hanson is wise and often gets it right. I'd be a bit wary of big expectations for the upcoming year though. There are a lot of idiots out there who wouldn't know a disaster unless it hit them in the face. It will take a while to root out a significant portion of the corruption back in DC - decentralizing the government seems like the best solution, which means shrinking Federal Guvmint.

Nice sarcasm, Ron. Mistakes are made by all - we are human. Still, I'll stake the credibility of Breitbart over any progressive website anytime.

As for the Health Insurance Reform;

If this health care 'reform' bill is so good,,,,why did they have to BRIBE so many of THEIR OWN PARTY to get it passed. This bill is nothing more than a hacked together compilation of special interest groups and bureaucrats wet dreams.


Yes, plus Breitbart advocates the murder of climate change scientists. The old if you can't beat em, kill em strategy of the right.

ROFL - you of the left wished Rush Limbaugh dead.
Capital punishment is murder by the state. Breitbart was being ironic. As if any state would execute James Hansen, although many would like to take shots at him after his lies in the face of Climategate. Mr. Hansen is a shameless fraud.


Breitbart was being ironic....

Like the bomber over Detroit last week, eh?


That makes no sense. Better put down the bong...


I give odds Breitbart is smoking more crack these days. He got his ass kicked on Bill Maher a few months back


I'll give odds that you are smoking more crack yourself. I'd be surprised if Andrew B. was actually there to defend himself when Maher was berating him.


Here is the website;

It was Micheal Eric Dyson, an Afro-American Sociology Prof and Bill Maher vs. Andrew Breitbart.

Dyson showed himself to be a race baiter and a leftist, but tried to make a few points about Limbaugh's alleged racism, none of which were conclusively proven, but the "Barack the Magic Negro" could be construed to have racial overtones, but not racist. I could tell that the crowd was predominantly liberal-progressive by their reaction.

The race card is typically played when the person playing it runs out of arguments and sometimes has a racist ax to grind themselves. So, Maher brought this guy on to do the heavy lifting because he is a progressive and Breitbart is a conservative. Breitbart debunked several of the lies that the left makes and their hypocrisy, but I'd like to see Breitbart and Maher go one on one - That would be a more interesting debate, but think that Maher would be afraid for the success of the show to do that, for a good reason - he would get his ass handed to him.

When Maher used to host Politically Incorrect, he would deliberately stack the debate by bringing one-two conservatives and have 3-4 liberals who would have the advantage, in addition to Maher. Entertaining, but alot of unmitigated bullshit passed during the airing, plus the liberally-biased crowd. Entertaining sometimes, but it ran its course.

Miami Air Conditioning

Best new habits of the year: listening to Sirota in the early morning and KUOW. I've rediscovered, Alternative Radio


Seems like they want to blame everyone but themselves. They blame the "industry" for this, that and the other thing, but the industry didn't fail, Air America did.

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